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Eric Schmidt spotted using Moto X

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While we all wait anxiously for Motorola to simply get down to business and release the Moto X, today we have some new pictures of the device in the hands of none other than Eric Schmidt, executive chairman at Google. While his hand is covering up a bit of the phone in pretty much every picture, they’re still very sharp and clear and give us a good view of what the production model of the Moto X might look like.

In the photos, Schmidt is using a Moto X with a white back, which is obviously a good choice for one of the customizable backs of the phone. The device looks to have a rounded back with the headphone jack placed on the top of the phone. The camera placement is like that of the Galaxy S4 with the lens above the flash. What appears to be a speaker is next to the camera lens, and the whole back seems to have some sort of textured pattern that actually looks very nice. I’m not sure if I’m the only one who thinks this, but the phone appears to follow a few of the same design cues as the HTC One. The curvature of the back, the round camera lens placed in the center and the simple manufacturer logo placed on the middle of the backplate all exude a bit of the same look the One has.

Ceck out the gallery below to see different angles of the phone. You can also follow the link to Insider Images for a few more shots of the device. What these pictures pretty much confirm is that the Moto X is indeed nearing launch and is a good enough phone for the executive chairman of Google to use. That’s certainly saying something, and it builds the hype for the phone even further.

Are you planning to pick up a Moto X when it’s released?

Source: Corriere Della Sera, Insider Images

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  • Bryan May

    Sweet phone.

  • surethom

    That actually look a nice phone in black & white back, it look nice & very slim on the sides but bulkier in the middle for nice comfy grip. (thats the problem with ultra thin phones they dont sit comfortable in the hand this looks nice though)

    lets hope the thicker middle part is for a Large camera censor & larger battery?

  • Bryan May

    Currently happy with my Nexus 4. But if it’s available from $399, I would check it out.

    • CaptainDoug

      Should be closer to half that.

      • Terren

        Not off contract buddy

        • CaptainDoug

          Nope. Off contract. All rumors have been pointing to this being very well priced.

  • James Eagle

    Up until now I have only bought Nexus phones, but this one might change that.

  • benjclyde

    Have a real problem with phones that have their headphone sockets at the top. I can’t be the only one who puts my phone in my pocket upside down?

    • surethom

      I guess putting your phone in your pocket upside down is practical & common sense, but I have always put mine in my pocket the correct way up, Habit I guess!!

  • Alan Reboli

    That top bezel looks huge.

  • Steve Edson

    Looks great, I wonder what it’s like to use on a table? The curve looks like it would rock all over the place.

    • Tony

      True, but hopefully the back curve at least means when set down flat the speakers can be heard and not run into a nexus 4 situation.

      • Steve Edson

        Yeah definitely, can’t stand that on my Nexus. Speakers on the front, like the HTC One would be even better though

  • Steve

    Is this going to replace the Nexus? Are we stoll expecting a minor 4.3 update vs a major key lime pie upgrade. Disappointing. A $350 Nexus on a prepaid plan got me to not switch to an iphone but….

    • ultravisitor

      Why would it replace the Nexus? It’s not a Nexus. The Nexus phones come out in the fall.

  • Syed Ather

    My problem is my contract ends next June, but I can upgrade my phone once February starts. I do not know if Motorola and Google are planning to create an new X phone every year. If they do, I won’t mind since the phone will be one of the first to update to the latest software. The updates will come directly from Google without carrier delays.

  • Jake

    The phone’s textured back pairs nicely with Schmidt’s textured front.

  • Dan13

    It’s a long shot, but here’s to hoping it has a curved screen like the Galaxy Nexus. (*Very* wishful thinking, I know.) It would look beautiful.

  • Tico4674

    Is that the ceramic back?

  • Kilgore Trout

    Good to see Google hasn’t lost faith in Moto!!!

  • docsparks

    please lord when will they realize that we dont want an oreo phone? got a white back? gimme a white bezel on the front. i understand the switchable backs, but still, please dont be a ‘black faced’ only option

  • donger

    Looking good.