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20 million Samsung Galaxy S4s shipped


Ready for another dose of sales figures? Samsung has just released a new number regarding Galaxy S4 sales and boy, is it a big one. Within just the first two months of its release, Samsung has now shipped 20 million Galaxy S4s. In comparison, the Galaxy S III took 100 days to gain the honor of shipping 20 million. This report was confirmed to Korean reporters by Samsung co-CEO JK Shin, and it lines up with the report that Samsung shipped 10 million Galaxy S4s in its first month of availability.

Samsung also reported that 500,000 Galaxy S4s have already been sold in their home court of South Korea. These are some weighty numbers that are being tossed around by Samsung and should help to alleviate some stockholders’ fears that the Galaxy S4 isn’t selling well. Of course, shipping and selling are two different matters, but if vendors haven’t lowered their inventory on the Galaxy S4 then it must at least be selling.

What do you guys think of these latest figures? How do you feel about the Galaxy S4 and Samsung as a whole?

Via: Android Central

Source: SamMobile

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  • breckdroid

    Not too shaby. I can’t say that I’m surprised. They writing was on the wall that this, like most other successors to huge hits, would achieve great success as well.

    • Kim

  • J K Dar

    Samsung is the “Bright and Fastest Rising Star in our GALAXY. ”
    J K Dar

  • J K Dar

    Samsung is the “Bright and Fastest Rising Star in our GALAXY. ”
    J K Dar

  • Ken

    Looking better every day. My only fear is that, when they finally make Apple a minnow, they don’t get abusive like Apple is. So far, however, there’s no sign of that happening.

  • Adam

    Not as fast as the iPhone 5 or 4S unfortunately.

  • Android

    I am always suggest you to buy Android smartphone! The best os forever! No matter galaxy s4 is one of the most powerful Android smartphone! But Galaxy S4 and Have fun! And if you’re an Android fan don’t forget to visit my site! http://androik.com

  • redraider133

    Just imagine how many sales they will have when they move away from plastic so people quit complaining?

  • donger

    Which will all find its way to a recycling plant.