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HTC One Android 4.2 update now available across northern Europe


The Android 4.2.2 update for the unlocked HTC One is now available in nearly a dozen countries across northern Europe. HTC One owners in Russia, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, UK and Finland claim to have downloaded and installed the 417 MB software update, which delivers all the new features of the latest Android build along with quite a few improvements to HTC Sense 5. In a few instances, users have also reported that the software update was preceded by a 1.48 MB bug fix that is needed in order to install the full update. You can ping the software update manually by going to Settings > About > Software updates > Check now. 

With only three days separating the European and Asian roll out of the HTC One’s Android 4.2.2 update, we wouldn’t be surprised if HTC started flipping the switch in larger markets like Germany, France and the UK. The update for carrier-branded devices in Europe and North America is probably still weeks out, but we’re hoping those who purchased the HTC One Developer Edition won’t have to wait that long.

Via: HTC Source

Source: XDA-Developers

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  • VS

    Grats to all the unlocked owners for both current and upcoming releases. Hope HTC can start building consumer confidence again to show they are committed to their devices. However, One S news probably deflated a lot of that goodwill balloon. They need to stay in the game so that consumers have choices!

    PS – Unlocked Sony Xperia ZL was just pushed out update to Android 4.2.2 this week. Didnt see a news post about it. FYI.

  • bikaso

    hay i got my update 2 minutes ago In UAE. and exactly as u mentioned , it requires a 1.48 MB bug fix and restarting and then u get the update

    • Nabeel

      Did you buy the phone locally in UAE or from somewhere else ?? I am from UAE and no update for me yet :(

    • Roshan Felix

      hi bik am from dubai , can u tell me hw did u get the htc one updated.wat is the 1.48 mb bug fix about ??? kindly respond

  • jesus

    and then start the LOOOOOOONG wait for 4.3

  • donger

    Good to see HTC keeping up with updates.

  • Jon Garrett

    AT&T should have it ready for my HTC One a few weeks after 4.3 is released.

  • Sameer

    Its refreshing news after disappointment of news about HTC one S update (HTC no more will send update on HTC one S).

  • vasi

    how in the hell is Romania, Hungary and Serbia in the northen Europe? :)) Try to learn geography!

  • chrisloz

    not in UK yet although read it is, anyone from UK?

    • Luke

      I’m from UK too and yep still no 4.2.2 update here as still waiting.

  • cainneach

    Happy updates are getting fast nowadays.

  • Luke

    Well where the hell is the update as I’m in the UK and still nothing. Is there also peeps in the UK that are waiting to still for the 4.2.2 update?

  • I m in middle east kingdom of bahrain, just downloaded 4.2.2.its a different experience

  • Altoj

    I have it now, flash a Rom from XDA. I love this phone even more now, every problem that I had with it out of the box is fixed. That includes the auto focus problem in the camera, HTC really paid attention to the consumers and got it right.

  • revs

    if the updates are as bad as they where for my last 10 htc phones THIS WILL BE MY LAST ONE!

    no pun intended

  • JL

    Damn It! I got a HTC One Developer Edition 64gb ! where the hell is the update?

    • aks

      Ya. Same here. Its frustrating that we are being made to wait like the ones tied to carrier. :(

  • Nebojsa Stojkovic

    4.2.24 arrived at Serbia, confirmed :)

    • Nenad Novokmet

      Is it a new version translated into Serbian

  • David

    Wheres the update for Australia I’ve been checking reading for it everyday it’s really starting to do my head in boqt

  • David

    Starting to do my head in now*

  • David


  • tjeerdoo

    Got the update, but now I can’t find the default email app, and thus can’t read my work email :-(

  • tyuiop

    just got 5.5 update, ant it’s totaly ruined my camera focus…