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Google announces textbooks in Play Books, Play Games hub app


A lot of people who like Android opt for iOS tablets for college. A huge part of this is due to textbook availability. That’s an amazing feature that adds a lot of worth to iOS, and Google knows that. At Google’s event today, they have announced textbook availability in Google Play Books.

Google has partnered with the five major textbook publishers to bring those textbooks to Google Play Books. Users will have the option to either rent or purchase these books, so costs will be lower than buying the physical books.

However, we all know that the Google Play Books app is a bit lacking. It’s missing a lot of advanced features that would help with textbooks, so we hope it’ll be updated soon. Textbooks are coming to Play Books in early August.

Google also announced a new Google Play Games app. Before, you’d have to open a game to check if you’re still number one on the leaderboards among your friends list. It was a big waste trying to open a game that takes forever to open and plays loud music just to check leaderboards.

The new app will be a central hub for your game progress. You can also check on your group of friends or even global leaderboards. We’ll bring you more information as it comes; the app should come out today! Are you excited for either announcement?

Update: The Google Play Games app is up on the Play Store! Alongside allowing you to track achievements and check leaderboards, it will also allow you to join multiplayer matches, see your games, and discover new games to play. It won’t be an app for just your progress, but a hub for all things game related. Pretty awesome! Hit the widget to download the app and tell us what you think!


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  • Nate B.

    I never wanted a tablet. This is a good reason to get one though.

    • donger

      Get the new Nexus 7.

  • CTown

    Downloadable games and books is much more convientant than useful. Their prices never seem to depreciate over time and cannot compare price wise to the used market. Not only that, it’s impossible to be sold a product meant for the international market through big name retailers (like a game exclusive to one market or the cheap non-USA international books).

  • md jony

    Play store

    • md jony

      Play store download