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Sprint unveils new plans with “Unlimited Guarantee”


All the other carriers have announced plan changes, and Sprint didn’t want to be left out. Today, Sprint announced two new plans, both of which, you’ll be happy to hear, include unlimited data. Both plans include what Sprint is calling their Unlimited Guarantee, meaning Sprint can’t take away your unlimited talk, text and data for the entire life of your account. Even if your two-year contract has run out and Sprint decides to make radical changes to its plans, you won’t lose your unlimited plan.

The first plan is called Unlimited My Way and offers an experience that’s comparable to AT&T’s and Verizon’s shared data/family plans. You can put up to ten lines on one plan with unlimited talk to any number, mobile or otherwise, as well as unlimited texting. From there you can choose your data options. For $30 per month, you can get unlimited data for smartphones, and if you’re still rocking a feature phone, then the price is only $10 per month for unlimited data. If you don’t want unlimited data, you can choose 1GB of data for $20 per month. You can also forgo data altogether, but we don’t know why you’d want to do that.

The second plan is called My All-In, and it’s designed for individual lines. For $110 per month, you get unlimited talk, text and data and a full 5GB of mobile hotspot usage. That’s a pretty sick deal for what you’re getting. Sprint also threw together some comparisons regarding this plan. The My All-In plan will save you $240 per year over Verizon and $120 a year over both AT&T and T-Mobile.

The only thing about this announces is that it suggests Sprint is looking to drop unlimited data in the future. If it wasn’t, then there would be absolutely no reason to guarantee the company won’t take it away later. On the flip side, these new plans are really good deals. If you live in an area that’s covered by Sprint’s 4G LTE network, you should take a long, hard look at these plans.

What do you guys think of Sprint’s new plans?

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Source: Sprint

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  • redraider133

    This almost makes it seem like they will be moving to tiered in the near future hence why they are doing this. I hope they like tmo keep unlimited and with SoftBank can really turn it around.

  • Kenneth Charles

    You can keep your unlimited plan at Verizon AND get a discounted phone. it just isn’t completely straight forward https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4SHj1EbgR1A&feature=youtube_gdata_player

  • Apistia

    Hard to see where that price comparison to Tmobile makes sense. The All-In plan is $110 for unlimited talk, text and data plus 5 gigs of mobile hotspot data. A similar plan at Tmobile would include unlimited talk, text and data plus 4.5 gigs of mobile hotspot data for $90 (50 for the line+20 for unlimited data+20 for the 4.5 gigs of hotspot data). Even if one were to include the $20/month to pay off the balance on a top line new phone you’d equal, not exceed, Sprint. But then if we’re going to mention the cost of phones, Tmobile wants- as an example- $99 down for the S4 whereas Sprint wants $150 to walk out the store with the same phone. And after you pay off your phone with Tmobile you’re back down to $90 while once Sprint has recouped the money they discounted from the real cost of the S4 they keep your plan at that same higher price that allowed them to recoup that cost.

    So, unless I’m murdering the math or misunderstanding something, it’s hard to see where that makes sense.

    • uknowme

      That’s why I’ll be dropping Sprint and be getting T-Mobile.

  • donger

    Pass. Does not sounds interesting.

  • surg3d

    So does that mean that if you’re on an older plan they CAN get rid of your unlimited data?

  • Bruce

    To heck with the plans, how about actually offering 4G LTE like has been promised. I’m in Orlando Florida and the service is spotty at best. Right now where I’m at were still majority 3G.

    • mickjen

      Yep, 3G in my whole region, and in particular, because of being in a small valley, EDGE at times… Sigh.

  • Steve Barry

    Seems like the more lines you have, the worse this gets compared to what they have now. Sure, their big ‘selling point’ will be unlimited minutes now, but on Sprint, any call to ANY cell phone (regardless of carrier) doesn’t count against your quota so you virtually have unlimited minutes now.

    I have a 1,500 minute plan and for three total lines, I’ll pay $180 before taxes, fees, etc. Under the new plan, even if I only get 1GB of data for a line, I’m still at $200, would be $210 if I chose unlimited data for all three phones.

    Not only that, the 20% discount will probably only be applied to the original $50 line instead of the base $110 like it is now. So that’s even more out of my pocket. Before taxes, any insurance, etc…just based off flat costs and taking discount into consideration, it looks like I’d go from $158/mo up to $190/mo after this ‘new’ plan.

    T-Mobile, where you at??!!

    • Steve Barry

      Oh, and I factored in the $10/mo per phone for whatever fee they’re calling it now…premium data is it?

  • Max.Steel

    Ever since I went pre-paid, I just can’t do contracts anymore. Sorry.