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AT&T Optimus G Pro get Value Pack update, new features


The LG Optimus G Pro is a pretty amazing device. It features the same 5.5-inch screen size as the Galaxy Note II, but with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. And with a Snapdragon 600, it’s a pretty darn impressive piece of technology. But unlike the Galaxy Note II, it wasn’t as bloated feature-filled. However, AT&T and LG are adding some new features to the device with the latest update, heralded as the “Value Pack.” And you are getting a good value: new features for the price of free. Can’t argue with that. Here’s the list of new features:

New Tools:

  • Smart Video intelligently recognizes the position of a user’s eyes, automatically pausing the video when the user looks away and then restarting it once they resume active viewing.
  • Dual Camera, an extension of the Dual Recording feature, lets users simultaneously capture photos of the subject and the shooter using both the front and back cameras for a picture-in-picture composition, so both sides of an experience are snapped and saved.
  • Pause & Resume Recording allows user to pause video in record mode and then restart the recording to create one continuous video file.

Enhanced Quick Remote Function:

  • Magic Remote Pad is designed to work with LG Smart TVs released in 2012 and after, allowing for smoother, more intuitive navigation.
  • Text Keypad transforms LG Optimus G Pro into a convenient input device for LG Smart TVs.

New and improved communication and notification functions:

  • The HomeButton LED now also gives users the ability to customize alerts as well as the LED color of notifications from their favorite contacts.
  • Additionally, users can now select from 800 color emoticons when texting or emailing.

The improvements to the home button LED notification light and the Quick Remote function for LG TVs will be appreciated, but the new smart features are a bit familiar, aren’t they? All three functions (Smart Video, Dual Camera and Pause & Resume Recording) have been available on the Galaxy S 4 since launch. Yes, LG’s Smart Video was announced the day before the Galaxy S 4 launched, but that feature had been rumored for a long time. It’s a little bit of a ripoff.

We can’t say that it’s a bad thing, though. The bottom line is that the LG Optimus G Pro will become a bit better of a device, and its owners will get some fancy new features to play with. A bit of imitation won’t hurt. LG Optimus G Pro owners, are you happy with this update? And everyone else, do you think it’s OK for LG to take tips from Samsung?

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  • Arthur

    I believe the International Optimus G Pro got this quite some time ago but for those with a G Pro on AT&T, it is one more reason for them to love their phones.

    I did get a chance to use it at a AT&T recently and it is one of my favorite devices currently, other being the HTC One.

    • melissa ghoisington

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  • James

    I had lg! They can’t get an update right! I had an lg thrill and it was supposed to be updated to ice cream sandwich, but if you tried the update it said you had the latest update! I was on gingerbread. There updates Suck that is why I went to Samsung. Good luck update people and yes lg the support sucks also

    • poopenghoop

      Righht. Had a Samsung prior to moving to LGOP and all I can say is good luck getting official updates from Samsung. Oh it’s reallllll neat rooting and installing custom roms and but the caveat always seems to be that you’re more than likely to lose some of the goody goody features that came with the phone. Spotty GPS, no HDMI to HDTV, crashing this and crashing that. So yeah enjoy your Samsung!

  • donger

    Good to see there’s still support for this phone.

  • steve

    u need not to bash the g pro as it is far superior to many smartphones on market. As for the support LG isn’t lacking I can truly say this bc I have this phone. I have had samsungs in the past with horrible support and promised updated which never happened and when then do finally update its too little to late as something better has come out by the time it happens. g pro is a great phone with a much better display in which many phone don’t have , super amoled is not nearly as impressive as IPS display, the g pro has no lag what so ever , as a person whose used other androids, Iphones an so forth I can truly say this is a great phone don’t let anyone talk trash bout this phone and if they are its bc they haven’t tried it. sure maybe lg was as on top of there updates like in the past but , they are on point with this phone. my wife has the iphone five my friends have note 2, gs4,…..etc none can keep up with this phone hands down . have a good day

  • eg

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