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How does the new Nexus 7 stack up to the competition?


The new Nexus 7 was announced today, and it looks fantastic. With a 1080p display in a small 7-inch form factor and a quad core Snapdragon S4 Pro, it looks to be an amazing tablet. And priced at a meager $230, it’s incredibly cheap. We can’t wait to get our hands on it, but for now, we can’t help but wonder how it compares to the tablets currently available on the market.


Here is a comparison between the new Nexus 7, the old Nexus 7, and the current Galaxy Note 8.0. The Note was thrown in because it’s a somewhat high end tablet with a high end price. It just goes to show that price doesn’t mean everything, because the Nexus 7 seems to have an advantage in almost every area.

Looking at the spec-to-price ratio, and keeping in mind the class leading display, what do you think of the new Nexus 7? Is it worth upgrading from the old one? Is there a better tablet currently on the market? Leave a comment with your thoughts!

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  • halo0

    Whether it’s worth upgrading is going to depend on how much you can sell the old one for.

    • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

      Arguable. I gave my Nexus 7 to my father. It still could very well be worth buying.

  • Arthur

    The price although $30 more than last years Nexus compared to the competition is still a very good price.

    For those who didn’t buy last years model (like myself), the new Nexus 7 is a no-brainer if your wanting a 7″ Android Tablet.

  • http://aboyandhistv.blogspot.com mvndaai

    I love my old Nexus 7, so I kind of want the new one. I am excited for the back camera, so I can actually use barcode scanner apps and take pictures.

    My one question, does the audio port include microphone capabilities. The old one doesn’t which makes it not able to use Square or other things.

  • http://aboyandhistv.blogspot.com mvndaai

    I am kind of sad about the smaller battery life. I love that my Nexus last forever.

    • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

      They claim that the battery will last an hour longer

    • http://www.jeffkibuule.com Jeff

      Smaller battery, but still better battery life (1 more hour of video).

  • Jillxz

    It still has the wide bezel and the unattractive design. looks too narrow in portrait mode. Still won’t buy this as it looks more like a phablet than a tablet . The Nexus ten is just as unattractive too. Wide bezels and unattractive design. I’ll take the Amazon Fire HD 8 inch for a small tablet and the xperia z for a 10 inch tablet. No Nexus of any kind for me.

    • JW

      Have you ever held a Nexus 7 and compared it to the way products with similar dimensions feels? That bezel is needed. It makes it much more comfortable in the hand. I understand why people like less bezel on a phone, but the bezel is needed on a tablet around the 7″ mark. It makes it so much more easy to operate and hold.

  • darethehair

    GPS on the new Nexus 7? I very much hope and expect so, otherwise I would be extremely disappointed!

    • HolySmokesBatty

      It would be ridiculous to even consider this wouldn’t come with GPS being as it comes with Maps prepackaged AND has the option for LTE connectivity, which would make for a ridiculous Navigation system.

      It would be idiotic to push Google Maps on a device that can’t properly utilize it.

  • Bo

    Wish the bezel wasn’t so big. I guess it will help for one-handed-video watching though….

    • Gnat

      Easier to hold in landscape for watching movies.

    • Will

      I see what you did there.. :P

  • Des

    The reason I don’t go for this tablet is the lack of sdcard slot. It is very important for me to have this for my kids. So, no wont be getting it.

    • Andrew

      32gb isn’t enough room to store all of your kids?

  • redraider133

    I think the increased screen resolution makes it a buy in itself. Hopefully it doesn’t have the slowdowns like the original nexus 7 had after being updated.

  • Paul Manning

    Almost better in every category than the Gnote 8? Hmmm. Selective vision I think. For the price its a great device but lets keep it real eh?

  • hurracayne

    I don’t get this 32gig is not enough space. I have 40 albums loaded on my N732 gig. I have 54 apps including several large games like RR3, TDKR, Asphalt 7, Sygic Maps to RavenSword2 and I have still have 9 gig of space left.
    I have pod cast on it, I put movies on it, but hell if you think you are going to watch more than 2 movies in one seating your crazy because the battery would be dead real soon.

  • jamal adam

    There has been talk about the bezel being too big and what not but if you look at it, it’s just the same size as the OG Nexus 7′s but since the new one has smaller side bezels the proportions make it seem big. I really like this new Nexus 7 and feel that it stacks up better than ever other tablet in its class.

    • calmness

      Hope you are right about the bezel. (Didn’t like the previous Nexus 7 dimensions, until a zippy case solved some use problems.)

      Really like the specs, but waiting to check it out locally to see how it feels when trying it out.

      Also, waiting to verify it doesn’t have the same OTG issues as the Nexus 4.

      That said, I think I’m going to get one. Woot!

  • donger

    Nexus 7 FTW.

  • Luca

    is the new nexus able to phone call as the galaxy note 8 does ?

    (yes I use my old galaxy tab 7 to make/receive phone calls, I don’t like to carry both a tablet and a phone and I ‘m looking for a new tablet with phone capabilities)


  • Paul Atreides

    I was hoping for a bigger battery and a lot less bezel(wonder how retractable bezels would work on a tablet), but it’s a justifiable upgrade I do believe. I’m not excited enough to be an early adopter though.

  • TAN5150

    Take a look on Mac Rumors site, nearly half of the fan boys want the Nexus 7. Lots of complaining the iPad mini is way behind on tech in comparison.

  • Klemen

    HDHmm….all is good but what about ASUS memopad HD?

  • Ron B

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