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Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail album now free to download for Samsung Galaxy owners


Update: Time’s up, the first million downloads have happened so the free album is no more.

I’m sure many of you will be sitting around the barbecue sometime in the next few days waiting for the next round of fireworks to be launched skyward. Apologies to those of you not in the U.S. who are less likely to be doing these things over the next few days, but regardless of where you are I do recommend barbecuing and fireworks. But I digress. So while waiting for the next round of food, beverage or fireworks what better way to pass the time than with a free Jay-Z album?

This was my long winded way of telling you that the new Jay-Z album is finally available for free via the Jay-Z Magna Carta app in the Play Store. You may remember that the album will only be free for the first million to download it through the app and the Play Store counter for the app is sitting at the 500,000 to 1 million mark at the moment so time is running out.

The app is only compatible for Samsung Galaxy S4, S III and Note II owners in the U.S. (or those that can convince the Play Store that they meet those requirements) and forces you to authorize through either Twitter or Facebook; so if any or all of those stipulations are a problem don’t worry about hitting the link below.

As we have said previously this an interesting play from Jay-Z as these downloads don’t count toward his Billboard results, although hardly risky given his stature and the fact that Samsung reportedly shelled out around $20-30 million for this exclusive.

Do you think this was money well spent for Samsung?

Update: It took about 10 minutes for the download option to show up for me on the album after the app downloaded. A reader reported that the album wouldn’t play after downloading it. Anyone else having problems with the app?


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  • Paul Atreides

    Downloaded and uploaded it right to Google Play Music(no continuous play within the app). Not a bad album at all. Next up some S4 features for my S3. Thank you Samsung

    • Ashanti Holmes

      How did you upload it? I can’t find the file.

      • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

        On your Samsung phone, go to the My Files app and look in the Music folder. Copy the files to a PC and upload them using the Play Music manager app.

    • Shannon

      how’d you do that?

    • Valerie

      g how you upload it to google play music?

    • dude

      how did you upload it to google play?

    • Beyon-Z

    • d

      How did u upload to Google Play?

      • Jason

        The files are on you internal SD card Music folder. They are in the root no folder saying JayZ

  • Reuben DeVries

    I’ve downloaded it through my app, does anyone know how to extract it, I want to put it on my iPod?

  • cwjones4

    got it to work on my S3, but roommate couldn’t get his S4 to load it. album is pretty good though!

    • dude

      how did you get it work on your s3? i’m lost


    Can someone help me find the album on my note II?? I want to play on my phone but it’s not in my album or artist or song section in my music player..

    • Janet DuBoise

      Go to the My Files App and then the Music folder, select which player you would like to use, play and enjoy.

  • Antonio

    I downloaded the album but how do I play the songs outside of the app

    • Janet DuBoise

      Go to the My Files App and then the Music folder, select which player you would like to use, play and enjoy.

      • uncle d

        Thx your advice worked perfect

      • Skip Masters

        Hey I have searched through my music folder through every download folder and for the name through the directory. When I installed the app I have a folder just for the music it looks like. However, its empty. I’ve reinstalled it I’ve cleared the cache and data and re logged in and I can get it to stream through the app but as soon as I download it won’t stream anymore nor are the files in my download.

  • kt

    Where do I download it from

  • J. Bennett

    I’m STILL lost after reading the comments on how to play songs Outside app. I’m looking in the “My Files” app; and I don’t even have a “music” folder. I do have a “com.samsungmobileusa.magnacata” folder that is empty. Anyone?

    • TruFactz

      It stores on your device memory. Look for a music folder in your device memory

  • TeaJack

    I’m STILL lost after reading the comments on how to play songs Outside app. I’m looking in the “My Files” app; and I don’t even have a “music” folder. I do have a “com.samsungmobileusa.magnacata” folder that is empty. Anyone?

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      It’s definitely not going to be in that folder. Unless you have changed your folder structure you have to have the Music folder somewhere in sdcard0. You could hit menu and then search for versus.mp3 to find the location.

    • Ati

      I had the same problem. I had to create a Music folder ie a folder called Music(you can use the MyFiles app to do that) Once I did that I went to the app manager, cleared data then went back to the app (as described above). When I downloaded the album again I found it in the Music folder.

      • Skip Masters

        Thank you … by the way….find out if samsung needs tech support because they sent me 5 emails without fixing it and your suggestion did it.

  • TruFactz

    So I downloaded it. Another platinum by Jay. I wish Neilsen would count it. But I also think Samsung could have done it a whole lot better. We download the app, have us log into or create a sammy account. And give it to us via Sammy hub.

    • Beyon-Z

  • king beef

    Reboot your phone after you download the album songs will appear once it has rebooted

    • s4 dappa

      Did u get album art with download

      • king beef

        Nope = sucks

  • s4 dappa

    Did any body get the album art with the download

  • seth

    Can i get it on my S2

  • jamal adam

    I hear it’s the clean version? Is that right?

    • drew

      Na its both clean and dirty just gotta put your age in

  • drew

    Just rebot your phone and go back to my files and it should be under music

    • s4 dappa

      Have u got album art

  • s4 dappa

    Cant find album art no where any body got it

  • jerrbomb

    I got it in the week hours of the morning on my GS4.. after having some issues.. It worked just fine..

    • tobby

      Did u get cover art

  • Brandon

    How do I get the album in my Play Music

  • BossV

    For those that can’t download the album: clear cache, clear ram, then restart your device. Then open up the App and click “Download Album”.

    Once the album is downloaded it’s actually downloaded on to your device, you can find this by going to the “My Files” app and the choose “Music”. All music files will be there in MP3 format.

  • donger


  • ayocuz

    I got the app and I must say is a very nice album (s3) now when it hits the play store I’ll just use that listen now feature to add it to my library I hope some of you brought it before it went to 9.99 a month

  • ROBERT Bayron Jr

    How u do this

  • NMejia

    Great album. Downloaded it on my Note II. Now going to extract it and also see if I can Wi-Fi Direct it to my girlfriend’s S4.

  • Josh

    Is it really that difficult..c’mon people!

  • Candice Edwards

    I am so sorry I missed out on your free album download. It alright I will buy the CD. I know that its hot.

  • Jack

    http://ul.to/ts6y24jo download link, no password.. Enjoy

  • Free mp3 Download

    thanks for this song

  • gab

    How do you download the new jayz album?

  • Curtis

    Loving Jays album never though he was ths gud excllent Mr Carter!

  • Mikeal Ousley

    I downloaded the album and broke my phone and got a new one how can I get my album back