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NVIDIA’s Shield is going to flop and they know it

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The life of concept devices is often rough. We’ve seen it time and time again with companies trying to take a fresh spin on an idea but finding themselves with a product that simply doesn’t sell. We recognize that manufacturers are always taking a risk when they create a unique device but sometimes we just shake our heads and think, “Why didn’t they see that coming?” And with the NVIDIA Shield, we’re beginning to find ourselves in one of those situations.

Let’s rewind a few months. NVIDIA arrives at CES and announces their Project Shield gaming device. Project Shield made waves when it was first announced by including a beastly Tegra 4 processor and the ability to play both Android and PC games. It also brought in a full set of console controls so that customers wouldn’t have to deal with finicky touchscreen controls. The price was soon announced and at $349, it was a bit steep. But still fair for the power that you were getting. Pre-orders were opened and we presumed that some hardcore gamers and NVIDIA fans were pre-ordering.

But as time carried on, the popularity of the Shield began to tumble. People just weren’t really that interested in buying the device and we realized that there weren’t nearly as many people ordering the Shield as we had previously thought. As the wait for a launch date grew longer and longer, the pieces began to fall into place for us to realize that this wasn’t going to bode well for the Shield. And sure enough, NVIDIA announced last week that they were dropping the price of the Shield down to $299. They’d finally seen the inevitable and had made an effort to turn fate around. But at that point, it was too late. The writing was already on the wall for the Shield and more and more people began to see the trouble with it.

The Shield is a niche device, we’ve always known that. But the niche that it was aiming for has been constantly shrinking for a while now. Even if every gamer who wanted an ultra-portable gaming machine had bought a Shield, NVIDIA still wouldn’t have sold many. And with a price tag of $349, it was simply an expense that most couldn’t justify. The price slash down to $299 made it easier to swallow but it still wasn’t worth it for many people. They realized that if they bought the Shield, it would likely collect dust after the first few weeks of using it.

But the Shield has now encountered another problem; a mechanical defect was found in the hardware. After finally announcing the launch date of the device last week, NVIDIA revealed yesterday that the release of the Shield will be delayed until July due to an unspecified mechanical defect. This is bad enough in its own right. The release date was just announced just six days ago, and then 24 hours before the release, it gets pulled and put off until the next month.

So what was this mysterious mechanical defect? It could have been anything. Most likely it was just a malfunctioning hinge or something that was sourced from a third-party manufacturer that hadn’t been properly tested. But it might have been something much more sinister such as a problem with the new Tegra 4 processor. We noted that none of the sites who have posted reviews of the Shield have included benchmarks of the new Tegra 4 chip. There’s even the possibility that it was delayed not because of a mechanical defect, but rather because something in the software wasn’t up to par yet. Perhaps a launch title wasn’t ready in time? NVIDIA said that it was a third-party component that was the problem but there are a whole lot of things that could fit into that category. Unfortunately, NVIDIA has left us mostly in the dark as to what exactly was wrong which leads to all sorts of speculation. Exactly what we’re doing at the moment.

But the very worst facet of the delay was to see how little attention the news received. Going around all of the tech blogs that reported on the delay, only a handful had comments and the ones that did barely had any. This highlighted that very few people had pre-ordered the Shield. How does it show this? If a lot of people had ordered the Shield, they would have been at least slightly disgruntled by this news. Instead, we found comments sections regarding the issue that resembled ghost towns. Either people who ordered the Shield don’t care at all that the device is delayed or people simply didn’t order it. That’s the logical conclusion.

Now that we’re nearing the launch date, it’s become to obvious that the Shield will be a flop. And with the hype that it had going, a pretty big flop at that. So why didn’t NVIDIA see this coming? Perhaps it was because they’ve had such a dedicated PC following that they thought the same would work with a crossover Android device. Unfortunately, it appears that is not the case and that even their large fan base is going to pass on this one. The NVIDIA Shield is a valiant attempt at creating a new category of mobile gaming devices, but unfortunately it doesn’t appear it will achieve that goal.

But now it’s time for you, the reader, to input your own thoughts. Do you agree that the Shield will flop? Or do you think that it stands a chance of doing well? We await your answers with great anticipation.

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  • Mitchel Volkering

    Nope, I want one! :)

    • â•‘â•‘â•‘â•‘


  • Meister_Li

    It’s a new device and concept and those – usually – aren’t all that impactful on the first try. And I think many Enthusiasts have been burnt by “first gen” Hardware at this point, especially when it comes to gaming (Kinect, PSP Go, Vita, OUYA) and would rather wait for the second version and competing devices to come around. That doesn’t mean that the device is bad – it just doesn’t have the confidence of the consumer right now.

  • vicviper

    I saw this coming a mile away. Even Nvidia seemed to have no idea who the target audience would be.

  • http://www.jeffkibuule.com Jeff

    The PlayStation Vita is $250 (or far cheaper used on craigslist), has a ton of great games optimized for the controls, far more portable, and STILL hasn’t sold that well. There’s just not a lot of appeal.

    In a year where 2 consoles are launching with $400+ price points, people would rather spend their money on that.

  • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

    Personally I still think it has a shot. I agree that the fact that there were so few comments on the posts about the delay probably indicates that pre-orders aren’t coming in large numbers. On the other hand the posts from sites that already had review units showing some of the functionality did draw interest and comments. When people actually see Shield in action they typically come away impressed. It’s cool hardware, but gamers need to be convinced why they need a 3rd device on top of their smartphone and tablet which could be a significant hurdle. We’ll have a far better idea of Shield’s fate once real reviews from users and sites start rolling in next month.

    • http://www.youtube.com/emogamer Christopher Chavez

      Yup. After playing with it, I want to get one.

      Sure I could play a bunch of these Android games on my smartphone but unless I want 2 hour battery life and to cook an egg on my display, it’s not really practical.

      An Android gaming device running a stock version of Android, awesome controller and nice sized screen? I’m in. :)

      • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

        Agreed. I think this has the potential to be a big device.

        • georgel

          This thing has no potential whatsoever. If you think this will be a hit you are living in a nice fantasy world there. Android games arent even that great and i have a note tablet and note 2 phone. I just dont care about mobile games but if i did i would have kepy my iphone and ipad. It is awesome that android allows controller support but very very few games support it. Once apple has a controller games will come out in waves that support controllers. The shield will flop hard as the atari jaguar did, it will lack a selection of titles and eventually the 20,000 people who were dumb enough to believe in it will be stuck with a useless device. Get a ps4 and vita to play off the tv and your money will be much better spent. I only say vita because it will play all the ps4 games and if you like that feature then there you go.

          • stucrmnx120fshwf

            T4 is one sweet mobile processor, but yeah PS4s Jaguar can pull 2 TFLOPS/s through its 8 GB of GDDR5. Too bad AMD don’t have something for a handset to couple with it and Xbox one, AMD great APUs, but absent in the handset arena.

          • Guy

            You’re shitting me right? No good games? Deadspace, Shadowgun, the Asphalt series, Modern Combat 3, GTA 3, 9mm, the Nova series, everything thats ever been in an android humble bundle and everything that will ever be released on OUYA, the play-station store and its psx, ps2, and mobile game ports…and thats just off the top of my head…

          • akaDv8R

            You turnip, if you think your Vita is going to run PS4 games – go look for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow lol. At present, there are around 750,000,000 Android phones/tablets, and growing by roughly 70,000 per day. That is a MASSIVE market that a lot of big game companies are getting into. There are already some console quality titles around, and as the hardware gets better, so will games. Even EA have hinted at a Battlefield 4 Android version. Do you really think NVIDEA, who produce the best graphic chips you can buy, would go into this without doing their market research? As for the Vita, well, how many have sold??? Any really good, AAA titles on there?? Did not think so. Android gaming is the largest evolving games market, and companies would be stupid to deny themselves a customer base of nearly a billion.

        • RomanAbbasid

          This thing has an insane amount of potential, to me, and most of it lies in the PC streaming aspect. As of now, it can only stream over local wi-fi. But what if Nvidia Grid stepped in? Nvidia’s Grid is meant to stream high quality games to multiple devices, and has been proven to work on the Shield in their E3 demo. Essentially, Shield + Grid = PC games anywhere with Wi-Fi, with very little to no latency. Throw in 3G and you can play your PC games anywhere.

  • Bob

    It will flop. Both Nintendo and Sony had tough launches with their latest handhelds because the price was just not right. Nintendo and Sony had to lower their prices and even then it was extremely tough for the handhelds to recover. Even now, the Vita is mostly an afterthought, and Nintendo has strong first-party titles to rescue the 3DS after the price drop.

    What does nVidia have? It has a handheld that is way too expensive and has no market. For the Android side, people can just buy a controller for a phone they already have and play their Android games that way. For the PC side, PC gamers are not going to be impressed playing their games on a tiny screen.

    The Shield will flop.

    • Izzno

      It will not flop simply because the target is not to sell 50 millions units. The Shield is priced in such a way that if they only sell 20 000 it’s still okay. It will showcase Tegra 4 for the next batch of phones. Also I don’t think anyone can say that the product is a bad one. It’s very niche, but what it wants to do, it does very well.

  • Trace Anderson

    It gives me the Nexus Q vibes but I still would like a chance to try one out.

    • http://www.youtube.com/emogamer Christopher Chavez

      Nexus Q was complete poo. It had nothing going for it. Well, nothing that warranted dropping $300 for…

    • Daniel

      <,< the Q is a ball that streams things to your tv, it's not a tablet, therfore it was tethered to your tv, don't really see how it compares.

      The shield will be fully functional in multiple aspects not limited to, Tablet, Streaming device, and Portable Handheld. The Q doesn't even have half of the useability this thing will.

  • Monte Constable

    The real problem is that most people that play Android games do so on the cheap and buying this for 300 is NOT on the cheap. It also says a lot about the Google Play lineup of games. If this had been able to play iOS games it might have helped. At the same time the lack of true PC support for lots of steam games at launch keeps the PC streaming enthusiast such as myself skeptical as I see shield as a PC game streaming machine supplemented by Play games. To be truly successful they needed the price to be 200 and needed to line up more exclusives for Android and have the PC function non-beta to see good sales. The device is not complete which is why it is flopping.

  • MMcCraryNJ

    There’s an absolute metric crap-ton of conjecture and speculation in this article, with not much in the way of those silly things called “facts” to back all of it up.

    • Pip

      Exactly my thoughts. An example of well balanced journalism it isn’t.

  • Trobing

    They marketed the product as an Android gaming console that also runs compatible Steam games. That was where they made a mistake, in my opinion.

    Nvidia followers are PC gamers, mostly. Had the device been marketed as a PC gaming extension first and handheld Android gaming console second, I think it would have generated more interest.

  • peter b

    I bought a 670 card last boxing day and then this was announced. I kinda want it since I don’t want to be tied to the desktop playing pc games at all times. It’s great for when I want to go to the can and continue playing but there’s very little appeal for me when it comes to android gaming. A lot of games on the play store are pretty awful. I admit that gta 3 and vice city ports are great but it would be much better if game developers began porting old ps2 games over.

  • CMFaub

    Why would spend that kind of money on a new device when my smartphone is capable of nearly the same visuals. I believe that the moga pro controller is a much better buy at 1/4 the price and it works with current phone and tablet as well as if I upgrade said phone or tablet in the future. The shield, the vita, the DS, all old ideas. These companies should all be investing their money in developing top notch apps and forget about such small markets (how many smart phones, tablets are there already)…. Let’s get nvidia grid up and running on my smartphone with a moga pro controller HDMI to my 50″ TV and all other consoles will be obsolete

  • shield improvised

    Shield can do something if nvidia adds sim card facilities,front camera and of course a lower price…..wel i believe if shield dose this it will put an end to many gaming device,,,MANY:>

  • The Wizard of Odyssey

    Of course it will flop. It’s an expensive, weird niche device, and now it’s been delayed. Why is this news, or even op-ed? Wait until it comes out, then you can jump all over it. Saying this turd is going to flop is too easy.

  • mark

    For what is can do its not worth the money lol at $350 just $50 more i could get a PS4 They dropped to $299. $100 more and get a PS4 not some stupid android handheld with subpar games that can stream my pc games to tiny screen

  • Jason

    I think its a good product and afterall you would be happy getting this device 100% correct without no flaws and nvidia are trying to correct it, theres nothing wrong with that.

  • KVin

    I cancelled my preorder the day it was supposed to ship (but got delayed). NVidia wasn’t building my confidence at taking a risk on their new concept device by discovering a defect the day before release. I might reorder after release and user reviews cone out.

  • Joseph

    I knew it was going to flop but I still preorderd it . Why you May ask because of the nvidia grid . imagine going to a cafe opening your shield and booting up border lands 2 . it just needed more attention I think .

    • steve

      that only works on your local wifi. you can’t stream games from your pc to outside of your home network. the lag is too bad. now if we lived in korea, then there would be enough internet. :)

      • Daniel

        Matter of opinion I would wager a bet this would work just fine through a private vpn from probably any location.

        Nvidia isn’t going to tell you that you can do that but I have some experience with this stuff. I think it will work.

  • hoopty doo

    For $300 it better be a flawless product. Take as much time as you need nvidia, I have been disappointed in lots of gaming devices I’ve gotten recently. If this passes where those have failed I’ll buy another one just to show support.

    • hoopty doo

      I’ll even buy your stupid $20 shield plates


    I hope it doesn’t flop! I have high hopes for shield. Some people would much rather use real controls vs clunky touchscreen controls that don’t register or take up a lot of the screen. If they use the grid for streaming full console games then this system is gonna put all other handhelds to shame. I paid the $350 when I preordered and ill get my $50 back when I pick it up next month. If it was $400 I still would have purchased over the ps4 regardless.
    I hate being trapped in front of my tv to play games, I got rid of my ps3 because I spend all my gaming time on my phone and find I have more fun playing on a portable device vs a console.
    I wish nvidia all the luck in the world and think if people give the shield a shot they will be very happy with it. I know I’m gonna be

    • Shayst

      I’m with ya man!

  • Wuzzer

    Not much of a loss considering most analysts already said it was doomed to fail from the very start

  • donger

    People will buy this maybe around the $200-249 price tag same as a 3DSXL & PSVITA.

  • Donnieace

    $99 fire sale?

  • Gman

    Don,t forget the owners (dont’ know the actual size) of Parrots AR.Drone 2.0 who will buy it just to control the drone and watch the stream on the monitor as well as the video later on. That would be the only reason for me as I do not play games and hate touch screens. Need real throttle controls to enjoy flying.

  • chris

    If shield flops, than every other android console will flop. And youre trying to tell me that many different companies are all delusional? Shield has the best chance at succeeding compared to any of the others, namely for the fact it can be used as console and handheld and works with pc steam games. Plus, you get all the games youve already bought on your other android devices. Lets see ouya, gamestick and gamepop do that.

  • houston

    I have high hopes of this device I sold my ps vita because it just wasn’t what I thought I wanted so I traded back to bestbuy and got a Nintendii u and am happy with that even if their aren’t many games I had it since launch day. I find myself playing on my phone for games manly #gameloft and glu and emulators NES #snes ps1 psp etc.. i play friend games to to connect to facebook and I am a HTC one x user and always will love android over ios. ios is just garbage in everyway I don’t even know why I had a iPhone Mabey because I bought it for cheap on Craig’s android is open sourced and run by linux its just better in everyway from ios. The reason I find myself playing games on my phone is because it’s just more opened sourced and there’s no restriction or updates every week also I don’t have to wait years for a freakin hack so I can play my old console games or have to pay extra money to play on the system. I play old school games and android games from #gameloft and glu on myandroid more than my current gen console s . Why ? Because at the time we didn’t have WiFi we didn’t have internet on are console patches updates and so on so on a device that is opened sourced to play whatever the device is capable of then I want to play it. Sure it doesn’t have disk big deal its not a console and I don’t have to pay the extra money to get something that can just be washed away in a few years and my money go down the drain and with a android device I can ave my games on a Sd card and not have to worry about 100 disk being scratched to hell or they just disappearing from old hardware not playing it. Like take the vita it has a few games but it’s doesn’t have the same experience with the nvidia shield it does we can play all are old classics without having to hack the device or playing extra for that game to be on their just get a Rom throw in on the Sd or memory on the phone and you done with vita you have to hack the device and you have to have their Sd cards only you can’t just go buy a random card for 10$ with 32gbs you have to pay 20$ for a 4gb that’s restarted as fuck! Now I also read that nvidia shield could possibly have opengles 3 which in terms their will be a freaking GameCube and Wii emulator for android and that’s what I manly wanting but also I’m wantting the games for tegra 4 and onlive for another console experience so I can go to a McDonald’s or on a trip and play my games on the go. Sure it’s cloud but seriously it’s a portable not a console stick with cloud for portable not for console that’s just going the wrong direction and Microsoft did that with #xboxone stupidest idea ever! Just because people are on their phones and games are connected to the internet doesn’t mean we want a console experience phone are portable there’s WiFi everywhere it’s a reason why it’s portable with a console what the fuck am I going to do with cloud I’m at home wanting to enjoy my games with or with out WiFi ! Not want to take my freak HDTV to a McDonald’s plug it up and play my games with their WiFi the fuck! Do you not have a fucking brain dipstick! Fuck Microsoft! nvdiasheild foever:)

  • houston

    Also people aren’t getting the idea of it because most people don’t even know the power of it and don’t no what to expect so there no draw to it if you showed them what it was capable of then they would get drawn to it commercials etc most people will go with Sony or Nintendo because they have exclusive games and cartridges and disk so you can go to the store and buy games to put in the device shield you can’t do if android started to do that then you could se a huge progress then they would see it was a while new experience give the people the game cartridges and boxes with manuels that say nvidia shield on it like all the real portables and consoles don’t put it just on the device or Sd card make it real!

  • TheJohnLD

    planning on buying this just for the pc streaming ability. I like to game a lot but after my laptop died I’ve found it much less fun to play inside on my desktop. This would be a cool little way for me to continue my gaming while being able to play outside with my dog.

  • Pantsy

    Whether it flops or not is irrelevant to some. If people buy it, it will be because it is right for them; these people will be that niche target audience Nvidia are aiming for. I, for one, am looking for an android game/emulator powerhouse, so I’m getting an import as soon as I can. I also believe its success depends heavily on how much money Nvidia invested into the console.

  • Ra

    This is my vita for pc. This is the answer for my flash problems on iPhone and ps vita. This is my mini tab with extras. Great hardware n potential! As long as I can watch Netflix my vudu movies on flixster, flash videos, YouTube, browse web, n stream pc games from steam they can take my money. Android games really don’t care well maybe candy crush n words with friends lol. This is an entertainment device.

  • ChrisH

    See, it would have made more sense to make it along the lines of the Asus Transformer. have the controller be a dock that allows it to clamshell for protection. Make drivers for it use standard HID interfaces built into Android already and BAM, there you go, cross compatibility with anything else they want to put out. Should have teamed up with Razer as well. Let them make the controller and nVidia focuses more on the hardware by putting it in a phone.

  • techstepin

    People say this will flop. We will see.. If you have a tegra device then you met the THQ versions of many games and the games in tegra zone that show a big lineup of versions of games enhanced for tetra devices. Still cheaper than console games. Knowing the quality of a tegra 3 game imagine a game like that optimised for a GPU that is almost twice what the tegra 3 is. That being said you have yet to see its true potential. As long as more devices with t4 sell then you will see a next level of graphical bliss you could not imagine being on a mobile device. Although vita does this android releases a lot more THQ/THD games then vita has in its whole lineup all together with speed might I add. T4 is a next gen chip set for sure but watch for t4i as that will be the budget version carrying less GPU an a little more CPU but not enough for the GPU loss. Shield.. Toss some around and who knows its current release may not be as good in sales now as it is in possibly a year when the price may go down again. Xperia Play 11 (Playstation phone) though loosens hope on this. However the PS phone was not a tegra device with a 5 inch screen with actual anolog sticks,more buttons, and all around easier to hold with up to date game graphics. Remembers this not the first android gaming device w/ controller rodeo. It is with a tegra though.

  • ET3D

    I think we’ll see it being sold for $200 on Black Friday and generally around $250 in the Christmas shopping season. By that time there will likely be quite a few Android games supporting the controller and PC streaming may be out of beta.

    Short of it is, I think it will have a slow start, but there’s a chance it will pick up sales during the holidays. It probably won’t be a runaway success, but it might sell enough to have Nvidia continue to make it for a while and work on updating it later on.

  • Screenwriter805

    I think it has a shot, and I can assure you, after spending 322.00 after tax for that thing at my local gamestop weeks ago, I was absolutely disgruntled by the delay, lol.

    I have been anticipating it since January, and in fact bought a whole new Pc just to accomodate the, now beta, pc streaming. :(

    However, there is a reason I am so eager for it, and that reason is because I am legally blind and this device will make it possible for me to PC game, somewhat limitedly at first, in comfort. Exciting stuff.

  • Johnny V

    Wow your so far from the truth I pre ordered 2 Shields Just on the reason I can rock my PC games wireless. I mean come on Look at the way the Android Platform has taken off and now add the most powerful mobile processor and a proven control scheme. .


    I’m glad they didn’t release a defective product but I’m very upset at the fact that we only get July as a new release date. I want some news about the progress of the defect. Don’t leave us hanging all month wondering.
    Ill be canceling my preorder at the end of this week if we are still in the dark

  • William

    I think the exact opposite. I think it’s going to be a hit. Why? It’s worlds ahead of any handheld gaming system at the moment. It has an excellent Quad core Tegra 4 CPU, HDMI output, 2 gigs of RAM, SD card expandability, thousands of Google Play games and apps, nVidia games AND it’s a fully functional Android tablet. For $300, it’s a great deal.

    I’m glad I preordered one!

    • Borge

      I wish it had more internal storage. 16 GB is filled up quickly since some games require 1-2 GB each. I would gladly pay $100 extra for a 64 GB version. The Shield is not sold in Europe yet, but I look forward to it.

      I travel a lot at work so gaming on the 5″ screen or on a TV with HDMI sounds like an excellent concept. Android games are very cheap compared to other consoles and handhelds, don’t forget that when you look at its price.

  • Cavey

    I’m looking forward to it as well. It is indeed aimed at a small audience, but it fits perfect for what I need it for. Other forums I’ve read have people in the exact same situation I have going on and they get it. No, it might not sell very well. As long as it lives up to it’s promise of streaming pc games to it I’ll be more than happy with my purchase.


    There is still no news about the new release date, anyone that still thinks this thing will be releasing this month is delusional. I’ve cancelled my preorder at GameStop and took my money back and picked up a wikipad. Sure it doesn’t have the power the shield has but it has all the controls and more games are compatible with it along with a bigger screen.
    I wasn’t buying the shield for PC streaming because I don’t have a PC. The biggest advantage the wikipad has over the shield is that its available and they didn’t lie to us by giving a release date and sticking to it down to the last few hours knowing their product was defective and having no intention of releasing the product.


    Sorry for the double post. iPhone can be a real pain in the a$$ to type on

  • metros

    Even if they sell 100 units throughout it’s existence, I still don’t consider it a flop because it doesn’t only play “nvidia shield” games but android games in general. If this was the PS Vita or the N 3ds, that would be a different story.

    • Stan DEROCHEA

      Try playing a touch only game with a big controller hanging below the screen. That’s what changed my mind in the long run. If very few people purchase this then there is no way game devs are going to put the extra work into supporting it

  • TroelsL

    I wouldn’t in my wildest dream preorder a device such as this until I’ve had a chance to read reviews. I expect a lot of people to agree on that.

    I don’t care about the Android games, about the Tegra processor – I care about being able to play games from my Gamer PC in bed, on the couch, in the garden, on the crapper – wherever. For me, that is the true reason I’m excited about the device. Everything else it does can be found better elsewhere and cheaper.

  • GamerxPro

    It will ultimately fail 3DS & PS Vita are barely hanging in until a few years from now when they get better games, they are also known handheld manufacturers and will have way more titles over their life span. Hanheld gaming is sadly being dominated by smart phones in a casual gamers market. Hardcore gamers are decreasing due to the rise in casual gamers & the hardcore’s left don’t have the cash too fork out.

    Most people will buy a console & most people who want a hanheld gaming experience have already bought a PS Vita & a few have 3DS. Who’s going to buy 2 handheld consoles? I can already play android games on my phone which don’t live up to the large & incredible library that is the IOS, most people who want android games will have a phone or tablet. PC gamers will stick to shelling out money to pimp their computers, because they absolutely hate controllers because they think it makes gaming too easy or they can’t compete with console gamers due to sucking with controllers.

    I saw the list of games played them all they are at least 2 years or older & every one with a PC or console has already played them. Don’texpect them to look as good as the console, that’s what disappointed some Vita owners, but certain components of every game must be sacrificed when they become portable, that’s why Im not going to be playing GTA V on my Vita or Borderlands 2 on my ipad they just don’t have that kind of processing power. They lose in graphics, Framerate, content, overall playability, etc.

    Plus they need way more games than just trashy android games & last console generation games. I can go out an buy all of those games on android or PC & console. It doesn’t look very portable like a phone or Vita. Portable means I should be able to have it be in my pocket. I can call a laptop portable or my Xbox 360 because they now made a briefcase with a nice sized screen to play all your Xbox games on the go.

    In the end their just as screwed as when they developed the Ouya console nobody knows about or bought even though it was only $100.

  • Booh!

    I need one of this device.. not to play but for controlling my drone.. I hope they will ship..

  • Daniel

    I don’t really agree, I did my research Into this device and for all purposes it is like a mini PC in your hands. It’s not even about gaming it’s about having a device which is essentially the equivalent counterpart to a Stationary PC. I have one very bad A** computer but I am stuck in the room it is setup in. With the shield I can play my favorite games on the porch on the couch with my family while watching a movie(something i am not really interested in lol) There is emulators, Facebook, Netflix, Cr, Hulu, and many other things like downloading a whole season of your favorite anime onto the unit to take with you.

    My thing is this, It doesn’t appeal to people who already dropped 400 dollars on a cell phone, and It does not appeal to people who have a PS3, xbox 360, PS4, PSvita, PsP and every other gaming device. But my thing is, why do you have all those devices and your still looking at the shield?

    Consoles suck in my opinion they have for a very long time since Sony took over, Microsoft is just making it worse. Nintendo was always my thing but they are not in the console market anymore they are in the “fun” “family” market now. So what system do i use, the PC which to be honest has the best and most in depth games out there. The majority of them you cannot play on a mobile device. That is why this shield appeals to me so much it has the capability to utilize my tool(PC) that I built so that I can stream the workhorse to the mobile device. Why not get a nice gaming laptop you ask? Because they are Junk, The term gaming laptop is an oxymoron in my book. In a few short years they become obsolete completely upgradeable junk that can’t play the newest game. They get too hot too fast trying to do the same thing my PC does easily. The Shield however isn’t trying to play a pc game it’s utilizing the hardware I already have which means if i upgrade my PC I am also upgrading the Shield in a sense. I have a feeling the Streaming technology will never get outdated especially since it’s capable of streaming 4k Res to a 4k Television.

    On top of that I already have amassed quite the android game collection through the humble bundles, and quite the Steam PC collection. Which are both almost all directly compatible with the shield.

    The Nvidia Shield doesn’t need a game market to be built around it, the Shield is built around a game market that already exists. I think a lot of Console fan boys will be surprised at how well this unit does because it fits into The PC market Niche which is a lot bigger then people realize. Some people try to use Game sales numbers to show consoles are more popular but the truth is People pirate games more often on PC’s then consoles. Which mess’s up sales numbers considerably. Making them almost completely unreliable.

  • adam

    this was a pretty poorly written piece with a lot of opinion and nothing to back them up:

    “But as time carried on, the popularity of the Shield began to tumble. People just weren’t really that interested in buying the device and we realized that there weren’t nearly as many people ordering the Shield as we had previously thought.”

    You’re just feeling in the dark with statements like and nothing to back them up. You call yourself a journalist? Pathetic.

    “Even if every gamer who wanted an ultra-portable gaming machine had bought a Shield, NVIDIA still wouldn’t have sold many.”

    Again, where are the numbers? Are you making these claims between bong hits? Do you even know what the hottest selling gaming devices are? Nintendo handhelds, by the 10s of millions – outselling even the Xbox 360. How can you not know that there is great potential in this market?

    Androidme, stop paying this hack, he makes you guys look dumb.

  • Jonathan

    Seems like you were totally wrong.

    It’s a great device and it’s been selling out everywhere.

    Might want to think a bit before writing something so unbelievably opinionated and flawed.

    • Jason

      Yeah… I can’t find this thing anywhere, granted there weren’t a ton of retailers. Microcenter sold out add GameStop didn’t have any, NewEgg… none. I ordered directly from nVidia (apparently handled through Digital River) and their system was clearly overloaded, emailed customer service to figure out whether I’d actually GET one or it would be backordered… It took them over 24-hours just to inform me that it would be back ordered. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it is selling “well”, but it means that it is selling better than they planned for it to sell.

  • Ernest Pierce

    What’s fail is that I didn’t wait for that green one :’(

  • devin

    Looks like you may be wrong. They’re selling out at every store and nvidia is ramping production up. Lets say its doing better than nvidia expected. I own one. Its so sweet playing Skyrim and Dark souls while being in my living room. Having a family its difficult to sit at a computer. I think it will become popular with PC gamers.

  • Got1

    Very useful piece of tech. Flying my drone is perfect, gaming is perfect, streaming media perfect, HDMI hook-up perfect, battery is perfect, look and feel perfect… screen is to shiny for outdoor use but £2 matt protector cut to size fixed that. It’s more worth it’s price than the consoles if you want a near full power desktop in a neat controller with it’s own touchscreen. I got a usb-micro usb adaptor and hook it to a 1TB HDD and my TV, Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.. It’s worth getting if you look at what it can be used for.

  • Annoyingmouse

    When you buy a traditional closed game console such as a Dreamcast, PSP Vita, or 3ds, you are taking risk. If game\content developers choose to shun your console for any reason you are left with a paper weight. There aren’t really any 3ds games on the horizon that interest me, and there is very little else I can do with my 3ds aside from play games made specifically for it…

    The Shield on the other hand can “flop” and still be useful. It is open. It is a Tegra 4 Android tablet with access to Google Play. Developers may ignore Shield, yet support it at the same time because if you make games for android, you are making games for Shield, M.O.J.O, Oya, Gamestick, and any other device that meets the minimum requirements.

    • Annoyingmouse

      Oops, just realized that Ouya and Gamestick don’t have native Google Play support…

  • Kevin Ross

    They sold out of units at my local micro center on black Friday so I had to order mine online. Even if it “fails” the software and hardware are all found in other devices so there will be more games for it. Plus it’s 100 percent about pushing the graphics cards required for streaming to it so the company won’t feel any sting.

    • Chris mc

      Just got mine, and am taking it back tonight. Isn’t compatable with my monter laptop. We warned them and they didn’t listen. For that it’s a fail. Nothing more than a phone without streaming capabilities.

      • Chris mc

        Monster laptop. Asus g75

  • Kuzzima3

    I have owned one for 9 months now and I love it more and more every day. I have already made over $1,500 on PC and Android programming using the Nvidia shield portable that I bought new on Amazon for $200. In fact I’m posting this from my Nvidia shield portable. One thing to look into is OTG adapters so worth every penny.