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One year later, the Nexus 7 has gone from the best to worst tablet I’ve ever owned


The first time I used a Nexus 7, I was blown away. It was the perfect form factor for Android, and probably the best Android device I had ever used at the time. All for just $200. You simply couldn’t ask for more in a device. One year later, I’m changing my tune. My Nexus 7 is just a shell of its former self, and an embarrassment to Google.

I don’t remember when it first started happening, but most say it was when Android 4.2 began hitting devices. The new features and changes in Jelly Bean, 4.2, were certainly welcome additions, but my Nexus’ new found love of life in the slow-lane was not. I have not spent a full year using the Nexus 7 as a daily driver, only the last six months. So at first, I didn’t notice just how bad things had gotten. I thought maybe it was an illusion from using so many high-end Android phones. Until I started asking around.

I can’t find one person who has been using the Nexus 7 for an extended period of time, and hasn’t seen a massive downgrade in performance. Just what kind of downgrade are we talking here? I cannot pick up my Nexus 7 without experiencing problems like a lag of ten seconds, or more, just to rotate the display; touches refusing to acknowledged; stuttering notification panel actions; and unresponsive apps.

I tried the basics at first, like a factory reset. I then moved onto drastic measures, like rooting and installing CyanogenMod 10.1 (which I thought would surely fix everything, since I’ve used faster devices with lesser hardware, and performance problems were merely a lack of software optimization). And nothing seems to work. Using CyanogenMod worked at first, but things have slowed down dramatically again. I’ve tried uninstalling most of my apps. Using replacement launchers. No widgets. Nothing works. And even if any of those things did work, it would still be terrible looking for Google.

Other companies, take Amazon for example, have seemingly mastered the budget to performance ratio in affordable tablets in no time. It may have taken a couple generations, which is why I still have hope for the successor to the Nexus 7, but even the first generation Kindle Fire stands up better against the Nexus 7. I can only imagine how the latest Galaxy Tab, Kindle Fire HD, or dare I say the more expensive iPad Mini, would completely knock it out of the park.

I used to love my Nexus 7. I want to love it again. Have you experienced any similar problems with a Nexus 7, or has your experience been the exact opposite?

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  • Kunal Patel

    Definitely. I’ve had my Nexus for about 9 or so months.

    I have all the same exact issues. Horrific lag when doing anything in the browser, any simple multi-tasking, and at least one crash/reboot per hour.

    I’m amazed at how quickly the Nexus 7 deteriorated.

    • rmourar

      That’s the same issue the transformer prime has, it’s a screw up by asus who used cheap storage options…
      The lag is because of the very slow random read/write speeds of the ssd…

      • slyder0244

        I’ve got a prime as well and I swear it has all these same problems. I thought maybe I was just imagining things at first, but it lags so bad. No matter how many processes I kill it seems to lag so bad sometimes. Yet sometimes it just surprises me and responds quite speedy. That’s very rare though, of course the wifi will hardly ever connect so I stopped using it anyways.

        • eleminohp

          I have the original Asus Transformer (mine) and the Nexus 7 (wife’s) and I can say that while the Transformer shows some significant lag while updating apps, it flies through all the normal tasks one would do on a tablet. In some cases better than my wife’s N7. Obviously gameplay is a different story.

        • Raul W. Smith

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          • jon jonic

            go fuck your self!

      • Jack

        I’ve had similar problems with my prime. I started leaving it, collecting dust, and every time I would want to use it later it would of course be dead and it would take me about 30 minutes to have sufficient charge to boot and update, etc etc… Infuriating. Needless to say, I tried to root it, successfully, as well as unlock bootloader courtesy of ASUS, but some glitched recovery means I now have a £500 aluminium paperweight. Hurray for me!

        • Jakob

          Cant you just update its firmware via fastboot? Should work no matter hos messed up your recovery is. Most manufacteurers(Spellcheck) puts their factory images for download.

          • Spellcheck


        • Rob

          I see exactly what you folks are seeing on my Prime and Nexus…. because both the Prime and the Nexus 7 have 1 Gig of system memory, and Android 4.2 on is a memory monster. (Cyanogen is based on the Android code, so it would see the same issues as stock android)

          The only real answer here are the new fleet of tablets with 2G of system memory.

          • Andrew

            Am running JellyBean CM10.1 on my SGS i9000, and it is still behaving
            pretty well even though typically showing only 46MB of RAM free

            FYI, device has only 384MB of user available RAM (Total 512MB)

            I think the issue for the Nexus and Asus tabs is primarily due to slow(ing) storage.

            To test, take your fast Android device, put in a SD card, and move apps to SD (via Link2SD) and then see how slow your device has become.

          • Eduardo

            I’m running Cyanogen 10.1 (that’s 4.2.2) on a ZTE Blade that has 512MB of RAM and is currently reduced to 22MB of free space.
            I surely won’t get a speeding ticket for that, but there’s nothing like a 10 second delay when rotating the screen, maybe around 3. Which is fair, given this phone was originally built for 2.1 and the specs aren’t something to die for. The best part is that it only cost me about $50 (€39.9) and it deals with 4.2.2 with very few minor issues.
            It’s a shame about the Nexus 7, though… it had everything to be one of the best.

          • noahvt

            I think 4.2 isn’t really the problem here because i have a fairly weak smartphone (HTC Desire c) it has 512MB and a 600mhz processor recently a few had build 4.2.2 for this device and it runs with very minimal lag!

      • Josh

        LagFix (fstrim) Free fixes some of the mess with the ssd speeds deteriorating over time do to not properly trimming the partition. You need root but I find it helps if I notice speeds starting to dip. You can get it from Google Play.

      • Julio Chavez

        I couldn’t agree more with your comment! At first it was blazing fast and then it became slower and slower until it reached the point of unusability. All this time I thought it was just mine though..

      • Tarun Singh

        its not exactly random read/write speed of ssd … :) was it laging the moment u got it ? no! ..so u r saying . ssd random read/ write got changed with time ? :P u r making some good sense bro :P

        • ssssddddd

          The problem is with the bug in the firmware of the Samsung Flash memory controller which subrutines does not properly use trim to erase “deleted” cells. These routines are suboptimal and cosume system resources, thus the lag. The issue appears when only 2-5 GB of free space are left. Androind update fixed the issue by immediate erase of the cells instead flagging them as deleted. Updtate to latest android version, fill the storage of nexus 7 with data e.g. movies and then delete them. The lag should dissapper. As trim does not work just update does not erase the cells which should be erased.

        • Name

          And you’re not.

      • Tom Foolery

        how the fuck would ssd io affect browser performance?

        • R Bryan

          OK, did you seriously just ask that? Gee, I wonder how an application (like a Browser) could be slowed down by an untrimmed sad?

      • Crwolv/Xda senior member

        Toolbox pro, trickster mod, and many more) I have none of the bad experiences you’re experiencing I am overclock to 2.1 megahertz and this thing flies thes4prossits on top of the architecture of the Snapdragon 600 and 800 so it’s even faster than the same cpu in my LGOG (sprint Optimus g)!!! I am a flash aholic and every single rom flies especially with the awesome kernels that are out there. the main thing that pisses me off is how easily this thing has been scratched I don’t know if the olaphobic skin is way to thin or if I got a bad batch of gorilla glass. now candy crush won’t install because it says there isn’t enough space even though I have 14 and a half gigabytes of space. once again I have none of the problems you have said and the speed of mine are awesome just make sure you have the right kernel and ROM in the settings are right

    • Andrea

      I have an iPad. It works flawlessly, im soooo glad i bought this over the unknown nexus pads. Apple has the best technology me thinks.


      • Lincoln

        The iPad is horrible next to the Nexus. Yes, people are having problems with this, but certainly far more people who use the Nexus are power users. Most people who use an iPad are novices and have no idea about the specs or how to get the most out of it or, well, how NOT to spend $700 on a piece of crap.

        • m1888

          well i wouldnt have to know the specs if it works well!

        • c1liu

          Bottom line is: If it doesn’t work well out of the box, there is more work to be done. It doesn’t really have anything to do with being a power user or not. Android phones may have eclipsed the iPhone in specs, and the UI is only getting better. But for tablets, the iPad is still the king. I think Samsung is doing a pretty good job of closing the gap, but the Nexus line still needs work. The iPad is more expensive, but you can’t deny that it’s a great device. I’m willing to pay more for something great, rather than pay less and convince myself that it’s a great deal when I need to root my device, install Cyanogen, or LagFix, or whatever other “fix.” And for the record.. I love Cyanogen, the dev community would be missing an arm and a leg without them.

          • Tarun Singh

            well … cynogen did a great job earlier :P now thr r many more and doing it far far better thn cynogen team did … aokp <3 !

        • MC_Android

          Jesus…I don’t even know where to start with your comment.

          Firstly, specs doesn’t mean good. It’s an indication, but it isn’t what defines a good device or bad one. What’s the most important is software optimization and user experience.

          If Samsung’s Galaxy S5 is Octa-core, with 8Gb RAM and 32 mpx camera, will that mean it’s the best device in the world? No. we have seen how a 4 mpx camera from the HTC One is easily comparable to the 13 mpx camera from the S4. There are other factors, but software optimization is one key influence. Now think how many apps really can use a Octa- or Quad-core? Will you be programming, using photoshop, video rendering, autocad, …on your phone/tablet? No.

          Now with the iPad bashing. Say what you want, but I use an iPad 3 as my daily tablet. I adamantly proclaim how much better an operating system Android is in comparison to iOS but you can not deny that apple devices typically have better software support. There are more apps available on iOS and the ones that are ported to Android is usually subpar or gets new features months later. I don’t game on the iPad anymore but I know the selection and quality of gaming apps are also superior in iOS.

          In the end of the day, realize that having a face-off on the spec sheet does not paint the whole picture. Don’t be a blind fanboy of any company’s product; be a smart consumer and choose the better product.

          • Dan Jones

            > There are more apps available on iOS

            I don’t think that’s true anymore, but if it is, the difference is negligible.

            > the ones that are ported to Android is usually subpar or gets new features months later

            That has nothing to do with Android, or Android tablets. That’s because of crappy, terrible developers who don’t actually care about Android, and put in the very minimal effort to port their apps, instead of actually building Android apps properly.

          • Ben Rousch

            “Will you be programming, using photoshop, video rendering, autocad, …on your phone/tablet? No.”


            AIDE: Android IDE https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.aide.ui
            Photoshop Express: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.adobe.psmobile
            Video Editing: https://play.google.com/store/search?q=video+editing
            Autodesk: https://play.google.com/store/search?q=autodesk

          • Litho

            @Dan Jones

            Not for me. Android doesn’t even come close to iOS for tablets.

            70% of the magazines I read are iPad only, and most of the remaining 30% offer richer iOS/iPad versions compared to their Android counterparts. Music production/editing is still a no-go with Android, thanks to audio latency issues (and no, don’t recommend me some app made by some obscure dev-cum-bedroom-jockey, I’m talking about Propellerhead, Korg, Roland, Yamaha, etc). Design oriented apps, although still nowhere near desktop versions, are still better on the iPad. A-list games like Baldur’s Gate come out on the iOS first, and they usually remain superior even once the Android ports get released. I haven’t even gone into more specialized categories to do with my interests/occupation, like engine map/management applications for motorcycles and jet-skis, or medium-format camera controller/remote apps, or studio strobe controllers.

            This is coming from someone who owns a Nexus 7 but ended up using the gf’s iPad for almost everything.

          • jillxz

            Well I don’t use a lot of apps. No need for many either on a smartphone or on a tablet. Use my tablet just like I use a laptop and have absolutely no real need for apps.

          • David

            “There are other factors, but software optimization is one key influence. Now think how many apps really can use a Octa- or Quad-core? Will you be programming, using photoshop, video rendering, autocad, …on your phone/tablet? No.”

            TL;DR: multicore is not only for heavy, continued tasks. Many simple and quick tasks benefit from multicore ideas, and you can notice the lag of hardware power on other platforms as well, if you know what to look for.

            Hardware generally appears before the software, and with multicore apps it wasn’t different. However, developers came a long way to absorb the mentality to plan their app logic for multicore systems. Android (as in framework to build apps) has also made huge improvements to make that task easier for developers, even while there is still a lot to do, especially behind the curtains. It’s now in the reach of every Android developer. However, it requires a change of paradigm, and not everyone is willing to learn new things or think in a different way (the #1 problem for parallel programming).

            Theory aside, if you think only continued heavy tasks benefit from multicore systems, you are wrong. As an example that everyone faces every day all the time: loading an app. Generally, to display the first screen, an app may have many different things to process and load… licensing, configuration, Internet cache, user data, app data… if you can effectively separate the logic and spawn multiple processes, joining back all the logic at the end, you will speed up loading times. Users will be happy because your app will load faster. Maybe not even a whole second faster, but perceivedly faster. And users notice… they may not be able to guess the reason why, but they will notice.

            Did you ever get an iPhone and notice the obnoxiously long loading times for even some simple apps? Even with all the “magic” that Apple puts in place (like displaying a screenshot to give the impression that your app already loaded and is just finishing, when in fact it didn’t yet), that’s the reason: lack of hardware power. It does not matter they prioritize the UI to make it fluid so you can mask away the loading times from the user in the hope the user will be mesmerized by the animations (same trick Windows Phone is using extensively when loading apps) and forget about the loading times. Those cute animations and magic tricks are the cute hourglass cursor of the smartphone age. Nothing more.

            It kills me when people say multicore only helps heavy tasks. It’s NOT true. Of course, we just need some developers to get on board, and some Android apps are definitely there already. Maybe you just didn’t notice because you didn’t take the time to compare (or don’t have the tools to do so).

        • Ahron

          This is the opposite of true, and seems like a fanboy comment. I like both Android and iOS but on the tablet end Android isn’t there yet, Ill use them for my phone for sure but My Nexus 10 is nothing compared to my iPad 2, yes the specs are much better but when it comes to app layout, availability, compatibility and snappiness the iPad wins big time.

          • elzafir

            “That has nothing to do with Android, or Android tablets. That’s because of crappy, terrible developers who don’t actually care about Android, and put in the very minimal effort to port their apps, instead of actually building Android apps properly.”

            You sound like a Linux zealot. The stupidest argument ever. It’s like defending the Tesla Roadster because the oil companies don’t build charge stations.

            Building a desireable environment is Google’s and Apple’s job. Apple does it better and much sooner with iTunes Store and App Store.

        • 007JNR

          I am a lifelong Android user and the Nexus is not better than an iPad – nothing like it. I can’t stand apple but those iPads represent one brilliant piece of technology. I have a Nexus 7 and 10 and a Galaxy Tab, an IBM lenovo Win 8 and an iPad 2 -Trust Me I know what i’m talking about.

          • Litho

            Lifelong Android user? So you’re 4 years old then =P

        • Naman Goel

          You are stupid. Power users care about real apps. Look at the music creation apps on the iPad, or look at iWork. They are the best in class touch optimised apps there are on any platform.

        • Ralph

          No. The 16GB iPad mini is $329, the 32 GB version is $429 and the $32 GB version is $599. The Nexus 7 really doesn’t compare against the larger retina iPad.

          BTW, unlike the Nexus, the iPad mini has gotten faster with each OS update. I’d hardly call it a piece of crap. (Especially after reading this article) ;)

          • Tarun Singh

            what is retina display sir :/ .. plz call it ips lcd :D … “the real name ” ! :D and btw i bet u dont know anything about dev community coz trust me .. performance on nexus 7 (if u know how linux works ) is par from ios ..

          • Tom Stein

            Comparing Nexus 7 (so, 7″ display) against a Retina display (so, 10″ display)? Hey, get serious!

            Yet, iPad mini has bad figures on paper – but it works perfectly.

        • Johnny Boy

          Can you support your statistics with some citations? For example, what research are you citing that most iPad owners are novices?

          • Sigivald

            I believe his (plausible) hypothesis is simply that when J. Random Newbie goes out to buy a tablet, they’ve very, very likely to get an iPad. This seems so obvious from the sales numbers and immense popularity of the iPad that I’ll call it a gimme.

            Wheras the notional “generic Tablet Power User”* is more likely to at least consider an Android device – and admittedly, given Google’s track record, nobody suspected the Nexus 7 would go downhill so far, so fast.

            The problem is not that he’s wrong, but that he’s implying the wrong things, and has faulty assumptions – like that “power user” is even meaningful in the tablet space, or that such users are remotely important there.

            (* The problem here, of course, is that there’s no such thing as a generic Tablet Power User. There might be power users, but they’re trying to do specific tasks, often with specific software, which makes them pick iOS or Android. [Or notionally Windows 8 RT, but let's stick to the real world]

            The “power user” market for tablets is not platform agnostic. For instance, if you need anything remotely weird in terms of Bluetooth or USB support, you can’t even consider iOS. If you’re doing serious music or art work, I’m not aware of anything on Android that can compete with the iOS offerings.

            The market is not fungible between the platforms for “power users”.)

        • jamal adam

          Sometimes it’s a good idea to be objective or at least try to be and look at things as they are and even if were are Android fans and what not, we can’t deny the iPad’s app ecosystem is top of the line when compared to that of Android tablets. iPad apps are optimized and designed specifically for the iPads and therefore result in a better user experience. Android tablets, though they may have better specs, have limited number of apps for tablets and therefore the experience isn’t there yet.

          I love my Nexus 7 and have been having the same issues but that doesn’t mean we should warrant an “iPad’s are horrible and suck, blah blah” attitude because for now, iPad’s simply offer a better user experience and for the average customer, that’s all the want. Android has come a long way in the tablet space and there is still plenty of room for improvement, better apps designed for tablets, etc.

          We must give credit, where credit is due.

        • Tarun Singh

          well said sir!! totally agree with u !!

      • freediverx

        I’ve owned two iPads and every iPhone model since the first. None of these devices has ever exhibited the sort of performance or stability degradation reported here on the Nexus.

        • slantyyz

          “I’ve owned two iPads and every iPhone model since the first. None of these devices has ever exhibited the sort of performance or stability degradation reported here on the Nexus.”

          That can only be true if you’ve never upgraded the OS. My iPad 1 is unusable since upgrading to iOS5. I can’t use Safari for 10 consecutive minutes without it quitting. All I can do with it these days is for light duty stuff like reading ebooks. My iPhone 3G was all but unusable before I got my iPhone 4. And since I upgraded my iPhone 4 to iOS 6, it’s become significantly slower than it was when I got it, and I don’t even do any “heavy lifting” on it. Many of my friends have had similar experiences.

          iOS devices are unquestionably super fast when you buy them. The key to keeping them fast is to avoid upgrading to any major iOS release.

          My first inclination is to blame Forstall for this. OSX releases have not resulted in significant slowdowns on my Macs. I’m hoping that Federighi running the show makes a difference, but until I see proof, I’m doubtful that I’ll be buying any more iOS devices for the foreseeable future.

        • ChiMike

          I’ve owned 3 Android tablets and 3 Android phones and never had these problem. So what? This is very anecdotal. If you went back to the version of Android it came with, surely the problems would go away.

          • teepzo

            Why have you owned that many tablets? Thats one a year

      • Marcos

        I’ve got the iPad 2. While my issues don’t seem as bad as yours, I can sympathize. Performance did take a hit when I upgraded to iOS 6.0. It got slightly better a few months later with an incremental update, but was just never smooth and crisp like when I first bought it.

        One thing I have wondered about and that is Storage. I bought the 16 GB model, and that is just not enough storage, especially if you are using it as a PC replacement. I wish now that I had spent more then to get the 32 or 64 GB model. Anyway, I have to do a lot of app swapping, removing apps that I am not using, reinstalling when I want to use them. I have found more sluggishness when I have little storage left. In fact, that’s how I know that I need to remove a little used app or push photos up to the cloud.

        Anyway, for the most part I’m happy with my iPad and iOS. I hope you all (android readers) are as happy or happier with your devices.

      • vincent sprankel

        Are you actually retarded

    • Nick

      nexus 7 owner since launch, I haven’t had a problem like this at all, it still works as fast as it did from the day I had it shipped to me. Mine is off when not in use, always. So if it’s a storage weardown thing, that just sucks. but so far so good, I don’t root.

      • Dave

        No problems here either. Works as well as the day I got it.

      • Emil

        I had issues with lagging after I installed encryption, so I did a full factory reset about 2 months ago. The Nexus 7 is back to being responsive again.

      • Tom Streeter

        I’ve used it daily since I got it a year ago. I’ve not seen anything resembling what’s described.

        It SHOULD go without saying that the fact that I haven’t seen these issues and the author has only means that I haven’t seen the issues and he has. I don’t doubt what he’s reporting is true for his device.

        • carlos saenz

          I’ve had to return three of the nexus 7 32gb 2013. Lte
          the last one I got back seem to work fine. Not great but fine. Till I started useing google maps. I have data card in it. And still maps
          does not work right. What a wast of money.there was about of hype and we believed it. It should of worked right straight out of box. And not have to make excuses for it.

          does not work right

      • Nex

        Yep, same here, I actually went and grabbed my Nexus 7 after reading this to see if I’d been ignorant to the effects of this lag, but everything is still super smooth..

      • Rimzy

        Had mine since launch as well. Browser zoom can be laggy (it’s always been like this) but otherwise performance is just as good as day 1, while the UI and other features (like Google Now) have made the device even better.

      • Farnham

        Use mine every day and check in with it for forums and news every night before I go to sleep. Best technology for the money. I do make sure that Apps are not hogging resources. Also, a Fast Boot can clear some session dust bunnies. Works very well with Netflix and Dish Anywhere for streaming videos.

      • brmore

        Same here. No issues since arrival (bought on first day).

      • Carol

        No problems for me either, and it doesn’t get turned off very often at all. I installed the Firefox browser and that seems faster than Chrome, but I think that’s a Chrome issue. I also check the usage and storage and clear out rubbish, that works on a PC too!

      • lolo

        Same here! I have two nexus 7′s, a 16GB and a 32GB which is rooted, both bought at launch and both still purring like a kitten.

      • David H

        No problems here, either. Bought mine when first available, haven’t rooted it. I get the battery down to about 30% every day, so I use it a lot. The only significant lag I’ve experienced has been with the new Hangouts. Both my phone & tablet noticeably slow down when using that particular app.

      • Prashant

        I had to chime in too. I disagree with most of this article. Anybody coming here from Daring Fireball (like I did) needs to know I’m very happy with my Nexus 7 and prefer it over the iPad mini overall.

        • teepzo

          To all those above, might help if you gave some idea when you bought them, looks like this is a problem as time moves on. Certainly you wouldnt expect this for newer units

          • Sirrush99

            Plenty of the people above have stated when abouts they bought their Nexus. You are trying to discount their claims of a smooth running device. One guy said he bought his DAY 1. So that’s as old as it gets. Bottom line people is that all devices from phones up to PC’s begin to slow down over time. I don’t know how many times I have had to “fix” a friends computer or device because they think it’s broken. I suspect the people having the most problems are the people that can’t wrap their minds around these simple and common problems in all devices. If you don’t know ask, before you come on a website and bash a product. Both android and iOS are excellent products. And this is not an article. Its more of a blog or incomplete opinion piece. Hardly something to hang a review or argument on.

      • Brian Scott Oplinger

        I’ve had my 32Gb Nexus 7 since Black Friday. If anything it runs better on the current version of Android than when I got it. Surprisingly my Asus Transformer TF101 runs TeamEOS JellyBean better than factory Android 4.0.3 also.

        Which just goes to show the absolute lack a viability of ancodotal evidence.

      • Chink

        No idea what this article is on about. My N7 is still buttery smooth. Rooted, running 4.22, SmoothRom. I have an iPad (2nd Gen) – I use the N7 tons more.

        Just don’t understand why you have the slowdown…

      • davisbr

        Chiming in with more anecdotal “evidence”. Had my Nexus 7 32GB since early December. It has been better after each OS update. I don’t game with it, but I try new apps on it all the time (that I rarely uninstalled lol). I use Flipboard daily, along with Chrome. There’s probably anywhere up to a couple of dozen active apps going, sometimes days at a time. No problems. No freezes. No hesitation.

        Sometimes an individual app might go wobbly and crash, but can’t recall when that meant I had to restart the N7. Heck, I can’t recall the last time I restarted, period.

        …we’ll be buying my wife an N7-2 when its released to market, but it will have to be a significant improvement for me to want to upgrade.

        …she’s sold her Kindle Fire HD in anticipation, actually.

      • Raiden Jenkins

        Mine had the exact same problems, and it appeared to have something to do with storage space. As soon as I got up to about 14GB, the constant lag started happening. The odd thing was that there was absolutely nothing I could do to free up storage space! I deleted tons of apps and all content I could possibly find, but it was still showing that I had less than 2GB of space available. Shortly before the new Nexus 7 came out, I found a 32GB original model on clearance for $160, so I did a factory reset on my 16GB version and sold it on Amazon for $150! The new one has none of the lag problems that the old one did, but I guess give it a few months…

    • bob log

      I have the same thing. Locks up just resting on my desk. Have to hard reboot 5-8 times per day. More IF i utse it a lot.

    • begator

      Unfortunately i have same awful experience. Even keyboard typing is slow and not responsive. I am back to motorola xoom…

    • Mister Rockwell

      I had all these issues too. I decided to root due to noticing the N7 slowing to a crawl when I had reached a certain storage threshold way below the actual limit.
      I found this was a common issue with the 16GB models of the time (yay me).
      I tried PA rom which was awesome until only a month ago it occured to me that once I sang the praises of this device to now complaining about it in every breath,
      Also the battery seemed to take what was a snappy 2.5hrs now not reaching 100% in well ove 8hrs.
      I decided maybe I’d catch a break if I flash the old firmware when things were great and see how I got on.
      The furthest I could go back was 4.1.2 and I have to say it seems to have rectified every problem.
      It feels like brand new! I can install 7 app updates whilst browsing without any paralysis!
      I no longer fight with the on button as it takes sooo long to screen on that it screens off the instant it decides to turn on!

      I’ve noticed most the issues occur when I upgraded to the 4.2s so give 4.1.2 a go and see how you get on.

    • John Owens

      My Nexus 7 very rarely gives me any problems unfortunately the same can’t be said for my Nexus 10 as it reboots at LEAST once a day.

    • Maschelle Mashburn

      Ditto. I got mine for Christmas, and the last two weeks my Nexus 7 is doing EVERYTHING reported in this editorial. It even lags playing a simple game of Candy Crush. Ever try to time your move in an Angry Birds game when it stutters and lags? Now its inserting random capital letters that aren’t part of anything I just typed. That issue is only a dew days old

    • JohnS

      I had similar problem with my prime – takes a long time to do simple tasks, until I read somewhere that it can be fixed by running the app, Forever Gone. Works well for me. Write speed improved from 3MB/s to 8.6 MB/s after I ran the app. No harm trying. May work for you as well.

    • AFBRD

      I owned the original transformer eee pad tf101, then got the transformer pad TF300 and I noticed that a lot of times the newer Tegra powered TF300 would lag a lot worse than the older Tf101. Maybe it could be the Tegra processor itself? I know of plenty of devices with that processor that have lag issues

    • JFWick

      Test as 2nd User. Google will treat you as a new User. And will forget all the apps you downloaded and all your past problems. It worked for me. It proves the problem is not hardware.

    • Alvester Garnett

      I’ve found that turning OFF “Preload web pages” under Chrome’s Advanced Bandwidth Management settings helps. I just did the switch and the speed up of browsing is dramatic. I just hope it sticks as I’m having a lot of the same problems in the article whenever I reach the 3 GB remaining threshold on my N7 which in turn causes serious lag on the device.

    • Thomas Powell

      I am currently using my Nexus 7 Tablet.

      I have not experienced lag, rotation problems, crashing, or ads/notifications.
      I have had my tablet for 10 months now and to my knowledge everything is updated.

      I watch movies constantly on my tablet as I work third shift and its the only thing to do.

      One thing that may have helped me is that i uninstall apps I do not use, or have a problem with.

    • Frank

      What a bunch of haters, my N7 works great a year later, I’m on it now. I bought my 5 year old daughter one in October for her birthday and my 8 year old daughter one for Christmas and they work fine too and are stock. If you guys would stop sirfing porn your devoces would work just fine

    • jn

      You are absolutely right. My Nexus started deterioate from the minute I received it until it stopped completely. I sent it back to the lab and something or other was changed in the tablet. After a week it is beginnig to act up again. I do not know how long it will last this time.

      Please let me know what other better tablet you know of. I still try to understand why the Nexus 7 was rated so high?

    • Lilly

      I am using a nexus 7 right now, I was also experiencing lag with my browser, I found out that the problem was that I had too many tabs open (like more than 30) I closed them all and that seemed to solve the problem!
      Hope this helps! :)

  • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

    Are you basically saying the performance has degraded over time? I have wondered this, I don’t know if it’s because over time I have more apps installed or what but I feel like the older a device gets the more lag you get when it comes to daily use of the device. Factory resets seem to help for a while but then it just kinda slows down later on.

    I will need to ask around since I don’t own a Nexus 7 myself. This is interesting though…

    • MC_Android

      I’m quite sure this is an Asus problem. My Nexus 7 became paper weight because of this issue. I tried all the regular and rooting routes…ended up selling it. I’ve also used the Transformer Prime extensively and Transformer Infinity for several months and they all fell to the same problems. This is most definitely Asus’ manufacturing issue.

      Asus is well known to pushing fast updates but the optimizing or rather, basic quality testing for these updates are complete crap. They tend to cripple devices (for the prime and infinity at least).

      I personally would be weary

      • MC_Android

        - of buying another Asus product just from all my horrible experience with their products and OEM support.

        • John Patrick

          That’s really unfortunate. I have used Asus PCs for many years and have found them to be top-notch.

          • Rob Demery

            Yeah their motherboards for intel are rock solid. I have a couple that are around six years old and no hiccups. This is sad they chose what seems to be a poor flash chip to put in their Android tabs.

      • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

        I wondered if my Transformer Prime was getting shittier or if it was just me not using it that much. Wow, this is not good news. I need to send mine off because it won’t charge anymore. Looks like I need to change my favorite manufacturer on here…

        • MC_Android

          Well just be considerate of how severe your current device’s problems. I only sent my Transformer Prime for warranty support. I had one spot on my screen that was dead to response but everything else was fine. I went through a rather tedious and annoying process to send the tablet back. It was my first time sending something so expensive via post so I had to buy a box and shipment insurance…ended up spending ~$40 on just to get the tablet to Asus.

          After around 3 weeks, I got it back, and they scratched up the back quite a bit and then then more issues showed up that were not there before. They must have done a complete reset because certain drivers were malfunctioning. It would not be recognized on the computer…etc…but they did fix the screen haha.

          Anyway, I found that warranty so unpleasant I did not bother going through them again with my Prime and later on my Infinity. It seems like sending your device for repair is more like a game of swap the problem(s).

          To be honest, the value in having a physical store is in customer service…Not going to share my Apple issues but they were usually pretty pleasant to deal with.

          Just a heads up :)

  • sandwich

    I had a nearly identical issue with my Nexus S (the phone). My conclusion was that it was due to the type of solid-state memory used in the device. I’m guessing that if these devices or the OS had the equivalent of TRIM support, most of these performance issues would disappear.

    • sandwich

      (If you’re gonna vote me down at least have the decency to explain why…)

      I found this utility on XDA which is supposed to resolve these issues – give it a try:


      • sandwich
        • Peter Lundgren

          LagFix made a massive improvement, both for me and one of my friends so I would definitly reccomend this.

        • ivellios

          I shouldn’t have to root!!

          • z0phi3l

            It’s a DEVELOPER phone, you’re supposed to root it and mess around with it

      • Kenneth Kaczor

        This is the only solution that would work for me–and it worked well. A shame you have to use a third-party solution to fix this, but it did the job. I was so thrilled with how well it worked for me that I got the pay-for version out of principle. I HIGHLY recommend this app.

    • 21stNow

      I noticed the declines in performance on my Nexus S after the Ice Cream Sandwich update. I attributed the decline in performance to the fact that the Nexus S is a single-core processor phone. In my opinion, at least a dual-core processor is needed to run Android 4.0+ efficiently.

  • @CaseyRain

    I had those same problems, but have since fixed them. It’s a read/write error.

    Here’s what you do. Install an app called Forever Gone (SD Card Cleaner).

    Don’t be put off by the name, as it works for internal memory too.

    What this app does is fill up all the unused memory on your tablet with blank files. Then, it erases them all. The whole process took at least 20 minutes on my 16GB N7.

    I was in the same boat as you, before this. My N7 had become so slow that it was basically unusable. Now I love my tablet again!

    • erikiksaz

      Someone try this! Eager to see if it helps. I sold my N7 long ago so I can’t try.

    • YMS123

      It seems a bunch of reviews in the comments on Google Play are from Nexus 7 users who confirm what you say, great tip!

    • Edhe

      I gave it a shot on my gnex, seems to have helped.

    • t3chn0s1s

      I tried this app. I have the Nexus 7 3G 32GB and I l ran the app and left it alone to do its thing for awhile. I can see an improvement but nothing near as close to when I reboot in Safe Mode (which disables all 3rd party apps).

    • faizal

      Thanks! It works!

    • Otto Rood

      I tried that and, yes, it worked. But after a few weeks, the lag returns, the unresponsiveness creeps back, and tap recognition is hit and miss. No app can fix the physical problems that I and others have with our 7s. Screen separation in the lower left quadrant (in portrait orientation) is testament to the overall quality of this device. Every time I pick up my “squishy” device, I am reminded of its bargain price.

  • Daniel

    Stop google currents and play magazine from auto syncing. I had the same issue until i did this and my nexus 7 is working just like new.

    • Daniel

      I forgot to add. after you do this restart your device.

    • KennyL

      Clear the cache for Google Currents. Then disable it. I’ve was frustrated as all get out due to the lag. After disabling currents the tablet works well again. Currents has always been a resource hog and there are better readers out there anyway.

      • YMS123

        This is what I’ve heard as well (I don’t actually have a N7), many people say this fixes the problem

        • YMS123

          I also heard from a friend that his N7 slows down when there is less than 2GB of internal storage free (and he runs a custom ROM)

  • Marco

    Same here; I bought it at D1, it was the best android device i’ve ever used. Now it’s a laggy piece of plastic on my desk. I hope the next Android upgrade will solve all these problems, ’cause it still a good tablet with a good hw.
    P.S. Sorry for bad english

  • Triplanetary

    I can’t find one person who has been using the Nexus 7 for an extended period of time, and hasn’t seen a massive downgrade in performance.

    *raises hand*

    You just found one. Me. I’ve had my Nexus 7 for about a year and I haven’t seen any noticeable decrease in performance. I wasn’t even aware this was an issue. *shrug*

    • Jake Jardashian

      Same here! My Nexus 7 has been nothing but wonderful to me. Hate to hear about people having issues with them, though. :(

    • boone simpson

      Yeah my nexus 7 still feels spring fresh.

      But I do not have tons of apps / games on it. I think the issue is likely bad nand or unclearable cache files.

      My droid 4 is experiencing that with CHROME, if I clear the cache it is fine for a few days than becomes laggy .

    • cthonctic

      Same here, I couldn’t possibly agree any less with the whole article.
      My N7 is still as smooth and awesome as when I unlocked its bootloader right after unboxing it. I take that back, it’s much more awesome now than it ever was with 4.1.

    • MetalMessiah78

      My Nexus 7 is also still running mint, and I’ve had it since it came out. I couldn’t be happier with it. My Galaxy Nexus on the other hand is a little on the slow side, but even then, it’s not as bad as the problems some of you are having with your Nexus 7.

      • Lincoln

        Seems the norm is NOT to have problems. I’d be guessing it’s that he abuses the thing, too.

        Atmospheric and environmental issues also may be at play. If you take your N7 to the sewer and the cemetery every day, you’re likely to encounter different results to people who take care of their device, use covers, work in office environments and don’t live like slobs.

        Just sayin’.

        • Dan Jones

          How about those of us who do use covers, work in an office environment and don’t live like slobs, but do still have this problem?

    • Usman Ansari

      Same here… I’ve had my 32GB N7 for about a year and still running like butter, AND with over 3000 hours of uptime until I actually let the battery die a couple weeks ago.

      • Knoi Cagny

        I didn’t know butter runs. Does it burn all its calories and stay slim?

    • wiserblond

      I use my Nexus throughout my day and wasn’t even aware of these issues. I have the 32gb model and love it. I plan on getting the new version when released. It’s sad to read that so many users are having issues.

    • Omar Castellanos

      Me too!
      I have a 8gb and 32gb for one year and everything is as smooth as always.

    • Mike

      Yep, I’ve had exactly none of the problems being described here. I’ve had mine since Christmas.

      • Sue40

        Me too…only problem I have encountered is occasionally when watching videos, e.g YouTube my Nexus 7 32Gb will switch itself off and requires repeated repeated presses of the power switch (3 or 4) to bring it back and permanently on again?

    • Me too

      Standing to be counted. Sorry to hear about your issues. My Nexus 7 is fine. Probably an indication of how it’s used. People used to complain about their XP systems slowing down. Mine didn’t, but I didn’t have 37 search bars in my browser either. ;) Just sayin…

      • Nic M

        Same here. Day 1 purchase. Never done any kind of maintenance (aside from automated updates) or had a need to. Don’t install lots of games (don’t install that many apps anyway) but have tried one or two memory intensive ones.

    • JimRT

      I agree, sorry some are having problems, no problem here. I’m using my N7 daily for for and personal stuff. No lag or tap issues, had since it rolled out. Love this device. Steady work horse!

  • trace

    A lot of my displeasure has to do with the lack of memory. I am constantly having to task kill to open up more RAM or apps just stop working correctly and start getting jittery and hanging up.

    The horrible color display is my second gripe. I don’t dare have my Note 2 and Nexus 7 close to each other with apps even like Words with Friends open or I can’t shut the Nexus off fast enough. If I knew it was going to remain this washed out after a year of owning it I wouldn’t have traded in my Galaxy Tab in the first place.

    • Strabo

      Never task-kill. Completely unnecessary and counter-productive. The system frees up RAM by killing older Apps anyway.

      Also, 1 GB should be enough for basically anything at the moment.

  • Angelo Francisco

    I have had the Nexus 7 for the same length of time. I use it daily to read books and comics, as well as play some of the more demanding games in the Play Store. I can say that it does tend to slow down especially when doing intensive multitasking like switching between games but I don’t think I’ve ever experienced anything as bad as the symptoms described in this article. I run stock 4.2.2 with the stock launcher.

  • Jason

    My N7 is still as responsive as it was the day I got it. No problems at all. Guess I got lucky.

  • maxM

    Totally agree. Very disappointed as well. I have the unfortunate 8gb version (way too little memory) so I was thinking to buy the 32gb for general use, and use my 8gb as a dedicated media controller, a one-function device. But in the last few months my N7 is almost unusable for the same reasons listed above.
    I hate to do this but I have to switch away from the nexus 7, at least for my next tablet purchase.

  • unwrap

    The author is, in my opinion, overreacting. I mean I do experience these lags while unlocking the device as well, but locking auto rotation on my nexus 7 actually fixes everything….

    • Dan Jones

      Then you were lucky enough not to experience as bad symptoms as he has.

      Some of us have seen it at least as bad as he has.

      From my experience, he’s definitely not overreacting. There are times my tablet becomes completely unusuable for minutes at a time. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve seen “system has stopped responding. Shut down app?” In fact, I’ve seen it kill itself without asking, and my navigation buttons and notification bar disappear. It’s a freaking mess.

      Count yourself lucky that all you’ve seen is a little lag when unlocking.

      • Scott G

        Mine got stuck in booting – wouldn’t boot up – just kept cycling through – lost all my stored info – all my apps had to be reinstalled – lost pretty much everything that wasn’t stored on the cloud or backed up on my PC – if you have a Nexus 7 back up your info and data . . . trust me.

      • unwrap

        Sorry Dan Jones, but Im pretty sure that my N7 is not that different to yours and Im always happy with how fast the N7 is and has been so far, I really dont care about some lags here and there; especially after just using my old nexus s. I tell you using this old piece of hardware with only a single core running on jelly bean is a “mess” as you would call it and sorry i dont own an iPad to compare my N7 to it..

        Just saying. I mean you spent 250$ and surely there will be a successor soon, so please leave that great little tablet alone.

  • Mark

    I’ve had two Nexus 7 screens break on me. Different issue than the performance issue you’ve experienced, but same level of dissatisfaction.

    Maybe I’m clumsy, but I’ve found many others online who’ve experienced the same “fragile Nexus 7 syndrome” that I have. And I’m just as clumsy with my iPad.

    • ALee

      I have exactly opposite results. We have a pair of 1st gen iPads that have never been dropped but look like mice have ice skated on them. They are covered with surface scratches just from normal (kid) usage.

      My Nexus 7 is almost a year old and has never had a screen protector on it. I dropped it once in the parking lot. It skidded screen side down five feet along the pavement under the adjacent car. I screamed curse words and was expecting a disaster when I pulled it from under the vehicle. I was shocked that it did not have a single scratch. The grey/silver plastic was a little dinged, but the screen is still flawless.

  • http://nickvettesephotography.com Nicholas Vettese

    I have always felt the same when discussing Googlle’s Nexus products, starting with Honeycomb. Honeycomb was a reaction, not to Apple’s iPad, but to Samsung and others putting Gingerbread onto tablets.

    When it came to Nexus 7 and 10, Google was entering new territory, and I am not sure whether they felt this was going to be something that would last, so they made great devices, but not great lasting devices.

    This is why I kept away from both of these, and although my Transformer Prime isn’t the best, I did not want to go and spend money on something Google wasn’t sure about. I do believe that their next version of the N7 will be superior in every way. I am not certain that the next version of the N10 will see the light of day.

    Just my opinion, and I am not being an apologist… :)

  • cancerous_it

    Not a Google problem. It’s a Samsung probably specifically the type of SSD card that they used. As already stated in the comments, you need to clean your blank spaces of your internal SD. LagFix works as do other apps. Good to periodically clean.

    • cancerous_it

      That should be Acer and not Samsung.

      • Max.Steel

        Asus makes the Nexus 7 not Acer or Samsung.

  • RonWeez

    Mines is almost unbearable. The rotate is by far the worst. It sticks for 4-5 seconds then rotates. Freezes once in a while. But I still love it.

  • rantmo

    My experience with my N7 has been quite the opposite. Yeah, the battery doesn’t quite last as long as it used to, but I do tons of browsing and reading on it throughout my workday so that’s not really surprising. The sole complaint I’d have is that when I set it down, it will sometimes interpret that as a screen rotation and will set the display into landscape and that sometimes means I have to reswipe the unlock pattern since it’s 90 degrees off. That’s a bit annoying at times but I haven’t noticed any degradation in performance at all. My N7 gets me through the workday, I use it quite a bit at home, and it’s my primary e-reader when I’m commuting to and from work. I’ve had a great experience with it.

  • Nigel

    Same problem here, had my 16GB model about a year, it’s incredibly laggy now and quite often crashes/reboots. I also have the same problem on my Galaxy Nexus, which leads me to believe it’s a problem with stock Android. Both are stock installations. I’m trying the Forever Gone now, already disabled Currents a long time ago… that was causing audio/video stuttering also.

  • Beatbox

    Put me in the “degraded” column. And I’ve done everything, turned off “search tablet”, disabled Currents, cleared my cash, etc…but voice search will only work 50% of the time without a lag that can last a full minute. Yes a full minute. And mine is only half full.

    I’ve considered a factory reset, but I don’t want, and shouldn’t be bothered with downloading all my apps and changing all my settings again.

    • Alex Curly

      You can backup all your apps & settings using 3rd party apps. I use AVG and MyBackup.

  • Nate B.

    It’s the software. This happens with many devices. It has nothing to do with the hardware really. A year old should still work like it came out of the box. People assume or think a year old for devices is a decade. It’s not. It’s the software that cripples the device. I have experienced this on different platforms before. Because a device can accept an update and run it doesn’t mean it needs it. The Nexus S was one of the first devices I’ve experienced this with. The battery is pretty much shot and the phone is beyond slow. Like you mentioned before, rooting and flashing CM 10.1 didn’t help a thing. It was completely fine when it was on Gingerbread and even early stages of IC. Same goes for iOS devices. When you own an iOS device I have noticed over the past few years that when that iOS device get’s around 2 years old, you will need to upgrade it. The software will slowly cripple your device. It does it for the iPods and iPhones. Your battery will literally die in minutes from a full charge. But they still update it saying it can run it when it can’t. I have been able to restore my iPod Touch 4th gen to the firmware it came with out of the box one day but that didn’t even help. I think something settles in after being on the latest software. I know others who have refused to update their older gen iPods and their devices run just fine. I think the software is overtaking the hardware easily. There is no way a year or even two year old device should not be able to run just fine out of the box after that much time has passed. It’s not just about the phone being able to boot up with the latest software, but will it be able to work like it should? I won’t be surprised if Key Lime Pie is the last update the Galaxy Nexus get’s “officially” and the next version of Android after that or two, I won’t be surprised if the HTC Google Edition & S4 get anything further than that. They need to manage these things better.

  • Unibrow

    I’m going to get down ranked into oblivion but it’s because IT’S AN ASUS TABLET, they are ALL garbage. I own a Nexus 7 and have some of the same issues, I bought it to use as a gps in the car and for streaming music when at work (don’t like leaving my phone around) and it works well for that purpose. I can’t imagine it being my daily driver though, for that my Nexus 10 gets all my attention.

  • sandwich

    If Android’s lack of TRIM is the root of this, I’m guessing that the wide swath of responses, ranging from “I have the same problem!” to “My N7 still works without a hitch!” might be in part due to how full every person has filled their device’s memory. Would people post how full their device memory is along with whether they have the problem or not?

  • ALee

    I have had issues similar to that before, but a full wipe + SmoothROM w/ the franco.kernel has fixed all issues for me. My launch 16GB N7 is faster and smoother than the day I bought it.

  • thymeless

    While not mine, I have access to a Nexus 7 via work. So it’s not been loaded up with a lot of games and apps that might contribute to the slowdown or fstrim problems. It’s pretty snappy in response and the screen is OK. I miss expandable storage on it the most.

  • Jerome Woody

    Try installing franco kernel, it pretty much solved my lag problem, and it works great for battery life as well.


  • Beatbox

    The other thing I am getting is more app crashes. Of course, at first I blamed the updates from the publishers, but it is too much of a coincidence that several started crashing at the same time.

  • Kaan

    Everything works perfectly here stock rom, stock kernel, google currents is active, brand new fluidity. It’s your device.

  • Chris Mann

    I can say I have no such lag. I’ve had my nexus since launch and still as quick as ever. Initially lagged when 4.2 came out but I used Forever Gone and turned off Google Currents and it’s as snappy as ever. You guys should really try it and see if that is what is slowing down the tablet. You have nothing to lose by trying it.

  • Bill Lozano

    N7 rebooted the other day after over 2,000 hours of uptime. I guess I got lucky as my N7 has been rock solid. Not a single issue and I use it everyday.

  • ian douglas

    As others have said, Currents has been a thorn in the side of the N7. After one update last fall, my tablet was almost completely useless. Disabling Currents sped my tablet back up to being perfect again. I still use mine several times a week with no noticeable lag or slowness. I use mine for browsing, Email, watching videos, playing occasional games.

    I wonder if it’s more a hardware issue, if Currents isn’t the major blame.

  • Burstingveins

    It’s likely the result of an old problem that Google has never really taken care of, Google apps caching. It’s likely slowing down because your system cache is full and android is programmed to delete cache space on the fly when it gets to that point. It used to be when the cache got full you would get reboots and google service crashes all the time, now it’s just slowdown. The cache fills up because Google apps and some other ones don’t clear their cache correctly or at all and it eventually just fills up. Google apps usually cause this because they share their cache space with the system instead of using their own.

    To fix the problem, if it is this, go to manage apps, go through all the Google apps and anything else that likes to use a lot of data and clear the cache. Sometimes clearing data is needed too and it won’t affect the usage of some apps. It should show you in the app info how much cache is being used. Google Earth for android is the biggest culprit for eating cache space so just remove it if you don’t use it.

    If that doesn’t work, just run a full restore on it. It’s usually best to do this anyway with any update.

  • googlefan

    I’m using my nexus 7 for about 3 months now heavily. Biggest complaint: not enough storage. I got the 8gb. I have to say, its not so slow, and comparing to my galaxy s3, apps run smoother. Now, there are lag stutters occasionally, but on my iPod touch 4th generation, they are so much worse. The wierdest thing is my screen is upside down :) I don’t know how to change this. That ts what you get when your little brother tinkers with it. Its a recent problem and hasn’t caused meenough grief to go crazy yet. I think an upgraded processor would smooth out that lag.

  • Dan

    This is definitely fixable. Disable Currents.
    I also cleared my cache, but I’m fairly certain it was disabling Currents that did the trick.

    Instead of writing a false blog post you should do your homework… research the issue… attempt to fix it… then, if you really have to write a blog post write one telling people how to fix the issue

    • Dan Jones

      The very first thing I did when I got my tablet was disable Currents, and I have all these same problems that he’s written about (and more).

      So, Currents is not the issue for everybody.

  • Jasper Vinkenvleugel

    Well… I’m using mine for 5/6 months now. First, it was the fastest device I’ve ever used. Until a couple of weeks ago, everything was fine. I had 2 seperate accounts active on stock 4.2.2 with franco.Kernel r47. One week later, I decided to install CyanogenMod 10.1 and remove the second account. Fixed it for a bit. But since yesterday, the lag wasn’t completely gone.

    And that all changed when I installed franco.Kernel r62. Insanely smooth! Best performance I’ve ever had!

    Even with my 150 installed apps, I now got the best experience I’ve ever had on an Android device. Not that hard, since my other device is a bone-old Galaxy W.

  • nicotinemind

    Have had no issues with my N7 myself. Purrs like a kitten still. Though I’ve had it just for an half a year.

  • Berge

    I’ve had my Nexus 7 since Xmas 2012 and have noticed exactly the same issues as you described in your post. It was awesome at first and like you said, I noticed it start to degrade over the last few months. I went through uninstalling apps, getting rid of widgets, doing a clean factory wipe and still no luck. Super super super laggy. I read somewhere that Google didn’t implement proper TRIM support for it and I tried one of the solutions they proposed last week but it’s still not back up to snuff or even close. I’m getting super frustrated and considering switching to another 7″ tablet or even moving to the 10″ form factor.

  • Kaushal

    Do you own the original 16GB Nexus 7 when they released just 8 and 16GB versions? If so, there was some hardware bug in the 16GB version, not in the 8GB version. That got rectified when they released the 16GB and 32GB versions.

    The bug is that the tablet starts lagging if you having less than around 3GB of free space on your device.

    Source: http://www.androidpolice.com/2012/09/17/psa-some-16gb-nexus-7-experiencing-severe-performance-issues-with-less-than-3gb-of-free-space-remaining/

  • alexanderharri3

    This is a major ASUS problem with very bad storage read/write. Run a check on your read/write speed – you should notice it in the kilobytes per second for random i/o…..same thing on the TF201. You need to leave tons of free space for it – and especially with the 8GB, well you can’t. Doing a factory reset WILL fix the problem, but it will just reoccur with time.

  • orangestrat

    Every once in awhile I get little lockups, but they happen on my ipod too. I love mine, but I”m pretty excited for a refreshed version.

  • Mark

    Only time I noticed lag was when onboard storage was getting low. Delete a movie, was fine after that.

  • Steve Garon

    I blame this on tegra. Every single tegra phone/tablet I owned turned out to be a piece of shit after a while. Hopefully they won’t make the same mistake with the next one and put a Qualcomm chipset in it, Nexus 4 is still flying fast…

  • BadMove

    Why can’t Google make a Nexus device that doesn’t cut corners. I realize I would pay more but I would assume that my device wouldn’t be disposable either. For a premium device are sales numbers the only measure of success? Can a device that isn’t as affordable but will last you 18-24 months w/o the serious issues of my Nexus 7 be made and be a winner for Google if it doesn’t sell a gazillion units?

    Right now, no matter how good the next Nexus 7 is if it is a budget device I might have to look at other options.

  • retler

    I have had mine almost a year and it still runs the way it did when I first got it its an amazing machine that I still love

  • Bob

    I know I’m in the minority here but after almost a year I have had no degradation in performance from my Nexus 7. I have not rooted my device because I have never found a good reason to. I keep it cleaned both inside and out. I delete programs I don’t use and don’t mess with the OS. Of it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. Sometimes we think we know more than we really do.

  • hurric

    thanks for sharing the negative points as well..good to know. I had the same issue when I had my Nexus S and it just couldn’t handle the updates hardware wise

  • Bpear96

    Mine did seem a bit slow. But I have had it on SaberMOD (tons of optimization, GCC 4.9, better than linaro toolchain) + Trinity Kernel, and all is much much smoother than it was on stock.

    Nexus 7 and most other Asus tegra 3 devices have pretty lackluster I/O performance. Installing a custom kernel like trinity. Disabling FSync, and using ROW I/O scheduler helps things a bunch.

    Also have it at CPU – 1.5ghz (up from 1.3), and GPU 520 mhz (up from 436)

    Battery like took a small hit, but worth it for me.

  • Dan

    The Nexus 7 is an ASUS tablet – that’s why you’re having problems.

    You should see the mess ASUS left their Transformer (TF101) customers in… after a single firmware upgrade, the tablet went to hell with poor performance, frequent random reboots, “sleep of death” problems and app force closes… after months of service repairs, false promises and flat out abandonment, they deserve any negativity they can get.

    Lesson learned: Never buy an ASUS product again.

    • Pavel

      I have an TF-101 and I can confirm this. When I first upgraded to ICS it was hell, when left idle the tablet would reboot all the time and then hang with the screen on, thus consuming the battery in hours. Nothing would work to fix this. After 4-5 updates spread over a few months, things were mostly fine … that is until you plugged the dock. With it plugged the problem still occurred pretty often. Next, ASUS promised an update to JB for over an year. Finally they admitted that they wouldn’t do that. WTF?

  • geeknik

    I use Seeder + Lagfix on it and I don’t have any performance issues with it. Nice and smooth as always. Seeder runs all the time, Lagfix runs every Sunday. Everything else is stock. Give it a try.

  • JH

    I honestly thought it was just my device that was the problem. I’m actually using a replacement device after returning my original unit a couple of months back due to its habit of not charging or turning on; a habit my replacement has recently developed, although by now it appears as though there’s a fix for each time it happens, so I can live with it. But I had just figured that Google had sent me a refurbished device or some other sub-par hardware. Just opening the app tray or rotating the device results in a serious lag. Sometimes I can’t even tell if my tap registered and I’ll tap again, and after the first one registers, I’m hitting some other button in an app instead. It’s really frustrating.

    I hope they work these issues out and that it’s only a problem with this version of the OS.

  • oddlefy

    I must use mine differently from most. Still use it everyday and love it. I don’t love autorotate sometimes but it’s not a major issue. My favorite tablet I have owned by far. Will likely by a next gen version when it comes out. I hope it still has the grippy back though.

  • walt

    Yeah, This is what happened to mine, a few months after purchase…. POS.

  • Dan Jones

    I am so glad to know that I’m not the only one. I thought I had just installed too many apps, and it was slowing down the system, but I’ve tried uninstalling most of my non-critical apps with no luck.

    I just can’t stand how slow my tablet has become. E.g., I can take a picture with it, and then I have to wait a few seconds before I can take another. It’s painful using it at times.

    The worst is when it connects to Wifi after being disconnected for a while. My whole tablet freezes up for up to a minute or two.


    After cleaning out the cache in Google currents and disabling Currents, it’s just fine. Not as smooth as 4.1, but so much better than before disabling Google Currents.

  • Joe

    I have had my Nexus 7 for a couple of months and so far haven’t had any problems. A suggestion would be to install Iobit Advanced MobileCare app and run it once a week. It does wonders to speed up both smart phones and tablets.

  • Balthazar B

    Mine is working as well as the day I took it out of the box a year ago…better, you could say, because of the improvements to Google services, and Android itself, in the meantime. I use it pretty much for everything: games, e-reader, navigator, browser, various apps, etc. Have never experienced any of the issues the author mentions. I had only one concern going in, and that was that there’s no way to do a battery pull, which was sometimes necessary with earlier Android devices. Happily, in a year of constant beating on the Nexus, I have never run into a situation where I had wished I could do so. One very delighted customer!

  • jfgen

    Can’t say I’ve had any problems with it. Still didn’t notice any performance hit, had it for about a year now.

  • Vincent Banagas

    I thought the same thing until I installed Franco Kernel test build #999 which completely renewed my Nexus 7 giving it a snappy feel once again. Nothing else has worked for me but this.

  • Pete

    My N7 (16GB) seems as fast as ever but for a while now every time I try to download a new app I get Error 923. Googled possible remedies but gave up in frustration after a while.

    Can anyone please give me idiot (Me) proof step by step instructions on how to fix this problem?

    All installed apps work fine it just will not allow me to download and install new apps and getting the error message.


  • Redgiant

    My nexus 7 seems as fast as new.

    Rom is paranoid android.

  • JasonPCtech

    Look up Autokiller in play store all problems solved use ultimate mode.

  • Tanuj

    I have not experienced this at all. I’ve had my Nexus 7 since November 2012. I dabbled with a few ROMs and ultimately flashed the factory 4.2.2 image and my Nexus 7 still runs like new.

  • Dan D

    I’ve had my Nexus 7 (8 gb) since launch and it’s been performing like a champ for me from day one, the 8gb is a little limiting, mostly in the way of the number of games I can have installed at once, but otherwise I love it

  • Dan G

    I must be one of the few that doesn’t have this problem. My Nexus is still buttery smooth, so is my wife’s. I’m running Cyanogenmod 10.1.0 RC5, my wife is running the stock OS. I also use App Cache Cleaner regularly.

  • mjb

    I’m a power user and was frustrated until I found “fast reboot”. I keep this free app in my quick launch tray and use it before any intensive application. Takes typically about 3 seconds and makes my apps FAST again.

  • Commentator Prime

    So you hacked your device, rendering it an underperforming, and now you are unhappy with it……

  • luca

    For every one whos experiencing slowness, look at your memory, if it is below 2 gigs of remaining storage let that is mostly likely the problem. I had the same issue. But I gave my nexus 7 to my kids when I got the note 8. Such a nice device.m Never had a hiccup in the 3 months I’ve used it. This thing is as smooth if not more than the I pad 4

  • t3chn0s1s

    I must agree with the author. I have the Nexus 7 32GB 3G version and I have definitely seen a decrease in performance over the past 6 months that I’ve owned this device. I’m stock NOT rooted. I was seriously considering unlocking the boot loader, rooting and flashing some custom ROM in the hopes that it would help. But, after reading this article I’m beginning to think twice about doing that. I did boot into recovery and wiped the cache partition and that seemed to help a little. I also tried Forever Gone and noticed a slight improvement. But, nothing comes close to when I boot into Safe Mode (which disables ALL 3rd party apps). It seems to FLY when running in Safe Mode so I seriously considered a factory reset to start over and only install apps I definitely need/use. I am glad to have read this article because I was just starting to think I was the only one with this problem.

  • redraider133

    I agree. I loved the nexus 7 pre 4.2.2 but after that it made me want to throw it against a wall. Hopefully with android 4.3/5 it can go back to how smooth it originally was.

  • Chise

    I have the 32gb version and it’s not even close to full so take this with a grain of salt if you’re running 16 or less. I have currents syncing off and recently I made a tweak to Window, transition and animator scale in the developer options switching all to .5x, I’ve noticed an improvement in responsiveness with multi tasking.

  • nickle52003

    I have a very big problem with your statement, “Even the first generation Kindle Fire stands up better against the Nexus 7″. I have personally owned both the nexus 7 and the first generation kindle fire. I don’t see any way you could consider the kindle fire to be superior. The kindle fire out of the box had the poorest UI I’ve seen yet and was limited to the Amazon market which usually didn’t offer much to begin with or the latest update. If you did want the apps you were familiar with you had to sideload then via an apk that was illegally uploaded to sites like 4shared. You had to use the browser version of youtube, as there weren’t any of the google apps available. Within a week of having my kindle fire I had to root it and flash a nexus 7 rom onto it just to get some functionality out of it. Specs wise, it was about the same (going off memory) except that the kindle fire did NOT include bluetooth, nfc, or gps. So after spending some time on the internet (rooting/flashing/etc) I ended up using it to emulate a nexus 7. I eventually got a nexus 7 16gb model and it works fantastically.

    • AllPurposeRadio

      Exactly what I was thinking when the comparison was made.

  • zyphbear

    I have noticed the same thing. Got mine in December, as time moved on, it kept slowing down. I randomly started having to make sure I would open the Running tasks, and even restart, which I thought was related to encrypting the device. But it just keeps getting worse and worse, sometimes I try to type and it completely ignores my finger touches. Had several times it totally locks up while doing normal things like browsing the web. Even a few times that my WiFi just disconnects and stays disconnected until I turn wireless on and off. (Or airplane mode).

  • xaml

    So, Mr. Earley, is this Android and Me’s manifesto for more sustainable reviews rather than those following a week’s use?

  • Tato

    I also own nexus 7 (Wifi) already more than 10 month, but never experienced any problems or lags with it, may be because I install new custom Roms each month, I don’t know I think it is best tablet I’ve seen, it has nice size for me + MHL link (where I connect USB Flash Drive, 3g Dongle, X-box Joystick, Keyboard, Mouse …). It has good sound, and better through my speakers… Only thing it lacks is HDMI…

  • blk4evr

    The same for me… I was truly excited for a budget tablet with great especs, but the app drawer takes an eternity to load, I guest stuck with a black screen before Facebook finally open… Images won’t open, almost always get touch response totally lost from the upper right corner (portrait mod) an I can keep telling a lot of this errors… But I’m writing on it and it trake me more time

  • jamal adam

    There have been so many instances when I’ve wanted to punch through my Nexus 7 and also throw it against the wall but I was reminded that it would be a terrible thing to do especially since I love it. I have been seeing a lot of lag and issues as is mentioned in this article and by others in the comments. Most of the time I’ve had less than 1GB of space left and I thought that was the problem and so I decided to delete my Titanium Backups as well as other things to free up space and I also disabled Google Currents and Magazine and so far I’ve seen some improvements in performance but there always instance where it stutters and lags as I am trying to do things. The worst part of all this is the keyboard, I use SwiftKey and it’s just terrible lag through-in and through-out.

    I will try the Lagfix and Forever Gone apps, individually and see how it goes. I still love my Nexus 7 even through all the struggles. It’s my baby lol.

    • jamal adam

      I first tried Forever Gone and then went to Lagfix and once both were completed, I restarted my Nexus 7 and so far it’s been running like a dream. I’m a happy camper :)

  • hurracayne

    Mine runs ok, but changed a few roms. I use my N7 everyday all day, because my phone is a POS. I have about 9 gig of space remaining out of 32gig so that may be why mine doesn’t really lag unless I updated a app and working at the same time.

  • emperor43

    My N7 16GB also started being extremely lagy but in my case i had to many apps and games that would run services even when i didn’t start them(some games are much too intrusive but they are fun !! :( ). Ingress was unplayable so i looked at what apps are working in the background that i only use once a month or i want them to run only when i start them, i labeled them in titanium backup and just disabled them all; now my tablet works great, no lags and it only takes 2 minutes to reactivate any app….which is actually much faster then the time needed before to have most apps reactive enough to be usable.

  • jeff chittenden

    Mine has slowed down and had random freeze and reboot issues.

  • JFWick

    Using my Minor gmail account as Nexus 7 Owner and my old Major gmail account as 2nd User after a Factory Reset solved all my touch and response problems. Using my old account as Owner Google returned all my free apps and all my old problems after a factory reset. But as 2nd User Google forgot everything about me, fortunately including the problems. Both users now have excellent responses and I remain the only user.

  • Wardell

    I’ve had my Nexus 7 for about 6 months now, still works as good as when I brought it. It is rooted but I’m not running any custom launchers or firmware.

  • Ember Dawn

    I bought the original Nexus 7 16g model in beginning of August and never had an issue with it from day one (other than the Bluetooth issue in the 4.2 update)…I put in an average of 5 hours a day playing mmos like order and chaos online on it and do not have any slowdowns…it has been my saving grace in fact when while playing others will complain about lag on their devices is. Samsung Galaxy tabs or kindles while in a intense battle yet I don’t have a bit of lag…if their is an issue it would make sense to be an issue with the ssd and that may be why Google dropped Asus and instead going with Taiwanese manufacturer Quanta… I love my Nexus 7 and it is only gonna get better as Google becomes more seasoned in the market…besides they made the smartest development choice ever when they chose to utilize Linux as the framework for the Android OS…the only OS out their that actually creates an inhospitable environment for viruses ( Mac and Windows can’t say that about their OSes.

  • Jim Murrell

    Mine works fine. No degradation so far. Use it 3 or 4 hours a day on average. Bought it 06/30/2012.

  • mickey d

    I don’t know what everybody is complaining about.My 32gb 7 runs great.No crashes, no force closures.It’s my go to tablet.It runs smoother than my 4th gen.IPAD.I use clean sweep and keep my cache cleaned up.I run several fast running games(real racing 3 for one)never even a glitch.And my nexus 7 is loaded to the gills with apps and games.Maybe they tweaked the 32gb before it was released.But I don’t recall any problems with the 16gb that I traded in for the 32gb.Now i’m really looking forward to the next gen.nexus 7

  • donger

    Nexus 7 is a great daily tablet, perfect size and form factor.

  • BON

    I solved this problem very easily – I sold my nexus 7.

  • zer0ice

    Oh my goodness.

    I THOUGHT I was the only one.

    You said it.

    I thought I was imagining all the lags, but IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME.

  • David

    No problems with my Nexus 7 after using it every day for 9 months. Please don’t generalize :-)

  • jms

    I found this post because I’ve been pissed off about the same slowness issue. Tried that forever gone app and this machine is faster than its been in months. Perfect? Don’t know. Worth it? Yep. Thanks!

    As for those of you whigging out because someone dared to say something bad about your “precious”, back off… it is a piece of hardware not a cult.

  • john

    root it, and then put on francos kernel..sorts out the lag completely

  • VivEk Jindal

    you are fail bro.. learn to use things.. and stop blaming others.. instead of posting such things and filling mind up with critics.. use your time to learn up things…

  • TareX

    I currently have no complaints. My Nexus 7 broke just in time after it went into a horrifyingly slow performance spell, I wanted to rip my eyeballs out everytime I opened the browser or hit the all-apps button only to watch it load. Never buying a Tegra device again. You get what you pay for.

  • Will

    I’ve had my N7 since late July ’12 and still love it. Have been rooted with custom rom since the start. About 7 months in (of regular DAILY use), I started noticing lag. A benchmark check also indicated it was reading to the disk much slowly than usual.

    I simply factory reset the device and all was well again. Every Android device I’ve owned has had this problem after some time… I didn’t find it to be something strange or unique to the Nexus 7… it certainly didn’t negatively affect my opinion of the tablet. Six months later and it’s still fast. I suppose it might start slowing down again soon, maybe not. If it does, it’s a good time to clean house anyway. It only takes me about an hour to be completely backed up and set up again after a format.

    I think most folks getting really upset about “this issue” are just not too tech savvy and don’t really understand what is happening with their tablets. When you factory reset, you are back at square one. It is new again. Your hardware isn’t going to suddenly deteriorate and perform more slowly still after a reset (unless the hardware is actually DEFECTIVE, in which case warranty will take care of it). There are numerous potential causes: badly written programs installed on the tab, too many programs constantly starting up, etc. Educate yourself people. If you factory reset, and install your programs again and it is running slow still, something(s) you have installed are likely causing the problem.

  • markg

    I had exactly the same problem. It’s appalling that Google hasn’t patched this as a matter of urgency. However there are a couple of things you can do…
    1. Go into Settings and stop Google Currents from syncing. If you want a feed reader use something like Feedly, but Currents is a performance killer. The worst thing is that you may not even be using Currents, but it’s the syncing process that does the damage.
    2. Download from Play: Forever Gone (SD Card Cleaner) and run it. In fact set yourself an alarm to run it once a month or so.
    If you do these 2 things you will find that your Nexus 7 will be pretty much restored to full performance. Mine is still a tiny bit laggy, but far better than it was.

  • Ze Banaff

    I have a Galaxy Nexus and a Nexus 10. Obviously the Nexus 10 shipped with 4.2, so I obviously can’t speak for performance on previous version there. The Nexus 10 I have my fair share of lockups and reboots with that either way. Not cool). But about the Galaxy Nexus in particular– Ever since I upgraded to 4.2, it’s been an absolute nightmare. More than half the time I use the phone, there’s inexplicable lag and stuttering, and it’s REALLY inconvenient. When I was running 4.1.2, I was so kicked with the performance, I thought I wouldn’t even THINK about buying a phone for another two years. How wrong I was.

    This issue is real, Google. For the love of everything holy, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

    • madsalad

      Yes, my Nexus 10 freezes, locks up and reboots way too much for something that is only six months old and was created and updated by Google themselves. I just don’t get it. I never expected this to happen from a Google device.

  • John Suarez

    I’ve had the Nexus 7 since launch and I currently don’t notice any lag but I DID experience the issues noted right after 4.2 came out. A quick internet search turned up two things that seemed to do the trick for me. The first, as some mentioned, was to do a factory reset. On top of that, a known issue (at the time, can’t say if it’s still a problem) is the background syncing that Google Currents has set by default. There are a ton of sites that describe how to disable it but performing those two steps seemed to do the trick and my Nexus 7 runs as smooth as the day I got it.

    Course, since I got the Samsung Note II, my usage of the Nexus has dropped drastically…..

  • joshuapm

    I sold mine and got a nook hd +. Put cyanogenmod 10.1 on it. Perfect. For 149 dollars and a 1080p screen. Awesome.

  • NetApex

    Pete, I haven’t seen the error, but I did find this. http://www.winphonedroid.com/error-923/

  • sam

    I had the same issue….I read on an android blog…turn off sync for Google currents and performance will be back to where it was..since the back round sync…hogs up CPU usage…..I did and I haven’t had an issue…I also turned off my holo launcher because it was sucking up memory….

  • Clive

    I had an entirely different experience. I’ve had my nexus 7 for almost a year now and I’ve found it to be buttery smooth the entire time. (I can’t say the exact same for my galnex but thats a different story). I have rooted the device (but kept stock) and use a custom launcher, but I can’t imagine why there would be such a variance between my experience and yours.

  • Ban KKiller

    Running stock for about a year. No problems really…still fast. Use it every day. No resets, only locked up once or twice, just turned out off and back on. Very good device for me…Use about an hour a day for news.

    • Jean-Michel Aubin

      yep, same here. Could not be happier. No issue at all and I’m very happy. Reset it once after trying paranoid android but I did not like it. Reinstalled stock and all apps…

      Youtube app sucks though.

  • Jeff

    I have had very similar issues on both my original Asus Transformer tablet and my Galaxy Nexus. Going to try some of these tips and see if they help! Thanks!

  • Paco

    my Galaxy Nexus is dying of the same illness, reboot by reboot by reboot by reboot by reboot by….

  • Ben Jones

    Had some pretty ugly lag when rotating/opening apps/waiting for SwiftKey to pop up. Disabling Currents, running a couple of apps that supposedly force the TRIM process, clearing the caches, nothing seemed to work. I factory reset the other day and it’s just as it was when I took it out of the box, nice and smooth. If you’re getting serious slowdown, just take a couple of photos of your home screen and list of apps, factory reset and you’ll be up and running again in no time.

    Not an expert, but this smells like an SSD usage problem to me, rather than a sync/CPU thing.

  • Daniel Ghio

    I’ve just sent my 5 month old Nexus 7 back for repairs. The touchscreen has a life of itself and will detect touches that don’t exist and or will refuse to acknowledge any touches.

  • Jon

    Yes, but the Kindle Fire was not amazons first product line, this is one of Google’s first product lines and it is really more Asus’s fault that is making the Nexus (and thusly Google) look bad because they did the hardware, and should be familiar with how this works.

  • James

    Here’s a fix; Developer Settings > limit background processes to 4.

    it’s not ideal but it works. Also worth doing, the usual; factory reset, keep some empty storage space, clear app caches, and weridly, use a stock wallpaper from the wallpaper picker.

  • Jean-Michel Aubin

    I got my N7 16gb last july and I did a root/unlock/reset in december.
    My N7 still delivers smooth performance and battery life. I don’t notice lag in the launcher or in most of the apps I use.

    I find some new games are running slowly but the tegra 3 is now old enough to expect that kind of limitation. The only thing I have to complain is the sound level that is poor, youtube app that can’t stream hd without issue and wifi sensitivity which is average to poor.

  • Joe Cruz

    Well, I’m still using my original 8gb tablet since Oct. 2012 and still loving it! yeah, I’m running out of room and it might be moving slower at times, but it was still a great buy! Still a great tablet!

  • Jim Easley

    One thing to try with the N7, always keep more than 4GB free on the drive. I notice a HUGE performance hit anytime I do below that number. The device becomes almost unusable.

  • TLibasci

    Day One purchaser, use it daily, and it’s still fresh as a daisy. Stock ROM, not rooted. A few weeks ago I did one of the TRIM fixes that will work on a non-rooted device, just to see if it made a difference. It didn’t, because I really didn’t have a problem to begin with. Memory more than half-free, though.

    • Jedi

      Same here. I have the 16GB Model, that I bought just a few weeks after launch. It still works perfectly. I use it almost every day for something. Gaming, browsing, reading books and comics. I don’t think I’ve ever had a major issue with mine.

  • ThsGuyRightHere

    I’ve had my 7 since launch. I haven’t noticed any performance problems, but I have been plagued by the wi-fi bug that’s been reported by multiple Nexus owners. That hasn’t been as bad lately, although I suspect that’s simply because I haven’t used it as much.

  • Ming

    Hey…try nuclearmistake’s VANIR Rom. Brought back fresh life into that as well as the Galaxy nexus. Doesn’t feel bogged down like most roms do after a week.


  • D Money

    My Nex7 is fine. Still use it daily. Running the PRIME Rom. No issues what so ever. Smooth and awesome as the day I bought it. Would buy again!

  • KurtB

    Here’s one thing that bugs the hell out of me. I have apps that are set to “auto update”, and auto-updating often seems to happen right when I fire-up the device. Performance is crappy when update’s are going on, and since updates seem to happen whenever I turn the thing on, the perceived performance is awful. That’s frustrating as hell.

    I’m going to turn off auto updating on as many apps as I can that are installed. Also frustrating that I can’t find a control to just do that for me, or a screen or something to handle that.

    *That* drives me nuts. I may be off about what’s happening, but this is how it “seems” to me.

    I’d think that the Android guys might think about at least doing some kind of I/O prioritization. Maybe that could help.


  • David C. Allen

    Wow it’s fixed!!!!!
    I was having all the.lag issues with my 32gig. Ran the trim fixer, and then cleared Google Currents cache and disabled it and now my N7 and now the lag is gone!!!!! Thanks everyone!

  • Nicolas

    I have had the same issue with pretty much all my Android devices. Major deception after 9 to 12 months of normal use. Right now I am struggling with my Samsung Note, before that it was my HTC desire. That’s a major flow compared to the Apple ecosystem (which has other major downsides),

  • ark

    CM 10.1 RC5 made my laggy N7 like new. Actually it’s been like new since the first nightlies in CM10.1

    You absolutely shouldn’t have to root and rom, but if it fixes all the issues, why would you not?

  • swiftjestice

    I’ve had my Nexus 7 for about a year, and I’ve had zero problems with it. I tend to use more than my Macbook for everything about Nextflix (not because of problems in performance). I just need a bigger screen. The only problem I’ve encountered was playing NBA JAM but its super buggy on my phone as well.

    I hope I don’t start experiencing these problems because I really do love my NEXUS 7.

  • Chris

    Honestly, mine was also getting incredibly slow. I was also switching ROMs around to try and see if that was the issue. BUT, I just did a proper wipe of the system partition and a fresh install of the stock ROM and it’s buttery smooth again!

  • Bon jar

    My nexus 7 works just as fast as day one. My transformer tf300 on the other hand has slowed down a bit. I haven’t really tried to optimize it other than removing a bunch of unneeded apps. It seems to be more of a bad WiFi connection and apps trying to auto update all the time..

  • Panther6834

    I’ve owned the Nexus 7 since shortly after it was released. Purchased through Game Stop, due to my pre-order being made late, I had to wait for the second round of shipments to arrive. My first N7 was, unfortunately, one of the first produced, and, as those reading this can probably surmise, it was defective, having the usual screen-attachment problem experienced by untold others. I brought it back to Game Stop, and was told that when the next shipment arrived (well, the first shipment that wasn’t already designated for the remainder of those who had pre-ordered), one would be held for me to exchange with my then-current unit (even if said replacement came in after the standard exchange period). Since the replacement arrived, I have used my N7 on an almost-daily basis, sometimes for as little as 15 minutes, and sometimes for a few hours; sometimes once a day, and sometimes several times a day. I will also state that I have downloaded/installed every update the same day it came available (or, should I say, the same day my N7 first detected said update from my manual “Systems updates” checks. I have had none…I repeat, NONE…of the problems Mr. Earley claims to have had…NONE. Going from/to portrait to/from landscape take less than 1 (usually less than 0.5) seconds, my apps are (almost) always responsive, I’ve never noticed ANY problems in notifications, and I’ve (almost) never had any touch-responsiveness problems. Between the five homescreens, I’ve got 33 app icons (including 10 in 3 different folders), plus 5 widgets. Along the bottom, I’ve got 42 app icons (including 39 in 3 different folders, one folder of which has 33, that being my “Games” folder). In regards to storage, of the owner-accessable 13.24GB (obviously, being that my N7 was purchased shortly after release, it would have to have been either an 8GB, or 16GB unit, as the newer 32GB models wasn’t released until many, many months later), I still have 3.99GB available (ie. 9.25GB currently used). Unlike the authors N7, all of these function exactly as they should, and only very rarely is there any sort of delay. Yes, I admit that I fully intend on getting the new N7, once released, and selling the current one, but not because I am dissatisfied with my current one. Quite the contrary…I have been EXTREMELY satisfied. I do, however, have a few complaints, not that they have any real consideration in my wanting to upgrade. Most notably, and the only one I feel needs mentioning (as the other two are quite minor), is the “under 3GB” storage problem, to which most N7 owners know about (ie. if you have less than 3GB of available storage, the unit slows down considerably). With any models offering a storage capacity larger than 16GB, this problem should be eliminated. As to Mr. Earley, and the problems he claims to be experiencing, he could be telling the truth, but, then again (which I suspect), he is overly-exaggerating them, in his attempt to make people believe the N7 is a horrible tablet. The truth is, it is an excellent tablet, and for the price, even against current tablets, with more storage, and higher-end components, it is still an outstanding buy. Would I recommend it to those not currently owning on? Of course not. Why? Because the second-Gen Nexus 7 is almost upon us, and THAT’S the one I recommend you get. However, if you don’t have the money for the second-Gen N7, and can pick up a used first-Gen unit at a great price, go for it.

  • Marck

    Yeah, my Nexus 7 has slowed a little bit, but it’s a device that I can hold in my hand and explore all the information and collected knowledge of all mankind. If it slows down a tiny bit, I don’t go blog and winge about it. OHHH NOOO IT DOESN’T ROTATE IMMEDIATELY!! I AM COMPLETELY JADED AND BEMUSED AT THE INCREDIBLE POTENTIAL OF TECHNOLOGY AND WOULD RATHER BE AN UNCOMPROMISING NECKBEARD AND CRY ABOUT IT ONLINE.

  • RYan

    I’ve had a very similar experience. I’m not surprised though. I have owned a few Android devices and they’ve all been crap. I bought the Nexus 7 because it was cheap and I didn’t really want an iPad. What I really want is a good Windows tablet, but I’m waiting for them to come down in price and get thinner with longer battery life. But Android sucking is nothing new. It has always sucked. Continues to suck and probably will never stop sucking. I’ve been using a Windows phone for almost 2 years and it still works flawlessly. I look forward to the day I can just walk way from Android entirely again.

  • Domino_D

    This is the SAME thing that happened to Google’s Samsung Galaxy Nexus. After the “upgrade” to v4.2.x, performance took a nose dive. The only solution for me was to root and install CM10 (not CM10.1). Then I got my expected performance back.

  • Eric

    I have similar problems (though perhaps not quite to the same extent?) with my Transformer Prime (the first iteration of the device). It was a powerful beast when I first purchased it (and it was far more expensive than the Nexus 7), but it has grown more and more sluggish over the last year or so and I do not understand why.

  • Steven Roose

    So where did the butter go?

  • Ryan

    I had the exact same problems (especially the lag when rotating the screen) and I absolutely think it’s due to the slow read/write speed of the disk.

    But I used ForeverGone to wipe my disks’ deleted files and performance perked right back up. I’ve had it for about 10 months, by the way.

  • Ryan

    My Nexus 7 isn’t too bad but since I picked up a Lumia 520 last week, I now notice the difference in speed, and just how slow my Nexus 7 is.

    The biggest issue however that I seem to be having is typing. Seems to take more effort (or pressure) to press a key.
    I don’t encounter too much lag that it bothers me, but it still is there (compared to when I first got it).

  • ionica

    iPad mini or iPad 4 is waiting for you :)

  • Ben Plum

    I’ve had my Nexus since launch and have not experienced any of these issues. I’ve rooted phones in the past but decided to keep the Nexus 7 stock because of the scheduled updates. I actually use it more then my laptop at home, from reading to games, and haven’t once thought the performance had changed. Obviously battery life is not what it was but mine still screams, even when playing 3d games.

  • Mark

    One word, ASUS, the SSD in the unit sucks. Hopefully the next Nexus 7 will fair better.

  • Martin

    This is why Apple bought Anobit. From Ars:

    “Additionally, flash storage reliability drops quickly with long-term use. Single-level cell designs last up to several years, but the multi-level cell designs that have increased in popularity for mobile devices due to increased storage density actually decrease the useable life span of flash chips.”

    This is a potential problem we’ve known about for some time. For thumb drives and such, it’s not an issue because they generally don’t see the volume of data rewriting but as we’ve moved into smartphones and tablets and certainly SSDs, we’re seeing this issue actually pop up. Apple has tackled it in two ways:

    1) Improved controller design to minimize the impact of the rewrite.
    2) Changes to the OS to do the same. Rather than constantly write out logs as the base linux/BSD systems usually do, keep it them in memory and only write them out when needed. That kind of thing. Since these devices basically never crash, be very conservative on writing to storage.

    Almost nobody has more experience with this than Apple going back to the iPod Nano in 2005 and so Anobit was worth spending the money on. Samsung would be right there and I expect they’ve put extra effort in their phone/tablet flash controllers (their SSDs are fantastic) But Google? Asus? Yeah, I’m not sure they’re on this. Amazon might have stumbled into getting this right at the outset.

  • tskjaerpe

    Have had a Nexus 7 for about a year. It is running smoothly as ever. On my Transformer infinity, however, all sorts of lag-problems surfaced after upgrading to 4.2. After reading your article I am now very nervous for my Nexus 7 future. Then there are these iPad-no-problems-evangelists. Two of Three iPads in my nearest family have had significant lag-problems, in one to the extent that it slowed to an (almost) complete stop. May be a Windows 8 tablet next time?

  • mzamora

    My Nexus 7 also suffered from that horrible lag and unresponsiveness.

    My solution has been to factory-reset it, and only have a minimum of apps installed on it.

    At one time I had ~120 apps installed, I now only have 33, which is what I really use the tablet for: media consumption, some studying and note taking:

    B) Google stock apps plus: Chrome, Chrome Beta, Gesture Search, Google Earth
    A) ereaders: GBooks, Kindle, FBReader, GMagazines, Blio, Goodreads
    B) audio: Audible, BeyondPod
    C) video streaming apps: Netflixh, HBOGo, Xfinity TV
    D) music: Rhapsody, Pandora
    E) news apps: Pulse, Umano, Pocket
    F) doc apps: Dropbox, Evernote
    G) a *select* *few* social apps: Skype, Meetup
    H) just one game: Spirit HD
    I) some utilities: Equalizer, AirCalc, Helicon Remote (for my DSLR), Speed Test, Air Display, TaskManager, Cloud Print, EveryCircuit

    Notice that I have avoided apps that hang around in the background and update. The only ones that do that are the stock apps; Gmail, mainly. The other apps only poll when I open them. I do *not* have Facebook, Twitter, or any other of the always-on apps I mainly use on my phone, a Galaxy Note II.

    Avoiding background apps is the only way I’ve had my Nexus 7 stay responsive and snappy. Unfortunate, because I’d love to be able to just use any app on wherever I am: my phone or tablet. I’m seriously thinking of buying an 8-inch Galaxy Note to substitute my Nexus 7, which I’ll probably install on the dash of my car, anyway. I’ve seen some really nice installs.

    • Beto

      Yes. I have also kept myself from installing apps I don’t really need. I cut my apps in half from about 90 to about 40 or so. It was on month 3 after factory reset and wasn’t showing any sign of lag.

  • Vlad janicek

    I had the same exact issue and I though I was going crazy… I used to have my nexus 7 wake me up every morning with it’s alarm clock but every time I try to snooze it, the touchscreen is not responsive… I even thought that someone may have dropped it or something like that…

  • nex7

    I have NONE of those problems or whatsoever.
    Everything’s fast and smooth. Bought mine as soon as 32GB 3G model was available. Rooted and configured – I block all the extra cruft that webpages try to make you eat and run..

  • Deepak

    Apple will remain the king of design while Google the emperor of web services, it will be awhile before either one catches up to the other in the other’s field of expertise

    Read more…


  • Hamranhansenhansen

    I bought my iPad in early 2010 when they first came out, used it all day every day since as my main PC (although I have a Mac for music production also) and the iPad still works great. It has $1/day unlimited 3G the whole time, $10 office apps, tons of musical instruments, tons of art tools, a $10 remote mixer app that replaced an $800 hardware device, has played a billion hours of Netflix and HBO and MLB and iTunes, required zero I-T work from me, and all around has been the cheapest and most valuable PC I ever owned.

    You have to look not only at the retail price but at the value you get out in terms of cost per hour of use and the expense of I-T maintenance work. If I’m getting 5—10 hours per day for 3 years from an iPad with no I-T work and you are getting minimal usage and lots of I-T work after one year of Nexus 7, then who really paid more?

    Then you add in app selection, resale value, virus exposure, and privacy protection and it gets even worse for the Nexus 7 user.

    With a mobile device, usage is not limited by desk time – it’s limited only by how much usage you can get out of the device – which is highly dependent on functionality and app selection. So usage is a huge metric in mobile. You have to make an equation out of retail price, usage, and I-T maintenance to see the actual value of the device. Even though iPad is 1.5x the retail price of Nexus 7, iPad is cheaper because you will use it at least 10x more and do almost no maintenance.

  • Andrew

    CM10 is known to drag on the N7. I would suggest LiquidSmooth, completely changed my user experience.

  • Danny

    I must be one of the fortunate ones. I ordered my 8GB N7 a day after the announcement. It has performed well for the most part, except for a couple of dodgy custom ROMs I quickly replaced. Been running CM10.1 for a couple of months, occasionally performing a delta update.

    I believe the significant number of problem reports I see here. I don’t know what percentage it is, seems fairly high. I don’t appreciate the fortunate ones chiding the less fortunate to “learn how your tablet works”.

    Ironically, performance is very laggy on long web pages like this one. But, overall, mine is good. Love it.

    I would have to think hard about buying one again, based on what I hear.

  • Nameer Davis

    I have to disagree. I’ve been using the nexus 7 as my only device for writing, image adjustment and storage since August last year. Short term problems with some updates have occurred but this tablet is still streaming the Web as well as ever.

  • Marc

    The only lag issue I have is when an app is being downloaded in the background. It is more or less unusable at this point. I replaced Nova launcher with Apex and that has improved things considerably.

  • rock

    Know if you guys did some actual research on how to speed up your nexus you would realise that you can just install smoothrom v5.2 . but even with stock firmware I never had any problems even with antivirus software running in the background.

  • Danny

    I should have been more specific about lag on long web pages like this page. Scrolling is OK, but sometimes typing into fields like this comment form is slow ad quirky.

  • pbrStreetgang

    You’re a fucking idiot. Go find another job.

  • Delaney

    Love my Nexus 7 to this day and its almost a year old. I use it all the time for reading, google music, and emulating older game consoles. Not sure how that happened to you lol

  • MSmith

    I’ve got a Nexus 10, two Nexus 7′s, and a Nexus 4. I’ve had them since they launched. What this article is describing happened on my Nexus 10. I tried everything to fix it, but nothing worked. Finally though, I did a Factory Wipe and Reset. That fixed it.

    I think it had something to do with the Android updates, because there weren’t any running services or apps that should have been causing issues. I tried deleting cache, reboots, removing widgets and wallpapers….Nothing worked, except for the Factory Reset. Now it’s back to perfect. It’s been a month and it’s as fast as ever.

  • GarthH

    I’ve had the exact same issues. Last two months this thing has been like a wet week. Tried a couple of fixes as above but no progress. Not happy given this is meant to be pure Android which in theory means it can’t be improved.

  • smilie

    I have the most problems with the touchscreen. it simply doesn’t react some- or more times.

    but the rest is still fine for me.
    Greets from Austria. :-)

  • S.e

    Same here! I just can’t use it anymore. Tried many many ROMs but it always ends up lagging. There’s also some kind of SD-card driver issue that probably is the reason for audio stuttering/popping.

  • Eric M

    My Nexus 7 works like the day I got it from preorder. Hope it doesn’t start to get bad because I just sold it to my sister so I can buy a new tablet (not due to Nexus 7 problems, just because I want a new tablet).

  • Hristo Karastoyanov

    I had this lag issue on my Nexus 7 and the way to fix it is to disable Google Currents. That worked for me.

  • Chris

    Have had my N7 for almost a year….no lag, no performance issues at all. Browsing is smooth and gameplay is great SD well. Could not be more pleased with my N7.

  • Gary

    I agree with this post wholeheartedly. I got my Nexus 7 at launch and it went from being my favourite device to being left on the shelf, to being sold last week. Performance and stability issues just kept getting worse and worse.

  • jake123

    My N7 becomes unusable with lag only if I don’t leave enough free space on it. If I fill it up with rv shows and music it is terrible. If I leave like five GB of free space, it runs smoothly.

  • diablo

    From my gs note 2.
    I sold my n7 3 weeks later. Too much lagging. I haven’t since then
    Purchase another 7 inch tablet. However I was considering thenew
    Upcoming nexus 7.but honesty I probably ended it buying iPad mini
    Yes pricey. Screen resolution and blah blah..can’t customize like I would on any android but so jjailbreak here I come.. see I love the smoother interface at least for me isn’t as laggy 99% I know will operate with no issues. Cuz even IOS have it issues. But I can say for experience that most of Of androids sufers from lag and inconsistence I own a note 2 iPad 3 tab 7.7 HTC rezound
    Out of them the iPad was most consistent n 98% of tthe times less lag. IMO.

  • misa kurk

    Hi… I am new to the Nexus 7 and I find I don’t have these problems…. I have had mine since Jan. and I actually had to shut off my page flip because it was crazy quick…(I rechecked after your post)…I find I have a delay on screen touches only on occasion and when using my rubber tip stylus…the only complaint I have had is that this is not the best for reading but hey I have other reading machines…i also got an android phone first time…do NOT like it….don’t get me wrong some great functions however, and no picking at me here lol, BB has phones with far better functions, advancement in functions and now completely on board since the z10….I have the note 2 and LOVE the size but I will be getting a BB here right away again…

  • Knut

    Yes, absolutely! I face similar issues on my Nexus 7. Since 4.2.2 it is awfully laggy.
    On the other Hand I have no such problems in my Nexus 4 neither with stock Android 4.2.2 nor with Cyanogen 10.1! Both work absolutely fine on this device. I understand the issues are hardware originated?!

  • mrwirez

    Try this. Read here

    First of all, the N7 has a flash storage problem. There is not enough, and when it gets on the full side, it lags. I’m not sure who made the storage units but under 2 GB it gets really slow

    FIX: Back up all your favorite apps, do a full wipe/factory reset, then reinstall JB. 4.2.2. Your tablet will be screaming again.

    I find a good quality ROM, like CARBONROM is better than stock. Both battery life and performance is much much better.

  • Ray

    No problems here. Use mine 5 to 6 hours a day and seldom turn it off.

  • vforvortex

    Hey Dustin, so have you tried any of the suggestions given by the A&M community? If so let us know if that has been fixed. If fixed, make sure to add an update section to the article. ;)

  • mark

    I have been using my Nexus 7 intensively for 3 months now. And YES it now seems to be dying slowly. I am getting serous lags all of the time. It is time Google publishes a fix!

  • jason

    I was having the exact same issues with my nexus 7.
    For the last month I have been running Sentinal ROM on it and it has returned to its place as my main tablet and the wife has my iPad back as hers.

  • Thisguy420

    I’ve had a nexus 7 since it came out, and absolutely every time I go to the google play store, via app or link, it always says “unable to connect to store” with a retry button underneath. EVERYTIME!!!!

  • An9i3

    I too would agree with you all good or bad … Its like when I get fed up, I yell “get outta my *%*$%# face” and 10 seconds later I find myself picking up the phone… =0P ha ha jk I find myself playing Candy Crush Saga same level I can’t pass for 3weeks no matter what I still love you Ern…harr hard again.. I mean I still <3 u nexy wexy no matter how flipping fast ur battery dies in the middle of it all and ur shell keeps coming g off and ur charging HOLE sucks!! Bout to buy the cradle before the peg breaks off… O well….woot woot BONUS IS READY !!! gotta go plug back into the wall like an alien..

  • Pliny

    I’m still baffled as to why, but making sure you have at least 3gb free and disabling automatic app updates seems to fix things.

  • iFreakNL

    What about not giving a crap about if anyone had an iPad or they need to tell an iPad is better in has more apps.

    Its about a Nexus 7 and yes, I am having the same issues.

  • Joshua

    No problems here either. Granted I only really use it when I am “dropping the kids off at the pool” but I have no lag whatsoever. No problems I can possibly think of at all……

    Seems to me that there are a handful of people that have a problem and they are probably “power users” who just went crazy with it.

  • Setya

    What have u done with your nexus 7?

    Mine is working just fine. Even everyone that has tried my nexus 7 loving it.

    It surely because just your device. So your opinion doesn’t count for me.It just not represent the whole nexus 7 user.

  • Owen H.

    I’ve had this exact same problem, and I’m actually pretty pissed at Google. I bought the tablet because it was cheap but high performance, but I guess it was only one of those things.

  • tom g

    Mine keeps getting better. I had had it since the first day it was released.

    • tinyiko maluks

      I like ur comment those complaining r loading viruses in their tabs and blame google

  • andymccreddie

    I did a factory reset – didn’t really lose anything. Storage went down by a third and Nexus 7 is back to as it was when I first bought it.

  • tinyiko maluks

    No lag for me its still as new ur just complaining bcos ur nexus has viruses u like loading nonsense apps any tablet slows down when u try hard to make it work like a rocket, nexus 7 is the best tablet around just stop telling people lies android haters

  • Jim

    I read very early on in my ownership of a strange effect such that when the nexus 7 fell below 3Gb free memory, it would slow right down. And it did. I removed some space hogging apps, and cleared out some app caches, and there it was, like new.
    The only lag I get now is the new version of opera browser, so have gone to the re – released opera classic and all is fine.

  • Markus

    I had the same expericence. Very slow, near unuseable. I had > 5GB free. I removed apps, cleared cache etc., but did not reset. Now it’s ok.

  • chris monks

    Great article, iv been moaning for ages about the downgrade in performance. It was the upgrade to Jelly bean, Never had a problem with ice cream sandwich.

  • Markos

    I have been using my Nexus 7 for about 5 months now. I also have the iPad mini. Everything you say is true, but I can’t quite understand your surprise and post and I’ll explain why.
    The last android OS I had used prior to Jellybean, on my N7, was the Honeycomb on a Samsung Note 1, which was a horrible experience. When I’ve started using my Nexus 7, the 3G version, I fell in love. Portable, nice display. The lag issues infact got worse as I added more stuff on it and now it is quite laggy, but still usable for most of my tasks.
    The thing is that being both Apple and android user myself for many years now, I can’t see how you are that surprised by the problems on your device. Android was, and despite the amazing progress, still is laggy. It has always been that way. The hardware is not produced by Google, the software looks like in permanent beta, and until a couple of months ago there weren’t even tablet optimized apps. That’s the price you pay for a more open OS, IMO.
    Furthermore, I wouldn’t expect better from a device that costs $200.
    In conclusion, I understand that you’re disappointed, but I don’t understand why. I think that the Nexus 7 is the best possible outcome of a combination of android OS + a $200 hardware.

  • andypandy001

    I had the same problem but fixed it with relative ease. I own a 16gig nexus 7 and am a heavy user. There are 3 things you need to do and 2 rules you need to follow and the problem won’t just go away, it won’t return either.

    1.make sure you have at least 3 Gig of space. Left on the device. This is imperative and the most important step and rule. Once your Tablets Ram or Thinking space is full it will try to use the storage space as extra space to deal with things. The devices memory is fast and the storage space needs space to show any speed. Think of working in an library that’s so full up that every time you want to get something you gotta move something else first.

    2. Look at the apps you are running and check weather they run in the background, weather they need to and weather you can tell them to do it less frequently. I had a widget that was updating via the internet every 20 seconds. If you have 20 apps doing this every 5 mins plus Google plays auto updates your gonna find that a huge chunk of your resources are busy doing things you can’t see. Turn off auto updates a and be strict with your rules on background tasks.
    3.Once you have over 3gig space and have taken control of what your tablet thinks about and when, GOTO the play store and install and run an app called forever gone. I won’t get to technical as there is no need. Just think of it as emptying your garden shed, then sweeping it out so you don’t trip over whats left of the old junk.

    That’s it. Things are back to Normal and your Nexus 7 is reminding you why even today it is one of the very best devices on the market. A massive storage tip is to use a cloud service there are plenty to choose from and once you start using them you realise just how easy and handy the are. Hope this helps. I have tried to keep it layman’s terminology but if there’s anything you don’t understand or want more technological depth on then feel free to comment and I try to answer.

  • Niall O’Sullivan

    I had terrible lag issues quite recently, I brought my 16gb N7 in August ’12. However, now it’s as smooth as it once was. My solution was to firstly stop using chrome and switch to Firefox as chrome was the laggiest app on the system for me with page loads of over thirty seconds. Secondly I cleared 2gb of memory and kept it clear. It’s obviouisly a bit of a pain effectively reducing the memory of your device but it made all the difference for me.

  • ianw

    Unfortunately, same experience. Resetting with less apps helps, but that’s not the point.

  • Stevil

    I agree with all your comments, my Nexus 7 has ended up exactly the same, it takes that long to do anything I just don’t bother with it much anymore. It’s such a disappointment, I just pick up my HTC One its rapid.

  • W O’Reilly

    YOu have to disable “Background sync” in currents. That fixed mine.

  • Fraser

    Sounds pretty familiar, I caught myself reaching for my laptop on the sofa last night despite the fact my tablet was nearer.

    This is partly because one of the worst areas for performance is the keyboard (I use swiftkey) and a slow laggy unresponsive keyboard turns touchscreen typing from a mild irritation to a real chore.

    It seems to have started the first time I filled it with data (maybe, not totally sure about this).

  • Hamza

    To be Honest with you,
    Android 4.1 is much better than 4.2 in performance

    I noticed some lag sometimes, but it is not as bad as you’ve said,
    I’ve the 32GB version full of Apps, Games and Movies
    only once a day I might face 2-3 seconds delay in response
    my only problem is sometimes when I swipe the home screen to the right it is going back to the same screen and not moving to the next one

  • Edward Green

    A follow up piece putting this all together would be great. Happy to write it.

    My Nexus 7 has slowed down several times since I bought it. now I have rooted it and it is running okay, but previously hard resets were the only option.

    Firstly it seems the Tegra 3 as implemented is great at single tasks, not so great at multitasking. Background processes slow it down. Currents is a particular culprit.

    Secondly there is some sort of memory issue with some Nexus 7′s. My Nexus 4 has less than 1 GB left and is fine. My Nexus 7 after a clean wipe slows down once there is less than 4GB left if no other solutions are explored.

    Forever Gone delays this slowing down, but for me has not been a permanent fix. I have Rooted with Motochopper and installed LagFix and this does make a difference – especially as the Premium version can be scheduled.

    Finally – Asus / Google this is not good enough.

  • Coltin

    I use my Nexus 7 every single day since I got (when it came out) and have seen 0 performance issues. I’m rooted with the stock. I always have a lot of free space, so perhaps the issue happens only when you use most of the space?

  • impromark

    This is remarkable news – I was just about to buy one at a place which had recently dropped its price… I take it the majority of N7 owners would recommend against it at this point?


  • Arthur P. Johnson

    This happened to me almost immediately after it upgraded to the next number up (forget what it was). Makes me wonder if THIS is why Samsung and HTC have stalled on some upgrades. Also it amazes me that nobody much discussed this issue until now — and WHAM! A tsunami of complaints. Did we all, like me, assume it was just us?

  • Dave Begley

    I’ll be the exception. I’ve had my Nexus 7 since last August and still runs the same as far as I can tell. I was even checking out the Samsung Note 10.1 at Best Buy a couple days ago and I liked it but couldn’t really justify another tablet. If my Nexus was slow I may have bought the Note.

  • Ludovic

    I’ve had my Nexus 7 for more than a year and it still runs fine. There is of course more lag than at first, but that’s to be expected after a few OS upgrades (the lag is barely more than the lag I have on my iPad).

    That said, maybe I don’t have a lot of apps installed. I use it mostly for email, social networking, Feedly/Flipboard/Pocket, and, above all, Plex. I disabled most of the push notifications for social networks (especially Facebook because their app is really killing the performance… and not only on the Nexus 7, I also disabled it on my phone). Maybe that’s what’s saving me.

  • possessedskier

    I had a bad lag problem when waking from sleep. I installed SmoothROM and a different kernel and it runs like brand new. I don’t think it’s a hardware issue.

  • computertechgurus.com

    I used to have the same slow performance issues myself.

    I then realized the root cause of the performance decline was due to low disk space.

    I deleted the space consuming movies from the internal storage and the performance instantly became amazing again.

    Now I use an OTG USB cable to mount my 64gb usb flash drive for movies and such.

  • computertechgurus.com

    Also helps that I’m running the latest daily build of CyagenMod 10.1 with speed optimizations in place.

  • Eli Gukovsky

    I have been using my Nexus 7 for everyday now for the past year, and while it has had a tiny bit of lag, it is nothing like what is described by the author. Then again, I almost immediately installed CM10 on it (and later CM10.1), and it started to have a bit of lag 7 MONTHS after my last reset. A backup and fresh install of the latest nightly took my problem away, and I have a better experience with the tablet than when I got it (as in 4.2 rules).

    I think the author might have some app that is causing the lag. He says he uninstalled most apps, but I would be interested if he started completely fresh, then added one new app a day in order to see what the problem was.

  • Adrian Brown

    I have one of the first Nexus 7s introduced into Ireland. Obviously it’s a16gb model. I have none of the problems that have been highlighted. Have the standards dropped since I bought mine? Anyone else out there with an early model that still works as intended?

  • Mark Perry

    I have had my Nexus 7 for five months and really would like my money back Lol have had all the problems and no real fixes . Not much sense in replacing this with the same product. If my problem persists Apple store will be visited for phones as well.

  • Alan

    To be candid, I’ve had one since it launched, and it’s always been kinda slow. I still love it though and totally use it every day, in fact I’m posting this reply from it with absolutely no problem :-) could be my lucky day haha

  • Rob

    I don’t know what Nexus 7 you’ve guys have been using but it definitely not the same as mine. I don’t notice a 10 second delay for anything. Even when there is updating going on in the back ground. Granted I notice that it’s slower than my HTC one and my Nexus 10 but the kind of crashes and delays you guys are talking about I just haven’t seen. Granted I have only had mine for 7 months. I would be confident giving this to someone if I ever decide to upgrade to a newer 7 inch without having them curse me for it. I am actually very happy with it, Now My Android mini pc on the other hand…

  • Joe Ellett

    16GB Nexus 7 owner since last summer. Faster today than it was when I bought it. No problems at all.

  • V.J. Nadar

    Just bought a nexus 7 recently, a month ago. It was very fluid when it was still running on android 4.1. However it got more laggy after I updated it to 4.2.2. I updated it just after the day I bought it. The device is brand new and I don’t think it’s a hardware problem as apple insider claims. I think it has something to do with the 4.2.2 update. So maybe the device will become stable again after the key lime pie update. According to the rumors, the optimised os can even run stably on a device with only 512 mb ram. That should solve the problem hopefully..

  • lgwhitlock

    There are many possible fixes I have been reading about. You should check out http://www.howtogeek.com/164106/why-is-my-nexus-7-so-slow-8-ways-to-speed-it-up-again/ which covers all the options to fix the issues…

  • Ashley

    I have the 32gb N7 and only lag I get is when switching users.

    Also are people who are getting bad lag using the 32gb or 16gb.
    As im sure i read somewhere the 32gb had better ram and storage components then the 16gb.

  • Tristan Gauci

    Thank god it’s not just me, I had a period of time where I didn’t use my nexus and after I picked it back up and turned it on was practically useless!

    Now I cant even open the launcher without a good 10 second lag, and half the time it crashes anyway. Apps become unresponsive and I get “Unfortunately, System Service has stopped” more than would be acceptable.
    I’ve tried flashing custom roms and the whole lot but all them have issues such as the home button not working or constant crashes.

    I originally thought it was just because I got used to using my Galaxy S4, which is more powerful but I clearly remember my Nexus was very speedy and faster than a friends android phone, that’s no longer the case and my Nexus 7 has become practically unusable

    Sad, since it’s the most compatible android device for ROM’s and tweaks in the world

  • Cedric perriot

    I have a Asus TF101 and I have the exact same feeling.
    The tablet has become slow and buggy over time. I reset it last week and a few minutes after that I started again to get ‘google services has stop working’.
    I also have a galaxy Ace 2 and I have the same problems however It could be the android 4 rom that it not officialy released in my country.

    In the past I also got problem with my nexus One that was overheating and rebooting because of that.

    I am thinking about giving up on android after being a very early supporter and adopter.
    The hardware or the software just me think of low quality chinese products we could find on alibaba or dealextreme :/

  • BenMaster

    I do not have any issues with my Nexus 7. Nobody knows what crap ppl were installing here on their devices.
    First, delete cache from recovery boot menu. If this doesn’t help, do a factory reset. If this also doesn’t do it, call google – they send you a new one for free BEFORE you have to send yours back.

    All the rest of the discussion with presumptions is not convincing.

  • Joshua Talley

    Unfortunately, I have had the same experience. Every once in a while, it seems to pick back up a bit, then reverts to this state of complete lethargy. It’s very frustrating, and also discouraging because I used to like it so much. Now I do almost everything on my Nexus 4…if only it had more storage.

    I planned on purchasing the next generation of the 7, but it won’t be without some trepidation.

  • lagagnon

    “I can’t find one person who has been using the Nexus 7 for an extended period of time, and hasn’t seen a massive downgrade in performance. Just what kind of downgrade are we talking here?”

    Show us your evidence for the above statement. Otherwise your entire article is fatuous.

    I have owned a Nexus 7, unrooted, numerous apps, lots of updates and it performs today as it did when I bought it. Given the misleading, inaccurate or unsupported statements in this article I suspect that perhaps the author is as incompetent with his Nexus as he is writing articles and thus should not be rooting and trying different kernels. Perhaps those are the reasons why his Nexus is not performing as it should. PEBKAC.

  • Jan

    Android 4.* introduced a neat new feature in the settings called “reset to factory standards”

    I use that every 2-3 months on my Galaxy Nexus, and it works like a charm.
    It’s just like our every Windows Device…

  • Caelrie

    You’re experiencing a bug that’s been fixed, but you didn’t use the fix properly.

    I’m guessing your storage is nearly full and has been for some time. The read-write was messed up for a little while in that situation, but Google rolled out a fix months ago.

    1) Make sure your tablet is up to date on updates
    2) DELETE enough data and apps to get under 75% of your storage capacity.

    You can then restore your data and apps and your tablet will be as fast as day 1.

  • Julie Shortridge

    After only owning the Nexus 7 for two months I had an issue with not being able to get it to power on. I called the number for support they walked me through some steps to try and reset the device and get it to power on, but to no avail. I had to end up shipping it off to the manufacturer for repair. After two weeks I finally got it back, and it’s been working like new for the most part, but now and then I do experience a little lag. Other than that it’s working good so far.

  • andy

    My nexus 7 is running perfect and I use is every day for many hours so can’t understand why so many people are having problems mine is lightning fast and has only crashed once in the year I have owned it maybe its the apps people are putting on that’s causing problems

  • Seth Atkinson

    9 months or do with mine, I have up on mine and reset to factory but even now I believe the glory days are behind. It is at least functional now, but that is far from my initial love that brought me to nexus 4 purchase. I would buy the next iteration but not until I see how android 5 behaves. The sweetness of a nexus product is vanilla android as it was intended, if it isn’t functional then it’s a waste of time and money.

  • robert

    My nexus 7 will be one year old in a few weeks
    i take it everywhere and it has never talked back or treated me badly.. Happy to be the exception

  • oswald-p

    Please, have a look here:
    It is in french but SSD read/write benchmark were performed on new and one year old Nexus 7. The conclusion is that there is no perfomance degradation over time.
    You should try Androbench to try to identify were is the problem.



  • Benjamin

    My Nexus have also so many lags,
    I thank it was i have too many apps installed ? but i don’t know…

    Is anyone try to do a reset factory to see if works well after that ?

  • Sue

    I’ve had my 32GB Nexus 7 since Christmas, no problems at all. I run stock, take care of it, and have 20GB free memory. (I keep my movies and music in the cloud)

  • Jeremy Deats

    The problem is the current version of Android on Nexus 7 and not the hardware. I still use mine daily. I’ve noticed some of the annoyances original poster points out, but honestly this article come across as a child throwing a temper tantrum. “The worst tablet” I say go cry your river somewhere else. Perhaps the iPad Mini with it’s restricted user experience and it’s astronomic price tag are a better fit for you?

    Seriously, the only thing that has changed is the OS and instead of focusing a honest critique of Android 4.2.2 (which by the way runs just as horrible on any device. My Galaxy Nexus phone has has been crippled by this OS upgrade) you seem to attack the Nexus 7 device which is just plan silly. It almost seems agenda driven.

    For the price there is not a better 7″ tablet on the market. Oh and try to run a few side by side comparisons of Goole on Nexus 7 vs Safari on an iPad 2 and you’ll find the Nexus 7 actually smokes iOS safari half the time. Multi-tasking for me works fine. It’s possible some bad app has entered your devices ecosystem and is reeking havoc on your performance. Yes, I know with the every app runs in a VM architecture of Android this isn not suppose to happen, but the truth is it has been. Apps that make heavy use of notifications can really slow things down. That’s not the Nexus 7 hardware.

  • veeman

    I have found that using the Lag Fix (fstrim) app helped with the lag. I also recommend installing a custom rom and kernel and disabling fsync. I believe the lag is caused by Asus choosing a not so good storage option.

  • Simon king

    To get the performance back on the n7 install an app called `forever gone (SD card cleaner)` from Google play. Sounds crazy but it fills up a part of the memory the tablet thinks is an SD card and then empties it. It has made it as good as when I bought it.
    Just check out the reviews on Google play. I almost didn’t bother but am glad I did.

  • Dirk

    Last weekend I was about to hurl my N7 (received 7/2012) off the 14th floor balcony of my hotel as it would refuse to respond to touches, apps would freeze, and it generally ran like a pig. It’s been VERY slow to charge (more in a moment) and generally sucking AND blowing. This was a tablet that people used to oooh and ahhh at for it’s slick greased grease performance. It ran fine with 4.1.2, but 4.2.x has always been problematic; currently on 4.2.2. with faux123′s mainline kernel, loaded in hopes of fixing problems to little effect. Right before 4.2.2 was released, I was so sick of the lag in 4.2.1 that I reverted to 4.1.2. and while I missed the later version’s features, it was slick as the day I bought it.

    Doing some research I discovered that when it gets to less than 3GB free space, it can bog down. So I deleted the Game Informer app and it’s porky 400+MB issues, Next Issue (which sucks on Android compared to iOS), and weeded out the ancient back issues Play Magazine was hording. Then I ran LagFix Free to ensure TRIM was set and Forever Gone (SD Card Cleaner) to overwrite and clear every free block. (The last took easily an hour to fill ~7GB space.) After these actions, it’s not a total disaster, but it’s still exhibiting stuttering on the home screens and in browser scrolling. I’ve cleared the Cache and Dalvik in recovery as well. I’ve run AndroBench and it appears to be fast enough.

    More problematic is the tendency (I think) of Bejewled Blitz to cause an AudioOut_2 wakelock which will drink the battery down if you don’t go and manually force close it (I have an End All Processes widget from System Panel I run after a session) and today a awoke to find my N7 dead when it was fully charged last night and at 85% when I turned in. It has been charging for six hours now and is at 62% charge, so that bug appears to be in play as well. (The same chargers will fuel my Nexus 4 from empty in 3 hours.) This is my go everywhere tablet, but it’s getting to be a drag and inconvenient.

    I’m monitoring battery drains with GSam and can’t spot any obvious vampires. I don’t have any auto-refreshing widgets like time/date/weather – just the analog clock. OTOH, I’ve got all sorts of crap on my N4 (running faux’s kernel) and I get great battery life. Not sure what the N7′s problem is, but there’s a problem. I’ve also disabled Currents entirely; I use other RSS readers.

  • SarahC

    Mine’s kinda worse. It’s not working anymore. It won’t turn on and it’s been a month. I dunno but i felt as if I gave up on it already.

  • da9el

    mine is still fast and comfortable to work on. maybe it helped to turn of the animations under settings/developer options. these options are available by clicking a few times on the build number under settings/about tablet. give it a try!

  • acjain

    Stock launcher is causing all this it not about new or 1 year to old nexus 7 all nexus from the DAT they are bought have different issue , if u note all are relayed in some or other ways to stock launcher.
    TRy GO launcher instead and u will start loving your nexus again …

    If u don’t ill gift u one leave me a msg …

  • acjain84

    Stock launcher is causing all this it not about new or 1 year to old nexus 7 all nexus from the DAT they are bought have different issue , if u note all are relayed in some or other ways to stock launcher.
    TRy GO launcher instead and u will start loving your nexus again …

    If u don’t ill gift u one leave me a msg ..

  • Carl

    I had the same problem with my N7, and it’s actually pretty easy to fix:

    1. Clear App cache. Settings > Storage > Cached data. You will be prompted: “Clear cached data?”
    2. DO NOT let Google Play apps auto update, especially if you use “Turn off Wifi with screen.” If you do this, the tablet will start updating every time you turn it on, slowing everything to a crawl.
    3. Uninstall or disable Google Currents. Its background processing kills performance.
    4. I do use “Turn off Wifi with screen,” but it slows things down for 30 seconds when I turn the tablet on. Performance will be better (and battery life worse) if you leave this setting as is.

    The top three steps completely solved my problem.

  • serious

    Lol..what do you expect? You keep installing apps and you run out of memory. Clean out what you don’t use- no brainer- problem solved. Quit crying because you know an updated tablet’s coming out and you won’t get it. waaaaah.

  • Lone

    I HAD the exact same problem… and not just on my nexus 7, but also on my Galaxy Nexus. Lag was horrible – I even rooted it to fix it – nope, didn’t work

    I heard about this on a podcast and Now have used it on all my devices and all my friends devices. The lag is much less now on my Galaxy nexus…. and my nexus 7 is almost like new!!!

    It is flying even though Its memory is almost full!

    It takes a while to run – but it is worth it.

  • kywildcat

    I have the same exact problems with my Nexus 7, question is what is Google & Asus going to do about it if anything at all

  • 255BB

    My nexus 7 is almost 9 months old. I have the very same issues recently.
    At first I thought maybe a storage was almost full (1.5 GB left) then I did factory reset , but still not good.
    I just rooted and installed Cyanogen 10.1 yesterday. I hope it will be better.

    Even my almost 2 years galaxy nexus runs smoother than the nexus 7.

    Is it about NAND issue!?!?

  • _n

    Thanks for an insightful, and honest post. And also to the honest comments here as well. I’ve been debating a small tablet to take traveling, and I will file this post away into my research.

  • richar

    I must say I don’t think I could disagree with you more. I have had mins since last November and I have had and still have no problems.. I’m running paranoid 3.57 and it works as good as it did when i first got it which to me is really something considering the abuse its suffered in our short time together… got to say though it sometimes seems that no two devices are the same. my friend had an SGace and so did i mine last like 6 weeks before mine started slowing down and showing lag but his still works very well after 2 years… as you say your N7 isnt working well but mine is… weird isnt it?

  • Tarun Singh

    i dont know what people are talking about here its been 10 months for me .. and my nexus only got faster … not even a single glitch .. m playing gangster 4 .. and its runing super smooth with high graphics .. not even a single god damn glitch !!!!! i just keep the catch clean .. and uses fstrim utility … and m on faux 19 es kernel … N7 is the best device i have ever touchd in terms of performance and things u can do on it .

  • survietamine

    hello, I’ve owned about 10 android devices.
    Biggest and most annoying lags come with this Nexus 7.
    ASUS has many fans, I’m just smiling are their attitude that is so ridiculous.
    Nexus 7 is a cheap device with cheap components and performance.
    Nvidia Tegra SoC were always bad and combined with this slow flash storage, it is worst.

  • Devesh Prabhu

    To all the people who are complaining in the comments section, would any one of you be so kind as to offer this poor soul a tablet as this one does not have a tablet at all.

  • Frank

    My 10 month Nexus 7 is at still operating GREAT!
    Bought mine Sep 2012, running Android 4.2.2.
    80 apps loaded & 10-15 running. 16GB using 11GB.
    It has been taken on an extensive international trip & used daily. Great tablet would endorse highly.

  • Frank

    What a bunch of haters, my N7 works great a year later, I’m on it now. I bought my 5 year old daughter one in October for her birthday and my 8 year old daughter one for Christmas and they work fine too and are stock. If you guys would stop sirfing porn your devices s would work just fine.

  • mat

    I bloody hate apple and their whole philosophy. I hated Steve Jobs. I hate apple fanboys. That said the ipad is a really good piece of kit (my mum and dad have one). I bought a nexus 7 today but if I had more money I would have bought the ipad mini. The ipad full size is great but too big for my liking. I love the small bezel on the ipad mini and despite it having no retina screen it looks pretty good. Still I ma so far enjoying my nexus 7 and the fact that I can re download the apps/games i have bough over the years.

  • Walderstorn

    Well from what i’ve seen/read/heard, this only happened to some 16gb model i’ve yet to see a 32gb complain.

  • Paul

    Haven’t experienced this myself. One thing I have noticed though is that the performance of the Chrome browser UI has degraded with newer releases. Solution: switch to Firefox.

  • Beto

    I have a love/hate with my Nexus 7. I just got my N7 back from Asus (currently charging) because of my charging issues. Sometimes it takes 8 hours just to get a full charge, sometimes it doesn’t charge past 57 or 67%, I forget which. The lag issues are constant after a few months of heavy use. The only remedy is to factory reset my tablet after a good 3-4 months of heavy use and the lag is instantly gone for another 3-4 months. I do have a Walmart extended warranty and once my manufacturers warranty expires, I will be using my extended warranty and get myself that $250 credit and use it on the new Nexus 7. Hopefully this time around that issue is no longer present. It really is frustrating.

    Ps. I do remember my N7 getting stuck on my for a few days in a row I launched it over my house not caring if it would break or not. It was sitting on my roof for a few hours. Lucky for it, the case closed in mid air and kept it from shattering.

  • JDWK

    I’ve had my Nexus 7 for about a year now as well. Mine still seems to work as well as the day I got it. It has all updates, except Hangouts. Hangouts absolutely destroyed my phone and I had to remove it, so I have not upgraded from Talk on the Nexus.

    However, mine doesn’t get much use. I use it for watching movies on plane trips, around 50 hours of shows or movies over the past year. And I use it for surfing the web when I am too lazy to walk over to my office. Other than that, it sits on my nightstand as a back up alarm clock.

    I wonder if there is bad memory out there that is killing so many of these devices.

  • Lary

    You should buy ipad,

  • Jensen

    This is a weird situation. Every person I know who owns a Nexus 7 completely adores it. I have a friend who has owned it for half a year now and it works like the day he bought it.

    And am I the only one who is completely happy with their purchase of an Android tablet, especially by Asus? Just because the Nexus 7 may have had some issues does not mean you should label this generation and make of tablets to be inferior to tablets like the iPad. My Asus Transformer TF300T is honestly one of the greatest purchases I’ve ever made. Still runs as smooth as silk.

  • Uni

    How about some substance to your gripes, like benchmark results from your N7 and a new one for comparison.

  • RC3

    I honestly have not ran into these issues on my Nexus 7. It runs incredibly well, and has since day one. Yes, I am rooted running CM10.1 Stable, but not using any special optimizations or apps to allow for this experience to be as good as it is. I pre-order and received a launch day Nexus 7, just for reference, and have used it almost every day since.

    This coming from someone who nitpicks over a single FPS in a video game, so performance is both important to me, as well as, very easily identified.

  • Moksone

    Definitely, the same issues on my tablet! I cleaned it with the equivalent of ccleaner, the nexus was boosted for a couple of days and then total-turtle-mode ON again!

  • mrsocial

    I’ve had mine for about 7 months… Runs just as fast as the day I bought it. I’d like to see some bench mark tests to back up the author’s claim… I’m thinking heeds just an Apple fan boy troll.

  • tony

    i have been running my n7 w data over a year… you guys are talkng mess.. this thing is flawless.. never had a problem.. have you defragged? booted in safemode.. checked you sketchy apps? its a computer treat it as such

  • Webster Phreaky

    You’re full of crap! I was an early adopter, bought the first one literally available in the LA Area with only 8GB Memory and I still use it DAILY with every update that’s been available. NO LAG TIME on my unit for rotation at all!! I suspect all of you claiming this problem have just screwed up you Nexus 7′s monkeying around with it. The ONLY complaint I have is that it’s a slow starter from being off and cold, BUT It holds 100% Battery charge for days even a week when I go out of town and leave it at home (taking my bigger ASUS TF300 32GB with Keyboard module)!!

  • Samlove

    I’ve had mines since September 2012 and it works just as smoothly as they day I got it. I haven’t noticed any of these issues the article is claiming. It’s also not rooted.

  • Cutbelly

    My Nexus 7 has gotten so slow that it has been relegated as a glorified iPod for my 1986 Toyota Tercel. I wish it was as good as my Tercel.

  • Bugs

    Same here – smooth sailing at first, then terrible lag a year later. To the point it became unusable. Several factory restores later (didn’t fix a thing) and after trying every other fix possible without luck, I finally downgraded to 4.1.2. The problems seem gone now, but it’s only been a day or two.

    I hate iOS but my next device is likely going to be a mini iPad. We have 2 problematic Nexuses (Nexii ?) and an iPad3 that’s rock solid.

    • RJ

      Yep, me too. I am an Apple user but I really wanted another tablet other than iPad’s and Apple devices / products, I’ve still had my iPad 2 for over two years and absolutely no problems what so ever. If the Nexus 7 2 doesn’t promise to bring any other improvements and stability I will be going back to iPad 4 and iPad mini 2 hopefully. I hope Google and Asus gets there act together soon.

  • RJ

    I totally agree, I have had my Nexus 7 8-9 months already almost a year, and now I’ve had significant problems in hardware and software. As many have said I absolutely fell in love with it from the day I got it and when I watched Google 1/O 2012 I knew I wanted it from then. I was skeptical as new devices seem to have problems though I waited for a few months about a month or two after I bought one for myself. For the first 2-3 months I had only minor problems like force closes and things that I thought would be fixed and it would only get better with future android updates. But now since almost a year owning the Nexus 7 it has experienced several problems, as most mentioned in the article like even rotating takes 10 or 15 seconds. I thought since it was a pure Nexus / Android tablet from Google it would be better quality and would last longer than most tablets maybe even longer than my iPad. But problems continued over the months and got worse. I eventually thought Android 4.2 would fix most of the lagg and problems but it got much worse and slower. I’ve cleared most of my space and deleted lots of data but still no results.

    The reason I came to this discussion is that my Nexus 7 is not even coming to the lock screen. It was completely dead so I charged it up with what my normal charger and when I turned it on it went through he Google Screen then through the glowing X and then just static on the supposedly lock screen. I’ve tried turning it on and off several times. If any suggestions please reply or comment thank you.

    • VG

      Hi! I found this link with instructions for a hard reset using hardware. It’s at the very bottom of the page. Hope this helps! Good Luck!

  • VG

    I have the exact same problem. Exactly as you described too! Massive lag time. Apps constantly crashing. Unresponsive touch screen. I’ve tried a cache cleaner but no luck. Sometimes the tablet acts like it won’t even turn on. Hopefully there are some posts on here with helpful suggestions. Here goes! Wish me luck!

  • Astarofnex7

    First time I heard it xD my nex7 runs smooth, without lag fix and 3rd apps, 23k brunch scores it better then my fr’s nex10 do u know what u need? Care about tablet little more and choose good ROM and kernel, I use PA and Franco kernel and I really have not any problem, but yeah AOSP at nex7 really sucks

  • VG

    I disabled all automatic updates. And it worked! – so far. It is much faster.

    My Nexus 7 3G 32G was lagging whether there was an update taking place or not (unless some of the system updates were in the background & I couldn’t see them). I do have a lot of apps, which I need to clean off, but they weren’t taking up even 1/2 the space available.

    I’m going to give it a few days & see how it goes. Hopefully no more app crashes, system crashes, lagging touch-screen times, lagging boot-up time. We’ll see.

  • RW

    Like you, I was in LOVE with my Nexus 7 when I first got it – so much so, that I was ready to buy one for everyone in my family.

    I wish I could say it was a long-term love affair, but unfortunately the micro-usb port broke after less than two weeks of use. Apparently this is a common weakness, as I’ve read many similar accounts.

    The infuriating part is that you can only get it serviced by Asus (in China), and they claim that this is not covered by warranty. Crappy Chinese manufacturing — Google needs to find a better partner on the hardware side.

    Looking forward to the rumored release of a new Nexus soon – hopefully the hardware won’t disappoint!

  • Goofyfoot2001

    Yes, but Google chrome on the PC has also gone to crap so are they related, I don’t know. Netflix is now un-watchable. And wouldn’t it be nice for programs to actually close!

  • Skylar Brown

    The android operating system is a lot more customizable than the ios which can be great but can make it easier to mess up your device (with great power come great responsibility). Most of the problems I have seen have been people courteously looking under the hood and than not being able to fix the problems they created.

    It didn’t become slow by its self. Be careful what apps you download some can really clog up your system. If you stick to the basics you wont have these kinds of lagging issues.

  • bong

    Wow, most of you are crazy to think all Android devices misbehave like the nexus 7.
    Its wrong of you to think that.
    The Nexus 7 is NOT representative of all that is Android
    And everybody here loves the iPads.
    Yeah the iDevices that
    1) Wont let you play MKVs without paying for a third party player
    2) Won’t let you bluetooth files.
    3) Wont let you manage/explore it’s contents.
    4) Wont let you use them as mass storage devices
    5) As always needs iTunes so that it can see and play the media files you put in them, now why?

    It just works…. in limiting ways really.

  • tom

    Had my nexus 12ish months, its a lot slower and lags, the battery just disappears before my eyes. Considering getting something new

  • g h

    System response time issues have many origins, most of which depend on how you use the system. I cheaper out and got the 8gb nexus

  • g h

    System response time issues have many origins, most of which depend on how you use the system. On my 8gb nexus, if there is much less than 1gb of free memory, it seems to have more performance problems. This puts a big crimp in the amount is music I can save.

    Get rid of unused apps especially if the are running background services all the time. Some of the comments about disabling background loading or synch-ing are also good advice.
    But I’ve found the biggest difference just freeing up memory.

  • TheCIScommander

    Formula for the comment section: To gain upvotes, say something about how you have the same issue with the nexus 7 or transformer prime, or something positive about the iPad.

    To gain negative votes, say something about how you do not have this issue or have “fixed” the issue, say something positive about the nexus 7, say something negative or neutral about the iPad, or leave a spam comment
    Now you never need to read any of the other comments.

    • Martin

      To get votes, say something that helps. And keep it family friendly

  • Joe

    It’s always been a sh*t tablet, with mediocre performance(at best), and poor build quality. The screen was crap too.

  • Scott Snodgrass

    I own a Nook Tablet 8GB Running CM10.1.2 and a Non-Rooted Nexus 7 Tablet. You have to make sure to clear your cache, free memory etc. After a build up of apps the devices will slow down.

  • Chris

    You guys need to head over to xda And learn about custom Roms……

  • Steve

    Mine’s the same way. It’s horribly slow now. Takes forever just for the unlock screen to go away!! Or for the unlock screen to even popup!

  • Eduard Khil

    The nexus 7 uses TRIM, which didn’t work well in 4.2.2 but 4.3 supports TRIM, soproblems should be solved :-)

  • brady

    the nexus 7 is definitely cheap and the screen is washed out .. it lags the whole time you use it whether its new or old … when are android tablets gonna have half the polish of the iPads? prolly never huh

  • David

    Everything lags! It ran like a dream until 4.2 came out. I just hope 4.3 fixes the issues. I loved this tablet. I just want it to run like it use to.

  • Dan P

    Android 4.3 solves the lag problem. You need to leave it recharging overnight so it can clean up its file system. And then it runs faster than when it was new.

  • cdegallo

    Well, your prayers may have been answered. With the 4.3 update, you’ll get TRIM support, along with various fixes that allegedly address the problems you (and many others) have described.

    But I would take issue with saying that Amazon has seemingly mastered the budget to performance ratio for tablets. I bought a KFHD 7″ and had it for a few months. Over that short time, it went from standard performance at purchase to intolerable lagging and slow-downs, system freezes, battery drain issues, apps frequently not responding. On the contrary, I never had any problems with my Nexus 7, which I bought after all my frustrations with the KFHD. So it appears to be the luck of the draw.

  • lyssa

    Yes have definitely noticed a change in performance

  • michael g

    I have a Nexus 10, a Nexus 7, and an iPad4. All 32gb. Not nearly enough storage. Anyway, I tried the iPad. It was fine for browsing the internet. Using Maxthon browser, I could pull up javascript menus that aren’t available using the same browser on Android. Other than that, this supposed top-of-the-line iPad is sluggish–even just rotating the screen. The battery charge lasts a month or so, probably because the iPad mostly just sits in a drawer. The apps I wanted were impossible to use, even if they were available. To me, the device is useless. Even common apps like Evernote are impossible to use. Apps like Pocket can be installed, but who would go through all that work to try to use it? Browsing the app store is difficult. Installing apps is difficult. The screen is filled with apps that merely take up space, but can’t be run. Then I’m stuck with a whole page of the useless search. Safari sucks. Groups are obviously a poorly-implemented afterthought. No widgets!? No customizations!? The damn iPad won’t let me do what I want to do, how I want to do it! Actually, if everything Apple was removed from the iPad, there would be something to work with.

    The Nexus 7 certainly suffers from the trim bug. Of course, the 869 apps installed on it don’t help. I did hard-wipe the device once, because it sometimes took as long as an hour to respond. The wifi quit working, due to a hardware issue, but it is still OK to use. I wouldn’t say it’s slower than when new, but certainly not as fast as my Nexus 10.

    The 10 is my daily tablet. Sure, it isn’t perfect, but it’s usable. It just needs another 500gb or so of storage. I run about 700 apps on it. The only feature I can’t really get on the 10 that I could on the iPad is the print from clipboard. Android should not be version 1 yet. It’s only half-baked. Their backup is incomplete, no native printing support…basic features are only now being included in 4.3. Here, too, remove all the Google stuff to get something useful. Chrome sucks. Bring back Browser that actually worked. From observation, the people who do little but internet, email, and social media can get by with an iPad. Those who want to get something done, can think for themselves, want their own options, and can’t waste time trying to get their tablet to work will use Android.

  • brent stansbury

    since google forced 4.3.2 last week. i want to just throw it away. i was in a business meeting getting ready to send something via blutooth but embarrassingly had to wait for this piece of junk to d/l the update [as i mentioned, no user control].. then wouldn’t connect to bluetooth! thanks google, you suck! i wouldn’t even give this away, more like throw it in back of a garbage truck and watch it smashed to bits! and oh so slow! zero stars!

  • Josh Shaske

    I noticed that this article was posted before the release of Android 4.3, which actually fixed this problem. It implemented “trim”, basically telling the system when it can delete old paths to directories after they aren’t needed anymore. Also, bare in mind that the Nexus line of devices is meant for the development community. Those devices get wiped and re-flashed almost on a weekly basis. It wasn’t ever a problem on previous generations of Nexus devices because the Nexus 7 was really the first Nexus device that was advertised as more than such, as a media device for casual users. As soon as Google realized that this was an issue, they released a fix.
    I’m positive that if/when you upgrade to Android 4.3, your tablet’s performance will improve leaps and bounds :)

  • conner

    I have had very similar problems. I’ve had my nexus 7 for 8 months. I now dread trying to do anything on it. I did all the things suggested and none have worked. I now have to charge the tablet for 8 to 10 hours and get to 50 per cent. As I type’, the keyboard misses several letters and I need to go back and correct everything. I’m very disappointed in Asus .

  • Tanya Parker-Kittell

    Man! I thought I was doing something wrong. I’m SOOOO very disappointed in this diminished performance. And the charge issue is simply the nail in the coffin. I want to upgrade to the 2nd generation but I REALLY don’t have the time (or the money for that matter) to waste on another Google experiment in tableting.

  • Greg

    Some people are just crazy. I think the first guy who say it’s the worst tablet must be an Apple person in disguise. Because I have 4 of them play 3 more in the family plus a few at work. And I know of only 1 with problems. I absolutely love ours , it’s like any other device it needs to be maintained and cleaned up with good software. We use Lookout antivirus. And it has never let me down. I know there are probably some issues, but if you do a little maintenance and up keep I am sure 90 o/o of that can be avoided. So people just like to scream and get there opinion heard. Unfortunately sometimes you accidentally read it.

  • Mabel

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  • Darkfizch

    Am I seriously the only one without any problems at all? My Nexus 7 has only gotten faster each software update.
    The only weird thing ever happened was that the screen randomly turned black (this happened mostly when browsing the internet) and it started making a loud, creepy noise. However, this was months ago and it only happened like three times and never occured again afterwards.

  • Bryant Arrington

    I got a new Nexus 7 last week. It crashes every time I use the camera and crashes at random otherwise.

    I have restored to factory 4 times to no avail.

    I am returning it to Amazon on Monday. I was going to exchange it but after reading all of this, I am giving up on it and maybe on Androids period. I have an iPhone 4 and was thinking of going to Samsung Note 3 when it came out. But now, I am seriously reconsidering that move.

  • jered schmidt

    I have had those same problems. But the one that pisses me off the most is the speaker went out”crackles” and when i called google to try to get it fixed, because I had rooted my device (nexus devices are setup for rooting, and how does software fuckup hardware) the warrenty was void!! and the lady from google was off the phone in 10 seconds. I am a huge google fan, but they need some work on dealing with customers that are spending money on their products, not free web apps.

  • Ben

    Any of you people having performance issues with the old Nexus 7, the issue was confirmed and fixed with Android 4.3, check it here: http://www.examiner.com/article/android-4-3-adds-trim-support-alleviating-nexus-7-slowdown-over-time-woes

  • izaakhacker

    Just use lagfix. After booting, trim all partitions. After that it will work great!

  • Ian

    I bought two google nexus 7 at christmas; both are dead now. One died after two months just outside the money back guarantee time. I have a blackberry playbook and an ipad. Neither of them have had any problems like the google (or should I say Asus) Nexus 7 has caused me. The extremely poor service from Asus adds salt to the wound. They expect me to pay if they consider that it was my fault (which it isn’t) , or if they can’t find anything wrong with it (which is bizarre; why would you send it to them in the first place) or if it has been tampered with. The minimum cost (which changed depending who you were talking to) was £90! That was half of the original cost. What a rip off! You have to sign something promising to pay after they have discovered what is wrong with your Nexus. I can’t consider the Asus Nexus 7 to be a professional piece of kit and the companies attitude doesn’t inspire confidence. Google do themselves a disservice by attaching their name to this device.

  • Julian Dichiara

    I have had my nexus 7 for a year now, and I haven’t noticed any lag at all!? It is still as fast as when I bought it. Every couple of months I go in recovery and wipe all partitions and flash a new ROM from scratch. That seems to fix the performance issue. I am still selling it though, so I can get the new 2013 nexus 7.

  • Raiden

    I have both the first Nexus 7 and the new Nexus 7 and I have to say they are both buttery smooth and have never slowed down on me, the only problem I’ve ever had is with the new Nexus 7 my hangouts app doesn’t ever push my messages to me. I always have to go into the app and refresh it manually, but I’m sure that’s a problem with the app and not the tablet.

  • tk2013

    I used my Nexus 7 for my car as gps and music player for over 2 years. The tablet pretty much has a mind of it’s own doing really weird lags, crashes, and black out. It’s crap like this why Apple really did their research and Google doesn’t.

    • Joop deBruin

      Yeah right. Looks like you didn’t do any research. Nexus 7 has not been out for two years, tool.

  • Joop deBruin

    It is sad to see so many comment when they don’t have a strong understanding of Linux.

    Somewhere near the top of the comments, two posters accurately described the issue and the fix.
    The image did not provide work ftrim capabilities that are required for SSD storage. When files are deleted, the open space is not reallocated.

    For non tech types, this is somewhat similar to why MSDos managed drives needed to be defragged.

    I installed the free ftrim app that added the capability back in, and a year later, my wife’s Nexus 7 is blazing fast.

  • karan

    AM I the only one who ks experiencing zero lag on my 2013 N7?

  • sesdave

    Solve all your problems with this ROM – http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2098139
    To install – unlock,root your nexus 7 installing TWRP at same time using wugfresh tool kit http://www.wugfresh.com/nrt/. Once you have done that download the 2 lastest primedirective vanir 4.3 beta roms and a gapps for 4.3 – grouper for 2012 wifi./ Flo for 2013 model.. Copy them all to the Nexus 7 download directory. Reboot to recovery – flash the first beta 081513 – boot system then reboot to recovery and dirty flash the second beta 082013 and then flash gapps for 4.3.
    This beta flies – the fastest and slickest custom ROM available and it will only get better when Prime mods it after it is out of beta- u wont regret it. Gets 15900 on antutu benchmark as default.
    Heres a link to other custom roms for 2013 model and a guide for flashing – have fun. It beats the standard Rom hands down on any model !

    • sesdave

      Forgot to post link to other roms lol
      only for 2013 model

    • sesdave

      The Antutu benchmark was on the 2012 model which is 25% up on standard before all you 2013 owners start saying mines faster than that lol

    • Sophie Isabel

      thank you for nice informatin dear sesdave

      • sesdave

        Thanks hope u found it useful. As these initial 4.3 ROMs were beta versions they continue to be modded/improved nightly so a slight change to my guide. Now no need to flash the 2 beta versions of the ROM. Now use the link to the latest Vanir nightly ROM and select/download latest nightly version for your device. The link is on home page just below Rom Server link. Once the ROM is downloaded reboot to recovery in twrp that u installed using wugfresh select wipe/factory reset then select install and select the ROM from the download directory. This will flash the ROM. Once complete go back to install and select and flash the gapps u should have downloaded.
        Latest nightly version has bug improvements and is even faster and smoother. Note these ROM versions will only get better until a final is released. Enjoy.

  • joshjo

    Why don’t you people just root it and put a new ROM on it? It’s like a new N7 and it’s faster. That’s what I do.

  • Efjay

    My experience with the Nexus 7 has been the same, it was fantastic when I first got it, fluid and fast. Then the ‘upgrades’ came.

    What was once a joy to use quickly became a royal pain in the butt, the Project Butter improvements seemed like they never existed. The machine felt lumpy and inconsistent, with no clear method of rolling back the so-called ‘improvements’. It was when they brought in multi-user accounts that I really noticed severe problems, the machine was virtually unusable. Then there were other problems like apps I relied on or used regularly not supporting the latest update and becoming incompatible. It wasn’t just me having problems, my partner has a Nexus 7 as well and she ran into frequent problems causing frustration and stress.

    I came to the conclusion that having a Nexus and living on the bleeding edge of Android is great for a development machine, but as a daily use productivity tool and entertainment device, it was a no-no. So when the new 2013 Nexus 7 was released, I had to ask myself do I want more of the same, albeit in even higher resolution (not that I can see the friggin pixels on my 2012 N7).

    I decided to buy an Asus MeMO Pad HD 7, it’s a bit like the 2012 N7 but itsn’t on the bleeding edge and it also has a much needed MicroSD slot (after realising that relying on cloud storage was just impractical for me.. but that’s another story).

  • enogh b.s.

    Nexus 7. 1st gen. 32 gb.
    Since upgrading to android 4.3, I’ve experienced random lock ups in chrome. Such that I have to shut the nexus 7 down. I just noticed the time is wrong as well. Lag delays when scrolling and freezing are really giving me a bad impression of both Asus and google. We need some major class action suits brought against both Asus and Google for selling products without sufficiently testing them.

  • Williams

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  • Xris313

    Had mine for over a year with zero problems. I also keep a cache cleaner handy, and I reset every now and then to keep it refreshed. I treat it just as I would any computer. The more data/cache stored, the lower the performance. If you’re using it a lot and aren’t clearing the cache or data stored by some apps, it’s no wonder your nexus is laggy…

  • CC

    It is as amazing as at is frustrating. Froze for about 24hours in our first week. Often does. And glad to read-because this is my first ever touch screen- that a lot of the problems I’ve been experiencing aren’t due to me being an over 35 female :-) May I add to your list A) My screen won’t go portrait, just wide screen as of yesterday! Blaming myself naturally, but maybe not my bad after all? Sleek, smart, but glitchy to the point that I put it away and borrow my son’s old laptop instead. B) LoveFilm (anyone?) My 17son attempted to download LoveFilm, costs us £9.99 a month. Won’t work. Son wrote email to LoveFilm. They replied that LoveFilm isn’t compatible with Lynex! when confronted with the option at set up I’d opted for the Google Windows operator…so, go figure

  • CJW

    Possible you may have a bad device? My Nexus 7 still hums along like it was new out of the box. Yet the 2 kindle fire HD’s I got are slow and both have stopped charging a short time after the warranty was up. Amazon service is awesome and they replaced one for free even though it was out of warranty. But Nexus 7 is still working awesomely and I spend about 4 hours a day on it between work and play.