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Google Glass updated with more voice commands, web browsing


Google Glass is still in testing, so it’s getting frequent updates with many new features along the way. Starting out as a basic wearable accessory, Google Glass is quickly turning into a far more functional device that eliminates the need to take out your smartphone for basic tasks. With a release date somewhere in 2014, Glass has plenty of time left to get even better.

The latest update brings a lot to the device, including more voice commands, which further eradicate the need for your smartphone. For example, you can answer texts by saying, “Okay, Glass. Read aloud.” followed by “Okay, Glass. Reply.” You can also do the same for phone calls. “Okay, Glass. Answer call.”

Also, the favorite contact limit has been lifted. It was a little ridiculous that you could only access 10 contacts, so now you can access all of them. They will be selectable via profile photos. (Hopefully your important contacts have them).

And lastly, Google Glass now has the ability to browse the web from search results. Hitting “view website” will take you to a web browser with some unique controls. To scroll, slide a finger on the touchpad. To zoom, slide two fingers on the touchpad. To look around the page, hold two fingers on the touchpad and move your head around. While this isn’t ideal for public situations, it’s a pretty cool way to navigate around a page. And to click, you just tap when you have the screen centered on what you want to click on.

If you’re lucky enough to own a pair of Glass, it’ll update to the newest software automatically. You’ll get to enjoy all of these new features within the next couple of days as the update rolls out to everyone. Tell us how you like it, and if you don’t own a pair, tell us what you think of Google expanding the device’s functionality.

Via: Android Central

Source: +Project Glass

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