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Google sold out of free Netflix subscriptions for Chromecast customers


The Chromecast was announced at only $35, which is already a steal. You get an awesome streaming device that could make any regular TV a smart TV for less than half the cost of an Apple TV or Roku. Though the Chromecast is limited in functionality, the device can get the job done for most users.

However, Google also announced that customers would get three free months of Netflix with their purchase of a Chromecast. This alone costs $24, so the device wound up costing just $11. People liked it so much, it sold out everywhere as soon as it went on sale. However, Google has announced that the Netflix deal is now over.

It’s not what you think! Google didn’t cancel it because demand was so high and they didn’t want to lose money. They actually purchased a specific amount of Netflix subscriptions, and they just happened to run out really fast. I guess no one expected the Chromecast to be such a runaway hit.

Does this make the Chromecast less justifiable? Yes, but not by much. It’s still only $35, and does quite a lot for the price. We say it’s still perfectly justifiable to buy at this price, even without the free Netflix. Do you agree?

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  • Vance

    I’m just glad I got mine ordered before they ran out! … But yes, I’d still buy one for that price, sans Netflix.

  • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

    I got one but am now wishing I had bought 4-5 of them now…

  • hokiewv

    I’m really glad that Google got the pricepoint right on this one. I would have still bought it without the Netflix subscription but the discount made it an easy impulse buy.

  • epps720

    I was lucky enough to grab the last one at my local Best Buy yesterday. Got to use it last night with both Netflix and Play movies and it works great. Really looking forward to the potential of this.

    As of right now it’s still worth the $35 if you don’t have a good smart TV. The value of it should just go up as more apps make use of the SDK. At $11 it’s a steal! One of best features of this over running Netflix on a smart TV is that as I am watching a tv episode, I can have the next one queued up and ready to go instead of having to go back and dealing with the menu. Or if the movie sucks I can search for a new one while the other one is still playing.

  • MatthewM

    I could not have cared less about the Netflix sub. I just think the Chromecast is amazing and $35 is a staggering price.

  • aranea

    I’m glad I got mine with the free netflix. Without it I’d buy one but wait a little bit more for more real-life reviews.

    • aranea

      I’ve just checked and mine is already on delivery.

  • SakeSage

    Its pretty useless if it can’t mirror phones and tablets. Apple tv 3 can, but I hate apple. I guess I’ll just have to use my $6 cable.

    • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

      Its purpose isn’t to mirror a device though. It’s not “useless” because it has many uses.

      However, it’s not exactly competition to the Apple TV. It’s a bit of a different beast altogether. But yes, products like ATV do more.

    • Brett Banks

      It mirrors anything you do in Chrome. You can even drag your videos into Chrome, play and mirror them on your tv. Its on in Chrome….

  • kinderdm

    If you got it with the promotion have you gotten your code yet? I should be well within the promotion time frame but haven’t heard anything. I agree its still a great deal even without it but if I can save 24 bucks I of course would want to. Just wondering if i should give google a call or wait?

  • Nathan D.

    That was fast, I didn’t think so many people would like it so much to buy it on day one.

  • donger

    Need one of these.