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PhoneDog Media acquires Android and Me, a change of hands and new beginnings


Good Monday morning Android and Me readers! There are some changes afoot today, and we’re pleased to announce that AAM has been acquired by the PhoneDog Media brand. Alongside PhoneDog.com, TmoNews.com and TodaysiPhone.com, Android and Me will continue to excel in its Android coverage.

You can expect to see some changes here and there; but for the most part, everything you know and love about AAM will stay the same. We’re not interested in breaking something that’s not broken, but a change in leadership will naturally lead to a few changes. For one, expect to see some fresh new faces around these parts! And, a larger staff will bring an increase in the amount of daily Android news. You can expect more reviews, more videos, more contests, more app coverage–more of everything.

The press release below details what the change of hands entails. We’d love your reaction. What would you like to see more of? Less of? What would you change? What needs to stay the same? Perhaps a Google+ hangout is in order to help you all get to know me and the team from DroidDog.com? As my TmoNews.com readers will attest, I’m completely dedicated to the success of this property and I know the current AAM staff is excited about the future.

I hope you’ll join us on this new adventure and in giving a fond farewell to both Taylor and Clark Wimberly ,who put together a fantastic site with an awesome design and fantastic readership. We wish them the very best in their new beginnings.

PhoneDog Media Expands Network With Acquisition of Android and Me

Acquisition increases PhoneDog Media network readership and reinforces company’s position as a leader in online publishing

Mt. Pleasant, SC and Richardson, TX – June 17, 2013 – PhoneDog Media is pleased to announce the acquisition of Android and Me, a popular and influential Android publication in the mobile technology space.  Launched in 2008, Android and Me receives more than two million pageviews per month and boasts over 148,000 Twitter followers.

David Beren, Director of Network Content, will lead Android and Me as part of PhoneDog Media’s expanding network group. In addition to Android and Me’s current staff, writers will be transitioned from DroidDog, PhoneDog’s outgoing Android publication.  The combined editorial staff will continue to offer unique content, increased social media engagement, and expanded video content.

As part of PhoneDog’s Media portfolio of online publications, Android and Me will utilize PhoneDog’s established brand awareness and editor influence to reach untapped Android markets. Under PhoneDog Media’s guidance, Android and Me will continue to evolve through a design and user experience that will align with the PhoneDog Media vision.

The acquisition of Android and Me strengthens PhoneDog Media, a network that leverages the voice and influence of Aaron Baker, David Beren, and Cam Bunton. Current publications include PhoneDog.com, T-Mobile-focused TmoNews.com, and Apple-focused TodaysiPhone.com.  “We are proud to welcome Android and Me to the PhoneDog family of mobile technology websites,” said Tom Klein, CEO of PhoneDog Media.  “Taylor and his team from Android and Me have done a beautiful job in establishing one of the most visually pleasing publications in the technology space, all while providing its large fan base with outstanding coverage of all things Android.”

As PhoneDog continues on its path to become the undisputed home of passionate technology enthusiasts worldwide, the company will continue to build and acquire online publications that provide both a unique point-of-view and an engaged community.

About PhoneDog Media

PhoneDog Media is a mobile technology publisher which operates 4 well established mobile news and review sites and attracts more than 2.5 million unique visitors and 10 million pageviews each month.

Established in 2001, PhoneDog Media is a privately owned and operated company based in South Carolina.

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  • sandwich


    Congrats, guys!

    • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

      Agreed. Congrats!! :-)

      • Raul W. Smith

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    • Jedediah Sweetser

      Congrats to both parties. I hope the layout doesn’t change, but i have faith that the core reason everyone came to A&Me will stay the same: Uncluttered, unvarnished news reporting with a twist of rumors and fun.

      • Steve

        Agreed. The one thing that should be changed is banning Ricard Yarrell. I know he isn’t the only troll, but he is the worst. Banning him would clean up the threads of his nonsense and the people who follow him around Flaming him.

  • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

    End of an era, beginning of another. Congratulations, Phone Dog crew.

  • erikiksaz

    Congrats. Will all the androidandme staff still be hanging around?

    • Dustin Earley


      • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

        kind of…?

        meaning, i assume, that the wimberlys will no longer be involved, I think?

        • http://www.mlswanson.com SparkyXI

          Yes. Please clarify this. ^

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      The writing staff will stay on, but I’ll let Taylor and Clark chime in on their own to clarify things.

  • http://www.youtube.com/emogamer Christopher Chavez


  • SGB101


    First request, can we have a new widget just like the old one or be rolled in the ‘appy geek’ widget.

  • Nate B.

    This is great news.

  • Vance

    Will Taylor and Clark still be involved?

  • charlesspivak1

    Looking forward to the change! Love this blog!

  • heat361

    Wow didn’t see this coming! Is Taylor still apart of the team?

    • http://Androidandme.com David Beren

      No, Taylor and Clark has sold the property to PhoneDog outright and I’ll be stepping in as your new fearless leader!

      • heat361

        Well welcome sir, It will be my pleasure to read more wonderful android news daily! I can’t wait to see the changes that are made for the better of android and me.

      • http://www.mlswanson.com SparkyXI

        Congrats to them, and welcome to the PhoneDog team. There’s a lot of good history here at AaM – please do what you can to keep said history intact.

        • http://Androidandme.com David Beren

          That’s my plan, I don’t want to break what’s working. More of what’s working, less of what isn’t.

          • http://www.mlswanson.com SparkyXI

            Hear, here.

        • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

          Mike, you’re in good hands with David Beren at the helm.

      • adam

        Fearless enough to not turn on grammar check apparently. You’ll fit in just fine with most of the commenters here.

        • IApprove


          +1 sir.

        • http://Androidandme.com David Beren

          Autocorrect, the horror!

      • R.S

        Please tell me you guys aren’t going to implement the pop up hover ads or add what seems like a web page where the ads cover more space than the actual article.

      • epps720

        Surprised to see all the new editors starting off at a 0 rating. I assumed you jumped to 100 automatically.

        • thekaz

          let them earn our trust… :)

  • Edgar Cervantes

    WOW! Congrats, guys!

    • Richard Yarrell

      Definitely major congrats to Taylor and Clark.

      • http://clarklab.net Clark Wimberly

        Thanks guys.

      • Ride a Pack of Dogs

  • http://phaseburn.net PhaseBurn

    Deal breaker. Where can I delete my account? I don’t see an option for it under the settings page.

    No disrespect to any of the current or former staff intended, but no Taylor, no me (yea, big loss, I know).

    • triangle

      I agree with your sentiment that without Taylor, the site will not be the same. While I’m happy for the Wimberleys and congratulate them for this deal, I’m going to miss Taylor’s insights and his access to information, along with his commentary on rumors.

      • http://Androidandme.com David Beren

        I’m pretty good at finding information too as any TmoNews’ reader will attest. I’ll do my can to work with Taylor to make sure the information flows!

        • Max.Steel

          I’ve seen your work on that site. You’re a heavy iPhone fanboy and even flame Android users.

          • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

            Yes, David loves his iPhone. But we give him crap about it all the time. But that doesn’t mean he will not he able to lead us writers and grow the community.

          • http://Androidandme.com David Beren

            I don’t know about flaming Android users, I’d say that’s a false statement. My own personal choice of handset has no bearing however on my ability to love the Android community as I always have. There’s an Android phone sitting right next to me (HTC One) and I’m loving it. I would really say there’s never been a time I’ve “flamed” anyone though, I’m an equal opportunity smartphone user and I offer plenty of support for Windows Phone as well. Fear not, no iPhone love will show from me here.

        • triangle

          All that said, I think that the site is in pretty good hands. David, I’ve read your stuff at TMONews and follow what you have done including your rants. Hopefully, you’ll bring some of that character to A&M.

          • http://Androidandme.com David Beren

            I intend to, I won’t be doing as much writing here as I obviously do on TmoNews, but I’ll chime in from time to time!

  • Jorge Vieira

    WOW didn’t see that coming! I’m excited to see what will be done i just hope the design of the page stays the same i feel like its one of the better out there. But this should be phone congratulations Taylor and the crew. AND it will still be called androidandme right…right!

    • http://www.androidandme.com Nick Sarafolean

      Yep, still called Android and Me.

      • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

        Come on, I thought we were going to rename it to My Droid Dog and Me! :)

  • redraider133

    Love the site. Hope you guys keep the layout and commenting the way it is. Congrats.

  • AceoStar

    Bleh, any site that uses Droid in their name loses instant credibility. Lets rename to droidandme :p

  • alexanderharri3

    Not terribly surprised – the Wimberlys have been absent since about December of last year when the 25 Days of Tegra stopped being updated, fell through the cracks, and the daily articles out of this site plummeted to barely 1 a day. It was only a matter of time until news like this or worse (fading into non existence) occurred. Hopefully new blood can keep AAM in touch with all things good. It’s been a rough existence for us these past few months – and forcing loyal readers to find new sources of Android news since it was so lacking here.

    • SGB101

      Got to agree, just last week we went 7 days without a post, I thought they through the towel in.

      • http://Androidandme.com David Beren

        Nope, we’re back and with a vengeance and a chance to really turn the site around and return it back to the glory days you all know and loved! That’s my mission.

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      We are hoping to return the site back to its glory days. We have a handful of new writers who have joined the team, so we should be able to cover all the the most important Android stories on a daily basis.

      • Joel

        Thanks Nick. Looking forward to it.

      • R.S

        Not trying to be a negative Nancy but what does the phonedog crew being to the table? Other than TMoNews (which I visit daily but don’t post in) the phonedog sites are (or were) pretty much dead.

        With that said, I truly hope that the phonedog crew is successful in this new endeavor!

        • Taknarosh

          To me PhoneDog’s best assets are Aaron Baker with his contributions to the PhoneDog YouTube channel and David Beren and the team at TmoNews with their great T-Mo coverage.

          I think Android and me shores up a weakness of PhoneDog, no offence to the DroidDog team but DroidDog hasn’t been the same since the days where John Walton was at the helm. Those who followed Android from the early days of the G1 will remember how awesome his videos for DroidDog were.

          Now Phonedog needs to acquire an iOS and WP (hell maybe even BB) blog to complete the coverage.

          One thing that sort of hurt DroidDog is that a lot of Aaron’s (or HAIRon as I like to call him) work with flagship Android device overlapped and ultimately overshadowed DroidDog. I hope this doesn’t happen to AaM.

          • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

            seconded. duplicated coverage will only hurt both brands.

          • http://Androidandme.com David Beren

            TmoNews will continue to be my baby and nothing will change on that front. It’s still my pride and joy. Android and Me and will run separately against the PhoneDog properties and with a much larger audience than DroidDog, securing access to first run devices will help us re-establish an identity that is separate from Aaron and PhoneDog.

          • http://Androidandme.com David Beren

            TodaysiPhone.com, that’s the site!

    • epps720

      Let’s hope this is a good sign as we got 11 new articles (includes this one) in one day.

      I’m with you though, have loved the site and kept returning here multiple times a day looking for new news only to be disappointed.

  • Max.Steel


  • clocinnorcal

    Whoa, my mind has been blown! Good luck in the future to the Wimberly’s. I hope the layout stays familiar and I look forward to see what new content we will see in the future.

  • jamal adam

    Congrats to Android and Me and welcome to the ownership and staff.
    I hope that this quote, “under PhoneDog Media’s guidance, Android and Me will continue to evolve through a design and user experience that will align with the PhoneDog Media vision, ” doesn’t mean a new design and layout because one of the great qualities of this site, aside from the staff and readers, is the layout, design and commenting systems. I feel that the layout is simple and elegant and brings the best out of the site. It’s also easy to navigate and makes the user experience on of a kind.
    Once again congrats to AAM and cheers to a new beginning and a bright future.

    • http://Androidandme.com David Beren

      The layout will not change!

  • jerrbomb

    I am faithful Android and Me member as well as a continuous reader of Phone Dog.. However.. I don’t believe things will change for the worst.. I hope the tegra contests stay the same as well as threads and the point system.. I will be watching the progress of the changes do take place will will be the deciding factor on if I and I’m sure along with more members, stay or not.. Good luck Phone Dog media.. Keep us happy..

  • Joel

    Well David, at least I can say that im happy its you guys. Ive been keeping up with Phonedog for a few years now and I really enjoy the dog fights. if anyone can help this site, its you guys. And as I wish Taylor n Clarke all the best, I welcome the change. Ive been here a few years and I must say this new acquisition has rekindled my attention for this site.

    Again, welcome.

    Ps. A native app with widget support wouldnt be so bad. Now hop to it! *claps twice*

    • http://Androidandme.com David Beren

      That’s the kind of stuff I want to hear and I’ll definitely look at the widget proposal after the dust settles!

  • yankeesusa

    Definitely keep the free stuff coming. It would be a shame if they discontinued the giveaways, even though ive never won anything but its still cool. Also Keep the same logo. Also Please no major changes. Last time I was on a site that had major changes the amount of people that went on it dropped dramatically.

  • slimx30

    please leave the layout as is. don’t do a layout like phonedog.com. That is a horrible layout.

    Wish Taylor and clarke the best of luck.

    • Justin W

      And for the love of Android, please don’t switch to Facebook for comments.

      • http://Androidandme.com David Beren

        Ummm no, hell no.

    • www.phonewbie.com

      Totally agree. All of their layouts are ugly, even tho I’m a big fan of TmoNews.

    • http://Androidandme.com David Beren

      This layout and design won’t change!

  • Jorge

    Please keep the layout. I like how uncluttered and inviting it is.

  • droilfade

    Congratulations, guys! I hope the new chapter will be good.. and will keep me as keenly interested in A&M as I am now. Hoping that the crew stays on….We have all come to love you over the years!

  • http://Androidandme.com David Beren

    The design won’t be changing! In fact, PhoneDog properties will likely adopt more of Android and Me designs!

    • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

      Phew ;)

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray


    • Corey Brown

      Thank goodness. I read tmonews at work and stuck with only IE8 it is almost unreadable. Phonedog renders a little better but can’t read all the articles.

  • pixeladdikt

    I’ve been reading AAM since its inception and would like to congratulate Taylor & Clark for growing the site and making it the hottest spot online for everything Android –

    One question – who should I contact now for PR news – App launches and such?

    Thanks! Keep up the great work PhoneDog!

  • www.phonewbie.com

    Man, where we I go for the Nexus rumors???

  • http://Androidandme.com David Beren

    There are no plans to change the design, in fact I believe we’ll try and incorporate the site design into more of the PhoneDog branded properties. So rest assured on that end!

    • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

      Do I hear an echo?? ;-)

  • Tico4674

    Great news guys, my favorite site just got better. Congrats!

  • hurracayne

    knew something was up, Taylor was still active on Google+ but not here.

  • http://clarklab.net Clark Wimberly

    Details coming soon…

  • uknowme

    Congrats to the Wimberley crew! I’ll stick around to see what comes of this.

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      We appreciate that. You won’t be disappointed.

  • Angie Wimberly

    Thanks for remembering me! Definitely appreciate your support, and I’ll miss being more involved with you and everyone who has been such a great contributor over the years.

    • Taknarosh

      I was just about to ask what was going to happen with you. I mean I was 99% sure you’d probably be sticking around with Clark and Taylor but still.

      No offense to the PhoneDog front end web team, but the site design isn’t nearly as good as Android and me and I know you had an important hand in the way the site looked Angie.

      • Angie Wimberly

        Thanks for noticing the effort that went into it :)

    • Angie Wimberly

      Thank you :) and yes! Hopefully I can share what I’ve been working on soon.

  • destinydmm

    I look forward to the transition. I hope this will help A&M to bring more and better news stories. Things had died down in the last year or so. So I hope this will help push for more initiative on A&M’s part to fish for news.

  • donger


  • thekaz

    I feel like my favorite organic brand just got bought out by Kraft.. I keep buying them because I like them, but it feels different. Like that, I will still keep coming to A&M, and we’ll see how it goes.

    I like to think the Wimberly clan wouldn’t leave us in bad hands, so I am willing to give these PhoneDog chaps the benefit of the doubt.

  • acharlest

    Glad to see PhoneDog take over here. Whenever getting on my computer, the first 5 sites I would go to (in this order) were PhoneDog, TechnoBuffalo, PhoneArena, Android Central, and Android and Me. But with the extreme lack of posts, I stopped coming here. Glad to see that PhoneDog took over. I have been a reader on PhoneDog for many years and I am now a registered Android and Me user. Great job, guys!

  • Steve

    The one thing that should be changed is banning Ricard Yarrell.

  • Dr.Carpy

    Congratulations to the Wimberley family! I hope that this acquisition is all that you want and need for it to be. Continued success, and Thank you for creating a community here in the form of AAM, where the debate is lively,intelligent, but always respectful. That’s why I’ve always enjoyed coming here. To the Phonedog group please do what you do, but with respect for what you’ve inherited. I know you will,but I have to say it. People that feel like leaving, let’s get behind the new group with our support, let’s keep this blog the way we’ve chosen to make it: Inclusive,informative,friendly, and respectful. Working together we can keep this the best android site around.

  • Toha

    Only me feeling sorry for AAM site? As phonedog.com sucks big time. Personal feeling is they never have any own news, all its cut and past from others.

  • scubabum

    I totally missed this announcement. Congrats on the Wimberleys.

    Hope that DroidDog will keep AAM as is. I’ve enjoyed the writings by the AAM staffs
    and look forward for the same quality postings after this buyout.

    • scubabum

      Oops, I meant PhoneDog (instead of DroidDog, which is their publication).

      With that said, here is a suggestion for improvement: allow us to edit our posts.

  • May

    SO WHAT THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN DROID DOG AND THIS SITE, ESP SINCE IT SEEMS YOU’VE KICKED OUT THEIR WRITWES/FOUNDERS? So this is gonna be another Android blog.. Youre just changing your url because this had more viewers?

  • DroidPower


  • Suhel Sayyad

    Opportunity to save money for people in United States…Visit link,..

  • VS

    Man, I leave for a few weeks on a baseball roadtrip and a bombshell gets dropped! I wish the Wimberleys the best and hope they and A&M succeed going their separate ways.

    As others had said, site news had trickled to a drop (had to find other reviews of Xperia ZL to guide my recent acquisition), but hopefully that changes.

    I’ll stick around to see how the articles / site flesh out.