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LG releases G2 teaser, teaches facts of life

The newest ad to come from LG is a teaser titled “LG G Next,” but instead of teasing the phone, it basically states a bunch of statistics about human existence. The facts are all about humans, showing how much LG knows and “learns” about us. And at the end, there’s a flash of the iconic LG G2 silhouette with its rear mounted buttons and text that reads, “Come see how LG G2 is learning from you.”

Is there something about the LG G2 we still don’t know? Does LG have some new, innovative smart features even Samsung hadn’t come up with? (That was a joke, ladies and gentlemen). But if there is something new, a la Moto X “Always Listening,” we’re excited to hear about it. Differentiation through unique features is exactly what LG needs to break free from the monotony of the current phone market.

The event will take place August 7 in New York. Come that day, we’ll be covering the LG G2 announcement in full, so stick around! And read the description of this teaser video while you’re at it. It’s cute. What do you think of this teaser? Awesome or confusing?

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  • Arthur

    It looks like OEM’s, like Motorola with the Moto X are putting more emphasis on software that learns how its owner uses the phone and adjusts certain features to accommodate that usage style. It’s a trend we are going to see much more of going forward.

    Specs are becoming much less about who has the best PPI on their display or the fastest clock speed and more about optimizing a good set of hardware, more mid-rangish if you’d like to compliment certain software features that use every ounce of that hardware to it’s fullest.

    I am for one, very excited about this new direction we are going in, we should see some interested ideas and concepts being introduced by years end and into next year.

  • Paul

    The heft and the bezel on the Optimus G2 is amazing.

  • donger

    Nice info from video.