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First pictures of new Nexus 7 surface online

new nexus 7 featured

With rumors that a follow up to the successful Nexus 7 will be announced at a Google held event July 24, Android Central has just posted the first pictures of what they are calling the new Nexus 7.

Leaked by a source who wants to remain anonymous, the new Nexus 7, or the ASUS ME571K_PR1_SKU2 as it’s labeled, looks to be exactly what we expected. The back has been reworked, gone is the driving glove texture from the first generation Nexus 7, and there’s said to be a spec bump in nearly every area. There are now two cameras, a 1.2MP front-facing camera and a 5MP rear, as well as a 7-inch LCD display, Snapdragon S4 Pro, 4GB of DDR3, Android 4.3 and either 16 or 32GB of storage. All of these specs could change at any time, we’ve already heard rumors and seen certifications that are different, but don’t expect anything radical.

Other than the specs and redesigned back, there’s not a whole lot else that’s changed. The button placement is the same, it uses a micro USB port and looks to be about the same thickness as the original Nexus 7. Google has essentially taken the original Nexus 7, and made it better. Which is certainly not a bad thing. There is the strange addition of a phone dialer (which looks like it could just be the pin unlock widget), feel free to let your mind wander with that one.

If this is the new Nexus 7, what do you think? Only a week left until we know for sure.

new nexus 7 featured buttons microusb nexus-7-2-2 nexus-7-2-3 nexus-7-2-4 nexus-7-2-5 nexus-7-2-6 nexus-7-2-7 nexus7-2-8a

Source: Android Central

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  • jamal adam

    That looks really nice. 4GB of DDR3 is crazy in a good way.

  • Ryan

    My guess is that “phone dialer” is the keypad for a lock code.

    • Nate B.

      Exactly! ha-ha. I think he had a blonde moment.

  • mkstvns

    Surprised they got rid of the contrasting bevel, that was a nice touch I thought.

    I also quite like the dimpled back, but I’m not fussed by its absence.

  • redraider133

    Really liking the sleekness of it.

  • skugern

    Looks slick, but it won’t be replacing my original Nexus 7 with those specs. Maybe next year.

  • cjleines

    Google consistently brings their A-Game. Every Google event leaves me longing for a full wallet so I could toss wads of money at them.

  • Dave

    Can’t wait to get one!

  • StrifeSoldierVII

    They need a laptop dock for the new Nexus 7. I was to be able to dock my Nexus 7 and have it like a laptop for when I need to do some serious typing as well as a boost in battery life too with the dock. For the time being I use a Bluetooth keyboard with a leather case. It’s ASUS, right? Should have a laptop dock like the Transformer Pad series. Would be sweet if so.

  • Sean

    That “dialer” is definitely the unlock widget, at least it looks identical to the unlock widget in android 4.2.

  • NexusNYC

    I feel like I didnt see pogo dock plugs on the side so it would work with prev generation dock. =( The dock is AWESOME!

  • sere83

    ‘Same thickness’

    genuinely disappointed by that. Considering how much thinner the iPad mini is in comparison I was hoping google would pull something out to at least rival it on both thinness and bezel size.

    The texture on the back as mentioned will be missed too. The spec bump is as expected really, I doubt it will launch with 4gb ram either, 2 seems more likely. Looks like a pretty standard update nothing show stopping really, was expecting a little bit more to be honest particularly in terms of the form factor.

  • Jacob

    A NOTIFICATION LIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!! I missed that soo much in the old 7, the 10 has haptic feedback so I hope this does too. soo pumped!! will order ASAP. :D And it looks quite sleek but why are the logos in different orientations?

  • Mike C.

    Yet another Nexus devices with way too little onboard storage and most likely no SD card slot. And this for a device that mostly will be sold as WIFI only. Will Google never learn?

    • KenpoAP

      Learn what really? The 7 sold like crazy… One of the best tablets on its size and the price range. The SD card slot? Do you really need more than 32GB for those 10 or 12 hours? Movies, music? Cloud base storage is pretty awesome? 32GB plus 15GB on Google Drive plus Dropbox or the 50GB mega! I don’t think the SD card slot is such a deal breaker anymore!

      • Mike C.

        And how many people ended up being annoyed with running out of space? Cloud based storage sucks for movies and it sucks particularly for a WiFi only device. I like having 20-30 movies around on the tablet … so that it is ready whenever I go somewhere. Maybe I will watch one or two, maybe one of the kids will. Point is, your are not always in range and I don’t like spending my time optimizing storage on my device. Better just fill it up once a month.

        Obviously, if you like spending money on cloud based storage and on your carrier then that is your choice. Me, I hate all these subscriptions and like to pay up front.

    • neeuuh

      So freaking tired of the “no sdcard” whiners every time… SD cards ate history, get used to it

  • forfaden

    I don’t see why we would need 4 gbs of ram. I would so much rather have a stronger processor then extra ram. 2 isn’t enough?

  • possum

    Go to this video and fast foward to the 10.00 mark. I think you will see google actually uses the new nexus 7 in one of their design videos.

  • possum

    Sorry it’s this video

  • possum

    Sorry again, youtube keeps posting wrong link. If you go to youtube and type in “Android Design in Action: Google Play Redesign” and go to the ten minute mark you can see the new nexus 7 i believe.

  • Ronaldj666

    Wow, I couldn’t believe what I was reading at first, when it listed 4GB of DDR3 RAM. That’s pretty sick. I passed on the last Nexus tablets, but I may have to just go ahead and get one of the new generation of Nexus tablets.

  • donger

    That’s a lot of ram.

  • bluescreenjunky

    Looks good, it might replace my original Nexus 7.

    I kinda hoped they would keep the same screen size and have a slimmer bezel (like on phones) thouh to make it smaller and easier to hold with one hand.

    I don’t really care for the back camera either. I know I’m never going to take a picture with it…

  • Paul Atreides

    I like what I see for the most part, but I really don’t need that much bezel. Google needs to up the memory options to 32GB and 64GB. I would rather have more available memory than a rear facing camera.

  • Jorge

    Is it a camera on the back of it?

  • Dinesh1211

    there is nothing change in nexus4 to nexus7 but nexus7 look like a tablet and for the tablet use atleat S6 processor or S8 processor and change the camera of the front it should be 2mp++

  • Matthew

    I’m probably going to buy one, but that plastic back looks horribly cheap compared to the current Nexus 7. Front looks nice