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HTC One Android 4.2.2 update commences roll-out across Asia


The Android 4.2.2 update for the HTC One has arrived! HTC has not made any official announcements regarding the software update for its flagship Android phone, but multiple sources have confirmed that the OTA update is now available for the HTC One in Taiwan and for the dual-SIM variant in China. While the updates for the two devices are substantially different in size (465 MB for the original HTC One versus 175 MB for the dual-SIM version), they both seem to deliver the same new features.

Users who install the Android 4.2.2 update on their HTC One can expect to see a handful of new features, including lock screen widgets, home button customization (long press for menu, swipe up to launch Google Now), quick settings in the notification shade, advanced notifications, option to show battery percentage in the status bar, launcher bar enhancements, tweaks to BlinkFeed, improved HTC Zoe file management and six new video highlight themes.

HTC has not revealed any details regarding the HTC One’s Android 4.2.2 roll-out schedule, but we suspect it will hit a few more countries across Asia before it makes an appearance in Europe and North America.

What new Android 4.2.2 feature on the HTC One are you looking forward to the most?

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Source: Android Central

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  • Alec Waddelow

    Eagerly awaiting the update on my AT&T HTC One. The lock screen widgets will be a welcome addition!

  • epps720

    Dying for this update. 2 biggest features I’m missing are the quick settings and advanced notifications. Really miss being able to delete emails and replying to texts right from the notification

  • Dave

    YESS for the HTC Zoe updates. I hope that with the video highlights you can pick between any pictures and videos and make a video highlight. I been wanting that since it arrived. Hopefully this update comes to the US by the end of this month, or by the beginning of next month.

  • donger

    Yes updates are welcome.

  • Jason

    Been running 4.2.2 for a while now already, it’s awesome. Just head over to XDA to get yourself updated instead of waiting for carriers.

    • ihatefanboys

      No thanks, ill wait for the official update, rather than a watered down ROM.

  • KopiteMac

    In the European zone waiting for the new update I won’t be using third party roms after I bricked my galaxy s2 at Christmas, every cloud sliver lining I wouldn’t have got my HTC one otherwise!

  • Pham Tuan Son

    No Viet nam update?

  • Eager

    Does anybody know when is it most likely to be hitting in Asia… ? like , exactly when? and I have Idk what version.. It didn’t have any “Get Started” when I first switched on my HTC one , not even on a hard reset.. Can someone help me out , please..?