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Upcoming Google TV update to include Google Cast API


Chromecast seemed like the ultimate Google TV killer to some, even though they are both made by the same company. But we assure you, Google TV still has a large purpose. Even though it’s not being used to anywhere near its full potential, Google TV is so much more useful. With Android apps, unlimited streaming capabilities and a physical remote, it can do so much more than the (awesome) Chromecast dongle.

Warren Rehman, a Googler working on Google TV, posted on his Google+ that Google TV is not dead and is still being developed. And with the previously announced Jelly Bean update for many of the newer GTV boxes, he announced that they will support Google Cast (the streaming API behind Chromecast). This means that any app that supports Cast will be able to stream to a Google TV box as well as a Chromecast.

While this doesn’t seem so useful at first, because Google TV has some of this functionality built in, it’s a lot more than just integrating streaming into GTV. It’s creating a singular streaming API that Google products will start to embrace, a streaming API that will truly compete with the big boys. Plus, it will be open to developers, so it could really take on Airplay if executed right.

Could Google make Google Cast into a universal streaming protocol used by all of its products? Is it trying to push it to become the next standard? We don’t know, but we’d be happy to accept it as such, because a cross platform streaming standard seems wonderful to us. What do you think of Google spreading its new streaming API across their products?

Source: +Warren Rehman

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  • Haggie

    I don’t understand Chromecast. My four-year-old LCD has ability to stream Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu. Why would I need a dongle to replicate the exact some function and also require an additional, non-TV remote, device?

    • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

      Well, first of all, it’s mostly for non-smart TVs. Also, I can bet that your TV isn’t exactly speedy at what it does. From my experience with smart TVs (I’ve owned one, and two smart DVD players), they’re quite slow. Very useful, but a poor user experience.
      Chromecast allows you to use awesome Android apps to find what you’re looking for, stream videos with a click of a button, create queues, allow everyone to use their own devices, and do it without upgrading to a smart TV. For $35, that’s an awesome deal.

    • kgersen

      your LCD is already a Smart TV and doesn’t need a Chromecast.

      Chromecast is a $35 device that turn any TV (with a HDMI port) into a Smart TV.

      But the applications in your Smart TV are limited to what its manufacturer (let’s call it X) put in it (Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc) and to what it will eventually update/add in the future. If a new TV service arrises it won’t be on your TV until and if X add the application in your TV. You’re in X ecosystem. You’re kinda tied.

      With Chromecast, you’re in the open web ecosystem as anyone can write apps for the remote controllers (any android/ios/chrome device) and web servers to stream to the chromecast device.

      Eventually X can update your TV so it becomes Google Cast compatible.
      Then you’ll get both ecosystem on the same screen. That will probably happen.

    • Addy Alago

      This question is getting tiresome to answer. In short, just because you can do something already doesn’t mean that everyone in the world can, nor does it mean that it can’t be improved on. Honestly for people asking this question (over and over and over again) this may not be the product for you. And that’s ok not everything made in the world is meant to have universal utility and appeal. I hope this doesn’t come off pissy it’s not directed at you personally.

  • http://aboyandhistv.blogspot.com mvndaai

    I have seen the Chromecast functionality in my GoogleTV for a while now. I have liked it, to change from watching something on my tablet to watching it on my TV. I would recommend it to anyone who has a dumb TV with an HDMI port.

    • donger


  • Hugh Isaacs II
  • nivekkev

    So is this thing basically like a wireless MHL device? Or, am I missing something really big?

    • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

      Not quite. Chromecast doesn’t stream from your phone, it takes commands from your device and streams from the cloud. It’s cross platform, so all kids of devices can use it (from computer to smartphone, be it iOS or Android). Plus, you can do tab sharing from a computer running Chrome. So it’s somewhat like a wireless MHL device, but more feature packed and compatible with a lot of devices.

      • nivekkev

        Then this sounds like a good deal if you don’t yet have or plan to get a Google-TV. I may give it a try. Thanx.

      • McClain

        Dima – This is what I have been trying to find out all along but haven’t seen anything official about it. Does it stream through your phone/tablet or directly from the cloud/wifi connection? If the former, boo; if the latter, yeah.

        • Ryan

          It will stream from the cloud. It’s been confirmed.