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HTC One mini officially announced

HTC One Mini Official

After all the rumors, HTC has finally officially announced the One mini. And like the name suggests, it is indeed a smaller version of the HTC One… with a few changes. Coming in at 4.3 inches, the One mini is significantly smaller than the One. But it doesn’t sacrifice quality at that size; the device still offers a 720p resolution for a crisp and vivid display.The body of the phone follows the One closely in design, retaining the aluminum back and aluminum covers on the front-facing speakers. The sides of the phone, however, are wrapped in a plastic trim rather than the aluminum construction seen on the full-size HTC One. Aside from that, the only real design change is that the flash for the camera now sits above the lens. The phone will be available in the same Glacial Silver and Stealth Black options that the One launched with.

Speaking of the camera, Ultrapixel camera has been carried over from the One. In fact, many of the hardware specs have stayed the same. See how the One mini stacks up in the table below.


Those are the major changes between the two devices, as far as we could tell. It seems the HTC One mini sure does a much better job at being a miniature model of the flagship phone than say, the Galaxy S4 mini.

Pricing and US availability will be announced later this summer, so you’ll have to wait a bit to get your hands on it. In the meantime, you can check out the gallery down for more pictures of the device.

Are you impressed by the One mini?

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Show Press Release
London, July 18, 2013 – HTC, a global leader in mobile innovation and design, today announced the HTC One mini, a compact version of the award winning HTC One, which has redefined the smartphone experience with revolutionary technologies including HTC BlinkFeedâ„¢, HTC Zoeâ„¢ and HTC BoomSoundâ„¢.

Available in 181 countries and across more than 583 networks worldwide, the HTC One has proven to be an unprecedented success across the globe, receiving multiple industry accolades since launch and increasing the company’s brand awareness with young consumers to an all-time high of 87%[1]. The number of consumers intending to own an HTC in the next six months has also doubled as a result[2] with the HTC One being recommended by 94% of owners[3].

Answering the call of consumers who want the best in mobile technology in a body that slips easily into a pocket, the HTC One mini heralds an exciting period for the company, as it builds on its platform of innovation leader. Distilling the iconic design of the HTC One, this new addition to the family combines a 4.3” display and powerful dual-core 1.4 GHz processor. It also runs the latest version of Android with HTC Sense®, bringing HTC’s flagship mobile experience to style-seekers who demand premium looks and performance.

“We are proud to be behind the market’s leading smartphone and now, with the addition of the HTC One mini, the best smartphone family in the world.” said Peter Chou, CEO of HTC Corporation. “The HTC One mini embodies everything that makes the HTC One a success on a smaller but equally eye-catching scale.”

An object of desire

Sporting a sharp and vivid 4.3” High Definition 720p screen, the HTC One mini boasts HTC’s unrivalled design credentials. Available in Glacial Silver and Stealth Black, its striking aluminium unibody, slim profile and tapered edges both look incredible and feel great in the hand.

HTC BoomSound: mobile sound changed forever

The HTC One revolutionised the smartphone audio experience with HTC BoomSound’s dual frontal stereo speakers. Powered by dedicated amplifiers to deliver less distortion and finer detail, the HTC One mini offers the same huge sound, delivering the raw power that will put you and your friends at the heart of the action, whether listening to music, watching videos or playing games. Beats Audioâ„¢ integration takes immersive audio to the next level, guaranteeing the best listening experience available on a mobile phone.

HTC BlinkFeed: Your favourite content all on one screen
The HTC One mini puts your favourite content at the centre of your mobile world. Transforming the home screen into a single live stream of relevant information, HTC BlinkFeed delivers social updates, news updates and photos directly to the place you need them most. Aggregating the freshest content, with more than 10,000 feeds served up daily from the most relevant and interesting sources, all the information you need is available at a glance, without the need to jump between multiple applications and websites.

HTC UltraPixel Camera with HTC Zoe and Video Highlights

Never miss a moment with HTC’s revolutionary camera experience powered by the stunning UltraPixel Camera and featuring HTC Zoe. Capturing 300 per cent more light than traditional smartphone camera sensors, HTC’s UltraPixel camera captures photos in incredible detail and enhanced dynamic range, even in low light. HTC Zoe also brings special moments to life in three-second videos, enabling a range of advanced editing capabilities and creative flexibility.

With the ability to take awe-inspiring images and amazing self-portraits on the 1.6MP front-facing camera, you won’t want to keep them to yourself. Watch your photos come to life in a living, breathing gallery and share special events with visually stunning 30-second shows, created automatically by Video Highlights — no professional editing software or skill required. Simply select your own soundtrack from one of the pre-loaded themes or from your personal music library, before sharing your videos online for everyone to enjoy.

Global Availability
The HTC One mini will be available in select markets from August and rolled out globally from September.

About HTC
Founded in 1997, HTC Corp. (HTC) is the creator of many award-winning mobile devices and industry firsts. By putting people at the center of everything it does, HTC pushes the boundaries of design and technology to create innovative and personal experiences for consumers around the globe. HTC’s portfolio includes smartphones and tablets powered by the HTC Sense® user experience. HTC is listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE: 2498). For more information, please visit www.htc.com.

Source: HTC

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  • sandwich

    Me want. Here’s hoping for worldwide availability from the get-go instead of those US-only launches. Or just unlocked devices. :)

    • Droid Sam

      It’ll launch in Germany and the UK in August with other global markets getting the device starting in September.

  • lxgeorge

    FINALLY a smaller flagship(ish) phone! Although I love me a big screen, I’m really glad that HTC is making a premium device at a smaller form factor. Hopefully this will sell well and encourage other manufacturers to follow suit.

  • MIkey

    They lost me at 1GB RAM.

    • rustic

      Why? Sincere question. Is it really so bad? How is this going to affect performance?

      • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

        1GB of RAM fills up surprisingly fast. I used to think it was enough until I upgraded to 2GB. It’s a huge difference.

      • Mikey

        Once I got the Nexus 4, which has 2gb RAM, I won’t ever be able to go back to another Android device with less than that. The Nexus 4 spoiled me.

        It’s my opinion that the 2GB of RAM in the Nexus is what is primarily (notice, I said primarily, as I’m sure the quad core processor and gpu also help) responsible for the lag free experience, and lag free (when opening apps, closing apps, scrolling through lists) is what I’m after.

  • jerrbomb

    Now this is how you make a MINI version of your flagship… NO compromises.. Haha… Mann.. just when I thought HTC was was beginning to lose it. HTC you deserve a cookie.. No eff that you deserve a whole batch of grandma’s home made melt-in-your-mouth soft chocolate chip cookies…

    • R.S

      You consider 1gb of ram (instead of 2gb) and 16gb of internal storage (instead of 32 gb) as not compromising? Seems like you have the bar set lower than most.

      As for me, just like I wouldn’t consider the Galaxy mini, I also wouldn’t consider this phone.

      • jerrbomb

        Maybe I shouldve inserted the fact that I wasn’t being serious… Lol.. It is a compromise.. I won’t disagree with yu there.. I would rather have the actual phone instead of a mini.. But just as this phone isn’t for you nor me.. This phone is phone the casual run of the mill android user.. Obvious if your here on AAM your all about having a true android phone and not a dumbed down version of its larger brother.. Still I’m not here to knock those who would take that option I just wanna make it clear since I got down voted and I didn’t make my self clear the first time around…





  • Derek

    I would love to get this phone, however, why couldnt they keep it top of the line specs. quad core and 2GB RAM? going down in display size shouldnt affect that?

    • Droid Sam

      Because simply reducing the screen size wouldn’t allow them to drop the price by $100 on contract or $200 off contract. They also stripped out NFC and the IR blaster. This isn’t a small flagship device. It’s a mid-range device with many of the characteristics of a flagship.

  • laura l turcanu

    FINALLY a smaller flagship(ish) phone! Take a look at http://reviews.obmediaone.com

  • theha9

    seems like a great device for those who don’t want such a big phone….. the ram and storage space is a concern though. Too bad there isn’t SD expansion

  • Dan W.

    I guess 4.3 inches is considered mini now. I’m glad they’re making smaller quality phones. I do miss 3.7 inch screens though.

  • http://www.androidandme.com Brooks Barnard

    Has anyone else noticed these hardware specs at pretty similar to the HTC First? I reviewed that phone for DroidDog and I have nothing but good things to say about it. I loved the size and it was zippy. I liked the First a lot (minus Facebook Home) and think this Mini will be a hit.

    I also think the First would have been a hit had HTC been able to drop Facebook Home… Good move on HTC’s part to play on the success of the One and release this One Mini. With the right price point I think it’ll do really well.

  • donger

    HTC rules.