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Android takes to the skies: new in-flight entertainment on Norwegian Dreamliner

Flying Android

Android is an incredibly versatile operating system, used predominately in smartphones and tablets. But it can be used to great effect on a variety of other devices, like e-readers, consoles, watches, glasses, speaker bars, TV boxes and even mini USB computers. Now Android is set to take-off on passenger airplane entertainment systems.

Norwegian and Panasonic Avionics have teamed up to create the first Android-powered in-flight entertainment system in the world. Installed on Norwegian’s Boeing 787 Dreamliners, this entertainment system will reside on a touchscreen and will provide built-in Android apps for passenger use and enjoyment.

Flyers can watch movies, listen to music and even play pre-loaded Android games. As with many in-flight entertainment systems, passengers can also order food and drinks from the touch screen. This will be a pretty significant upgrade from the unresponsive and slow entertainment systems in most planes, even if they still use resistive touch screens.

But the benefits of an Android-powered system go beyond customer satisfaction; Android is also open and easier to develop for, so the systems can be improved and can have features added far easier than whatever proprietary system airlines currently use. It’ll benefit both the customer and the airline, so we really don’t have anything negative to say. What do you think of Android finally hitting the skies? Where else has Android not yet visited?

Source: Norwegian

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  • Paul E

    Android needs to come into the cockpit fully. EFB is essential in this day and age and it’s use should not be restricted to the iPad only.

    Hopefully the FAA will approve android-based EFB solutions sooner rather than later.

  • doc

    I got a submarine im down with equipping with IDA (In dash Android) anyone wanna hotbox this thing?

  • donger

    This green guy is gonna be everywhere.