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Google patches recent Android security hole, already distributed to OEMs


The latest “scare” in Android security was a new hole found that affected 99% of users. Unless you were a fan of downloading apps from untrusted sources, you were safe. But it was found to be a pretty big security hole that allowed legitimate APK installs to be modified with malware without changing their cryptographic signature.

Google quickly updated Play Store security to prevent apps from allowing modification. Apps downloaded from the Play Store are completely safe. If you pirated apps or used third party app markets, you were at risk. Samsung had fixed the issue in the Galaxy S 4, but it seemed that Google was content to do nothing.

Apparently, Google was working on it the whole time. Google’s Android Communications Manager has said that the security hole has been successfully patched by Google and that phone manufacturers have already received these patches to incorporate into their own devices. That’s how Samsung had fixed it: with Google’s help.

We’re glad to see Google so active with security that doesn’t even affect its own ecosystem. We’re also glad to see Samsung so quick with integrating these patches. Makes us feel all fuzzy and safe inside. And to all of our readers, remember to boldly go with caution in the great expanses of the Internet.

Source: Engadget

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