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HTC One Max rumored for September release


The HTC One has set the bar for flagship Android phones in 2013, and it’s only the beginning for the company. While the year is already half over, HTC still plans to release a One variant to compete with Samsung and other competitors in the smaller handset market (the One Mini) and the large form factor market (the One Max). The latter has just been tipped with an early September release.

According to MobileGeeks.de, the 6-inch HTC One Max is set to launch in early September, just in time to go head-to-head with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The specs of the One Max will be similar to that of the Note 3, so the same arguments between the One and S4 should still apply (build quality vs removable battery, AMOLED vs LCD, etc.). With the Max, you’ll be looking at a beautiful aluminum body, Ultrapixel camera, 6-inch 1080p SLCD 3 display, 2.3Ghz Spandragon 800, 2GB of RAM, either 32 or 64GB of internal storage and a 3200mAh battery.

Releasing a smaller variant of a flagship device is nothing new for HTC (just look at the One X and One S), but a bigger variant is new territory for the company. We’re excited to see how the giant One Max turns out and if HTC is able to bring the best of the One to a nearly tablet-sized device. Who do you think will win the battle of the titans this year? Will Samsung take home the prize with the Note 3 or is the newcomer going to take it all?

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Source: MobileGeeks

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  • R.S

    I honestly think Samsung’s success will continue.

    While the HTC One Max looks promising, one thing that’ll quickly spoil it for me is granting carriers any type of exclusivity.

    If two colors are available but one of them is a carrier exclusivity (like black currently is on the HTC One), I won’t give the HTC One Max any more consideration.

  • Morphuex

    I would love to see a HTC One 7″ tablet.

  • breckdroid

    I’m intrigued, but I’m not sure if its enough to sway me to buy it. I’m excited to get final specs on this and the upcoming Motorola phones. Exciting times in the smartphone/phablet world.

  • surg3d

    Both the One Max and the Note 3 are going to be awesome phones. Love the choice you get with Android!

    I’m also hoping they’ll come in “Google editions” so the rooted folks out there get even more choice and development.

  • Shrink

    Gimme the one with a snapdragon 800 and you have a customer. I don’t like phablets though.

  • Eben1277

    Xperia Z Ultra will be better than either one.

    • Raptor

      And Chinese KIRFes with future octacore Mediatek will be even better. Specifically at $95 like some fake Note2 and I’ve seen them even for $60.

  • Robaire

    My gs3 is working great, but I do want to upgrade. I wanted to get the note 3, but it looks like it won’t have front facing speakers. If the max has an sd card and at least 32gb, there’s a good chance that I am going to get it. If it also has a few extra ultrapixels, it’s highly likely. And if it also has a removable battery, it’s a virtual lock.

  • Steve Watkins

    S pen facility will probably tip Samsung’s hand on this one

  • donger

    HTC> Samsung.