Jun 17 AT 11:36 AM Dustin Earley 554 Comments

One year later, the Nexus 7 has gone from the best to worst tablet I’ve ever owned


The first time I used a Nexus 7, I was blown away. It was the perfect form factor for Android, and probably the best Android device I had ever used at the time. All for just $200. You simply couldn’t ask for more in a device. One year later, I’m changing my tune. My Nexus 7 is just a shell of its former self, and an embarrassment to Google.

I don’t remember when it first started happening, but most say it was when Android 4.2 began hitting devices. The new features and changes in Jelly Bean, 4.2, were certainly welcome additions, but my Nexus’ new found love of life in the slow-lane was not. I have not spent a full year using the Nexus 7 as a daily driver, only the last six months. So at first, I didn’t notice just how bad things had gotten. I thought maybe it was an illusion from using so many high-end Android phones. Until I started asking around.

I can’t find one person who has been using the Nexus 7 for an extended period of time, and hasn’t seen a massive downgrade in performance. Just what kind of downgrade are we talking here? I cannot pick up my Nexus 7 without experiencing problems like a lag of ten seconds, or more, just to rotate the display; touches refusing to acknowledged; stuttering notification panel actions; and unresponsive apps.

I tried the basics at first, like a factory reset. I then moved onto drastic measures, like rooting and installing CyanogenMod 10.1 (which I thought would surely fix everything, since I’ve used faster devices with lesser hardware, and performance problems were merely a lack of software optimization). And nothing seems to work. Using CyanogenMod worked at first, but things have slowed down dramatically again. I’ve tried uninstalling most of my apps. Using replacement launchers. No widgets. Nothing works. And even if any of those things did work, it would still be terrible looking for Google.

Other companies, take Amazon for example, have seemingly mastered the budget to performance ratio in affordable tablets in no time. It may have taken a couple generations, which is why I still have hope for the successor to the Nexus 7, but even the first generation Kindle Fire stands up better against the Nexus 7. I can only imagine how the latest Galaxy Tab, Kindle Fire HD, or dare I say the more expensive iPad Mini, would completely knock it out of the park.

I used to love my Nexus 7. I want to love it again. Have you experienced any similar problems with a Nexus 7, or has your experience been the exact opposite?

Dustin Earley: Tech enthusiast; avid gamer; all around jolly guy.

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  • james s

    My nexus has been working perfectly fine for over a year, yours might of just been a bad one

    • Owen

      this is why they came out with the 2nd gen with a diff processor….
      all hush hush….
      even the 2nd gen is frustrating… the slimport does not work… netflix is buggy…..

      • Donald Goldsmith

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  • gauthamma

    I have a different problem it look as if my nexus is been controlled be someone else.

  • Richard Beales

    It is junk I have had three of them . poor speed ,freezing up , App problems, touch screen ghost, multablk ,,,,just did it there, total rubbish ,keep having to clear catch.

  • Grace Snow

    My Nexus 7 tablet started slowing down after having just under a year. Now it has become unbearable. Like $269 is supposed to only last a year. I used to love my Nexus 7. Now I hate it.

  • Donald Henderson

    I have had my Nexus 7 for over a year now and I have no problems at all. I use it every day and am always downloading and deleting stuff and adding and removing apps. I have never used any optimizing software and the device has not been rooted. It came with Android 4.1 and is now running 4.3. The only problems I have had are with apps not working after OS updates but those were quickly fixed by the app authors. The device is as quick and responsive as it ever was. Now, I will say that I have the 32GB version and have never come close to filling it up. The least amount of available storage I have had was 13GB.

  • rosey200736

    I used to love my Nexus 7 first generation but now I am having to a factory reset on it at least once a week. My Nexus slows way down and then runs fine for about a week after I reset it again. I dont think that I will buy another Nexus after this.

  • Alvin B.

    Unexplained slowdowns like this seem to happen on some mobile devices no matter how much you reset, reflash, etc.

    My G2X for example, has gotten to the point where it is nearly as slow as my old MyTouch 3G… everything you do on it is so slow you want to throw it against a wall. Tried numerous new roms, clean flashes, etc…

    My theory is that the flash memory inside the device is degrading. We know this happens, but it seems to happen rather rapidly on phones/tablets. I suspect the read/write lifecycle is much lower than on ssds, etc.

    • dowlinger

      Wow, never thought about that. So true, and in my humble opinion, so likely.
      Planned obsolescence, we should be used to it by now.
      Brilliant manufacturing strategy.

  • JC

    I guess we have some ipad people here who have paid over the odds for a less powerful Tab, that are just a little upset with the fact that the NX is so cheep and so GOOD……

    • BigDaddyCat

      I have never tried an iPad but my Nexus 7.2 went sharply downhill from the moment the Kitkat version of Android supplanted the original OS. Performance is very poor, so much so that I would never recommend the Nexus to anyone I value as a friend!

      I am an optimist however, so keep hoping that the next Android upgrade will cure most of the problems.

  • Oliver

    I used to love my nexus 7 till the 4.2 upgrade. Now its slow, slow slow. My brother’s £50 tablet is quicker than the Nexus! I’m hoping that kitkat sorts it out?? I want to love my tablet again.

  • Mike

    Gee i bumped to this article to find out whether people are experiencing the same thing. my N7 lagged like hell and it’s getting slower and slower each and every single day. Some article said that upgrading to JB 4.3 will solve this problem but it is certainly NOT fixing it. Used to love my N7, now i cant even be bothered to play around with it anymore. PLEASE FIX IT GOOGLE!! MAKE ME LOVE MY N7 AGAIN!

  • Timothy Sherman

    Mine was slow but I rooted it and installed Paranoid Android and uninstalled all the apps I don’t need.
    Now it is amazingly fast again permanently!

  • Frank Paulin

    Nexus 7 is a fragile piece of shit. I own two of these paperweights both with cracked screens. They were great before they broke but what good is something so fragile. It cost more to replace the screen and digitizer than its worth.

  • Madhu

    Kitkat worked!!! yeahooooooooo

    I gifted my father in law this tablet & was most certainly expecting it to work perfectly

    But to my horror, it became a nightmare, as youtube being one of the most important applications wasnt working, wifi kept disconnecting & tablet performance real slow.

    So one fine day like any happy ending for a story I went one step ahead & found Nexus rooting toolkit, at first rooted it and flashed it with twrp, then installed the latest kit kat version released just now

    And I cant thank google enough for doing this in time, cause people here trust me for my extreme knowledge of android and tablets, I got my self respect back for this , also I am now trusted by all

    Thaaaaaaaaaaaank you !!!

  • ktulu

    Maybe you only have to trim from time to time… https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.grilledmonkey.lagfix

  • sriram

    I can confirm this slowness. After KitKat update slightly better but not like when I first bought it. Mymy next tablet most certainly will not be a Google product!

  • robin worley

    The hardware is bang on but google have made a right mess of the updates. Not only to the android os in general but also all the apps that no-one wanted in the first place. If only we could switch off processes and updates in the same way everyone with a windows based pc that actually worked did. And if you work with android pleass don’t come on with that bull about background processes (don’t care how you re-phrase that) not slowing the whole system down because they do.

  • Tyzer

    I bought two of these things. They were more expensive than most tablets (except iPads) and both (BOTH) have failed in 10 months!!!!

    So first of all that’s a problem. They won’t even power up!

    Secondly, try and find somewhere to send them for repair…..I guarantee you won’t find anywhere!
    Some address in Taiwan showed up…really Google?

    I have ALWAYS been a google/ Android person. You guys are driving me to Apple….I am disgusted that Google put their name on this piece of crap! Shame on you Google!

  • Ethyn Turner

    My nexus has been moving from one screen to another, moving my screen when I’m trying to use my apps like it has a mind of its own. Please help now. I need this for a project tomorrow and I can’t have it messing it up.

  • flyingJoe

    My Nexus-7 worked well until the lastest upgrade to 4.4.2, build KOT49H. After that, Charging of the battery has become very slow to non existant. I can sometimes reach about 40% after 2 – 3 days on its charger. Also, the WiFi reception seems to have degraded significantly. Upgrade of apps takes hours rather than minutes. Sometimes they won’t ever complete! My guess is that this degredation was accidentally ‘baked’ into the OS upgrade. I hope they can fix it. In the meanwhile, I was wondering if there is a method to return to a previous OS like 4.3?

  • rafael

    I agree when I first got the nexus 7 2 I was thrilled. But as I done more research with other tablets I realized the nexus 7 makes me think that Google sucks at making tablets

    • Nancy

      Google doesn’t make tablets therefore it cannot suck at making tablets.

  • Juan Ehrenhaus

    I am a user of Nexus 7 (2012, first generation), since beginning of 2013.
    The decision to go for it was the HW ( Nvidia Tegra 2) and Android ( today running the 4.4.2).
    I am using it daily, reading books, writing messages, answering and looking mails, using all the mutimedia app for videos, music and pictures, and much more … without any kind of problem !.
    The mobility function and the size are unbeatable.
    Even the interconnection with my home notebook (based on Linux) and the the office one (based on Windows) are excellent, running all of the possible tasks over the cloud (internet or intranet).
    Related to my experiences and a i can say I am a strong user, the above article is not real or at least not my reality.
    Nexus Google is a good and I can say one of the best tablet in the market today.

    • Tiffany

      Well, actually i have to be honest and speak on this. I too have this exact tablet, got it beginning of 2013 & it became the love of my life, although its probably only been used half the time I’ve had it for and i just recently started using it daily I’d say for the past 3 months, and one day took it off charge and it wouldn’t even turn on. If I’m lucky i can put something under the cord in charger port n that’s to only play solitaire while being completely still cause if I just bump or nudge the tablet or cord it shuts completely down. I can’t even get mine to stay on long enough to do resets, uninstall, install, root it, nothing, it went from my prized electronic possession to being half way of throwing it off the deck into the pool, so of course I’m wondering if they are any more of my kind out there…

  • Karen Johnson

    We have had our nexus since December 2012. It worked fine for 6 months. First the speakers blew then it would not charge. It has been repaired 3 times now the last time being December 13. It stopped charging at christmas. I am now trying to get a replacement. I was told to put a complaint in writing to Hemel Hempstead. Guess what they lost my letter! I am at the end of my tether with this. Never buy nexus 7!!!!

  • Florent

    I have an iPad 2 and the nexus 7 first generation. I remember thinking “the nexus 7 is faster and much more convenient to use”. But now it’s just the opposite. The nexus 7 is painful, I still use it for reading books, mails and news. But pretty much everything is slow. And the iPad is now clearly faster for everything…

  • Richard Weston

    Bought my nexus 7 in dec 2012 it works and works runs like a charm and upgrades have been no problem. I do notice if I charge on non nexus usb lead it takes much longer to charge. I still love my Nexus 7. Are there some Apple marketing people leaving posts here and may be some unlucky people who out of the millions of machines sold got duds. Anyone I know with a Nexus 7 says it is working fine.

    • odette

      Richard, I have no connection to Apple. I found this thread because I was looking for an answer to my N7 suddenly running so slowly. It’s great yours is working a treat buddy, but there are lot of really hacked off people not so happy with their device now! Healthy cynicism is a valid viewpoint but I don’t think all these people can possibly be from Apple!

    • diana

      I hate apple – have no apple stuff at all. Android all the way. However, this N7 problem could make me change my mind. My son has had an iPad for over 2y, doesn’t treat it that well, and it runs like a dream. My daughter was going to get an N7 but is now going for iPad mini based on my recent experience. Goggle need to wake up to this problem.

  • Anonymous

    I got sick of the lag and rooted kit Kat and installed cyanogen mod 11 snapshot and the lag has seem to go down drastically it’s a lot better than the stock kitkat

  • Tyler

    I have read allot of bad reviews of the nexus 7. I have also read some good reviews. Truth is, those who have crappy nexuses really treated their Nexus like crap. They didn’t even bother taking decent care of their tablet, or they unknowingly downloaded viruses. I am sure that there are allot of people reading these reviews and are now thinking that they wasted $200. Well, I have good news. Money very well spent, you clearly did your tablet research. This is a bang for the buck deal. How ever, this tablet is sensitive, and really needs care and protection. Bottom line: You take care of your tablet, it will take care of you. Below are some things you must absolutely do if you want a long lasting tablet that seems as though you just took it out of the box.

    1. purchase a case and screen protector to make sure the hardware inside and outside stays scratch and crack free.

    2. When/if your tablet is acting like someone else is controlling it, restart the tablet, and wait a minute or two till it cools down.

    3. Download a prefered malware/virus cleaner so that your files are safe, and that your tablet stays nice and snappy.

    4. Avoid dropping this device as the screen will break easily.

    5.Always shut down background apps that you don’t need. Also make sure to clear the cache any time you remember. Both of these things will greatly increase speed when your tablet begins to slow down.

    6. Don’t charge your tablet until the battery is at 20% or less (This will keep battery life high). When it’s charged, don’t leave it charging/plugged in, other wise this will short the battery.

    7. Finally, turn off your tablet when you are not using it for large periods of time. (Especially when you go to sleep)

    Please follow these steps, if you do, I promise your tablet will work very well and last you a long time.

    P.S. If you are going to buy a Nexus 7, Try to get a 2 year warranty. They are only about $50, and it’s way cheaper than paying another 200 plus dollars.

    Sent from my Nexus 7.

    • Up north

      I do not treat mine like crap. It gets stuck on the x all the time. Started on day two. I am sick of restoring it all the time. Anyone want to buy what I affectionately refer to as “the turd”. I’m getting an iPad.

  • David Stebbins

    I have experienced the exact same issues as the reviewer. My Nexus 7 was a true item of affection, I loved it…for 6-7 months. Now, I cannot even use it as it acts as though someone else is controlling it. Clicks ignored, apps freezing and acting awry.

    Planning to buy a different, non-Nexus tablet. You’re not the only one!

  • Rick Newuser

    I am so disappointed in Nexus 7.

    I have had mine about 6 weeks. Serious intermittant but recurring problems. Device regularly freezes. Touch screen fails to respond. Videos don’t load.

    Device is unreliable inefficient an hence unenjoyable.

    Google, do you care?

  • Lisa Roy

    I see and read your article and i also look huge comment here. Very good post. Thanks
    Pc Help

  • kyligh

    Well I have a nexus 7 and it was locked on the wide screen because it has that bug but you can go into the settings and click unlock screen if that’s not the case idk✌

    • kai

      Thanks that helped me

  • diana

    I have exactly the same problems as the reviewer. I bought my N7 in Jan 13, and use it a lot – everything from following current affairs through research presentations to sketching. It has been brilliant until about 3 weeks ago. Now it is incredibly slow to respond to screen touch, slow to open apps, slow to save, just slow slow slow. Tyler rather patronisingly suggests that we don’t know the basic rules of looking after smartphones and tablets – of course I do all those things, and have a good antivirus programme. I am fed up – will have to buy a new tablet as the N7 is no longer fit for purpose. Is it a coincidence that these problems occur just as 12 month warranty expires? I don’t think so.

  • suhel

    this is an expensive piece of crap! ive had non stop faults after warrenty expired, i would never buy a google or asus product again plus both customers services are crap. avoid!!!

  • maynard s mingua

    I brought a used n7 great tab. No problems at all

  • Lizzy

    I’m literally on a nexus 7 right now. I honestly haven’t experienced such a poor reaction as this but I have reached some of the smaller forms of these issues. Minimal lag. Only one crash and I’ve had it for about a year or so. Camera is a little foggy on some apps. My one big issue though (and this is how I came upon this review) is that my alarm won’t make noise. I’ve been wondering for the past few days why I haven’t been waking up on time. I never sleep through an alarm. So I tried a test alarm set for a minute later and found that no sound is being emitted. Everything else is making a sound but just not the alarm. Any suggestions from fellow nexus users?

  • spwhitten

    hate! hate! hate! worked OK at first – after six months became unusable – got better after I reset – now nearly unusable – iPad here I com. . .

  • Darren Brown

    Don’t waste your money. Get an iPad or just stick with your laptop.

  • mark shepherd

    I bought a Nexus 7 when they first became available, and it has operated flawlessly from day one. It has been in a leather case from the start, I have only installed a couple apps, being cautious about free apps, they are free solely because someone wants information about you or your tablet. And who knows what kind of viruses or malware you are sucking into you Nexus. I think there are specific reasons why many posters have had problems none of which have anything to do with shortcomings of the Nexus

  • AG

    Probably some apps causing it or some incorrect uses. Or some ROMS or something else. Probably starting fresh will eliminate the problems. Like a good boy.

    • YendorGaul


  • AG

    Oh yes, I forgot, that I think Google designed this for good boys, no memory cards, no phone calls, just purely Google Play, there is no messing around allowed (supposed to be). Even have to connect Wi-Fi first time. Purely Google.

  • AG

    And probably Google forgot to add “Google way all the way” (they should), but I think if they did, their tablet might not sell very well.

  • well…..

    As an iPad Mini user, I too experience many issues. I use my device for school (mandatory iPad program). switching between notes apps, word processors, ibooks, etc. sucks. it worked well for about a month but now i cannot go 10 seconds without a crash. I wish they would focus on performance, not shitty ios updates that make things look pretty and intensify lag times!!! i rage quit at homework!

  • Matt

    Exactly the same with mine. I used to love it but now it is unusable, even the Google services have stopped working on it for the 2nd time in 6 months. I am so frustrated with it I am going to reset back to factory settings (for the 4th time in the last year) and get rid of it. I don’t even want to get the newer version as I am concerned that I will be having the same issues a year later. I have not had the same problems with my old Galaxy Nexus or my current Nexus 5 so while I will happily get another Nexus phone I very much doubt I will get another Nexus tablet.

  • Ed

    Really disappointing! I also have had my nexus for over a year. It has gradually gotten slower and slower over that time. I incidentally have only about 40% of the 32GB used on the unit. Now, however, I have a new problem. I changed my password for my Google account and the Nexus no longer is able to connect to any of my accounts. I can’t even get to a login screen to enter the new password. I am going back to the iPad. It is worth the money not to have to deal with the frustration.

  • sheri

    Ditto to all your problems. My Nexus 7 is just over a year old and uuugghh! I am not happy with it right now!

  • bobjanetmarts

    Ha suck balls mother fucker

  • asdf

    I own both currently available nexus 7′s.

    The newest one Is great.

    The older one has a back that’s falling off, the headphone port was broken by falling off a table while headphones were plugged in (fixed by opening and bending a couple things), the screen is starting to show weird errors, although I’ve yet to care enough to look into it. Long story short I’ve basically abused the hell out of it, and it’s still humming along like a beast.

    Just based on skimming your post (honestly, it’s not what I was looking for), it sounds like the heatsink for the processor got fudged about, and isn’t cooling as well as it should, so the processor is underclocking the hell out of itself in order to keep itself from melting.

    Honestly, the first nexus 7 was kind of a crap product (for example, the DAC on it’s nvidia tegra is kinda crap, although, so are all tegra DAC’s). But it’s still is/was amazing compared to everything else that was released during it’s era, especially for the price.

    . . ;yeah, i could say more, but I just realized I’m wasting my time.

  • Gene Wood

    Hate to say it but my Nexus 7 is operating as if it was made by HP. nooooooooooooo.

  • goober

    That’s why you install a custom mod ya retad

  • Charlie

    I am very very disappointed with the nexus fn 7
    Good until the e 4.2 or 3 update. Then shit.
    And when i discovered its locked down its even more of a piss off!

    Got a Samsung S3 phone and it works better than an Iphone.

    I think we should file a complaint with Google so we can have an unlocked version for this “Quad Core machine that runs like a IBM 486.

    Frustrated and angry with Google.


    • Bogdan

      Hi and thanks for your post.

      Do you have any, hopefully good, information about the best android for Nexus 7? Or a solution at all?

      I have my N7 since it first appeared on the market and it was the best device ever. As time passed it’s performance decreased slightly untill it got bad with thet last 4. android (4.4.4. i think) and now it’s the worst with 5.0.2.

      I.m so worried and pissed and i want to take action.

      Please respond. Thanks in advance!

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  • jtarin

    I bought my 2012 Nexus 7 for $135.00 at Sam’s club in October of 2012. I’ve not had one problem with it since. I have rooted it and installed various rom’s and have finally settled on a Cyanogemod rom……peaked to perfection. I use it quite heavily, especially with youtube.

  • William Propest

    Nexus 7 should not be consider as a viable reader selection. Bad news. Christmas 2012 I purchased the Nexus 7, my wife purchased Kindle Fire. The Nexus is no where near the Kindle in performance. The Nexus 7 chooses to quit in the middle of a page and tries to reboot. You enter your ID and it goes into a loop asking for the ID over and over. The only solution is to force shutdown. I have yet to find a way to increase the text size for all pages in a book. I get an error every time I try to read my PCWorld with zinio. Go Kindle, don’t touch Nexus!

  • Miguel

    Trick is to leave at least 20% free space so that fstrim can do its work.

  • Sam Sopiee

    I bought the Nexus 7 (2013) 3G and with the large GB and rooted to overcome Android 4.4 Kit Kat silliness like no SMS / whatsapp, I found this device to be wonderful. I’ve also tried the CM M6 and apart from not being able to lock screen, I found it to be quite fun! And of course productive for me business. Well done Asus, I mean Google.

  • AG

    I have experienced Nexus 7, heavy uses without errors whatsoever, on the internet, none I have experienced. If there were, I found solution to those. Mostly from the apps themselves that I did not understand but then I did..

  • AG

    O yeah, I forgot, flickering taps by themselves I have experienced, not often. Without being touched, the taps tap themselves on the screen. Few times, not recurrent.

  • Dean Willis

    This whole performance problem appears to be related to lack of fstrim support in earlier kernels, and back interactions between whole-disk encryption and fstrim in later ones.

    Even with fstrim forced periodically, a whole-disk encrypted Nexus 7 2012 grinds to a halt within minutes after a trim. Bad filesystem design for a flash drive that needs free blocks for writing.

  • Ed

    Died in infancy, aged 46 weeks. Worked in morning, fully charged. Drove two miles. Turned on again. Would not boot up past the GOOGLE logo and the dancing spheres, which just kept on dancing. Turned off. Turned on hour later and nothing but blank screen. Recharged. Nothing but blank screen. RIP. Anyone rec a reliable tablet $200-400? Thanks.

  • Stephen

    Couldn’t agree more. A total P.O.S.. Constantly drops the signal to my sonos system when all apple devices work perfectly. Sonos techs ran tests on what was happening and reported the problem was with the Nexus 7. Now I see why it was so cheap… get what you pay for. I’ll be giving this piece of garbage away as it won’t work for the purpose I bought it for. A very disappointing experience… and rather costly at that.

  • Tandel

    nexus 7 peice of shit. :@ it take ages to charge .. Adivce dont even think of buying it… Waste of money

  • Dashafc

    I had many of the problems listed in this forum , tried the re-set methods etc .. with limited success, finally sprayed the micro port with a good quality electronic spray , worked great for a while , then problems again .. my problem was a bad connection between the micro port PCB and a ribbon connecter… squeezed the socket with my forefinger and thumb , now all is working fine .. hope this helps

  • Ron

    Was great. Is junk. And yes, it happened with 4.2. I didn’t even think about watching for people’s response to the software update. I figured that Google wouldn’t shoot their own product in the foot… or wherever it was they shot it. But they did. It stopped auto orienting, along with many many other problems that started with that release.

    Naively I thought they would quickly respond. I kept watching the bulletin boards, thinking there was a fix in the works. They have to right? It wasn’t long that I began seeing comments that Google wasn’t even responding to people’s requests, but rather ignoring their customer base entirely.

    Now I use it mostly to read email. It usually works for that.

    If only I could re-install the previous version. But I don’t want to spend a week figuring out all the options, even if it somehow is possible. It just isn’t worth the time to me. And that’s my summary of the current state of my Google Nexus7. It isn’t worth wasting my time on.

  • kt

    I have the anus 7 also, something there is lag but as of this week I swear to God its only the ‘accept’ or ‘yes’ ‘use’ options that it wont even sense me tapping on.
    I dont know whats happening.. is it work the factory reset?
    I really dont want to buy another one if this is going to happen.

  • Rachelle

    I purchased a Google Nexus 7 tablet 9 months ago and was in love with it. Then a couple weeks ago it started overheating after just minutes of use. I almost got burned it got so hot so quickly.

    I pulled out the original box and contacted ASUS customer service as per the warranty’s instructions. After calling the US number and being on hold for 45 minutes (at my expense) with no indication how much longer it would be, I decided to use their online chat service. I waited to chat for a long time and even the chat process took much longer than necessary as I would have to wait up to five minutes for each response. I finally got instructions on how to send it in at my own expense. The process took around two hours. They asked me if there was any physical damage, even including pen markings. I assured them there were none, as I had treated it so lovingly. I wrapped it all up in bubbles and sent it in.

    I got word this week that the motherboard is defective, but that they will not be repairing it because there is physical damage. I asked what kind of physical damage and they quickly changed their story to say the warranty sticker is broken, But . . . if I want to pay them $240, they will repair it for me. Almost the price for a new one. Now, it is not possible the warranty sticker was broken before I sent it to them, unless they shipped it that way to Best Buy from the factory. I have used it lightly and have never opened it or taken it anywhere it could have been opened (don’t even know how to open it, which I was worried about due to their serial number validation rules and chatted with them about).

    I have come to the conclusion that ASUS figures this is a very unethical tactic to get out of warrantying their products. I will never buy anything from them again and will not be saying anything nice about them again. I’m looking into what other recourse I have. Anyone else have this happen?

  • adventureworks

    That is really interesting information thank you for posting it.

  • Donald Goldsmith

    I bought mine just after they came out Rooted it after a month or so of being pissed off at not having Amazon App store available…My nexus 7 has worked Flawlessly since new… that said since I rooted it It cannot update the Android OS but big Deal mine works fine only 2 draw backs 1.) Is only having 16Gb so I have had to unload some Apps but WTF those are usually some useless “free” lame game app from Amazon… Chromecast works Great with it ! 2.)Only Wish My Amazon Prime Movies were available on it rather than connecting a cable from my FireHD to the TV. Youtube only has limited movies available and at poor resolution. but again the Nexus7 works fine. Possibly you are negatively influencing your tablet. My uncle Bub was injured in an industrial accident that negatively affected his nervous system and greatly shortened his life. but after the accident ANY wrist watch he wore mechanical or electronic would STOP within a week. The electronic ones even fresh batteries could not get them working. One of the mechanical’s would work after being degaussed but would stop within a day of his putting it back on and need degaussing again… Jus sayen I have seen interesting things happen.

  • Paul Reid

    I just garbaged my Nexus 7 after it refused to completely sync my Exchange email. I put it down on the table a tad harder than usual out of frustration, and it was dead. I’ve done far worse to my numerous Samsung devices over thr years, many times with no issues – ever. ASUS is pathetic. Why Google would tie their name to these idiots is hard to fathom. They’ve always produced absolute junk.

    • Guest

      Slamming electronic devices out of frustration many times… and upset one of them broke…

      Ive had a 2013 for over a year and it has proven durable (got a gel case for 15 dollars) and no slowdowns.

      I also have 2 friends that have the 2012 versions and have not had these problems. This board is filled with complaints but my experience has not been the same.

  • Goofy

    Mine was great as you say, then it was downhill from there. Its crap now.

  • HR Mayo

    Nexus 7. 32gig. 2 years daily use and going like a new one.
    This tablet is awesome.

  • Amiut s

    I have had my N7 for around 3 years now.

    It did get the slowdown, upgrading to kitkat made it hellishly worse. Boot times were abysmal and there was random periods of lag at any time.

    As the warranty expired I installed Cyanogenmod and love my N7 again. it is fast, very fast. I have no complaints.

    As for build quality, I think it is great. I have always had a screen protector on it, currently I have it in a Gumdrop “Drop tech series” case, the thing is chunky but protected. It also has a poly screen protector on it.

    I have 9 gig worth of space left, usually I an running with between 350 and 500 meg of ram remaining, I do have a memory cleaner but I only use it every so often. Memory management has vastly improved.

  • Ben Lay

    Well..I bought mine during the first week of September 2012. Best gadget ever. Upgraded to 4.4.4. Very versatile, just faced a problem when I had to replace the charging port when I accidentally dropped it. Rooted it and I still use the Stock rom. Perfect. Maybe it was your luck.

  • Meh

    Android is an OS the tablets are made by different companies, you can also downgrade/upgrade your os, you can even install Google OS on it hell you can even wipe your tablet clean and install Linux on it. You can root it, unlock it and even run third party roms on it.

    The question is what do you want to do with it?

  • fritz

    Same Here!

    My loved N7 turned completely unusable! Laggy AS hell, even after complete factory reset!
    No Idea why, seems like Hardware issue to me.

    SHAME Asus….

  • jane

    Use this….at stage four, don’t wait three seconds, just press them once, together.http://www.robschmuecker.com/fix-nexus-7-lag/comment-page-4/#comment-42157

  • ntfh

    On my Galaxy note, the lag occurred when id used circa 80% of the storage with apps. Delete a few off and it sped right up again.

  • Jonathan

    My 2012N7 was slowing to the point of unusability. I did a little reading – starting with Android 4.1, TRIM is run automatically after the tablet has been in idle state for at least an hour, if it’s on the charger or at least 80% charged.

    I use a dock with my N7 to make it a bedside clock. What I just discovered is that when it’s in the dock in “Daydream” mode, it doesn’t go to the idle state that allows automatic TRIM to run. I left it off the dock overnight and it’s fast again! (I also cleared the cache.)

  • BazookaSam007

    Well, after upgrading to Android 5, my Nexus 7 is totally unusable. The lag is ridiculous. I used a nexus root toolkit, and sent it back in time to Android 4.1 and now it works perfect as a bedside alarm clock. And what a nice alarm clock it makes.

    I love my Nexus 7 Alarm Clock.

    • Bogdan

      Hi! Thanks for sharing your experience.

      I have the same problem and after trying to remember witch is the newest android version that worked best i figgured out the possible winner – 4.3
      So i want to restore it to 4.3 to see what happens and hope it will be better than an alarm clock.

      Since you have already restored it to 4.1 can you tell me how to do it? like what software to use ore where to read about? My N7 is currently running on 5.0.2


  • ray blundell

    Yep ! Couldn’t agree more, bought mine 2 years ago and all same problems showed up a few weeks ago.
    Brilliant at first, then performance fell off a cliff, keeps closing itself down and freezing, seems worse since it updated itself to “lollipop”.

  • Jeremy Monroe

    You should take your Nexus 7 if its 2013 version and put CM 12 FLO on it and voila…its blazing fast, dependable, and still the same awesome tablet as when it first came out, only better.

  • zartax

    Just dropped my nexus 7 today (third time this week :-() due to the usb cable being too short…This time the connector went loose and I had to open the tablet… When I see so much duct tape inside electronics and parts which are not fitting perfectly then I know its not made by professionals. Its not good for gaming cuz battery don’t last long and is slow to charge. Playing movies and music is OK but still drains too quick on most applications. It was a gift so I’m not sure how long it have been used before that but previous owner said it froze without reason and was sent for repair… I haven’t experienced serious slowdowns or other issues yet . I haven’t updated to kitkat or rooted. Overall is OK tablet for average use but with fragile screen. Parts inside don’t look like they are made to last long so my expectations are lowered now after I opened it…I still think its good tablet but if I had to buy one I would go for gaming tablet and use this one for browsing, chat, music , travel, etc…sorry if my English is too bad :-D

  • Aremgee

    I’ve had a Nexus 7 for about 18 months and thought it was great when I first used it. I don’t know about the technical stuff so a lot of what has gone before is over my head. Over the past few months I’ve had the same problems – slowness in screen rotation and sometimes not rotating at all, slow response when opening sites, Google closing down within seconds of starting up, etc. then recently I found that although I thought I’d switched it off after use, I apparently hadn’t. Thereafter I was extra careful when closing down but that problem persisted. This weekend there was another update and now the display looks like it’s suffering from anemia. Photos look as if they are negatives. Icons are now on a white background instead of the black they were on previously but almost all the colour has gone from them. Graphics have also lost most of their colour. I don’t know if this is just a fault with my device or it is something lots of people are experiencing. Do I have to give upon it or is there something I can do?

  • yvon

    I updated to Loolipop and Nexus totally Went crap. I cannot use Firefox, I cant do anything. This is the worst buy i ever did. Be warned!! Dont buy´this crap!!!

    When I search for how to uninstall the Lollipop shit, every link is blocked. Google assholes dont want this to go public

  • David

    I bought my nexus 2 years ago. And was so impressed I bought a second 12 months later for My partner. My nexus now is slow and as constant processer not responding problems. I did several factory resets , which does help… but only for a few days… The slightly newer nexus works great.. The biggest problem seems to be the lack of help from Google. Apple and Amazon are the places to buy if you want after sales help.

  • Brett

    Ditto. I have had the identical same experience as you described. About to give up on the Nexus 7. Nary a word from Google Android and the Nexus 7.

  • Gary Schmelzer

    My Nexsus 7 Slowed down major after I installed the Lollipop 5.0xxx version(s)

    So I was able to find a relatively simple program to downgrade to a previous version.

    I used a Nexsus Root Tool Kit. and it worked perfectly…. You list your current device via “About” in the setting menu by version and build…. enter it into the Root Tool Kit program (free download) and it will find the correct USB ADB driver for the device…unlock the bootloader and you pick your version from the list…

    Now it functions GREAT… and I have the ability to downgrade or Upgrade to any version.

  • Rick ferries

    Having been reasonably satisfied with my Nexus 7, I was happy to upgrade to Lollipop (5.02)
    What have I got?. A pathetic tablet with graphics Noah might have accepted. Sticking, jumping pages, unresponsive, two taps where one was sufficient with Kit-Kat. (Yep that’s progress!!!)
    Just about every feature I use has been more or less destroyed. Features which I never need have been introduced , but at what price?. Gone are the solid, responsive graphics, gone is the rapid connection to the net, gone is the feeling of satisfaction. The Android upgrade, not the Nexus hardware, has destroyed any joy in owning a Nexus tablet. I now use my Sony phone for most stuff and the Nexus for Emails only. Whoever had the final say on the features and the release of Lollipop, deserves to be shafted with the roar end of my trumpet. It is simply pathetic, and my next adventure into the tablet market will be Apple or Windows. Goodbye Android, it was nice for a couple of years but you are now on a slippery slope downwards, where the customer takes a back seat while you techies crow about how great you are. Your new “features” might be wonderful for around 5% of users, but I’m not one of them.

  • AG

    I think one N E E D S some computer experiences or some broken Android devices first. Mine is perfectly OK.

    Quoted 1:
    It is as amazing as at is frustrating. Froze for about 24hours in our first week. Often does. And glad to read-because this is -> my first ever touch screen <- etc

    Quoted 2:
    Android is an OS the tablets are made by different companies, you can also downgrade/upgrade your os, you can even install Google OS on it hell you can even wipe your tablet clean and install Linux on it. You can root it, unlock it and even run third party roms on it.

    The question is what do you want to do with it?

    And find this (about the answer):

    I'm a software architect and also used to develop android apps in the past 2 years.

    I'd like to point out a few things regarding these "mysterious" failures.

    First of all, the reports are valid and affect a lot of Nexus 7 tablets and also a percentage of Galaxy Nexus devices built around 8/2012 to 11/2012.

  • Wendy J

    I have experienced the same thing. Used to love my Nexus 7 until I downloaded an update. Now it is horrible.

  • Jeff Dwyer

    The nexus 7 is the worst piece of crap I have ever used. Android is junk.
    The touch screen is useless, completely random and unusable. It makes the device impossible to use. This POS goes into the garbage the moment I return from vacation. Any recommendations on a tablet that actually works?

  • melissa ghoisington

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  • Knoi Cagny