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AT&T now claiming to have “most reliable 4G LTE network”


In a new ad campaign, AT&T is now claiming that it has the nation’s “most reliable 4G LTE network” alongside the prior claim of having the fastest LTE network. AT&T says industry comparisons showed that the company has the fastest LTE network as well as the “highest success rate for delivering mobile content across nationwide 4G LTE networks.” Unfortunately, AT&T didn’t actually show any of these supposed comparisons.

What we do know is that AT&T now provides LTE coverage in 328 markets. The carrier claims this translates to over 225 million people. But it’s hard to pin down a solid number when it comes to the LTE networks and how they perform, so saying that you have the most reliable network is a pretty big statement to make. Especially when your biggest competitor has now finished its LTE rollout across 500 markets and is traditionally known for being the most reliable carrier. Just throwing that out there.

This statement should be integrated into AT&T’s new ad campaigns, and you can find the first implementation of it right here.

What do you think of this claim? For that matter, what do you think of AT&T’s LTE network in general?

Show Press Release
It’s time to take another look at your wireless network. AT&T* not only has the nation’s fastest 4G LTE network, but now also has the most reliable 4G LTE network.** According to independent third-party data, AT&T has the highest success rate for delivering mobile content across nationwide 4G LTE networks.

And several recent independent tests have validated the great performance of AT&T’s network in other areas:

PCWorld/TechHive recognized AT&T’s 4G LTE service as having faster average download and upload speeds than any of our competitors in its most recent 20-market speed tests – the second consecutive year that AT&T has ranked first overall. PCWorld/TechHive also ranked AT&T’s as the fastest combination of 3G and 4G services in the 20 cities it tested.***
PC Magazine named AT&T America’s fastest 4G LTE network in its 2013 Fastest Mobile Networks 30-market study – and also swept the top rankings in all six U.S. regions from coast to coast: Northeast, Southeast, North-Central, South-Central, Northwest and Southwest.****
RootMetrics® has awarded AT&T for strongest overall call, text, and data performance in multiple markets from January through June of this year.*****
“More than 225 million people — in cities large and small — now have access to the nation’s fastest and most reliable 4G LTE network, and we want customers to know we’re setting the new standard for wireless performance,” said John Donovan, senior executive vice president for AT&T Technology and Network Operations.

What’s driving AT&T’s superior 4G LTE performance?

AT&T is building its network for speed and performance. Network radio components are placed near the top of the antenna which minimizes power loss. This translates into faster speeds and greater reliability across AT&T’s 4G LTE network. The network also is designed with its core elements distributed across the country, meaning data traffic gets on the Internet faster, which increases mobile data speeds.

Over the past five years, AT&T invested nearly $98 billion into its wireless and wireline networks across the country. Since 2008, AT&T has invested more capital into the U.S. economy than any other public company. In a July 2012 report, the Progressive Policy Institute ranked AT&T No. 1 on its list of U.S. “Investment Heroes.”

Source: AT&T

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  • htowngtr

    Not even close and I use it for work

    My VZW phone is always connected and always working. ATT… not so much. Half the time it drops to H speed.

  • jerrbomb

    ATT.. I’m proud of you for being that carrier that is so delusional that it actually believes what statement.. Lol.. Good for you ATT… Good for you…

  • Lame Hasselman

    It’s really disgusting that att would and could continue their unrestrained bold-faced marketing lies with no consequences. Any users in a high density metro area would realize that their network is a patchwork full holes designed to fail and scarcely maintained by incompetent monkiengineers who mostly sit in their att vehicles smoking, watching porn and jerking around. It’s also a well established and sad fact that the head of att is a notorious bean counter who rather not spend anything but to extract as much as possible from their customers.

    • Justen Holstein

      Completely disagree. D.C’s at&t LTE is crazy fast at all times of the day. You must just live in the middle of nowhere

      • Max.Steel

        AT&T shill.

    • Me

      They all just suck their customers of their hard earned money.
      I finally switched to at$t cuz I had had it with Verizons constant incompetence and try to milk my every penny. Terrible

  • Cory Simpson

    No one is reliable anymore. Verizon had several complete outages in Houston last year, and a calling out outage just last week.

  • yankeesusa

    Really, so verizons coverage is smaller than yours? Ok. and money grows on trees. Right. I’ll stick with tmobile as my gsm provider. In fact where I live tmobile is on average faster than att and only on hsdpa+. I recently tested tmobile lte here in my town and connected at 38mbps while att was 22mbps on a friends phone. On average the hsdpa+ for tmobile is between 8-12mbps on att its less than 7mbps. Either way I no longer us att for anything. Finally disconnected my landline att account after several incorrect bills and several lies from their customer service reps.

  • alexanderharri3

    It’s possible they are citing numbers since the dawn of each LTE network. Verizon’s was first and plagued with problems its first year and a half. Reliable should also include picking a random spot, can you connect consistently. No coverage = not reliable at that spot.

    Either way, although VZW may have the big network, they certainly aren’t the fastest, but they have the most lte users. Once the ATT iHordes migrate to a LTE phone, ATT may see some speed dropping as well.

    Mobile advertising – how to phrase your statement to be on the edge of lying, but not totally, while rolling in the dough.

  • donger

    Didn’t like it when I had it.

  • thel0nerang3r

    I’m suspicious of “we are the best, because…uhm… trust us”. If they truly are they should be showing the numbers front and center. Otherwise it’s a “marketing we are the best.”