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Google to host press event July 24; possible Android, Nexus announcement

sundar pichai

What is going on with Android 4.3? Despite multiple sightings and even a build leak, Google has not officially announced or even acknowledged the new version of the OS. However, July 24 may be the day that all changes.


Google is set to host an event here in foggy beautiful San Francisco, but hasn’t stated what it is about. Sundar Pichai, lead of Android and Chrome, will host the event. This most likely means the event will have something to do with Android. (Like an announcement of Android 4.3 for all Nexus and Google Play edition devices, maybe?).

We may also see the successor to the Nexus 7 announced at this event, if we’re lucky. The device is allegedly already popping up in inventory systems, so it seems like the device is close to release or at least an unveiling.

We probably won’t see any Motorola devices at this event. Google has firmly stated that Motorola is a separate company, though they do work together. Moto would host its own events for its own phones, and we don’t think Google would highlight a Motorola product at its own event. What do you think we’ll see on July 24? What would you like to see?

Source: Engadget

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  • jonstle

    Looks promising for the rumors about this event to be true. I will have to tune in for this one!

  • www.phonewbie.com

    I love when there are more than 1 Android related press conference in one week. Tech news is gonna be like All Android, All The Time! :)

  • Arthur

    Fingers crossed, we should FINALLY see 4.3 announced. I am for the most part content with the UI of 4.2.2 but would love to see some of the underlying OS energy consumption issues we have heard about being addressed with 4.3 equated to a bit better battery life and overall smoother experience.

  • jamal adam

    Nexus 7 successor plus 4.3 sounds like a high possibility and I wonder what other great stuff Sundar has in store for us.

  • ranwanimator

    Now I get to decide if the N7 I bought at Staples today for my wife will be good enough, or if I want to pony up an extra $70 for the new version. Hmmmm.

    On a side note, I’ve been waiting and waiting for them to announce this or even just announce the announcement, and of course they wait until the day I purchase the old version. Happens every time.

    • tg

      Same things happens to me. I know when a pony up for that 3d TV I will come home and they will be releasing 4D

  • drejohnson

    Yummy, Key Lime Pie for breakfast?

  • donger