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New Nexus 7 sold early in many stores

New Nexus 7 (2)

The official release date for the new Nexus 7 is July 30, but release dates have never stopped stores from selling devices early. However, it has always been singular cases of store employees letting a customer buy one. A few lucky people would get them, while most stores would refuse to sell them. This time, it’s a little different.

Multiple stores have been selling the new tablets early. So far, it’s been Walmart, Best Buy, GameStop and Amazon. Amazon will allow you to ship your tablet by Monday, while the other three will ship early and even allow some to walk into stores and pick them up. This has been reported multiple times, so it’s probably working out.

If you want that tablet today, give it a try. Call your local Best Buy, Walmart or GameStop and ask if they’ll sell you one early. Ask if they have any in the back. Ask for the bright blue box. If you’re lucky, you’ll be a Nexus 7 owner by tonight! Tell us if you succeed, and if your local stores will sell one!

Source: The Verge

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  • Jmo

    I picked one up 1hr ago from the local Best Buy. Walked up and asked for it; they chucked and said ‘yeah, I can get one for you’

    BOOM! New Nexus7

  • Brmo

    Ordered mine from best buy for in-store pickup at 9:45am, they emailed me for pickup at 10:10, picked it up at 10:35.

  • w9jds

    I ordered mine from Amazon early this morning. Will be at my house tomorrow! Can’t wait.

  • Kizipotamus

    I walked into Best Buy this morning and they had a sign on the display unit that said”In Stock.” I asked the dude for one and he got it for me like it wasn’t even a new product. It was really odd, but this things amazing.

  • jimmyeuniss

    I picked one up at Best Buy over lunch. They only had 2 left in stock. There was about 10 of them on the racks that were already reserved for In-Store pickup.

  • renyo

    Time to hit the store!

  • RegularJoe

    Read this article and went to my local BB. No display but I asked if they had the 16GB and the dude went to the back and came back with a shiny new N7 :)

  • Dude

    I think most stores only have the 16GB version in stock. On the “find a store” part of the in-store pickup thing online all of the 32GB are 3-5 business days…at least in my area.

    • corona

      nope i ordered a 32gb online around 11am and picked it up in store around 230ish.

  • sean

    Got a 16 GB from Best Buy, and UPS delivered my Chromecast!

  • TAN5150

    Got mine at the local Best Buy! Loving it!

  • aryin

    going there soon, hopefully they still have some in stock

  • duface2

    Man, someone here really doesn’t like Best Buy!

  • Aaron Johnson

    Just picked up the Next Gen Nexus 7 32g at Best buy here in Vegas. They just got them in stock today.. what a beast of a tablet..My first one and glad I waited for was close to getting the 1st gen model but then hearing on the possible new version I held off.

  • HonGDB

    just came home from Staples with my new N7. it’s charging up on my Qi pad right now!

    • Y314K

      I think u’r trolling… But I’ll bite…

      Did u use & get the $30 discount currently available on tablets @ Staples ???? What city is u’r Staples at… I did see them add the item to their online inventory…

      • Y314K

        Never mind.. Some Staples started to sell the 16GB version & some have been able to use the coupon code…

  • Graham Steffaniak

    Using mine now! Love it!

  • donger

    Nexus 7 FTW.

  • Baron Munchausen

    Got home from Work yesterday and decided to see if Best Buy had any in stock online at their stores and low and behold they did. Was going to get the 16 gig but i asked if they had the 32 gig the salesperson said yes and I was sold. They even have one on display so I tinkered around with it and I am very impressed with the Nexus 7.2 .

    I have a Nexus 4 and have owned a Nexus 1 so I really like what Google has done plus for the Nexus 7 it is made by Asus and I use many Asus products in building desktops.

  • cormin
  • Raphael Tal

    How has no one here mentioned the 30 dollars of with the staples coupon yet. I bought two (separately). I bought one online and one in store (the one I ordered online has an expected ship date of july 29th. It comes out to 216 bucks after tax. The coupon which you can find online very easily expires tomorrow. Not sure if that means you can still use it tomorrow or not….

    good luck….

  • Justin

    I work at Best Buy….my store got an email Friday morning before we opened saying we could sell the Nexus 7 starting at open… We only had 2 32GB left today but a lot of 16GB….so if you want one Best Buy has them its just getting them to sell it to you.

  • Dude

    Someone came into my job (Office Depot) looking for this one today. We haven’t received any. I wasn’t even aware that the new Nexus 7 was so close to launch. If you are looking for one, don’t even bother going to Office Depot because we don’t have it. If we get it I will update.

  • mrjayviper

    to be 100% correct, it was sold in many AMERICAN stores. at least with apple, product launches are not limited to US. I believe US, UK, AUS and several other countries get first crack at new products. :/

  • TAN5150

    This is really a fantastic tablet. The speed and screen outshine the first version IMO. Rear camera works just fine, software very useful. I think it is wise to spend the additional $40USD for 16 more G of memory. Very comfortable in the hands with the new soft skin. I prefer this over the first Nexus 7.

  • jaycancel

    I picked up mine 2 days ago at Best Buy!! Well worth the money!!

  • z0phi3l

    Went to BestBuy this morning, they had 2-3 16gb left and about that many 32gb ones too, walked out with a shiny 32gb tablet

    • z0phi3l

      Also it replaced my poor suffering OG Kindle Fire !!

  • Tomas

    Where can i buy 32GB 3g version of new Nexus 7?

  • Brian

    Bought mine Sunday. I walked into Best Buy in Jacksonville Florida, they had a whole cage of them. No accessories but they had plenty on hand.

  • Ben

    Ordered two 32gig on 7/26 at 4pm and walked in at 6:30 and picked them up. Tablet is running great.