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[UPDATE 2.0] Nexus 7 Giveaway: Why do you need a Nexus tablet?


The Nexus 2 7″ may sell for as little as $229 with a July 31 retail launch date, but you can have the original Nexus 7 for free this week!

“How?” you ask. Well, we’re making it nice and simple. All you have to do is tell us, in the comments, why you need a Nexus 7 in your life. What will you do with it? How will it make your life better? The top five commenters (that’s right, we’ve got five Nexus 7 tablets to give away!) will each win a device.

I need dis.

This could be you.

For this contest, only commenters with an And Me account will be eligible to win. If you don’t have one already, sign up now. It’s free and easy. This contest will be open to continental US residents only. Sorry international buddies, but the logistics of expanding our giveaways to overseas audiences are impractical.

Remember, you can embed images and gifs (that’s with a hard “g”) in our comments section. So, be as creative as you can with your post. Then vote for your favorite. You have until Tuesday, July 23 at 11:59 PM EST to earn votes. At that time, we will tabulate and begin contacting the winners. Happy commenting!


Man, y’all are some negative Nancies.

Fortunately, we at Android And Me are experienced in the ways of the number line and are able to rank negative integers from least to greatest.

Unfortunately, the innane downvoting seems to put newer comments at an advantage. However, there is nothing stopping entrants from leaving more than one comment, although, only one tablet will be awarded to each individual. (i.e. You cannot win more than one tablet).

Needless to say, we will stick with random drawings in the future. We just wanted to give you all something a little more fun and interactive than that.

To anyone off-put by the fact that we require you have an account to win: We are very grateful to have such an amazing community on our site. It shouldn’t be too much to ask that you officially join that community in order to participate in community events. Plus, without verified contact information, how can we get in touch with you if you win? ;)

Everyone, please remember that this is just a friendly contest. Be nice! The NSA is watching you.

Update 2.0:

The contest is now over. Thanks to everyone who played and stayed positive throughout. We have begun contacting the winners. Check your inboxes!

Words are hard. I word good.

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  • http://technicquill.com Jess Blanchard

    As you can see, I need a tablet, because my cat does not know how to share. (I am not eligible to win this contest, but you can feel free to give me Internet points, anyway).

    • Dr.Carpy

      So then it is true unfortunately…cats don’t have friends…they have staff!

    • Co1e

      I don’t think this voting system is working for the contest. I’ve never seen so many ridiculous down votes in my life. Let alone in one thread.

      • http://theamazingaustin.com Austin Tompkins

        I can’t help but laugh that this comment now has two downvotes. But I totally agree. :/

        • Co1e

          Yeah dude. This is pretty brutal for a tablet that is getting ready to be replaced.

      • Co1e

        No one agrees? Cool!

    • http://theamazingaustin.com Austin Tompkins

      Maybe I’m wrong, but it seems like many users are going through and down-voting other entries just to bring down their score. That’s not cool…

      • AChackes

        maybe they could only count the upvotes?

        • http://theamazingaustin.com Austin Tompkins

          I’ve been hoping they have the ability to see upvotes / downvotes vs just the total. I was really excited about this but now am pretty bummed if it’s been spoiled. Oh well. :\ :)

      • scaarg

        I know! Yesterday I came back and there where like 8 people with positive votes (I had +11 if my memory doesnt fail). Today is crazy! Somebody went through all the comments and downvoted them all. It’s not a coincidence everybody has -3.

        • MC_Android

          lol, someone has a lot of time on their hands

        • http://theamazingaustin.com Austin Tompkins

          I know! You stole the show right away with your (amazingly awesome) post, I laughed pretty hard, haha. But at least you’re still in the positives! Mine went from 2nd place to -3, haha. :P Oh well. Haters gonna hate!

          • scaarg

            Haha, thank you! I was just trying to be funny, so many serious posts out there :p
            Anyways, I hope they’ve this downvoting thing figured out and I really, really hope you win one Nexus 7. You deserve it for making the world a better place and because you give people the gift of education.

            Good luck!

        • barsoap

          Well today there are a lot of new comments with -6 mine included. It’s sad people downvote others so they can have a better chance of winning. I mean, yes it is a competition but cmon!

    • MC_Android

      If I could win, I would trade the Nexus 7 in for the cat…or sell it to fund my Nexus 7.1 account (the latter is probably more realistic).

      I’m a Canadian so I’m not eligible to win either…but you guys should probably not determine winners by votes in the future (or suspend downvoting abilities for the article). As you can easily see, every post has been mindlessly downvoted.

    • sixmoodydwarves

      So does this entire page go down at midnight?

  • itsgbanks

    I could use a nexus7! My moms tired of me always taking hers :(

    • dillonshepherd1991

      My wife and I just had a beautiful baby boy, so I can’t really afford tech. A nexus 7 would be a phenomenal gift :)

  • ranwanimator

    I need a nexus 7 because I am a lazy parent and need a digital babysitter for my toddler in the mornings. My wife just gave birth to Boy 2.0 a few weeks ago and we’re not getting much sleep. A little tablet time for Boy 1.0 might delay his waking up mommy in the morning so she can get a little more rest.

    I’m not really lazy, but I do have to go to work and can’t distract Boy 1.0 forever.

  • Thomas Li

    I need this tablet so I can give to my brother as a gift.

  • tmacli

    I need this tablet so I can give to my brother as a gift.

  • coggy9

    I need a N7 for books. My school is replacing textbooks with iPads, but I need something for reading books that I want to read, but they can’t be sideloaded on the iPad.

  • redraider133

    I need a nexus tablet because I’m on Verizon and this would allow me to always have the latest and greatest from google and not having to deal with the stranglehold that Verizon places on updates and their lack of nexus devices or even google edition devices.

  • Brian

    I need a Nexus 7 because since my Droid Bionic died in February, I have been forced to use an iphone. This has cause extreme hardship because try as I might, my Google Play apps are not installing to the iphone. I work at a non-profit trying to feed hungry children in third world countries and America. I miss my Android so much it hurts and that affects my work. If I won one of the Nexus 7′s in this giveaway, I would surely be so happy and productive so that more kids could eat and stuff – so it’s kinda like saving the world. If you think about it.

  • Ramon Cota

    I was born with a very rare form of boredom that only manifests itself in the restroom. Recently, my doctor prescribed comics and eBooks to address this condition, but because I’m restricted to using a 2 year old Nexus S 4G with a cracked screen, my dosage is incredibly low.

    My doctor prescribed a larger screen size, but my legs are now numb and I’m unable to make it to my nearest electronics retailer. I fear my condition may be terminal.


  • Bill

    I need a new Nexus tablet because mine has become almost unusable due to ghost selections. It will randomly select and open apps, turn pages while I’m reading, or select a game piece on Candy Crush. Like it has a mind of its own. Plus, I really like my N7. Sot there.

  • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

    Because my Transformer Prime won’t charge anymore.

  • Lori Isaacs-Hoar

    I need this tablet as a gift for my mom who is desperately trying to save money for one. She was laid off several years ago filed bankruptcy this year. She has 2 part-time jobs at only minimum wage. Her desktop and laptop are both on their last legs. Please help me help her. She loves mine so much that she is scraping up pennies to purchase one. This would make her day.

  • android guy

    I would like to win a nexus 7 because last month my Xbox broke and I had to trade my tablet for a new one on craigslist,I was and still am sad I had to. it is a very nice tablet.it will make my life better by having a awesome tablet that in my opinion is better than any icrap tablet Lol.I will keep it until the day it poops out on me, and I will use it to play games and watch YouTube

  • Adam Strickler

    I need a Nexus 7 for my mother. She had a tablet but my daughter broke it while visiting her in Florida. Now my mother can’t skype with us in Virginia and has no Fruit Ninja and Temple Run to keep her sharp and engaged. I am saving to replace her tablet with something nice, but winning this Nexus 7 would really help. Thank you for your time.

  • Phil Priser

    I could use the Nexus to help me find a job while I’m out and about trying to find work. The larger screen will be much easier to read and use while on the go.

  • Errand

    A Nexus tablet
    would bring joy to my dull life
    Thank you in advance!

  • Will Crocker

    I need a N7 so I have an Android device to test apps on! I want to develop in our office for Android because we’re too damn focused on iOS! HELP ME FIGHT APPLE. HELP ME STEM THE TIDE

  • TheRealMrSancho

    I need a nexus 7 for school. also for books. If i win I plan on expanding my collection

  • computerspuutin

    Yea let me go ahead and get that Nexus off your hands. I’m tired of playing tic-tac-toe on my five star notebook! :)

  • Tom

    Cause I switched to ios and after a year of boredom I need to switch back.

  • Kia Dargahi

    Because nexus experience. That’s why.

  • lemitten

    For as long as I’ve been following this website, I’d have thought that I would have an account by now.

    My 15 inch Macbook Pro with a solid state hard drive, countless amount of music and pictures with a matte screen was stolen while en route to the Atlanta airport. I no jobs. I have to apply to jobs whenever I can use other people’s computer or using my Nexus 4. I got accepted into Boston University, but I can’t afford to go. My car just broke down. Basically my summer has been plagued with first world problems this summer. I need the Nexus 7 so I can buy a keyboard for it, and start applying for jobs so that I can raise enough money to pay part of my tuition if I get accepted into Boston University again!

  • AChackes

    I need a Nexus 7 because my 1 year old recently decided my phone needed to take a dip in the baby pool!

    For now I have downgraded to my old LG Optimus V. Fine for the basic neccesaties, but not much for games and media.

    My 3 yr old & 5 yr old are not happy that daddy’s phone won’t play their favorite games anymore, so this N7 could bring peace to my household.

    Its going to be a while before I am able to get a new phone, so the N7 would go long way to fill the void.

  • impromark

    Believe it or not, I need a Nexus Tablet for COMEDY! I’m an improv theatre actor and scribbling notes on a Nexus would be infinitely more fun than on archaic parchment, papyrus, or “paper”. Also, with the improv apps out there, the 7″ form factor makes it great to carry around on stage and makes me a heck of a lot more professional-looking than doing the same on my Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0.

    So please let me win this one, for the sake of COMEDY!

    PS – Also for the record, I have a work-provided iPhone, and it has TERRIBLE apps for improv theatre. Android FTW, for COMEDY. :)

    • impromark

      PPS – This tablet, and suggestions of random lines of dialogue to be used in the improv game “Whose Line”, may be mailed to my address in North Dakota. Thank you. :)

  • CrockCity

    I need a N7 so I have an Android device to test apps on! I want to develop in our office for Android because we’re too damn focused on iOS! HELP ME FIGHT APPLE. HELP ME STEM THE TIDE. HELPING ME WILL HELP YOU.

    Reposted w/ my logged in account.

  • http://genesischess.com/ MJM128

    My Galaxy tab 10.1 broke and i need a new tablet. Regardless i’ll be buying a new tablet for school when my semester starts.

  • http://actualmom.blogspot.com HelenaR3

    I want to win the Nexus 7 tablet because I don’t have one and I want to experience the pure android.
    Since I’m on my phone I can’t add an image, anyway If I win I can send you a pic with my winning xD
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway, fingers crossed

  • Euki

    I’ve never owned a tablet and would like to have my first be the Nexus 7! A pure android experience. Along with my N4! Also I really want to root it, unlock it and flash ROMs onto it! :D

  • Alex27power

    I will do all amazing thing in can’t download with my cellphone… Read comfortable, see movies and play games. Besides conquer the world on my free time.

  • The_Hollow

    I would like to win a Nexus 7 because I love Google products and I have been trying to save up and hopefully be able to buy one. But winning this would be amazing and really help me out. Thank you.

  • jerrbomb

    I need a tablet because I’m an artist and I am. Constantly drawing for for and huge projects I am given.. The form factor is amazing.. I is buttery smooth.. And would love to use its vanilla goodness to have use with my other devices and laptops and such and between friends so I can continue helping the community..

    • jerrbomb

      Sorry for the typo.. But I’m excited when it comes to giveaways here… Especially AAM..

  • trees247

    I need a Nexus 7 to get more work done..oh and games!

  • http://technicquill.com Jess Blanchard

    Remember you guys, you must comment while signed in to your Android And Me account in order to win! Sign up for one if you haven’t yet. It’s free and easy, like my sister!

    • armaghetto

      How do we get in on that sister drawing?

  • armaghetto

    I was born with a very rare form of boredom that only manifests itself in the restroom. Recently, my doctor prescribed comics and eBooks to address this condition, but because I’m restricted to using a 2 year old Nexus S 4G with a cracked screen, my dosage is incredibly low.

    My doctor prescribed a larger screen size, but my legs are now numb and I’m unable to make it to my nearest electronics retailer. I fear my condition may be terminal.


  • scaarg

    I live in Mexico, but I have an adress in the US so that’s not a problem.

    The main reason why I need this tablet is because I’ve been waiting so long to do this:

    This could be the first time I win something and me and my friends have been practicing this in case one of us win anything. So please android and me, help me

    • http://theamazingaustin.com Austin Tompkins

      Holy crap this is hilarious!

    • http://theamazingaustin.com Austin Tompkins


    • bboytaione

      here! have an upvot…..wait a minute. I’m not on reddit anymore!

    • scaarg

      This is the GIF:

      • scaarg

        BTW Android and Me, we could use an EDIT button.

        With love, your beautiful community.

  • DaveAA

    I need a nexus 7 in order to ensure my sanity. My girlfriend is about to move in with me, and she spent the last few days at my place. Every time I went to check the internet for anything, I was greeted with a confusing minute before I realized that I wasn’t looking at MY gmail, but hers. I wasn’t looking at MY facebook, but hers. If I have to put up with this for long, it will surely be the end of me, and my relationship. I need a nexus 7 to ensure the survival of true love!

    • AChackes

      You can set up mulitple chrome accounts on one computer. Make sure you are signed into chrome, then go into settings, and look for “add new user”. Its great, you can even set up seperate desktop icons.

  • K_Sell

    I need a nexus 7 because mine magically broke overnight. I think a ghost of a apple fanboy broke it while I was asleep. Or maybe steve jobs did it. Anyway, I’ve always used ios and after I switched to android my life became much easier. Now that mine nexus 7 is broken I’m being forced to use my moms ipad 1 and it is driving me crazy. Also, my nexus 4 lost his big brother and he would love if you guys could bring him back to life!!

    Thank you!

  • http://theamazingaustin.com Austin Tompkins

    Just kidding!
    Need – strong word, haha, but what would I do with a Nexus 7? As part of a worldwide volunteer education effort, I manage the organization of local territories and of census data and soon hope to be assisting with the same field in Costa Rica as well as GPS mapping of the rural road system to assist our efforts!
    Right now I do my on-the-go communication via my trusty Nexus S now that my old Galay Tab bit the dust. :D To pay the bills I do odd-job IT and Web / Graphic / Video / Photo jobs which I really enjoy, but again, remoting into a small-business via a Nexus S, or searching for cPanel issues, or sending out essay-long emails via a 4-inch cracked screen (going for sympathy here! :P ) is not quite ideal, haha!

    I’d love to be able to carry my portfolio with me too!

    And OBVIOUSLY I’d have some fun with it as well! I’ll admit, I’m a weekend Instagram addict! I follow photographers and browse their work for inspiration, and for a good laugh. And use Photoshop Touch daily which is next to impossible on a tiny screen! *Grrr!*
    OH! And can’t forget hangouts! I travel a lot and don’t live near my family, so it’s nice to be able to see them via Hangouts and Skype!

    • http://theamazingaustin.com Austin Tompkins

      And just to clarify I am a U.S. (Austin, Texas) resident. :)

    • http://theamazingaustin.com Austin Tompkins

      Oh and I’m the funny looking one sitting on the left side of the truck in the first pic. :P

  • Xallies

    I need something to entertain my dog.

  • thekaz

    My wife and I each have android phones. I have two kids. Our kids use our phones for games, for watching netflix, for GoogleTalking their aunts and uncles. We never get to use our phones. And when we do, checking websites or attempting to read a book on it is just too difficult.

    I know I run the risk of losing the tablet and only getting my phone back, but maybe after the kids go to sleep I can read a book or surf the internet or play that infernal time sucker, Candy Crush.

    Please help us! We’ve lost our phones to our children!!

  • aholland1

    I got an Asus Transformer Infinity when it debuted and am sad to say I don’t use it as much as I’d like to make use of a tablet, namely for work. The form factor just doesn’t travel that well with a laptop, and I’ve come to realize that 7 inches is much better, especially for reading, which is why I will probably cave and get the new Nexus 7 if one of these doesn’t make it into my possession. My wife is also still on an original Galaxy tab and while she likes it, I think she could get far more enjoyment out of my Transformer than I am.

    Thanks for a chance to help us potentially upgrade!

  • Jozef Del Mundo

    So that I can have it play along with my Nexus 4 :)

  • jamal adam

    As a new semester is fast approaching, I need it so that I can take notes and be predator classes with ought having to kill my back while carrying my laptop and books.

    I think that’s part of it but more importantly, I need it so that I can read up on Android & Me while attempting to listening to lectures.

    • jamal adam

      That was supposed to say prepared, I don’t know how it came to predator. Ought should be without.

      If only I could edit the comment within 30 seconds or so.

      • Dr.Carpy

        I gave you a +1 for Predator Classes! I just thought of a person in the jungle training with a 3 beam laser, with a Plasma Caster mounted on the shoulder of their choice. Then working on the skills with their wrist blades! That’s major!

  • Warren

    and if I don’t get one I’ll throw the biggest hissy fit you’ve ever seen.

  • Eric Wilborn

    You can’t spell “Nexus” without “us.” I would share it with my wife, proving that I can share things. She’d love me even more!

  • Everette Henry

    Being a time traveler, I have spent all my money on figuring out what makes time travel possible. I was inspired by Dr. Emmet Brown. After years of research, testing and failing, I finally discovered what makes time travel possible. It is a Nexus 7. If I win the Nexus 7 I will be able to complete my time machine, and than embark on my mission to go back to 1955, where my parents meet for the first time and I can make sure they have their first kiss, to ensure I will not fade away.

    • Everette Henry

      I am a member of android and me I thought. Now I will never be able to complete my mission..Even though I get emails from you multiple times per day and I follow you on facebook, I guess my account went broken just like my mission. Noooooooooooooooooooo

      • ehenry818

        There now I signed it. My mission has a chance again to be completed. Plus I forgot to mention the Nexus 7 will also help prevent me from destroying the space time continuum.

  • soboku

    Getting around at my age is getting harder to set for long times at my PC and reading on a small phone well my eyes are failing me. My income lol just dont allow for these great products.To be able to read my news and email on a nexus 7 would solved this. I’m not alone this probably describes most people. So good luck to all of us.

  • http://theamazingaustin.com Austin Tompkins

    Free nexus tab?! Android and me readers be like:

    Winners be like:

    Everyone else be like:

    • Thomas Biard

      Austin, thank you for this. That last GIF is excellent. Thank you! You deserve one for sure! I almost spewed my drink!

      • http://theamazingaustin.com Austin Tompkins

        Hahaha!!! Thanks! I KNOW I love that last one!!!

  • wcramernc

    I need a Nexus 7 so that I can prove to all my iPad friends that Android is far superior!

  • SeanK_

    Would love the Nexus 7 for school, as I need something that is small, lightweight and able to take notes for classes without having to carry a laptop that’s pretty heavy to start with.

  • Kilgore Trout

    I want it because it will 1.2MP camera on the front, a 15MP camera on the back and it has a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor!!!

    Vote for me because…


    Hypnotoad Tells You Too!

  • Neffario

    I need a nexus 7 to reflect my android preference in an apple tablet household. Plus it wouldn’t hurt to have something I can call my own since the kiddo hijacked the iPad.

  • Brandon

    I would like a Nexus 7 for one simple reason. I have my first child due in 6 weeks and i would love to be able to have a tablet by my side that can be used as a baby monitor. The nexus runs the software i need and has a small footprint. The safety piece of mind would be great for two first time parents!

  • Evan Petzoldt

    I am an actuary, and I will be taking a large exam in the fall. The exam covers around 30 papers. If I printed these all out, it would probably come out to around 1,000 sheets of paper. I would love a Nexus 7 so I don’t have the guilt of killing a forest nor the back pain from lugging all that around :)

  • Logan42

    My dog won’t share… I need a Nexus 7 so that my dog can use it.

  • Mickey Mossey

    I need a Nexus 7 for my wife. She keeps eyeing mine and I half expect it to be stolen by her one of these days!

  • phor11

    So my girlfriend can read RSS feeds at night on something that doesn’t sound like it’s going to explode. (The fan on her aging laptop is pretty loud.)

  • jman1323

    My daughter is just getting to that age where she is fascinated by my Nexus 4 (she’s almost 2) and a Nexus 7 would be the perfect way introduce her to Android and ensure that she never falls into Apple’s grip.

  • redxeth

    I won’t pretend to NEED one– no one really does (first world problems).

    But it may help your soul to be generous. I don’t believe in Karma so I won’t go there– just do what you feel is right.

    In actuality, I already have a Nexus 7. It would not make my life any better– but it would help my daughter who is going to college hopefully come back from the dark side of being an iOS user. She is lost and needs to be found.


  • vaibhav chimkar

    becous I deserve best……

  • Thomas Biard

    I need one because right now its Nex-everyone else. If I win one it will be NexUS.

    For serious though, I’ve never had a tablet because I can’t justify buying one when I have an Android phone (no matter how old my phone is). The joke in our house is “Dave Ramsey says ‘NO!’”. (That’s a Financial Peace U joke for all you get-out-of-debt-ers)

    I would love to have it because I could use it as a marketing presentation tool for the CAD work I do. Autodesk has some awesome apps that would rock on a Nexus 7.

  • geloreyes

    My 7yo niece would be ecstatic to have a Nexus 7. She loves reading books and watching movies.

  • renyo

    Having a tablet beats carrying a 6 pound laptop!

  • http://www.twitter.com/dalex7777 dalex7777

    I would like a Nexus 7. Thank you!

  • will

    i need a nexus seven because i just enrolled in school and it would make my life easier and more practical to carrier a digital version of them instead of the bulky ones… also my job requires me to take LOTS of notes and carry them around with me as well as a tons of files, and this will make it easier for me to go around with my books and documents. and always be ready for anything that comes my way.

  • live2skico

    currently using a G-Slate and can’t use it for much other than an eReader for books.

    I have an hour+ commute on the bus, so a new Nexus 7 would be great and make me more productive – like reading AAM each morning before work :)

    good luck everyone!

  • Jenn Bowers

    I’m tired of sharing my old Acer with the dogs who keep looking up dog biscut recipes and leaving me notes all over the house.Then the kids argue with the dogs over who’s gotten more tablet time….I barely know I have one anymore…..

    In seriousness, it would make things a little better for the family because of being able to use it for art and reading…and I don’t want any of my kids becoming iSheep….;-)

  • stud_muffler

    I have N4 and N10, so N7 is MIA…

  • vaibhav chimkar

    becouse I cant afford it…..and I really love best

  • terminalilness

    I need one of these nexus 7 tablets that you are giving away because first I don’t own a tablet but would live to have one. I know many people that have a nexus 7 and love it so I won’t to join in on the fun. Speaking of fun, my second reason is I’m using a now two year old evo 3d which is stuck running ICS. Even with rooting since my hboot is not compatible with jelly bean Roms I have yet to experience all the goodness that is jelly bean. Third and probably most important, so my wife can use it. She wants to read books on a tablet and would prefer a iPad. I’ve been slowly convincing her that android is great and this would really help. Lastly, because who doesn’t need that gratification that comes from winning a contest?

  • CaptainDoug

    I saved up money for a tablet but instead of buying myself one, I bought one for my wife and she never shares.

  • Co1e

    Unfortunately, as much as much as I love tech, I really can’t afford it. I love the Nexus brand but have never owned one. I’ve never owned a tablet, but I imagine it would be nice to take to class (and everywhere else). My phone, the moto triumph, is also a colossal piece of crap. I can’t even play RUA2 without game ending lag. Really, it would just make a lot of things a lot better.

    • Co1e

      Watching this fall from +9 has been…..tough.

  • el_mega_mega

    i need a nexus seven because i just enrolled in school and it would make my life easier and more practical to carrier a digital version of them instead of the bulky ones… also my job requires me to take LOTS of notes and carry them around with me as well as a tons of files, and this will make it easier for me to go around with my books and documents. and always be ready for anything that comes my way.

    of course that i will use it to browse android and me and share it every where as i usually do.

  • Lee Cerne

    Please and thank you

  • goldenmeso

    I need a Nexus 7 because I am looking to own my first android device, after I have lost interest in iOS. I am a major advocate of stock android and use many google

    • goldenmeso

      products in my everyday life. Please help me get this amazing product. It will be such a strength in my life. I believe the nexus 7 is unparalleled in the small tablet space. I love how it gets all the updates so fast and is so clean and pure yet always on the cutting edge. It is cheap, portable and just simply a great multimedia device. I have wanted one since it was launched. I would describe it as a true game changer, for it has paved the way for cheaper, high-end devices just as the nexus 4 and 10 has. I love how google has challenged the industry. This really proves a quality tablet doesn’t have to be $500. It is a new frontier in android tablets and will help the google play store grow and develop in quality tablet apps. I intend to support android developers and give greater incentive for great tablet apps. I believe that the more android tablets are actively used the more incentive for more tablet optimized apps which draws in users and encourages more OEMs to make tablets. I believe I can be a great help in pushing that agenda. I will support android developers by buying their apps. I will be among the avid supporters of tablet optimized apps. A nexus 7 will help my be more productive and will greatly enrich my life. I love the tablet and will take great care of it and will ever be grateful to those who gave it to me. Lastly, I love the active community around the Nexus 7. There is so much 3rd party support. I will not be able to buy a nexus 7 now or after the new one comes out so I am counting on you to help me get one. I promise I will do all that is good if you will give me this nexus 7. So much good would come from it. You are the Best.

  • roland

    I need a nexus 7 to make me more productive at work can read my email and taking notes at Costco Wholesale I also need my Nexus 7 to be productive at home organizing my budget and my personal lifewith the latest and greatest software these task will be easy and my goes will be met with my new Nexus 7 2

  • Giri Senji

    I love Nexus 7 because its a screaming powerful, super portable, extremely comfy and provides pure android experience.

  • cybersco

    I think that the Nexus 7 2 should be mine, because I have never won anything in my life….even the football pool at work. :-)

    • http://technicquill.com Jess Blanchard

      But we’re giving away the Nexus 7 original, so, I guess stay tuned for a future giveaway.

  • cybersco

    Besides, it is the only gadget I have that would be capable of running Android 4.3!

  • Lawrence


    I have been an iPhone user since the original 2007 model; having owned each iteration all the way up to the 5. Just a few weeks ago I made a leap of faith and switched over to Android, lured by the promise of an open, free and very customizable experience on the platform. Oh, and the gorgeous HTC One I purchased had quite a bit to do with the switch also. Lust worthy it is….

    I LOVE IT!

    Now, I also have had the same relationship with the iPad. Owning every iteration. I am, however, after having such a pleasant experience with my One, contemplating an Android tablet switch as well.

    So, having just spent quite some cash in switching over to new hardware and re-purchasing a few new apps, I would love to have one of those Nexus 7 tablets to keep my current Android fever dream going…. cheaply.

    Thanks for the consideration….


  • MrMrMan

    This tablet will improve my life because I need a girl. Chicks dig tablets!

  • ju12zo
  • Otoniel ordoneZ

    Well let me start.
    Since my G1 the first one, i’ve been amaze how android change everything in the way i see operation system in mobile devices , i give to my wife an ipad ( i beg her not buy that) for her birthday , every time i go online and try to check something out of “apple” capacity it makes me mad so simple as go to check some video , another example i pay for some classes for my daugther online and guess what!?! she cant take them because they just dont like flash.i dont like how you are controlled by them in a way to say it . Android for me is like a diferent path another solution for some task in your life !

  • Michael G

    I bought an original N7. But have lost it in my travels. I used the hell out my N7. From reading, to games to watching movies. My kids learned to play Minecraft on my N7, I solved puzzles before, bed time and checked Reddit at breakfast. Game changer helped me keep score of my little league games, and Google Music filled by ears with my music. Verizon let me sync my Text message from my phone, and Flipboard let me read the blogs with bright pictures.

    I miss my tie with my N7, I would like to have my joy back in my life.

  • pete1023

    Well… I already have one. But it’d be nice to get another one for my wife to use and bring to work.

  • Ian Farb

    I would like to win this tablet for my son. There are a lot of great learning apps I would love for him to learn and play with. Thanks for the opportunity and good luck everyone!

  • dav3lish

    This tablet was the best wholesome Android tablet of the year. I want one. So I can save my Galaxy Nexus battery and use the nexus 7 instead.

  • sm.komo

    I need an Nexus 7 because my “B” of an ex wife got ours in the divorce….

  • Dmanrtfm

    I had an Asus Transformer Prime and I loved a tablet for reading. While watching my in-laws German Shepherds:

    They chased my cat who ran and hid
    Who jumped on my desk
    To take a rest
    Upon my tab the tabby did slide

    Sliding scared the cat
    She leapt once more
    Flung the tab to the wall and to the floor

    Both tabby and tab went to the floor
    The cat made haste
    Frightened dogs ended the chase
    Poor Asus was no more

    Please do not let the adage that “No good deed goes unpunished” be fulfilled. Help a guy out for helping out his poor in-laws.

  • vforvortex

    I would love to win a nexus 7 because in the process of updating my wife’s rooted galaxy tab, i bricked it recently. So this would put me in good standing again. Besides that I love stock android and the nexus 7 is a perfect size and light with a great grip for daily use. And i wouldnt get anything besides a nexus for the speedy updates.

  • Shawn Clark

    I need the Nexus 7…simply cause its a Nexus…I think it be look nice to have my Nexus 4 and a Nexus 7 together.

  • Stigy

    I could use a free tablet because unfortunately none of the establishments near me will take Jew gold as a form of payment for one.

  • G. Guzman

    I would like a Nexus Tablet, on account of these hard times. I have owned two tablets in the past, the first one I had to sell to make Rent so that me and my wife wouldn’t get evicted from our apartment after I lost my job. The second one I bought but as life goes, unexpected illness makes bills hard to pay, so I again had to sell it to pay bills.

  • Thomas Biard

    You stay classy….

  • prakreet

    Great hardware at a great price. And pure Android. N what are we going to do u ask.. EVERYTHING my boy.. EVERYTHING..

  • Shadowlore

    I don’t need a Nexus 7.. nor am I entering the contest. (Fact is, we already have a couple of Nexus 7s in our household, and I like seeing others be able to enjoy them as much as we do) I’m just wanting to comment on those people down-voting everyone else’s posts.

    Congrats… you could have simply up-voted your own post, or those that you feel are deserving.. but no… instead you have to be the d’bag(s) that have to crap on everyone else. Hope you feel as important as the little snowflake(s) you are.

    Now if you’ll excuse me… I’m going to go and upvote everyone else’s posts to try to offset the damage done by some crybabies.

  • Paul Kim

    I need a tablet to find a job. I just graduated college two months ago and I need one to be the cool kid on the block. I love designing and I am a starving artist wanting more of what life has to offer. I will use it to help others in a good way and live life in the fast lane. It will help my life better by giving me motivation to live life on the edge. I like to live life everyday like it’s my last. So, iI trie to work hard and play hard.

  • osc707

    I need a tablet because my phone’s little screen isn’t cutting it. I could use this great tablet to: remote control my DSLR, review images, and even edit images with PS Touch. I would use it to show clients my portfolio and test android apps that I an currently working on.

  • Luv_android

    Currently I’m studying for MCAT, so there are scenarios that would come out of this..
    1. Either I do really good on the MCAT, and this Nexus 7 would serve as a reward for all my hard work :)

    2. I do really bad and this Nexus 7 would at least be one good thing that came out of all this crazy studying

    Either way it would be win-win situation for me. :)


  • heat361

    Good luck everyone!!

    I would really love to win this.

    • heat361

      Sorry I submitted by accident.

      I would love to use this tablet to play all the tegra 3 optimized games and my brother can also use it to do research for his homework using chrome.I would also use it to watch movies. This tablet would make my life complete ;)

  • kevINSIGHT

    1) The hacked Nook Color I use is limping along on Cyanogenmod 10.1 and I need to see the real Google experience.
    2) I support staff in my office that I’m trying to convert to Google Docs. There’s nothing like a good compact tablet to show them how useful a move it is.
    3) I coach kids soccer and am dying to have a better coach’s clipboard on the sidelines. The Nexus 7 would be great and I’ve got just the roster app for it.
    4) Our company wasted money on iPads a couple of years back and I don’t want them to make that mistake again. A quality, inexpensive tablet like the Nexus 7 is a perfect example of how to do it better this time around.
    5) For all of the people I’ve turned onto Google services and companies onto Google Apps, it’s the least Google could do for me ;)

    • sixmoodydwarves

      So many downvotes…for this???

  • aarontam

    I don’t need one, but I’d like one.

  • rkumarfun

    I will give it to my young daughters and it makes my life so much better that they will stop bugging me for my phone to play.

  • Ismael Rodriguez

    I want/need a Nexus 7 because it’ll let me combine at my usual online activities and take them away from my pc. Since this is the Nexus 7, I’ll list seven of my favorite activities to take mobile with it.

    1) Social Networking (I use a few, but G+ is number 1 for me.)

    2) Web Chats

    3) Book reading. (I refuse to buy an ereader when I can add their capabilities to the list of things the N7 can do.)

    4) Comicbooks

    5) Gaming

    6) Movies on the go (great for bus trips to NY)

    7) And music, of course. (Plug the dock into decent speakers and let her rip.)

    All that…on the cheap without the stereotypical poor quality that is expected of such a low price. And let us not for get one of the number one reasons for a Nexus tablet:

    If I didn’t embed the image right, it’s here: http://t.qkme.me/3px9i4.jpg

  • Minh Nguyen

    I need an ASUS Google Nexus 7 Tablet because I just simply need one. (:
    But I doubt my reason will win compared to all of these stories.

  • R.S

    I don’t “need”a tablet, nor do I think anyone else does but I’d like a Nexus Tablet to give as a gift to my mother.

    She’s taking a liking to my sister’s Kindle since not only is it more portable than a lap top but it’s much quicker to use for quick searches than having to wait for a lap top to boot up.

  • xtrimsky

    I currently have the HP Touchpad, and would like an upgrade, that thing can run Android, but its pretty slow. As an Android developer it is annoying.

    Otherwise my favorite usage of a tablette is reading books. I am someone that is often lazy to read books, but having a tablet next to my bed and clicking a simple buy button is really easy!

  • Eduardo Evaristo

    My 26 month old daughter Abby broke my galaxy s3 screen and loves using it for kids game’s, however she can’t use it any more because it might cut her and I can’t afford to replace it’s screen. I want get one so that she can go back watching her favorite cartoon lolek i bolek and play games. I’d appreciate it if I won.

  • Rick Wilson

    I currently have a B&N Nook color tablet running cm 10.1 and for my as a daily driver since the speed and not as responsive as today’s tablets. In the meantime, my 5 & 2 year old daughters have taken over the tablet. Which is fine since they either watch shows on Netflix or Plex or their games.
    The reason why I would like to get a Nexus 7 tablet, 1. it gets it updates from Google, 2. it will receive update for 18 months, 3. it will be my daily tablet to read RSS from tt-rss, browse the web, respond to emails and next month, provide updates at Relay for Life event.

  • jeffberg

    Need a back to school gift for my 9 yr old son. Grandma wants to give him her use Ipad.
    Please help keep my house an ANDRIOD house!

  • ryan003

    I need the Nexus 7 so I can get MY tablet back! That’s right, my wife has STOLEN my TF Prime! A couple weeks ago she picked it up and started messing around, now she won’t give it back. My chrome most commonly visited sites has been taken over, Pinterest is the most used app, and email is filled with Etsy this and Etsy that. It haunts me in my sleep. HELP ME! It’s been 10 years and 11 months of relative marital bliss but we might not make it to August 10th! If not for me, do it for my kids. You can’t not do something if I say it’s “for the children”!

    • Shadowlore

      *chuckling* We actually sold our TF Prime to get 2 7s around November of last year. As much as we loved the build quality on the Prime, it was somewhat awkward for us to carry it around while we were shooting weddings.

      As it is now, we often will do basic processing on wedding photos during the reception, and display the photos on the 7s (in heavy duty stands… had one drunken guest knock one over just once.. and that was too many) to the guests.

  • Jamie

    I need a N7 because my phone is crap and I can’t play games on it. I am also broke and it would bring me joy to have something to do while being laid up after surgery. My newly acquired N7 would allow me to communicate with the world, play games, read without squinting therefore deceasing the chance for wrinkles between my brows over time forcing me to age at a slower rate.

  • aaron southerland

    I would use a Nexus 7 as a navigation device while driving and hiking. I would use it to listen to music and watch movies while camping. And I would use it as a nightlight.

  • illtortuga

    I need a Nexus 7 because my Motorola Xoom is outdated and slow. I’m an 18 year old Communications Major with an undying love for Google products, and the 7 would look great next to my Galaxy Nexus- not the mention it’s the perfect ebook companion. Give me a reason to ditch my Xoom! It’s too big and bulky for me anyways. I feel like a clumsy person in those infomercials.

  • Ed Sweeney

    It’s simple really, a 7 means no more blowing up the image so I can see it. Support your elderly far-sighted friends.

  • Decio

    I need a nexus 7 for my parents. They really want a tablet but we can’t really afford one right now so this would be perfect! Thanks!

  • http://www.sonicboomstick.com Bryan

    I need one for doing, um, scholarly things.

  • nick

    you see, i hate taking my laptop with me in the bathroom…i need a tablet )))…and nexus is a obivous choice for a pure android experience )

  • humidity

    Please oh please I want to win this! I’d totally use it for school!

  • HijoProdigo

    How about the truth? I would use a Nexus 7 to teach deaf ones using videos in sign language, on a volunteer basis. As you might guess, there is not much money in this kind of work… We could use one!

  • Jeff Pan

    The oldest surviving love poem is written in a clay tablet from the times of the Sumerians, inventors of writing around 3500 BD

    Bridegroom, dear to my heart,
    Goodly is your beauty, honeysweet,
    Lion, dear to my heart,
    Goodly is your beauty, honeysweet.

    I would gift it to my girlfriend!

  • SGB101

    I would love a new nexus 7,my old one was stolen by my son, who went on to break it :o(

  • frizz3l

    I need a Nexus 7 because I don’t have a tablet yet. And how cool would it be to finally have a tablet. I would do everything with it. I would mostly tether it from my Phone. I would mostly read books & articles from Amazon, Pocket, Flipboard, from my favorite websites. I would play games & watch videos from YouTube, Watch Espn, Netflix, etc… It would make life better and a lot of way. But I think the main reason it would make my life better is simple no more dead phone batteries. I commute to work by public transit and it would mean that my dead battery slow death would not be because of the screen being on.

  • MJ

    I have a friend that is trying to do better for herself and family, working and going back to school. She is forced to do everything old school, pin and paper. She is to prowed to take the one i have but if i won one she might take it.

  • randyw

    Because Nexus is the only tablet I will use.

  • BIGG13

    I would like to win a tablet, so that I can say that I finally won something besides an ass whooping. I’m not sure what I would do with it but it has to beat looking at the tiny screen of my old Vibrant (Galaxy S).

  • Jimi B.

    I would use a new Nexus 7 tablet to further the internet propogation of the CORRECT way of saying “gif”… you know… JIFF like the peanut butter only with more animation!

  • Lucas P

    I could always use a new tab.

  • Connie C.

    I need a Nexus 7 in my life, because I volunteer as an Administrative Assistant for my church. While serving in this capacity I am able to create functions, and events that benefit the people in our community, and within our church body in general. I have been blessed with the gift of Administration, which enables me to bring people together in order to reach a common goal. I’ve recently organized free concerts, health screenings, food drives, as well as clothes, and food distribution programs for needy families.

    If I am chosen as one of the 5 winners, I will use this tablet for a more convenient way to gain access to the internet. In the past I have had to use the internet to locate shelters, and other organizations that house homeless women, and children.

    I was given a hand-me-down netbook a couple of years ago, which I was very appreciative of receiving. It malfunctioned a few months later, so I’m am now without a computer of any kind. I frequently visit the library of my university in order to complete any tasks that are at hand.

    Winning this tablet will make my life just a little bit easier, and grant me the easy access to the internet I need, so that I may continue to do the job that GOD has put me on this earth to do.

    Thank you so much for giving me this chance to win such a fantastic prize, and something that is so greatly needed.

  • Eude Ferrer

    I am an underpaid teacher who desperately needs one of these in order to be able to do work when not at home and on the go. It would be a fantastic asset to me to be able to work and do lesson plannings and research on the go.


    I’m a 64 year old senior citizen retiree who has just discovered Android!

    No reason that youngsters should have all the fun!!

    I will use the Nexus 7 every day both in my home and carry it with my around my small town here in Oregon… let the jealous, drooling begin!!!

  • thymeless

    Because my Motorola Xoom is on its last legs. It has become unstable, whether to heat issues or other electronic degradation I can’t say. But it reboots 2x a day from crashing and the battery is only giving me about half the usage it did when new. I need a new tablet and a Nexus 7 would do a good job.

  • skyboundNbeond

    My reason:

    School. I love Evernote for taking notes, but really don’t like lugging around my laptop. Sadly, my Chromebook was dropped by my beloved 4-year-old daughter on the power supply while plugged in and snapped out the input socket so I could not even charge it. This little thing would work perfect, and if I add a nice case, my kid can play with it as well!!!

  • robert

    I would like a nexus 7 to give it to my daughter for school. She starts school in august and needs a tablet to do her studies.


    I want one because I need a new stereo in my car!
    So instead of getting a face unit, I’ll put the N7.

  • AvatarZ

    I need a nexus 7 so that my wife stops stealing my laptop everytime she wants to watch netflix in bed

  • haitham18

    I have a note 2 and my fiancee having iphone 5, she keeps using my phone to brows net looking for dresses and new ideas for our wedding, i would love to have a nexus 7 and gave it to her so she can spend as much as she want browsing net and i can eventually have my phone with a battery not less than 20 percent.

  • Nicholas Sacino

    I’m not gonna give you a fake sob sorry about why I want this. If I receive this nexus I Love it and pet it and always keep it on the latest rom. Please give this nexus a good home with me and I will love it forever and ever

    • onicas

      i saw this was for members only, so i signed up, but that’s me!

  • jcommaroto

    Because I want this little girl to grow up loving technology and data as much as I do and a Nexus 7 for her to get started learning on would wonderful.

  • tkvdog

    because of the great NEW screen resolution, or better CPU/RAM its smooothess it WILL HAVE great battery life)

    front + rear camera

    oh and Stock update to JellyBean 4..3 WHAT A DREAM MACHINE PLEASE LORD…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not to mention XDA will ROCK IT:)

  • saieedgeorge0

    Hmmm… What do I need a Nexus 7 for?
    Let’s see.
    i) I am a student, and it would be great if I had a tablet to take notes, and check homework on. Google Keep would be great for taking notes, and I could check my homework online.
    ii) I have an android phone (Galaxy SIII, with CyanogenMod, of course), and having an android tablet to go with it would be great.
    iii) I go to church a great deal, and there is an app that has almost everything I use (coptic reader) … However, my phone’s screen is still fairly small for reading, and having a Nexus to use this app would be amazing, as it would allow me to grow spiritually.
    iv) This isn’t really a reason, but I’ve never won anything in my life.
    v) I had an iPad, but I decided that my grandmother (she lives 7 hrs from me) needed it more than I did, so I gave it to her. I would love to get the Nexus 7 as a replacement.
    vi) The cat up top already has a Nexus 7. My dog, on the other hand does not. As such, he will fight he/she non stop until he has the one up top or one of his own. I would prefer that he does not break the computer screen to get it… As such, it would be great to have one for him to use. :D

    • saieedgeorge0

      vii)Because Android and Me is the best site for all updates Android.

  • xPurplexAnarchyx

    Why do you need a Nexus 7 in your life?
    -So my Nexus 4 and OUYA aren’t lonely. :c
    What will you do with it?
    -I will use it as a multimedia device which will allow space on my Nexus 4 (7.36GB worth of music); tablet war with iPad Mini user (brother); eventually root it.
    How will it make your life better?
    -It will increase the rate at which El Goog will take over the world thereby eliminating something off my bucket list.
    *Thanks for reading.*

  • Matthew

    It seems there are quite a few people that would benefit a community by receiving a Nexus 7, so I feel quite guilty for saying why I would love one.

    I would love a Nexus 7 as i am a game developer and I really want to make games optimized for the nexus 7 as it is such a portable size.

  • dnar56

    because I need pron-on-the-go!

  • PartyLikeANinjaStar

    I need a tablet because I can’t afford to support my drinking hobby (or would that be a habit?) and also afford to support my craving for new technology. And ti’s pocket size so I can take it EVERYWHERE and start using it primarily instead of my phone.

    Help me because I’m poor.

  • woodsonmh


  • ralphwiggum1

    I need a small, versatile tablet for my 13 month old with decent specs and superior support. He can use the Nexus 7 and I will look at getting the second generation Nexus tablet and we’ll be best Nexus buddies. Sorry, mom.

  • ginovva320

    Tablet please!

  • donger

    I got time for a Nexus 7.

  • Michael

    I need this Nexus7 so I can give it to my nephew as a gift ….and FINALLY he would leave MY Nexus7 alone!

  • mmcphie

    I thought about all the clever things I could do to help win this tablet….. But I need the nexus 7 in order to be clever! It’s a viscous circle.

  • Pier

    I need a Nexus 7 because is free (free as freedom and free as free beer), and there is nothing like a free tablet :)

  • pedrowatson

    To make a long story short, my wife is about to have her hours cut at work. To make matters worse, it looks as though that is one step on the path to eliminating her position. Anyway, we’re looking for ways to make up the difference. My wife just applied for WIC, and I’m going to start “donating” (they pay you for your time) plasma.

    Sad story aside, my reasoning for “needing” a Nexus 7 is fairly superficial. I’d like to use it while I’m donating plasma. My iPod just died after a good 7 year run, and the N7 would be a good replacement and something to keep me awake for the 2-3 hours I’ll be donating each week. Thanks for reading.

    May the N7s go to the most deserving folks, and thanks Android and Me for their generosity!!!

  • woodsonmh
  • http://bryansiegel.com bryansiegel

    I’m in desperate need of a Nexus 7 Bieber is holding me hostage in exchange for a Nexus 7 in which he will browse the web, listen to podcasts and bask in the wonderful Play Store. Please help me.

    • Patrick Calderaz


  • yocubed

    I could use a nexus 7 because I could increase my productivity at work by having access on the go, which is always a plus and my company’s software doesn’t play well with Apple products anyway

  • gumbyshu

    My daughter steals all of my devices. My phone, my wife’s ipad, my Galaxy Tab 8.9 (which is quickly deteriorating), my Xbox, my Ouya, the computer, and my Gameboy. My solution? I need more devices. If I can distract her with something shiny and new every so often, I’ll be able to do what I want to do. I mean, sure, I could get all tough parent on her and make her cry, but that’d mean I would have to grow as a person. Or something. And besides, she’s two. She needs all the tech she can get her hands on, before Skynet takes over the world through Microsoft. So really, I need a Nexus 7. Really.

  • lou2cool88

    I need a Nexus 7 because my first gen Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 will never be updated again most likely… Good luck everyone!

  • Bharath

    Want to gift my dad a new Nexus 7 because I graduated. I wouldnt have had the opportunity had it not been for him and his choices.

  • deven.chawla

    I need a nexus 7 because I’ve always used a nexus phone since the day of the nexus one. In fact, the nexus one was my first smartphone. I don’t have a tablet and this would be the perfect gift. I would love to use the tablet at work, it would greatly benefit me as its the perfect entertainment device. Maybe it’ll inspire me to create some great tablet apps :-)

  • sncrmck

    I need a new Nexus 7 because my fiance has turned my old one into George’s Toilet Book. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NygOFsExGMU

  • blew

    I need one because I’ve been using my phone small screen to browse the internet. Also for loading books for school. CS Major.


  • stephenhowden

    I need a Nexus 7 because for each day i dont onw and use one, somewhere a small cute fluffy kitten spontaniously combusts and explodes. . . And I can’t deal with the guilt of being helplessly responsible for this any more!!!

    Save me from this needless torture, and save the kittens! Send me a Nexus 7!

  • justin Kozak

    My last one was a few weeks old, when I took it on its first business trip to San Fran and it was smash and grabbed out of my rental. I have PD report to prove it. And it was a Xmas present.. I have been waiting for the new version ever since. I am excited to use it for work and pleasure, but not sure how cause I have never owned a tablet longer than a few.

  • BillJude56

    OK, here’s the deal. I’m kind of an old guy and not particularly technically proficient. So, no gifs or cute kitty pics. I could really use a Nexus 7 because for ages my only device was an iPad 1. I recently got my first smartphone (GS3) and feel like a kid on Xmas morn. The Android world is a wonderful one-launchers, VoIP, automators! Who knew?! Not me. Finally, my point. It’s all too small! The Nexus 7 would be perfectly suited for my continued Android exploration. Like having an Android guide dog. Thanks for the generous giveaway/opportunity.

  • federalreserve

    As a medical student with a lot of debt, I would love to win a Nexus 7 that would fit in a pocket of my white coat. I would use the Epocrates app to look up medical information on the go. Plus, I could show physicians and fellow doctors in training how Android is superior to iOS :-)

  • ohh_peetaa

    My Nexus 4 had a slight run in with a concrete slab. A shattered front screen and digitizer meaning a $200 bill for poor me. That would be the first reason to give me a free Nexus 7.

    Because the only computer I have is a $20 laptop I bought from my sister (We’re talking 1.1ghz single core crap). Something bigger than my broken phone would be great!

    Also, it would be incredibly useful for my college classes I am taking. To have the portability and functionality of the tablet would help me so much.

    Please! Help me escape the dark that is my existence and take me to the internet (while using the Nexus 7 of course ;) )

  • Jorge Eslava

    Since I’m going to school to become a programmer it could help me test out apps that I will be making.

  • Pira

    I could really use a tablet like the nexus 7 because I’m starting my college courses in the fall, and right now I have no laptop, netbook, tablet, or anything of that nature to help me with my coursework :( I currently only have a two-year-old practically dead T-Mobile Sidekick 4G, which is still running android 2.2 FROYO! Unbelievable right?!
    Anyways, if I win I’d use it for offline Google Drive (since my school didn’t give me the wifi password yet. Sad, I know), researching and etc in places like Starbucks, and generally staying connected.
    I know everyone’s said this over and over again, but if I won a tablet here I would be so grateful!
    Plus, it’ll show my friends and family how cool android can be, since unfortunately right now everyone I know that has a tablet, has an iPad. Two birds with one stone, right? I use it for college, and educate my peers of the beauty of android in the process :) Thanks for this opportunity, androidandme!

  • boro09

    I really need a tablet like the Nexus 7 for school, but this seems like a really STUPID way to run a giveaway – everyone is just down-voting everyone else. You’d have a better chance if those tablets were given randomly. Anyway, good luck!

  • johnny crapple

    I would like the nexus 7 to help me study and for work, it would really help with taking notes. I have never had a tablet but I could really use one. This would be great for games and movies (all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy). This would be good for educational purposes too for my two year old son. I also love android.[IMG]http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh528/Johnnycrapple/CAM00292.jpg[/IMG]
    My cracked phone
    My dream phone

  • 001358

    If you vote for me, I will end world hunger. And global warming if you want. Go Google

  • Mixtape

    i think it’d be convenient to be able to read books and magazines without carrying about a bunch of books and magazines.

  • jeffb34

    I could really use the Nexus 7 for taking notes with evernote in class.

  • Joseph

    Yes if u vote for me for a new tablet it would be really cool to win it, and because Google Rules.

  • androidee

    I’m a student not as privileged as my peers and a nexus 7 would help a lot.

  • LukeT32

    The ex just split and took my Transformer….. :(

  • AFitch

    Used to have ipad. Broke. Time for android baby

  • Shizz

    Could use it as a great way to spend the commute, creating and watching video (possibly of doing epic things), awesome adventures, and just plain old lazy sundays

  • dandroid4g

    I want one so I can browse reddit in bed on a bigger screen

  • Jeremy Sheehan

    My wife has 2 kids that she watches at home. I’m sure a Nexus 7 will help alleviate some of the work. My older son already is a whiz with her phone.

  • Scott

    It will give my kids something else to fight over.

  • gh0st665

    I need a Nexus 7 in my life.

    The Nexus 7 would help me organize all of my books and documents into one nice and neat portable mobile computing device. The size/form-factor makes it highly portable and would easily fit in my pocket or messenger bag. This way, when I am walking through the city or woods, and I am getting ready to summon one of the Great Old Ones; all of my tomes, scrolls and spells will be in one handy portable tablet. Imagine, my entire arcane library in a fast Tegra powered device, Oh it makes me excited just thinking about it!

    So, please, give me one of these glorious Nexus 7′s and I will ask the Great Olds Ones to be merciful on your souls.

    (No promises though.)

  • Logan Edwards

    Since I already use a Nexus 4 and Nexus 10, I need a Nexus 7 to complete the Nexus family! Actually, A Nexus 7 would be a fun device to dedicate for movie watching to the youngling (13 months old) while on road trips or to have as a beater device when doing projects in the workshop.

  • Karen

    I need the Nexus 7 because I will use it for the University of Phoenix classes I teach online. It will allow me to be more responsive to my students because of ease of access. It will also free me up from having to do work at home, by allowing me to do my University of Phoenix work on my lunch break since I can’t use company resources. In addition, I am taking a Real Estate course and I will be able to take the tablet with me to class to take notes. Once I have become a realtor, I can use the tablet to look up houses and schedule appointments for my clients. For me, this tablet will be used to create additional income

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  • http://justinpulsifer.com/ ferman

    I am going to college now in August and I need something to walk around with to take notes and do research with. It would be awesome!!!

  • phill henry

    Need the tablet because its badass and don’t have a device currently.

  • nehalpatel

    I would like a nexus 4 because I just recently got accepted to a high school. Studying from a tablet and using it as a e-reader will help my study. My school allows tablets to an extent as long as your using it for educational purposes. A nexus 4 would be the perfect tablet in size and quality.

  • Kalahn

    I want a Google Nexus 7 for a lot of things. I have never had a mobile device before, although everyone I know has one. I also want a nexus 7 for school. A nexus 7 would be great for research because it is small enough to fit in my pocket, it’s fast, and it is easy to use. Enough about school though, android games are amazing. My best friend has an android phone and when I go to his house all I do is play stuff on his phone like angry birds or minecraft. It would also be great for family use too because nobody else in my family has a mobile device either and I know you can use users on it. I really would like a nexus 7 so please choose me to win, thanks!

  • werdna

    WOW, thanks for giving us all this chance to win!!

    I would love to have a Nexus 7!!

    First off, I will be a college Freshmen in about a month (I will be majoring in Computer Engineering), and having a tablet like the nexus 7 would be an awesome help in keeping my schedule organized. Since I can not afford a smartphone, a productivity tool like this one would be great to have. I would use it to manage my digital life, keep track of class homework assignments, and eventually use it as a test device for practicing my programming skills. Incorporating this device in to my school routine would make my life much easier, and provide me with a tool for getting things done more efficiently. Thanks!!

  • Jeff

    I had a sweet 16 gb nexus 7(biggest at the time). It was everything I imagined it would be and more. I loved it.

    Notice the past tense? Yea…

    Two weeks ago I was was at the lake with my buddies, can’t remember why, but I had my nexus out showing something to one of my friends and layed it down on the side of the boat. A few moments later someone hit the throttle and I saw the tablet slide off the side of the boat and into the water! I tried looking for it but no luck.

    Winning a nexus would definitely help soften the blow of my old nexus literally sleeping with the fishes.

  • jaysun420

    Would love to have an extra one for my wife! She’s going to school to be an RN and I know mine was handy for recording lectures!!! Hand it over please!!

  • IanMcNamara

    A Nexus 7 would would be a great tool for me to have in life. Here are my reasons:

    1) I’m a student and there are so many ways I can implement it in school. I can take notes, use it as a graphing calculator (instead of spending $100 on one), use Google drive for school work, and most importantly use an online textbook on it.

    2) I run an eBay business. The eBay mobile app is something I use everyday. Having a Nexus 7 to use for my business would be great. It would allow me to communicate with customers, take pictures of items and then list them, and do all the other stuff I do on eBay.

    3) This one is an experiment! I want to try to use a Nexus 7 as my cell phone. I sold my iPhone 4S a few weeks ago (moving to Android!) and I’m now waiting for the Moto X to be released. Therefore, I am without a cell phone. It would be interesting to see how it would be using a 7 inch tablet to make phone calls, though texting would be used most.

    Thank you for reading my reasons! I hope I win.

  • newmexican

    I would love a pure Nexus experience. Cannot do this with a phone, as with T-mobile in Northern New Mexico I need WiFI calling to make up for poor coverage :-( So you see, for stock Androind I need the Nexus 7 ;-)

  • paul williams

    Sure could use a nexus to help me find a job

  • HeadDoc

    I am a huge Android devotee, and have never owned any other kind of smartphone (unless you count my Samsung phone running Windows Mobile about 8 years ago!), but have yet to take the tablet plunge. However, as a therapist who works with kids on the autistic spectrum, a tablet would fill multiple uses: obviously, I can run the many apps for people with communication deficits and the like; I can also use it to replace my day-planner. I often find myself trying to schedule appointments with parents in the waiting room – without a computer, I use the old-fashioned paper and pen method. HOWEVER, our office has 4 clinicians and only 3 rooms for therapy. SO, I often make an appointment, only to check our staff’s Google calendar later to find that no room is available. A tablet the size of a datebook fixes this issue, and saves me time. FINALLY, as a single parent, I am tired of my kids using my phone to play Dragonvale, FIFA 12, or Angry Birds Star Wars and then, when we go outside to play soccer or tennis or fly a kite, my phone battery is almost dead. HELP!

  • www.phonewbie.com

    As the founder of a very small blog, I need to write and edit articles on the go. I need to be connected at all times so I can tweet, post articles and respond to my readers. Also, if I had one, I would certainly do my first review of new hardware. What better device to do a review on?

    In addition to that, I would be able to read all my saved AndMe articles in the pocket app.

  • killervick7

    I <3 Android!
    Hate APPLE

  • CTown

    It would be nice to have a bigger screen to play games on; especially since my phone cannot play the newer ones.

  • SakeSage

    I need it so two white lab mice and I can take over the world. scholastically, I will use it for e-books, web research, and typing papers on the go. If it supports square, I will use it for business transactions. Playing music, movies, games, and social networking are what I look forward to most. I would also lend the tablet to my mother when I go on trips so she could Skype me. When the big brain mouse hacks it, we be able to go back in time and kill Hitler. Which will make life better for everyone. Then we will take over Germany and make it the best country in the world. All other countries will joins us so they can be awesome too, winning over the world with a culture victory as if we were playing a game of civilization 4. Time traveling dictator of the world is quite an update from my normal life. I hope you pick me, thanks for the opportunity, and watch out for shadow people.

    p.s. Eat Brains

  • mrjlwilliams

    I need a Nexus 7 in my life because I currently don’t have a tablet. I will use it for work and play. It will make my life better because I will have a portable device, other than my phone which has a small screen as is not good for web browsing.

  • ManvDadhood

    An N7will help my Special Education students think I’m cool… Or pay attention to me at all…

  • elchicoboo

    It would prove that a tablet is more than a gadget. Its a part of a person’s everyday life like an assistant. Maybe it can only be your own companion during your journeys.

  • xCaptainx

    I just had to sell my N10 to clear some bills. Instant regret :( I’ve got a U.S address, please help me get an Nexus back!

  • Alan Cohen

    I’ve been using a silicon brain to supplement the original equipment jellyware since ’96. An upgrade is due soon. As an old guy, the small screens on most phones are too small for my eyes; the 7 inch Nexus is small enough for a pants pocket while large enough for my eyes. Paired with a mobile wifi access point and a Bluetooth earpiece, the Nexus 7 is a perfect silicon brain.

  • tlinsley

    If I won a Nexus 7, I would give it to my wife. I bought her an Android phone a while back, but the screen is too small for her to read books. If I could give her a Nexus 7, she would then have a screen large enough to read books. Then I would no longer have to buy expensive hard back books for her. And no longer would stacks of hard back books fill our storage garage. And no longer would I throw out my back moving boxes of heavy hard back books. In short, winning a Nexus 7 would bring great happiness to my wonderful wife (because she would no longer have to listen to me grumble about all the books and my back).

  • Lukas

    i need nexus 7 because i have ipad mini. ipad is driving me crazy, please help me ;))

  • kaiks

    I would love to have a Nexus 7 to help with my classes that I give to my fellow firefighters. I could make many presentations on all the different topics. It would not only make my life easier, but the lives of my co-workers would also be easier because they would reap the benefits of having the knowledge for doing their job. But most of all, the lives of the public that I help would be a lot easier because I would be able to serve them to best of my ability, all because of the benefits the Nexus 7 would offer to instructing my classes.

  • dudebro

    i need something to breakup weed on

  • dudebro

    i wanna see bigger fullscreen n00ds

  • dudebro

    i would port AOL 2.5 for windows on it. And then punt people.

  • rhy thornton

    You know how the NSA is spying on everybody? I intend to do something about it. I’m working on autonomous onion routed fully encrypted networked airships. Having a tablet for storing notes, data, etc.. would be very handy. My indiegogo didn’t really make very much money. :/

  • uknowme

    I would like one because it would be great to win. Plus every activated Android makes some poor Apple exec cry.

  • mrkymrks

    I play piano as a hobby, and I download all my sheet music online and print them out from my phone. However,I don’t always take my sheet music with me, and viewing the pdf on my small phone screen is quite a hassle. Having something like a nexus 7 would be great.

  • NamelessTed

    I would love to have a tablet again. I pretty much stopped reading comics since I got rid of my older tablet. It is one of those things where you don’t think you use a whole lot until you don’t have it anymore. I wouldn’t use the Nexus for pretty much anything else, just to read comics. Maybe some manga.

  • jacksonm55

    I’m busted, broke, hungry, and my Transformer Prime died which caused me to loose the picture of my cat. My bills are all due and the kids need fed, cotton is down to a quarter a pound and I’m busted! My wife won’t let me buy a new tablet because I killed the last one. I really need this tablet so I can get a new picture of my cat. I would even trade a dead Transformer for it. I’m to old to do anything but set around and watch the stupid television and it’s also busted. If I had this tablet I would have something to do. I promise to feed and take care of it and will try hard not to kill it.

  • bgoblin

    Like most of us, I really don’t need one. If I happened to have one, I probably would just waste my time browsing sites like Android and Me. It might actually make my life even worse. New fights with the wife where is the nexus and whose turn it is to waste some more time with it.

  • zerosix

    I want this tablet because I love it. Since I broke my Nexus 7 I can’t even look at other tablets.
    And it’s great for a student. PDFs, DOCs and everything you need is so simple and pleasant. I’m ready to steal my friend’s N7:)

  • Alain Lafond

    They are the world… Yes those americans really believe that they are alone on the tech planet. But it’s changing…

  • Kent Burton

    I need this because my 5 year old son like to take a dump every day and he takes my phone with him. He sets in there and takes care of business and plays games and watches Mario Videos.

    But here is the problem … I start to have withdraws with out my phone. If I could win one of these then I would not have that issue. HA

  • calmness

    Wish we could all get the new Nexus 7 to tablet enable our lives.

    Thanks so much, AndroidAndMe, for another GREAT contest. You always take fantastic care of your readers with contests and letting us know the latest on Android.

    The wonderful new Nexus 7 (with rumored)
    - front and back camera
    - beefier 1.5GHz SnapDragon quad-core processor
    - wireless charging
    would be great way to kickstart actual development part of my Android game development idea.

    So hoping for Android 4.3 to be released with this.

    P.S. do promise to share with others the great joys of the new Nexus 7!

  • Gibberish

    I would want a Nexus7 cause they simply are the coolest tablets on the planet (save the Nexus10).

  • wRggltibl

    I would love a wonderfully amazing tabeltus et Nexasus tu sevenuse, aka nexas seven tablet. I could go speeding around the world with all the extra speed it would have to my hand-me-down nook. Around the world in 80 KB +,
    Asuming my cat would stop hogging it for thirty seconds. He would even sleep with it. Instead of basking in the sun, he would bask in it’s electronic glow, and watch zombies eat his plants, followed by his brains
    /\_____/\ ZZZZzzzz…
    ___/ ^ ^ \___________
    ___l * l__ \
    _ ____\ _l_ / _______\
    \ /______ ___l l____C_______/
    \ \C_____/

    • wRggltibl

      AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The internet ate my cat!!!!!!!!!! I guess I don’t have to share theNexas anymore.

  • soare_body

    We’ve just got Google Play Books in our country and I’m so enthusiastic to download and read some of them. Unfortunately, I need a tablet for that. As a Nexus lover, the Nexus 7 would be a perfect fit for my plans! Thanks!

  • jtown1994

    I need a tablet because I am going into college and it would really help with productivity. It would be really useful for school without having to spend a lot of money on a laptop.

  • Nat Perez III

    I could try to be funny but I have elected to be honest. I need a nexus 7 because I simply cannot afford to get into the tablet space in the current financial state of my life. In fact I am typing this post on a PC that I bought in 2005. Tablets are the future of computing and the future of my industry (illustration). Fingers crossed that I can luck out and end up with the amazing nexus 7 as my first entry into this digital space!

  • cody chy

    The Nexus 7 would be the perfect companion for my android phone. With Google now and It’s smooth running interface I can be much more productive with work or play!

  • Tim Austin

    I need one for all the traveling i do.

  • grrrrlacher

    Well, the Nexus 7 would be for my wife. She hates technology, She is just now starting to text. But I think she would love a tablet. The problem is she won’t let me spend any money to buy her one. But if I were to get one for free, she could not take it back. She would have to use it! Please help me to bring my wife into the 21st century.

  • DroidPower

    i’m a student hoping to start writing apps for the Android OS, and this would really make testing the app out easier. Thanks in advance for your support, and g’luck to everybody!

  • Tom Bryant

    With a new 7 month old son, and me with a full work schedule, it’s hard to be with him as much as I would like. My wife and I have compromised with video calls via Google Hangout, I with my Motorola RAZR Maxx and she with her Samsung Nexus S 4G.

    Our little one loves it… but wouldn’t he love it more on a 7″ screen? I think he would.

    Sorry, no pictures to upload as I’m at work right now… Your votes could help a child like Tommy see his daddy while he is away at work. Won’t you help?

    Vote now.

    (True story, bro…)

  • dutraji

    Lets face it. We all need a Nexus 7. But why do “I” need one? I’ d have to say that it’s the kids in my “moderate / severe autism” classroom that need it more than me. They are mostly non-verbal and I’m currently using a Kindle Fire with them. The Fire, and many apps that I’ve found, has helped my students to better communicate some of their wants and needs. The interface of a tablet is a form of freedom for them….they just point and touch and a whole world opens to them! As there is a new program called Unique Learning System, written specifically for children with special needs, the 12 kids in my Kinder/First grade/Second grade class would profoundly benefit from accessing this, and other content, on the Nexus 7. Not to belittle my Fire, but I have to work at trying to side-load many apps, as Kindle Fire is so heavily curated that sometimes an app is impossible to use. The Nexus 7 would help bypass all that, and my students would ultimately be the beneficiaries of this. That’s the reason I’d like a Nexus 7. Thanks!

  • okatetsu

    Can I have it as a wedding gift? My wife and I married 3 weeks ago.

  • sssssss7

    i don’t need a nexus 7. But someone in my life really does. my brother died 6 months ago and my nephew has had a rough time. i wanna give him a tablet but unfortunately i really cant afford one at the time. he really needs something to help him be himself again. so please!! for my nephew

  • fripfrop

    Old people need social media too. My mother manages senior apartments (for adults ages 55 and over). I’m helping her connect her residents to social media more, and the strategy is the Nexus 7. She can carry it around all day, taking photos. She will point, shoot, upload, and tag right away. That way the residents’ families will see what’s going on with their loved ones, and how much they are loving life. I wish I’d known what my grandparents were up to more often. How about you – vote for me. Thanks.

  • sssssss7
  • sssssss7
  • sssssss7
  • https://plus.google.com/105652260730187717963/posts erik knudsen

    On my upcoming deployment (and the plenty more to come), a tablet would make it extremely simple to do Hangouts with my daughters.

  • Kipp Swanson

    Our kids dropped ours and broke the screen and I need one when I start back to school in the fall. I promise I’ll get a case for it!

  • BardoGee

    I need a Nexus 7 to get more work done

  • kenny1428

    Do you really want me to beg and pleed, tell you how much my life sucks or how great life is, how great the Nexus 7 is compared to all other mini tablets. Truth is, that I would be just grateful to win a contest, the prize could be a t-shirt (Android and Me), and I would be happy.

  • EolianPipes

    I would love a Nexus 7, because it would be the first step to getting rid of my iPad. I’ve always been an android fan for phones, but I’ve never been ready to use android as my tablet daily driver. I’m hopeful that this would help me go all in!

  • Wilson Mathis

    School and away from home studying while I’m not busy at my other job. 4 inch screen just doesn’t cut it sometimes :)

  • KOBesucker

    I can sit here and BS you guys, which I thought about because most likely many of you won’t be able to handle the truth, but I’ll tell it like it is. The truth is, if I win a Nexus 7 (odds of that after this I would say zip, zilch, nada, nunca, tu madre) it will be sold immediately and instead I’d buy an iPad mini: [imghttp://vidya.dyndns.org/d2/board/src/1287365230506.gif[/img]

    I know I know….BUURRNNNNN is what many of you are probably screaming. I can see a lot of this going on at the moment: [img] http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lwxys7gdMl1qii6tmo1_500.gif/img
    But really, I’m a huge Google fan, and I want nothing more than to see Android dominate, but at the same time it’s not for me. I enjoy iOS. It’s given me a much more enjoyable tablet experience than many of the Android tablets I’ve used. So there it is, the truth. And with that, I will buy myself a little time by leaving this little nugget here,


    and off I go!


    • KOBesucker

      Wow, I don’t deserve shit after this fail. And NO DAMN EDIT ABILITITES?!?!?!?! WTF?!?!

  • biglucciano

    At first to be honest, I saw the smartphone tech improve beyond the need of a tablet. But now with how i see the industry needs this medium device for an advance way of how websites should become, I’d take a chance in winning a new NEXUS 7, for this reason. I have the Note II as my main device for content creation. And a added device like the Nexus 7, could seek out more creative content. See ya at the top.

  • dtwhsieh

    I need the Nexus 7 because the number of tablet apps is serious limited for my HP TouchPad.

  • http://www.lagoworks.nl Jelmer Smid

    My valid argument to win:
    I’m about to order one anyway so this could save me the click to the web shop and the typing to order this beautiful apparatus.

  • Humberto Hernandez Goitia

    US Giveaway…. ¬¬

  • Jamie Belcourt

    I need a Nexus 7 because I’m still stuck with a Kindle :( Have pity on my poor soul!

    Not only would I enjoy the Nexus 7, but my 4 year old’s birthday is next month and it would be the perfect present that we could both enjoy!

    Thank you for considering.

    • Ja

      Posted under guest by mistake. Will re-post.

  • Dennis

    I need the new Nexus tablet because my old Xoom is an ancient artifact and lags like a SOB. Also, I thought it would be cool to teach my tech-scared mother to use if for cooking. The result? I rarely get to use it and when I do it’s painfully obsolete. Please, please, PLEASE hook me up with a Nexus tab ;(

    • rank78

      disregard, didn’t comment under account as required

  • rank78

    I need the new Nexus tablet because my old Xoom is an ancient artifact and lags like a SOB. Also, I thought it would be cool to teach my tech-scared mother to use if for cooking. The result? I rarely get to use it and when I do it’s painfully obsolete. Please, please, PLEASE hook me up with a Nexus tab ;(

  • veddeeokc

    I need a Nexus 7 because my 17 month old broke my touchpad and my wife’s nook in one week!

  • Arief Gusman

    I need this tablet for school purposes, where I have not had such a powerful tablet, if I get this tablet, This will be very useful for my purposes, I would be glad if I get this tablet, so I can change my future and become better, your cat already has a tablet, but I have not, so please android and me, with generosity, please give this tablet for me.

  • Christopher

    I need nexus 7 for my kids. They keep telling me iPad but little do they know….

  • Ja

    I need a Nexus 7 because I’m still stuck with a Kindle :( Have pity on my poor soul!

    Not only would I enjoy the Nexus 7, but my 4 year old’s birthday is next month and it would be the perfect present that we could both enjoy!

    Thank you for considering.

  • blars1206

    I need a Nexus 7 because my wife bought me a iPad mini for my birthday. She is an apple person and I’m an android guy, but she thought she could convert me and I hate the thing so much but don’t have the balls to tell her because she was so proud she was able to buy that for me. Now if I get one for free and simply find that I like it more, it would let me off the hook.

  • Richard Crigger

    I need a new Nexus 7 because my clumsy 400lb ass sat on mine and I have 2 kids starting college next month and I am broke.

  • Ryan Gails

    I need one because my mom has an iPad and my gf keeps telling me she wants one and I’m just like

    And I need to show her how awesome an N7 would be.

  • thedude

    Wow someones really trolling hard -3′ing everyone.

    Im serious, i really need something to break weed up on, please let me haz tablet

  • Mark

    I need the new Nexus 7 because I’ve been dealing with the crappy Nexus 10 since it’s release date. Google STILL has not patched the well documented (on xda) surface flinger/mali driver issue. I cannot use the tablet more than an hour without it freezing! I’m really hoping Google redeems themselves and releases a killer tablet.

  • scifijerry

    I need a Nexus 7 because I bought an HTC One X instead of a GALAXY S3. I am aware that a Nexus 7 is not a Galaxy S3 or a phone in anyway but it is free and it is better than my pos hox….plus my gf is 5 months pregnant and I’m soon to be as broke as it gets…like Detroit broke.

  • docsparks

    there are only 3 people that still have + remaining, and not -3 or more.

    obviously, one of those 3 people are completely d-bags.

    if i won the tablet, which i dont NEED, but i do WANT, i would simply be able to enjoy the tablet experience, share with my peers, inform my family how to use it (which to them is some quality family spending time) and entertain my brothers kids when i help baby sit.

    on top of that, It would allow me to take better screen shots of the themes and apps I make available on the Play market, as many will know using a emulator to fill with apps to take quality screen shots is time consuming as all heck and super annoying. Having a natural real tablet to install apps and test apps i develop on , would just make my life a lot more swell.

    And some people will be like “WELL YOUR A DEVELOPER, DONT YOU MAKE ENOUGH TO JUST BUY ONE?” yeah, its really not like that. The level of piracy on android is still ridiculous and so many of you are so cheap and so low on moral value, that you still endlessly install, and refund, and reinstall. Shame on yous. So SO many of yous.

  • bboytaione

    Simply put it, I would like to win and have a nexus 7 in my life to do one thing and one thing only to it. Load it up with AOKP and bust it out at work while my coworker uses his lame ipad so I can give him the mad jellies because what I will be holding in my hand compared to what he will be holding in his is pure……

  • TheBadWolf79

    [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/XumQgW3.png[/IMG] Well as you can see, my tablets are a bit old.

    • bboytaione

      They don’t seem to be dinosaur old, so it’s safe to say you can still get a couple years of good use out of them!

  • krazyelmo1029

    I would love to win one of these Nexus’, my daughters keep taking mine so they can play games and watch Netflix….. lol

    If I win this Nexus my three and four year old can have there own and I can actually use my Nexus !

    Please choose me, my two daughters would love you for life !!!


  • Jamar Eccleston

    i would like a nexus so i can have a modern day tablet rather than an ipad 1 and old galaxy s 4g :9

  • loop6719

    Well I never thought I would say this, but my 10 ” is too big and I wish for something smaller , like a nexus 7 to play games on. I find that holding onto the 10″ tablet my hands get tired and cramped.. I bought the zt pad for Xmas to watch Netflix and play games and I thought bigger would he better but all I got was a bad case of claw hand. I would use the nexus as a light weight game machine and also check A and me on G+.

  • Danny Calderon

    I’d like a new Nexus 7 because my old one has a broken screen, and I’ve had to use use a nook HD for my tablet needs for the last 3 months. The nook HD can’t play all the game on the pay store and it doesn’t do great multitasking. And the nexus 7 would look good next to my Nexus 4

  • ryanj83

    My arms are getting soooo tired from being this guy – http://petapixel.com/assets/uploads/2012/09/macbookair2_mini.jpg

    With a tablet I would upgrade to be this guy!! – http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-V7sQg4dDckY/UI3dAabcf8I/AAAAAAAABTw/wkQhdHv6CQo/s400/BIGBANG_AliveTour_Manila_FloatingTablets.jpg

    Instant winner.

  • Elinfantryman

    I’m deploying to Afghanistan for the 3rd time soon, and between getting all the gear I need and leaving my family all set up for my 9 months absence, I ran out of $. I would like a Nexus 7 so I can keep in contact with my family back home via Skype and FB. Why do not take a laptop?, you may ask. Well, we only have one computer at home an my wife needs it for her college and work. So please, help me win this tablet so my kids can see daddy on birthdays, Thanksgiving and Christmas day! Thanks.

  • sssssssalex

    i am not greedy. whether i win or lose i would like to thank the ppl in charge for this opportunity. GOD BLESS YOU!!!

  • mjuscg77

    I travel extensively for work and would love to have a platform to carry my kids pictures on and be able to make Skype calls to my three kiddos when I am sitting in the airports of the world. Just a virtual hug and kiss from my little three year old or a virtual high five from my son can turn a bad day into a great day. This would make my being away from them for up to a few months a little easier knowing that they are just a Skype call away. Please help me see those smiling faces after losing a tooth.

  • isaiahshughes

    Well I am working on becoming a cat, and the picture does say that the cat could be you….

  • grimmdev

    I could use a Nexus 7 because I am a small time indie developer who has passion for making both games and apps for mobile devices. I would love to share something with you to help me explain myself and why I could really use a nexus 7. http://imgur.com/a/MSorj Maybe you’ll like what I can do and would love to see more from me. I inspire to make great things and hope you one day see my app on your phone to play with and keep you entertained.

  • Ruben Alvarez

    I could use a Nexus7 in my life to give to my daughter. She is 5 and will be starting Kindergarten at a science and technology magnet school in New Haven, Ct. She currently has a Nook Color that I got off of Craigslist and rooted to run CM. It’s ok but it lags and is pretty beat up. I cant afford a new one so this would be perfect. Thanks for the consideration AAM. I have no idea how to put a pic in these comments so I linked to a pic of my little lady. https://plus.google.com/108055383806794333959/posts/MeYZnv6uG7s

  • Elinfantryman

    Your “voting system” for the Nexus 7 contest is a joke. At the time of this writing there’s over 300 comments of people trying to get the tablet and 98% of them are in negative!!!! You guys suck. This is only a trick to lure people to your website and gain members. I just joined your community today but I visit your website multiple times a day. I really like it, but this contest just showed me that you worry more about bringing people to your site than to give them a high quality experience. I really hope you learn from this.

  • soulfly_x3m

    I don’t need one,but I would love to have one for my 6 year old boy.I promised him when he learn to read,he will have one to read books.And he already start reading and asking me when I’ll get him what I promised.Please help me to make my boy very happy with new learning device.

  • bfulanovich

    I have never owned a tablet before, but I have a true passion for Android devices. I have a Galaxy Nexus, and its been a great phone. The nexus line is something that I would like to explore further, and being able to have the N7 would be great.

  • tallpaul02

    I need a tablet because I’ll be taking a househunting trip in a couple weeks (without my wife since both of us going would mean our 20 month old and 1 month old would have to come along and we would not be able to house hunt with both of them along). Since she can’t be there in person for looking at houses, I’ll be facetiming with her during my walkthroughs so she can see what I’m seeing and a tablet would give her a bigger, sharper screen to watch the walkthroughs on. Sitting at a computer with 2 kids under 2 isn’t really possible, but holding a tablet while with them is much more doable. If it helps at all to mention it, my wife and I named our boy (20 month old) Link and his brand new, little sister Aryll (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aryll).

    Either way, thanks for the giveaway and the excellent Android content.

  • TanRRiV

    Well I really need a nexus 7 since I already got one but as a Network and computer security student I guess one can’t have enough nexus 7. Because an extra nexus sure come handy when you got to monitor 100s of network and you have nothing to pass time with.

    • Strike

      One can never have too many nexus 7

  • kane1513

    I need a Nexus 7 2 so i can read more, keep up with my security cams at home, use it for a universal remote, a direct link to my ADT system, making lists with GDrive that i can take with me anywhere, Make memorable video/pictures of family and friends, the possibilities for this thing making my life better/more organized are endless.

  • http://technicquill.com Jess Blanchard

    Man, y’all are some negative Nancies.

    Fortunately, we at Android And Me are experienced in the ways of the number line and are able to rank negative integers from least to greatest.

    Unfortunately, the innane downvoting seems to put newer comments at an advantage. However, there is nothing stopping entrants from leaving more than one comment, although, only one tablet will be awarded to each individual. (i.e. You cannot win more than one tablet).

    Needless to say, we will stick with random drawings in the future. We just wanted to give you all something a little more fun and interactive than that.

    To anyone off-put by the fact that we require you have an account to win: We are very grateful to have such an amazing community on our site. It shouldn’t be too much to ask that you officially join that community in order to participate in community events. Plus, without verified contact information, how can we get in touch with you if you win? ;)

    Everyone, please remember that this is just a friendly contest. Be nice! Remember, the NSA is watching you.

  • eclein

    I’m unable to get around easily and a tablet would make things a ton easier. I’m on SSD and really live check to check so money is tight. Thanks for giving us all an opportunity.

    The site is getting better and better!!!!

  • ohh_peetaa

    Why do I need a Nexus 7? Well I’m not going to go BS you all and say I’m dying and if I inserted it into my chest I would be saved, though it did work for Tony Stark..

    I’m starting a family, a Nexus family! I’ve already had my first child. And he is a beautiful LG phone but a big ASUS sister would be so good for him. He would have someone to play with and to grow up with.

    Now if that’s not a good cause, I dont know what is!

  • killervick7

    Because im broke and cant afford one!

  • babyjsmom

    I need to win this tablet to give to my son. Since I got mine it has become his and is like mine back so if he had his own id be very happy.

  • Upsidedown13

    I would love to have this tablet because it would be a great help to me in my work as a professional dog walker/pet sitter and veterinary technician. It would enable me to pull up information on a larger screen than my Samsung Android smartphone without lugging my laptop all over the place in the summer heat and winter cold here in Colorado! I would love to be able to see my pets’ files in somewhat larger type, as the only bummer about getting older is my eyesight doesn’t seem to be what it used to be, snort! I’m also on a very tight SSDI budget so free is absolutely the right price, lol. I just signed up for this contest, but am interested in finding out more about the community and things I can learn from others. I would also love to be able to watch movies, play games, listen to music (I’m a musician so it would be great if I could listen to some of my own work and critique it out of the piano space where I’m not so self-critical!) in between walks or when on overnights with pets. Good luck, everyone!

  • slimx30

    can you just do random selection? I would love to have this tablet. I have been needing a tablet and I could easily take this to my college classes and just buy ebooks to use this. I don’t have a laptop so this would be perfect!

  • Rodimus8688

    About two years ago, I purchased my first tablet. At the time, it seemed like a good deal with good reviews, but now it is a barely working and really is simply a color e-reader (when working). I don’t have the means at this time to get a new one. I’d like to get a more functional device for several reasons. The first is for my family to be able to Skype with family out of state that we don’t see very often. The second is because it is a great tool for myself in the work place due to alot of my travel and needing access to resources in different settings. Third, when I bought my old tablet, I was very selfish and self-focused. I didn’t think at the time of how it could be used fully outside of my own wants/ needs. Now, we don’t have the resources to buy another one. I’d love a second chance to get a quality device for my family’s use and one that could be effectively used in my work.

  • rodimus8688

    About two years ago, I purchased my first tablet. At the time, it seemed like a good deal with good reviews, but now it is a barely working and really is simply a color e-reader (when working). I don’t have the means at this time to get a new one. I’d like to get a more functional device for several reasons. The first is for my family to be able to Skype with family out of state that we don’t see very often. The second is because it is a great tool for myself in the work place due to alot of my travel and needing access to resources in different settings. Third, when I bought my old tablet, I was very selfish and self-focused. I didn’t think at the time of how it could be used fully outside of my own wants/ needs. Now, we don’t have the resources to buy another one. I’d love a second chance to get a quality device for my family’s use and one that could be effectively used in my work.

    Sorry for the double post. I saw that I wasn’t signed in on the first post.

  • Upsidedown13

    Wow. I see what everyone meant about this would be better as a random drawing. Sad that people have to down vote others to try to win. Ah, well, such is life! Just don’t be a joiner on that train, lol!

  • omarfx

    I love nexus devices, and I want to win nexus 7 to give it to my fiancee :), she’s doing a lot of blogging work and she would be happy to use it instead of her smartphone. Thanks for giving us this opportunity to win. :)

  • Eude Ferrer

    Having a Nexus tablet would be a huge asset to me since I’m a teacher and would be able to research things on the go much easier than I do no. As a teacher it is essential for me to keep up with what is going on in my field. This would just make it so much easier.

  • Eude Ferrer

    Having a Nexus tablet would be a huge asset to me. I’m always on the go and have very limited access to computers throughout the day.

  • carlos guillen

    i want the nexus 7 so i can finally trash my BB playbook

  • theExplorer

    The reason is probably a bit strange, but true. I desperately look for a gift for my wife…She made me so happy in a way that includes…ok, I don’t wanna to write it, but you probably know what I mean (not every girl will agree to do that). Anyway, I am perfectly happy with my Nexus 4, so I think devices with stock android are a good option, no matter if I win or not.

    • theExplorer

      Let’s face the truth – I got SEX, and you obviously not. So, I’m still kinda winner.

  • grimmdev

    I could use a Nexus 7 because I am a small time indie developer who has passion for making both games and apps for mobile devices. I would love to share something with you to help me explain myself and why I could really use a nexus 7. http://imgur.com/a/MSorj Maybe you’ll like what I can do and would love to see more from me. I inspire to make great things and hope you one day see my app on your phone to play with and keep you entertained.I do live in the US and do have a registered account. Although non of my friends are capable of voting and this is a bit of a disappointment…

    • grimmdev

      For anyone who doesn’t bother to check out the link and read what I spent alot of time putting together to see any of my related work on android. https://play.google.com/store/search?q=grimmdev But reading gives you an understanding of someone as well as what they do to better gauge if they deserve one or not. Otherwise why would you expect anyone else to read your submission?

      • grimmdev

        Also a point that there’s 5 to giveaway,not one. There’s alot of downvoting for no reason.

    • sixmoodydwarves

      Nice apps. You will probably win the Nexus 7, and deserve it. I wish I could have won it though.

      • grimmdev

        Merci, thank you alot for your kind words sir. and I’m sorry to see so many people downvoting… I try to upvote every single person… but it’s not working with so many downvoters.

        • sixmoodydwarves

          All we can hope for is that in their down voting, they accidentally down vote their own post.

          • grimmdev

            I agree.

        • redraider133

          It’s terrible how every comment has at least -5. It’s a contest people why down vote everyone? Hope you win, you deserve it for the work you have done.

  • ottmanit

    I didn’t try any android devices before so i wanna win to try it on Nexus 7

  • saraho_o

    I want it so baaad , I had one before and it was stolen when it shipped to me anyways thanks for the giveaway