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Google makes Android 4.3 official


After months of leaks from every corner of the web, Google has finally officially unveiled Android 4.3, another Jelly Bean refinement release before we presumably get to see Key Lime Pie sometime this Fall.

Visually, not a whole lot has changed in Android 4.3. Most of the changes are under the hood. New features in Android 4.3 include multi-user profiles with customizable restrictions for families, Bluetooth Smart, OpenGL ES 3.0 for better 3D graphics, dial pad auto-completion and a few more technical changes like security and network enhancements. Google also worked with Netflix to release a new app that provides new Nexus 7 owners with full HD content with the help of some new DRM APIs found in Android 4.3.

If you remember back to Google I/O, Google made a handful of changes to Android just by updating Google Play services and all of the Google-supplied apps in the Play store. We didn’t expect any big announcements with 4.3, but what we got was nice nonetheless. Look for Android 4.3 to hit a Nexus near you soon. For all the details on Android 4.3, hit up Google’s developer website.

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  • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

    Don’t forget that we also get AVRCP upgrades so you can get song info on your bluetooth stereo in your car with Android 4.3! We had it with 4.1, lost it when we got a more open but older bluetooth stack in 4.2, and now we get it back in 4.3. :-)

  • Broseph Stalin

    A bit disappointing IMO. Of course, all additions are welcome, but I had expected a bit more.

    • Steven

      Iike 5.0.
      And some major upgrade features

  • Steven

    Putting my Key lime pie back into the freezer. If thus is all Android will have to compete with the Fall iPhone release and the hoopla over ioS 7,tgats not a winning strategy. This upgrade doesn’t excite me at all

    • Jeremy

      I think Android releases are going to get a little less exciting from here on out for a bit. Much more slowly evolving. Google has begun to shy away from the whole OS being updated to core apps being released. Overall the Android experience improves without the pain of a lot of users waiting on the carrier/maker to release an update.

  • tmoore4075

    Why are people disappointed by this? I don’t know why people thought a huge update was coming today. The Nexus 5, or whatever it’ll be called, won’t be coming out until the Fall and that’s when they’ll want to announce a major update. That way the new Nexus will ship with Key Lime Pie. If they gave us Key Lime Pie today, where would the incentive be for people to buy the new phone in the fall/winter? This is exactly what I was expecting so I am not at all disappointed.

    • Orion78

      Thank you for having some sense. It seems some here pretty much lack it. They seem to forget that there’s a Nexus coming this fall.

  • aranea

    I’m happy with the new additions and upgrades but I haven’t received it yet on my Nexii 4 or 10

  • donger

    Waiting for this on my N4.