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HTC One in red available, only in UK

HTC One Glamor Red

The HTC One has been a very popular phone with a large fan base, which is great for HTC; the company really needs every fan it can get right now. But color options for the One have been lacking. Silver was the only option available at launch, and a black model was released sometime afterward. Those colors may be sexy, but they’re not joyful. HTC is looking to add a little more pizazz to their lineup with the release of the glamor red HTC One.

This device is based on the black model, as you can tell by the black plastic inserts on the back and the sides. However, all the aluminum pieces are bright red. Otherwise, the device is the same phone we know and love with the 4.7-inch S-LCD 3, Snapdragon 600 and Sense 5.

Unfortunately, this color is currently exclusive to the UK. Retailer Phones4U is offering it for a variety of networks on contract, but US buyers are out of luck. We don’t know if or when HTC plans to release this device elsewhere, but we hope it’s soon. It would only boost sales after initial purchases have dropped off. Plus, some might find the standard colors boring. Would you buy a red HTC One over the other colors?

Via: Android Central

Source: Phones4U

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  • Julio Chavez

    I love this! I had originally planned on getting it in red, but decided I couldn’t wait and went with silver instead.

  • Alexander ekin

    Hey @htc please fix camera purple tint in low light issue and upgrade after sales service http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2317507&page=13

  • Jorge Vieira

    I bet and hope Verizon gets this red version!

  • alextremesport

    You do realize that it’s also available in Taiwan, right? And that it was released in Taiwan BEFORE it was in the UK.

  • HTC Fan

    Red colour is not only in UK. Taiwan has released Glamour Red colour as well :P

    And in the near future, it likely will be released in the other regions.

    I hope blue htc one will release soon…

  • donger

    That red looks good.