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[UPDATE 2.0] Nexus 7 Giveaway: Why do you need a Nexus tablet?


The Nexus 2 7″ may sell for as little as $229 with a July 31 retail launch date, but you can have the original Nexus 7 for free this week!

“How?” you ask. Well, we’re making it nice and simple. All you have to do is tell us, in the comments, why you need a Nexus 7 in your life. What will you do with it? How will it make your life better? The top five commenters (that’s right, we’ve got five Nexus 7 tablets to give away!) will each win a device.

I need dis.

This could be you.

For this contest, only commenters with an And Me account will be eligible to win. If you don’t have one already, sign up now. It’s free and easy. This contest will be open to continental US residents only. Sorry international buddies, but the logistics of expanding our giveaways to overseas audiences are impractical.

Remember, you can embed images and gifs (that’s with a hard “g”) in our comments section. So, be as creative as you can with your post. Then vote for your favorite. You have until Tuesday, July 23 at 11:59 PM EST to earn votes. At that time, we will tabulate and begin contacting the winners. Happy commenting!


Man, y’all are some negative Nancies.

Fortunately, we at Android And Me are experienced in the ways of the number line and are able to rank negative integers from least to greatest.

Unfortunately, the innane downvoting seems to put newer comments at an advantage. However, there is nothing stopping entrants from leaving more than one comment, although, only one tablet will be awarded to each individual. (i.e. You cannot win more than one tablet).

Needless to say, we will stick with random drawings in the future. We just wanted to give you all something a little more fun and interactive than that.

To anyone off-put by the fact that we require you have an account to win: We are very grateful to have such an amazing community on our site. It shouldn’t be too much to ask that you officially join that community in order to participate in community events. Plus, without verified contact information, how can we get in touch with you if you win? ;)

Everyone, please remember that this is just a friendly contest. Be nice! The NSA is watching you.

Update 2.0:

The contest is now over. Thanks to everyone who played and stayed positive throughout. We have begun contacting the winners. Check your inboxes!

Words are hard. I word good.

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  • prit

    i could really use a nexus 7 so i travel quite often for work and pleasure and it is a hassle taking a laptop everywhere i go. I used my phone all the time but it would nice to have something a little bigger in screen size. It would be nice to be able to win the nexus 7

  • Cedric Merone

    I want a nexus 7 because it would make my life easier. I know it sounds weird but I’m in school now and I cant afford a computer or a tablet. I am literally paying my way to school with no help. When it comes to school work I have to do I basically have to live in the library because of the lack of a computer. I don’t have a car so taking the bus is all I have and I’m usually at the library 10 hours sometime and just having the nexus 7 would take some load off me and plus I love android.

  • pedrowatson

    Well, I’ll throw my hat in one more time. If y’all don’t think I deserve it due to my sob story before, how about this?

    I have upvoted every post that I think deserves to win, and I haven’t downvoted a SINGLE post.

    I will use the Nexus 7 to continue spreading that goodness and respect all over the interwebs.

    Remember, even though some folks have tried to ruin this everyone, five of us still get a FREE Nexus 7 when all’s said and done. Even if I don’t win, that’s pretty rad.

  • michael

    I would like to win a nexus 7 to take on my holiday and keep in touch with my family & friends..

  • barsoap

    I can’t give myself the luxury of spending any money to buy a nexus 7 and if I won one, I would use it as a means of better organizing my stuff at work, to read books ( this way I save trees ^.^ ) and I will finally be able to look at cat videos all day long ;D

  • Bozz019

    The reason why I need the Nexus 7 is so that I can give it to my father. I will be leaving in January of next year for the state police academy for 24 weeks. Afterwards I will be shipped somewhere in the state for a minimum of two years. My father does not own a smartphone or have texting on his regular flip phone. With me being able to give my dad this tablet, he would have the opportunity to Skype with me while I am away, text me by using the internet, as well as use an abundance of apps such as Voxer to keep in touch with me on a easier/regular basis. This would mean a lot to me as well as my dad.

    Thank you for this opportunity

  • Joshua Streeter

    I’ll be using this along with Google Voice as a cell phone. After years of struggling with tiny 4.3 inch cell phone screens, I need to get my big hands on this 7″ beast.

    You see, my hands are huge. In the days of slide out QWERTY’s, I could manage, but the pain my massive digits have to go through to send a text on a tiny touch screen is simply not worth it. My social life is suffering due to my reluctance to squeeze out 160 characters on keys that are minuscule in comparison to my colossal appendages.

    And yes, ladies, I am currently single.

  • http://theamazingaustin.com Austin Tompkins

    More or less of a repost to see if we’re still getting swarmed by downvoters…

    I’ve actually been wanting to utilize a tablet for quite some time!
    As part of a worldwide volunteer education effort, I assist and manage territory and census data to help organize our work. At home I have a desktop that works just fine, but all my on-the-go communication and updates are either done on my trusty (but badly beaten, haha) 4-inch Nexus S, or scribbled across notebooks and taken home to be updated. Being able to update the census and other data on the fly on a tablet would make my job SO much easier. Working with large tables, maps, PDF’s, and emails on a shattered 4 inch screen isn’t quite ideal, but it still gets the job done. :P

    Too, I plan to travel to Central America to further our efforts there, especially in building reliable layouts of rural roadways and homes. I don’t want to bring my entire desktop computer, and to have a mobile device that will let me GPS trace and map the rural road system while on foot / bike / car / bus / etc without lugging around a full-fledged laptop would be amazing!

    Also we come across many in the deaf community, and to be able to communicate with them briefly via ASL, LESCO or other sign-language video, and return another time with a person fluent in their sign language means so much to them, but requires a screen large enough to clearly see the signs, especially for those advanced in years.

    That’s why I would love to have a tablet! And while free is always great, we can’t complain, the price of the Nexus line is pretty affordable – save a few extra pennies here and there and we’ll have one in no time! :P

    • grimmdev

      I’ve been watching mine closely.. I don’t get why people are downvoting so much… I’ve been trying to upvote people but to no avail. I took ascreenshot of my highest vote count as proof I was above negative if I ever get lower. http://i.imgur.com/tHKNroF.jpg

      • thedude

        lets see your work besides 1 graphic.

        there are plenty of ‘developers’ on here that talk the walk, but dont walk it.

        • grimmdev

          The link I posted points to a page with the link to my google playstore developer page… if you even bothered to read it… instead of questioning and downvoting people, perhaps you should actually investigate..

      • http://theamazingaustin.com Austin Tompkins

        Eesh, I’ve been trying to do the same, but it’s a losing battle, haha.

  • marsha thornhill

    I am a very poor grandmother of 3 always wanted 1 ,would love 2 set n the park n search the web, I realy can not afford 2 buy 1

  • http://alxrock.deviantart.com alxrock

    Honestly, I want one to replace my iPad (1st gen). I’ve pretty much abandoned it and let my kids take over it, but it crashes so much, that they get pretty frustrated with it. I’d much rather have my kids playing on an Android device.

  • AT

    Honestly, I’d just like to win this to save money, cause I would’ve bought one any way!

  • McLovin

    Love to see free giveaway contests here at Androidandme.com. It is sad to see a downvoting system that is so casually abused.

    • redraider133

      Agree. Best of luck to all, even those down voting every single post.

  • Randy White

    I just want it…period

  • batman

    Because I’m Batman.

  • docsparks

    Just upvoted every single negative post there was.

    And, I want the Nexus7 to find out for myself, if it will blend.


    So I can share story time and hang out in a tent with kids that want to know more about the stars, like that google commercial.


    So I can use it to hack your guys servers, get the IP of the mega-negative down voter, trace his IP to carrier, infiltrate that carriers system, find that persons address, fly there, and pull a jay n silent bob on their ass.

    • grimmdev

      I loved that movie.

  • isaiahshughes

    Yeah it really is obnoxious how someone can post a really funny and awesome comment with a hilarious GIF. But those people who sit behind the computer and make up crazy stories about how they’re 1 year old needs a tablet because he needs to be the ish at day care with a new tablet, dislike the good stuff so that they can win a tablet. And I bet they will dislike this one too, because nobody likes to hear the truth.

  • Adilson Amaro

    The reasons I have to win a Nexus 7…
    I’m a Google maniac , android maniac !!
    Finally I’m from the Android planet.

  • bon

    I need a Nexus 7 to make my life more organized.

  • walkerguy69

    I don’t think people really need them. They just want it

  • mrwirez

    I want to bash my fruity iPhone buddy in his iHead -with a brand spanking NEW


    Besides I’m a laid-off electrician in Pittsburgh….


  • mrwirez

    I want to bash my fruity iPhone buddy in his iHead -with a brand spanking NEW
    Nexus 7.2


    Besides I’m a laid-off electrician in Pittsburgh….


  • Xallies

    Wow seriously guys… Be honest vote how you feel about the comment, not on a need to be competitive…

  • saraho_o

    I have a question , what do you mean by saying ” we will stick with random drawings in the future ” ? do you mean next giveaways or this one also ? anyone explain ?

    people are so negative voting wouldn’t work

  • RevTheGame

    The reason I need a Nexus 7 in my life is the fact that my Acer Iconia A500 will no longer boot up. This happens last Saturday, July 13, 2013. I remember the starting out great. I was going to the Dodgers Game and I thought about bringing my tablet to use as a GPS. I ended up leaving it home at last second. Little did I know that that would be the last time I would ever get to use it. I plugged it in to the charger and held the power button for a few seconds and it was normal until it got to the Android logo part of the boot up. It stayed that way for a while so I tried again. I decided I would let it charge overnight and try again in the morning. Then after about another five attempts I looked up the problem on my phone (I don’t have my own computer, just an android tablet and phone). I found out that this was a problem that 100′s of other Iconia owners had. I owned it since Christmas and it would cost $199 to repair. This is why I need a Nexus 7 in my life, but regardless of whether I win or not I will certainly be getting one soon

  • Syed Hasnaine Ahmed

    I will be happy to have one nexus 7 because
    - I can check my official email and get connected more frequent. I don’t need to open my laptop every time or don’t have to read emails on small dizzying screen of mobile phones if I had the nexus 7.
    - I can organize myself more efficiently and can quickly add tasks and calendar on the go and instead of connecting laptop every time.
    - since I have eye sight problem I don’t want to read in phone screen (which is small) and having a nexus 7 can surely make my life better.
    - and it can be “my” first tablet that I am dreaming for a long time.
    - it’s also good to win something :))

  • Kamran Adeli

    Because Nexus user experience that’s why.

  • htowngtr

    I need one in my life because I just sold my last one to buy the new one. Confusing?

  • Vance

    I travel for work, and spend on average 150 nights a year in a hotel bed away from my young family. I’m in need of a 7 inch tablet to accompany me on the road. one that fits nicely in my “satchel”, and allows me to stay connected to my wife and kiddos.

  • Michael

    If I win a Nexus 7, I will give it to my wife so that I can have my computer back. It’s just that simple.

  • chater

    My wife bought me a nexus 7 the past christmas because I had been wanting one even though our finances didn’t allow for it. My daughter (11 months at the time) decided to test out gravity from the bed and cracked the screen after 2 weeks. Only the top half of the screen is functional. I am a medical student and have found that the screen is a perfect size for the lab coat. For the past 7 months I have been flipping the screen around for anything that needs touch input on the functional side just to manage any studying and working I need to do. Games are not functional as the rotation is often disabled and I can not use both halves…haha. My wife got the nexus 7 off craigslist to save some money, therefor no warranty :(. I feel like i have worked very hard on a barely functional tablet and would love to have a nexus 7 with a full screen working that I can buy a impact resistant cover for. I took a photo but am not sure how to put it into the comment.

    • chater

      I hope this works. You can see the crack line that divides working side and non working side and the impact corner.

      • chater

        I assume the negative votes are because the think what happens is no good. I agree with you guys saying it is stinks, but you should agree to helping by pressing the up arrow. :)

  • androjunkie

    The reason I would love to get one of these tablets: In my family we used the one we had for our son to trace his letters and learn basic math before he starts Kindergarten. Before our Acer 7″ died he used it every day. Well with me being a single income dad I havnt been able to replace it yet. I’m not trying to give you a sad story , but you did ask what I would do with it. Our use would strictly be for my sons benefit. Thanks for your consideration .

  • ea1958

    Bluetooth Mouse:
    Apple won’t impliment BT Mouse because it would eat into the market for their laptops… and desktops.
    This is one area where Andoid devices (Nexus 7) do more (i.e. I can write, via BT Keyboard & BT Mouse input) using the N7 as a monitor, or even with the N7 plugged into a monitor, for the full desktop experience.

  • Christopher Heidt

    My wife bought me a Nexus 7 for our first anniversary last year, and we both love it, so it would be kind of cool to be able to give her one for our second anniversary! If not, perhaps I’ll get her the 2nd Gen version, and make it a tradition :-)

  • Chris Ta

    Right now, I have the Galaxy S2 Skyrocket. I LOVE all the apps Google provides. Drive, Goggles, Calendar, Keep, Maps, Translate, and last but not least Google Now! These apps help my everyday life so much! But unfortunately, the battery life on the Skyrocket is awful! Having the Google services syncing all the time is a battery killer! I have to fully charge my phone 2-3 times a day :( I even bought an external battery power source (5,000 mAh). People look at me strangely because I have a wire going from one pocket to another, or to my backpack. With the new Nexus 7, I could have all day power! And I could connect to Wi-fi all day too to sync the Google services. Getting a Nexus 7 would be an awesome back to school win, I’d join the group of students with awesome back to school gadgets. I also need a taste of PURE ANDROID! No more of this TouchWiz junk or AT&T bloatware.

  • cheidt76

    My wife bought me a Nexus 7 for our first anniversary last year, and we both love it, so it would be kind of cool to be able to give her one for our second anniversary! If not, perhaps I’ll get her the 2nd Gen version, and make it a tradition :-)

  • chta31

    Right now, I have the Galaxy S2 Skyrocket. I LOVE all the apps Google provides. Drive, Goggles, Calendar, Keep, Maps, Translate, and last but not least Google Now! These apps help my everyday life so much! But unfortunately, the battery life on the Skyrocket is awful! Having the Google services syncing all the time is a battery killer! I have to fully charge my phone 2-3 times a day :( I even bought an external battery power source (5,000 mAh). People look at me strangely because I have a wire going from one pocket to another, or to my backpack. With the new Nexus 7, I could have all day power! And I could connect to Wi-fi all day too to sync the Google services. Getting a Nexus 7 would be an awesome back to school win, I’d join the group of students with awesome back to school gadgets. I also need a taste of PURE ANDROID! No more of this TouchWiz junk or AT&T bloatware.

  • mikey

    My goal is to dedicate a high quality tablet to my family emergency preparedness kit (stored in an EMP-resistant container). The tablet will include ebooks from A-to-Z on homesteading, survival, edible plants, etc. I already have a small, dependable solar set-up for charging. My current Nexus would be the perfect tablet this purpose if I could land the new Nexus as my daily driver. Our household motto is “Apple avoid, go with the Android”.

  • rfvgyhn

    I travel a lot. This is what I have to deal with on a weekly basis:

    It would be nice to be able to kill time with a tablet.

    I’d also like to build an enclosure in my car dash and have all of my music plus loads of vehicle metrics via an OBD2 bluetooth adapter.

    • rfvgyhn

      Oi, markup fail.

  • Kilo720

    I need a tablet device that I can use on my NYC Commute that pocketable to watch movies, plays game, read comic and listening to music without killing my galaxy s3 battery b4 I even reach my Destination

  • Nikolay E

    I would love to have a Nexus 7 for school purposes as I am continuing community college and getting ready to go off to a university in a year. There are a lot of technical terms that professors use just to tease us, and being able to look up a word instantly would help insanely when trying to fight back! :P

    Especially with me going into the technical field now, being able to have a better platform for using apps and/or researching things would help with class work a lot. Tablets also help greatly when trying to stay organized, which is apparently essential in the college environment. Sadly.

    Also, that quad core thing + a graphic intensive game sound awesome.

  • roland

    I need to keep my mom up to data on latest technology she is 77 years old and this will make her happy.This is something that will keep her young.

  • scaarg

    This is my second comment. My first post has vanished with the new wave of users so I thought I should repost it! I hope it gives you a good laugh…

    The main reason why I need this tablet is because I’ve been waiting so long to do this:

    This could be the first time I win something and me and my friends have been practicing this in case one of us win anything. So please android and me, help me!

  • Bpear96

    I went to visit my grandma couple weeks ago. Of course I brought my nexus 7. Turn$ out my grandma really likes the thing and got the hang of it real quick. I would love to win one to give to her :)

  • MaVe_64

    I would like the Nexus so I can show my -crazy about Ipad mini- friend how nice it is compared to it, if he’s still nuts about the Ipad, I can hit him on the head with my then retired Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000!

  • Olliedcy

    Simple and sincere. It’s time to replace my beloved Motorola Zoom. Over two years.of.faithful service, reliable as the day I long…most 10-12 hours she has never failed me and deserves a rest. If I could figure out how to use her as a brood mare with the newest Nexis tablets I would. Then I could sit in my rocker and watch all the baby Xoom/Nexis babies playing at my feet.

  • dkhalasi

    Dam, do you see that? I gotta go talk to it. Hey what’s your name? Nexus 7? That’s a nice name. You know you look so fine with that sleek look. You know if me and you were together we’d watch movies, listen to music, and take pictures wherever we go. You know I’m going to L.A. this August I’d really like it if you joined me? Nexus 7 you’ll make life so much easier for me because you’re so thin i don’t have to worry about space. You’re so organized that I’ll learn to be organized just like you. You can teach me everything you know. Whether it be a lunch date or a movie night you’ll let me know because Nexus 7…. you’re just that incredible. Nexus 7 you know what makes you more special? I know you’ll last longer than all the others. You’re not like all the others that get tired after a charge and you know one day I hope me and that beautiful face can be together.

  • ZelCorp

    I just recently graduated college and will be working in operations for a collegiate baseball team starting in the fall. A Nexus 7 would help me:

    - Complete basic tasks such as checking e-mails and managing schedules
    - Track recruits and collect player statistics
    - Stay sane on all the long flights throughout our season

    And most importantly, it would make a fantastic graduation gift!

    It would also help me get through airport security faster considering you don’t have to remove a tablet from your bag. Having dark skin makes getting through TSA a pain.


  • NamelessTed

    Yeah guys, who thought it would be a good idea to have the community up/downvote comments and the 5 with the highest points would win the tablet? This outcome is absolutely the most predictable outcome imaginable. The second most predictable outcome would be that somebody would either make multiple accounts and upvote themselves or if a group of friends all commented and then upvoted each other.

    Simply put, contest winners either have to be at complete random, meet a certain set of requirements (holiday giveaways with X amount of rank on the site), or having the staff vote one who they think has the best/funniest/most deserving/whatever post.

    The worst part is that this has just fueled a whole bunch of negative feedback for every single person that left a comment on this post. And now you are even suggesting leaving multiple comments in hopes that if it is newer that it will receive fewer downvotes, which just encourages spamming this thread hoping that you are the last person to leave a comment before the contest ends. I guess you learn the hard way.

    Also, what is stopping you from changing the giveaway rules at this point and just making it a random drawing?

  • Juanito


  • Trisha Rico

    I would love to have this beautiful device. I would use it to stream, email, hangout, and play with all of the awsome apps. Most importantly I would love to experience the OS updates as soon as they come out. Pick me ….I would use it everyday while I sit at work multitasking.

  • guyb99

    If you guys think I’m going to post a comment just to stand a chance of winning a soon-to-be superseded 7″ tablet then you’re absolutely correct

  • sixmoodydwarves

    I need one because my brother cracked the screen on mine so that it doesn’t work. I really want to design a better Holo-centric Facebook app, but don’t have a tablet to develop on.

  • sam crnic

    You need a nexus tablet for a lot of reasons. One is because they are open soured tablets for developers to make the nexus and android experience even better. Two is because they have pure android which means they get updates the fastest and there’s no bugs from the skins on other devices. Lastly, because with Google business apps and education apps learning is easier and your job will look easy.

  • youknowwho

    This is silly. Just make the drawing random already.


    Oh lamentations and gnashing of teeth, I am an underpaid Architect who works for a firm with a director of IT that is an Apple drone. I must walk job sites wearing an Ipad around my neck in shame as Marley walks all eternity wade down in his disgrace. I need this Nexus 7 to silence my souls unearthly moans each time I rattle my Ipad chains. I beg, have mercy on me. Save me from this torment, it is not too late.

  • Claire

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  • texasfan

    I am a long time lurker of Android & Me, If I won the Nexus giveaway, I could finally get rid of my iPad and give it to my kids, since that is who iPads are made for! :-)

    If I won, words could not adequately describe my happiness. So I decided to show you some examples of what my response would look like:

    (DISCLAIMER: These examples are a pale comparison to my actual excitement, but it’s the best I could do.)

  • kinderdm

    I just bought a hisense sero 7 pro. And although a nexus would be nice I will not be greedy and make up reasons why I need one when I don’t really. Kids are still too young to pass anything along to them. Instead I will pass out some up-votes to others who seem like they would really enjoy it. Good luck.

  • beike

    Hi,I’m from china, I need a tablet to read ebooks, and other english materials,so i can study something and learn english ,but i don’t have some money to buy it.so I hope everybody to give me “like” ,so that i can get one nexus 7. of course ,i will find a logistics company to transport it.

  • Dafnah S

    There are many reasons I need a Nexus 7. I do not own a car and do a lot of traveling on public transportation. This is a great time to read, save, and take notes (by copy-paste) for my research, and sometimes for pleasure, and the Nexus 7 will be perfect for that. At present, I am ruining my eyesight and my nerve-system by doing all this on an Ipod! When I am moody, or when I hike to or from work, I listen to podcasts, for which Nexus 7 will be just as great. But what is really importat, I use Qiqqa for managing my thousands of PDFs (for research) and brainstorming, and on mobile devices Qiqqa runs only on android. Taking a library in your mobile device every\where you go is an academic’s dream come true! I also love reading in bed, but my bed-side lamp bothers my husband. Reading in bed with a Nexus 7 is important for a good marriage! Thank you!

  • acuda27

    I have been waiting for the Nexus 2 7 because I really wanted a camera on it to take advantage of the stock camera with Photo Sphere and time laps video, but you can’t beat a free nexus 7 :)

  • NaKaKoiKanal

    Id give it to my mom so she can play bejeweled

  • TheBadWolf79

    I would love a Nexus 7 to give me something larger to use for researching topics for in class physics assignments.

    And with that, here’s some fun and cool pics.

  • William Nordmann

    I want a Nexus 7 for my son to play with, right now he calls all tablets iPads. I want to end this misconception brought on from a company that does more marketing that innovating. I want to teach the youth about great product with Open Source operating systems.

  • bigbobmaj

    Wow! A free Nexus! I am married and in DEBT! My wife will not let me spend money on a tablet! OUCH! Could really use this. I spend most of my time in volunteer service and it would really help me to organize. Stop the evil apple empire!

  • rsanchez1

    I have an old Acer tablet. I’ve been wanting to upgrade forever but the money isn’t there. I’d prefer a tablet with good developer support and nice specs, and the original Nexus 7 fits that to a “T”. I would love to win it.

  • snolasco

    I am a Receptionist and assistant as well has bookworm. I’d love a Nexus 7 to keep my schedule on and help get organized. I’ve always been a pen-and-paper gal but getting a bit overwhelmed and ready to try a new approach to keep my head above the water!

    Also my family lives thousands of miles away, it would be nice to have a tablet to easily Skype them on. :)

  • ellett

    I’d like the Nexus 7 to give to my son. He’s been getting by on an old Nook Color with CM7 but the Color is on its last legs and he really needs a small tablet to take with him on campus for research and ad hoc note taking.

  • bleeew

    I need one because then my mom wouldn’t need to buy an iPad Mini. She would be mad if we settled for the “bargain” tablets. She is just brainwashed. I would just show her the things android does better than the overpriced iPad Mini(with a big price tag).

  • doubleksquared

    My niece has a Nexus 7 and it’s a great tablet. With it’s pure Google experience, size and speed, it’s the perfect tablet. If I had a job I would buy one for myself.

  • Bonekeep

    I’m a high school teacher and want to explore using a tablet in the classroom. Willing to spend my own money to purchase educational apps through Google Apps for Education program.

  • euio

    for the user interface of our hydraulic hybrid which is built to run on android. currently using the original nexus7. see lightninghybrids.com for more info.

    then i would use the old one to spy on the NSA.
    just kidding.
    no really its just a joke.
    who’s at my door?

  • kendartra

    The only tablet I have ever owned was yellow with blue lines. I need a Nexus 7 to enhance my productivity and eliminate my dependence on pencils, erasers and sharpeners.

  • MrChizzle

    The best Nexus 7 is the free one. Hook it up!

  • karmcoma

    I don’t know that I have anything unique to say. I just want one because I don’t have a tablet, and I find the 7″ form factor the perfect halfway point between my Nexus 4 and a full 10″ tablet. I’d use it to read comics, novels, watch Netfilx and play games. Also, it’d let me free up some space from my phone so I can add more music to that.

  • jaysi8

    I’m going back to school after 23 years and I want to be as paperless as I can be by using my nexus as my textbook.

  • killervick7

    +1 me if you where downvoted

  • Thuylinh

    If I won the Nexus 7, I would not keep it for myself, but give it to my amazing boyfriend. He really wants one but I cannot afford one on my own.

  • peacethuy

    I would like to win the Nexus 7 to give as a present to my amazing boyfriend. He really wants and deserves one but I cannot affor one on my own.

    • peacethuy


      • Taratsu

        I would so love to have this, hope you win it.

        • peacethuy

          aha you wish.

  • jakejardashian

    Winning a free Nexus 7 would of course be wonderful, but all this down voting is so disheartening. Come on guys.

  • docsparks

    i had to beat someone to death with my gtab tonight. the gtab didn’t survive.

    because of this, i now need a new tablet, or throwing star.

    the nexus would be nice, or ill beat you to death next.

  • docsparks

    if i won the nexus tablet, i would be more grateful that grimmdev.

    he’s so grim anyway.

    • docsparks

      and who really wants to deal with a grimm dev? I personally know my customers like a happy, upbeat, never down and always content dev, let alone grimm.

      ill take my LWP template and mosey on.

      • grimmdev

        Attacking people is always easy huh?

      • grimmdev

        I’m JK I’m sure you didn’t mean to be rude purposely or downvote me.

      • grimmdev

        jk again, I’m not that grimm, or am.. i? http://i.imgur.com/QJtNOZq.jpg ;]

      • sixmoodydwarves

        Do not attack people, haters.

  • sixmoodydwarves

    If I won the Nexus 7, I’d give it to my wonderful mother to replace her tablet on which I broke the screen. I can’t afford to buy her a new one so she is stuck using the broken one.

  • Sisaka

    I could use a Nexus 7 because it would help me get my dream career started. I do not have the money to afford test platforms and equipment to develop and skill build. I am a college student close to the end of my education. I have recently been working on freelance, video game and any other projects I can get my hands on. I am getting a graphic and game design BS. It has been really hard finding work without enough experience. Just to see some of my work here is my portfolio site http://dansdigitaldesigns.net/. I need platforms to develop on with no money to buy them. So if I could win this it would help greatly and I would thank you all immensely for helping me win.

  • androidfan100

    If I won the Nexus 7, I wouldn’t keep it for myself, but give it as a present to someone I know.

  • chief270

    Reposting – now with an a&m user login.


    I had a sweet 16 gb nexus 7(biggest at the time). It was everything I imagined it would be and more. I loved it.

    Notice the past tense? Yea…

    Two weeks ago I was was at the lake with my buddies, can’t remember why, but I had my nexus out showing something to one of my friends and layed it down on the side of the boat. A few moments later someone hit the throttle and I saw the tablet slide off the side of the boat and into the water! I tried looking for it but no luck.

    Winning a nexus would definitely help soften the blow of my old nexus literally sleeping with the fishes.

  • Martin

    because “it just works”

    • Martin

      “There’s an app for just about anything”

  • franrich

    Why do I need one? 7′ form factor. What for ? games,videos,skype and movies can’t beat this baby.

  • Martin

    “A magical and revolutionary device at an unbelievable price.”

  • ShadowNinja

    It would be great to win as I don’t have a Nexus device or a tablet for that matter. And I think that its an amazing device.

  • killervick7

    I think the ranking system failed on the lol

  • killervick7

    Google is #1

  • bigbobmaj

    Ahhh! The Nexus! I need updates! I need updates! I need updates! Stuck with htc amaze 4g. All I can do is root to get it to work right. Just want some plain old vanilla and a lot of updates!

  • moelsen8

    the new nexus 7 seems to hit just about every missing aspect from the first. i love my first one, and i would love this one more!

  • turtleman

    I like turtles.

  • c_hart

    I’ve never had a tablet. I could make good use out of it.

  • jvranas

    Although there are many reasons, I think I shall keep it brief, and apparently expect plenty of downvotes*.

    I would love a Nexus 7, however, I don’t have the extra cash to purchase one. Even at the sale prices I’ve seen lately lol. I am something of an android junkie, and a custom rom addict. I’m a big fan of the vanilla android experience, as I’ve had on my Google Nexus S 4G, which I just recently got rid of. I rarely find myself without my phone or my trusty Toshiba Thrive 10.1″ in my hands. There’s another reason right there. I’m still rocking a Toshiba Thrive, which was rendered all but unusable by the bugged beyond all belief update that Toshiba gave us! Help me Android and Me!

    *Seriously, Chronic Downvoters? You’re the reason the rest of us can’t have more of these types of giveaways. For shame. For shame.

  • jollygreengiant

    Because I’m jolly and green.

  • sixmoodydwarves

    Let’s do this! I need the tablet so that I can replace my mom’s old tablet with a cracked screen (which I broke). I have no money, no job, and nowhere to get this tablet.

  • ChibiG

    I really could use this my computer’s about three years old and the screens dieing I’d love to get something small to carry around with me to use.

  • MoJo1976


  • MoJo1976


  • isaiahshughes

    Well good luck to everyone since people like to click the sh*t out of the dislike button……..

  • myandroid99

    I’ve heard so much about the nexus 7… yet never had one… will it it live up to the hype… well first i need one to find out ;) thx you

  • Sam Wyatt

    I would like to have one.

  • gamersam08

    i would love to have a free one.

  • rr2009

    I’m going to be an undergraduate senior this coming fall and I’ll be doing my thesis next term. I will use the Nexus tablet to work on my thesis instead of using my old laptop that needs to be connected to a power source all the time.

  • killervick7

    I wonder if anyone will have any plus comments lol

  • killervick7

    +1 ftw

  • Jimmy

    I want a Nexus 7 because it’s free.

  • sixmoodydwarves

    Trying yet again…

  • killervick7

    -4 In less then a hour lol TROLLS

  • killervick7

    They should make the winner who posted the most comments

  • killervick7

    Like my status!

  • Danny

    I want to win for game dev :)

  • sixmoodydwarves

    Haters just keep hating.

  • sixmoodydwarves

    When you dislike a comment, that person just a ends up in a rotten mood and dislikes your post.

  • Sisaka

    I could use a Nexus 7 because it would help me get my dream career started. I do not have the money to afford test platforms and equipment to develop and skill build. I am a college student close to the end of my education. I have recently been working on freelance, video game and any other projects I can get my hands on. I am getting a graphic and game design BS. It has been really hard finding work without enough experience. Just to see some of my work here is my portfolio site http://dansdigitaldesigns.net/. I need platforms to develop on with no money to buy them. So if I could win this it would help greatly and I would thank you all immensely for helping me win.

    O and for my Dream! :D

  • killervick7

    +1 for everyone!

    • Co1e

      In a better world my friend.

  • MoJo1976


  • MoJo1976


  • MoJo1976


  • MoJo1976


  • MoJo1976


  • sixmoodydwarves

    I want to replace my mom’s old god-awful Thrive tablet with a brand-spanking new Nexus 7.

  • MoJo1976


  • MoJo1976

    Hey is there a Post limit LMAO WINNER

  • ChibiG

    Lemme win this please I really need this!

  • killervick7


  • MoJo1976


  • batman

    bEbecause android is the OS that Gotham deserves, not the one it needs.

  • MoJo1976


  • techgeekus

    I like it and I want to try it :)

  • Blaster Mouse

    Down vote me Cuz I dislike your mannerisms

  • FakeHero

    I’m the Pappy!

  • aliacer

    I love google products and its nice to have one. gonna use it for gaming.

  • rfvgyhn

    I travel a lot. This is what I have to deal with on a weekly basis:

    It would be nice to be able to kill time with a tablet.

    I’d also like to build an enclosure in my car dash and have all of my music plus loads of vehicle metrics via an OBD2 bluetooth adapter.

  • Blaster Mouse

    * song used in the show “Aqua Teen Hunger Force”; is not on any album

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    Don’t care if it’s nutritious or “FDA approved”
    It’s gonna make me spaz like bobcats on booze
    A hyperactive juice that only I can produce

    And fuel a giant drill, bore straight into Hell
    Releasing ancient demons from their sleep forever spell
    So they can walk upon the earth, and get resituated
    And Hock the diet pills that MC Pee Pants has created

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    Mess up the mix, mix up the mess
    Come on down yo, here’s the address
    At 6-1-2 Wharf Avenue,

  • MoJo1976


  • peacethuy

    I need a nexus 7 so I could give it to my amazing boyfriend for his birthday!!!

  • MoJo1976

    What give it away NOOOOOOOOO

  • FakeHero


  • Sisaka

    Please I really want to win it would be such a big help. :D

  • MoJo1976


  • bdtech

    I would love to have a nexus 7. I do not have a heart-warming story to share, my story is a selfish one. Last Christmas my wife and I decided to share our present together and purchase an I pad for home use. After several months of using the device I grew accustomed to having the device as an every day tool; checking emails, watching you tube, paying bills, etc. Two weeks ago I noticed it was missing, I was distraught. After inquiring as to where it went, my wife (argh) said it will be staying at her work for now on. Something about the need to communicate with her business people or some sort. I have been lost man ever since. The nexus 7 can be my salvation from relying on a dinosaur that is called a computer. Thank in advance for your support.

  • peacethuy

    Pick meee

  • MoJo1976


  • batman

    What did the buffslo say to his son when he was leaving for college?

    I’ll tell you the answer when I’ve got my Nexus.

  • killervick7

    i love Justin Beiber

  • MoJo1976

    pick me pls

  • AChackes

    I need a Nexus 7 because my 1 year old recently decided my phone needed to take a dip in the baby pool!

    For now I have downgraded to my old LG Optimus V. Fine for the basic neccesaties, but not much for games and media.

    My 3 yr old & 5 yr old are not happy that daddy’s phone won’t play their favorite games anymore, so this N7 could bring peace to my household.

    Its going to be a while before I am able to get a new phone, so the N7 would go long way to fill the void.

  • killervick7


  • Sisaka

    I could use a Nexus 7 because it would help me get my dream career started.

  • omarfx

    I’ll give it to my fiancee, dont downvote it!!!

  • peacethuy

    Please, may I have a Nexus 7?

  • MoJo1976


  • Sisaka

    win please

  • Sisaka

    contest need this

    • peacethuy

      Can I still win? :[

  • MoJo1976


  • omarfx

    I’ll give it to my fiancee, dont downvote it!!! please

    • saraho_o

      don’t worry habibi may be next time

  • Sisaka

    Video games are cool

  • AChackes

    Is it too late?

  • AChackes

    I just upvoted everyone, please vote me up!

  • killervick7

    Did i win?

  • peacethuy

    How can people still vote? It’s past 1:59est..

    • peacethuy


  • Sisaka

    People can still vote and comment this is lame :(

  • bigbobmaj

    I still want it. Please

  • killervick7

    Ya i definatly had +2 on one of my comments as it ended

  • Sisaka

    Still want to win
    Win please?

  • killervick7

    anyone know what happened?

    • http://theamazingaustin.com Austin Tompkins

      I have a feeling things have been put on hold. Maybe not though. Can’t help but be amused that even after voting is over, comments that aren’t even valid entries (“Why do you need a Nexus 7?”) are still getting downvoted.


  • Klingsor

    I want it so badly. No tablet in my life. Please pick me.

  • FormerYooper

    Please …. rescue me from the 20th Century by giving me a Nexus 7! I still have a rotary dial phone …. 3 big-honking old-style TV’s …. a tracfone for a cell ….. need I go on? Android and Me, you have the power to release me from my misery!

    • http://theamazingaustin.com Austin Tompkins

      Can I have one of your 3 tv’s? ;P

  • killervick7

    Androidandme Please answer us lol I was up till 12pm for this and had positive votes when it ended lol who won???

  • wollac11

    It is a real shame to see all these down-voted comments. The community is usually pretty strong here guys lets not fall out over a competition!

    Anyhow, I would love a Nexus 7 because I think it would be great tablet to have on the move. I think it would be really handy for college notes and for watching movies on the bus or the train where a 10″ tablet is a bit bulky.

  • Wilfred Tam

    I would love a Nexus 7 to conquer the world with it. I can sling in my bag and hit the hiking trail without losing productivity, travel the long hours in the trains of Japan while doodling my ideas on an app in my Nexus, or reading my favorite book with the Kindle reader app on my favorite beach in Thailand. For real, I don’t have all that money to travel or buy the Nexus 7 yet but I can dream all of the other stuff as long as I can get a Nexus 7 (^_^)

  • w9jds

    I’m a huge Deus Ex fan. So I would love Nexus 7 for when Deus Ex: The Fall finally comes to Android.

    Also I am currently working on an EVE Online application for android and I think that the tablet community is extremely important to support while making an application. So I would also like to use this Nexus 7 for debugging/testing purposes so that I can not only test the new High Res. but also make sure all my templates work correctly for the tablet!

    One last thing. Thanks Android and Me for always giving away stuff to the amazing Android Community! :)

    Good luck everyone.

    • w9jds

      Woops a little late :P

  • nick kannavos

    I dont have a tablet and I really want one now more than ever because of the android 4.3 features

  • killervick7

    lol people still downvoting

  • myandroid99

    So much hate…

  • killervick7

    I wonder whats going on with this they still haven’t said anything =/

  • Niksi

    I’d love it because my computer is in the shared bedroom, so I can’t study at night when exams are coming. This would be perfect for educating myself and earning for the next one :)

  • Jay V

    I’d use it to downvote everyone’s comments from wherever i am to better my chances of winning the next contest!!

  • Jason

    I’d love a new nexus 7 to skype with my family when i deploy for the Air Force! I only have an old lunky laptop now, and it would be fantastic to have a device small enough to fit my cagro pocket.