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Pebble smart watch available on BestBuy.com before many pre-orders received


It looks like the Pebble smart watch is facing a similar situation to the OUYA. The team behind the Pebble has announced that they have partnered with Best Buy to sell the accessories online. You can get them at bestbuy.com/pebble starting today, and if you don’t want to shop online, they will be available in stores starting July 7 here in the US.

Why is this a problem? Many people who pre-ordered the device on the Pebble website months ago have not received their devices. It’s pretty ridiculous that old pre-orders aren’t being fulfilled faster than the devices can come to stores. Regular people off the street can now have a Pebble faster than those dedicated enough to pre-order months in advance. Makes the pre-order a bit useless, no?

This is the same situation the OUYA faced, except instead of slower-than-retail pre-orders, the Kickstarter backers weren’t getting their devices. That’s quite a bit worse. However, that was allegedly due to a shipping issue. Still, these kinds of situations really hurt loyalty, so we hope the Pebble team can figure it out and make it up to those with pre-orders.

If you have not paid for your pre-order, you do not need to take action to cancel it. Just ignore it and go buy a Pebble if you want it sooner. If you have paid for your pre-order, they say it should be in Step 3 of the shipping process. Check your Pebble account for more details. And if you want to learn more, hit the source link and read the blog post. Are you upset because of this?

Source: Pebble

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  • impaler

    It’s INFURIATING that they did this, when I ordered my pre-order last November, and have yet to get this thing. Pathetic and a BAD move by Pebble’s part. I’m all for it getting into brick and mortar stores – the more that folks buy them, the larger the development community will get, and that bodes well for consumers. But to not fulfill their loyal early customers FIRST and verifying they’re in hands is really bad.

  • http://www.androidandme.com Brooks Barnard

    I’d be upset if I paid for my pre-order. I just wish I had a best buy nearby…

  • Angela

    Nope Dima, you’re wrong. You say it’s like the Ouya, “except instead of slower-than-retail pre-orders, the Kickstarter backers weren’t getting their devices”? WRONG. This KS backer right here hasn’t gotten her device yet.

    • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

      But the difference is that a LOT, if not most, Kickstarter backers have gotten their devices a while ago. If you haven’t, they suggest messaging them. Click on the source link to their blog post and scroll down to the Kickstarter section, and maybe they’ll be able to help you out. But I know many people who received their Pebbles long ago.

      • John

        You obviously are not a backer on this project, and your lack of understanding of the full picture is creating an inaccurate picture. Yes, the majority of backers have received their watches, but 1) those who have received them did not all receive them long ago. Pebble was very late by the time they started shipping, and then they did so at a very slow rate, so people have been receiving their orders gradually, until now. 2) the number of people who have not received their watches is significant, and this includes people who ordered black watches, which were the first to be shipped out. Backers are still reporting watches of all colors not shipped out, despite Pebble painting the false picture of only white pebbles not shipped.

        Also, your advice to message Pebble for missing orders is wrong, because Pebble tells us that white watches have just started shipping. Also, messages directed to Pebble are routinely being ignored.

  • Fred

    Just ordering it on Best Buy instead of waiting for my pre-order to ship ? Very nice, narrow minded, US-centric & ignorant recommendation : Best Buy doesn’t ship international orders….
    I just went from love to hate in 5 seconds.

    • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

      Sorry about that, the Pebble is indeed only available in the US in Best Buy. It isn’t an international thing yet.

  • Mark Bennett

    I’m not sure how many Pebble backers are commenting on this post, but the way the pebbles are released to backers depends on the colour you picked.

    I requested a red pebble, and based on the updates I received from Pebble my understanding is that the backers receive their watches in this order:

    1. All black pebbles manufactured and shipped
    2. All red pebbles manufactured and shipped
    3. Other pebbles colours manufactured and shipped

    Right now, it’s my understanding that Pebble is somewhere in step 2. I received a red pebble about six weeks ago and it was my understanding that I only received it after all the black pebbles had been shipped. This doesn’t mean they’ve all been received yet, just that they’ve gone out in the mail.

    It’s not really clear from this article or the Best Buy site which Pebble colours will be available from BestBuy or which backers are still waiting. If their the backers with white and orange requests then this seems reasonable, but if their backers with black watches then it’s not. Also it’s not clear from statements by either Pebble or Best Buy whether producing these will interfere with shipping the remaining watches to the Pebble backers.

    Either way I’m not outraged yet, but it would be good to get some clarification from Pebble on the situation.

    • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

      Best Buy will be selling the black Pebbles, while the red ones will arrive at Best Buy in August. You are completely correct in what you were saying, that colors are manufactured at different times. Some people are upset because they didn’t get their black Pebble pre-orders yet, while they are now available at Best Buy to pick up freely. That’s pretty much the issue. Other colors aren’t the issue, because the Pebble team has been pretty clear that colors will be on a delay. Thanks for your comment, very informative!

      • John

        I need to correct you again on what you’re insinuating. Just because Pebble says it will be delayed doesn’t mean it’s okay. Because at the start of the kickstarter campaign, it was communicated that watches of all colors would be delivered simultaneously. They announced the staggered release much later. But even this situation was tolerated as the reason given was production problems. However, with this Best Buy incident, it has become evident to backers that instead of finishing up kickstarter orders, they have diverted resources to building watches for retail.

  • gary

    this company sucks tell every one

  • donger

    Still waiting for the Apple or Google smartwatch.

  • Mike

    Unbelievable that pebble didn’t take care of their pre orders first who ordered them along time ago, but they have enough watches to go to best buy? Unbelievable