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HTC One, Moto X launch dates revealed in leaked Verizon roadmap


Thanks to a leaked Verizon roadmap document, we may finally have some concrete launch dates for the HTC One and Motorola Moto X on Verizon. If the document is genuine, Verizon will start selling the HTC One on August 1, while the Motorola Moto X is listed with an August 23 launch date. The launch dates for the two phones don’t come as much of a surprise, but it’s certainly nice to finally have dates to circle on our calendar. Now all we need is for Motorola to officially unveil the Moto X and Verizon to confirm that the HTC One will be showing up in retail stores in exactly three weeks from today.

If you’re a Verizon customer waiting to upgrade to the next great Android phone, will you be opting for the HTC One or the Motorola Moto X?

Source: Phone Arena

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  • zach

    given that Verizon is normally one of the last to release, this (if true) is a very good sign for the moto x. I wouldn’t be surprised if they started selling unlocked devices by August 1st.

  • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

    Too little too late Verizon and HTC. Unless it is magically a One+ or something.

    • chuy

      Totally agree, for me Verizon and HTC dragged their feet for to long. I gave up waiting two weeks ago and bought it on Ma Bell.

      • kazahani

        This is so confusing for me, since I live in Cincinnati and we refer to Cincinatti Bell as Ma Bell, when everyone else on the internet is talking about AT&T…

        • Malik Depthside

          not everyone on the internet lives in cincinnati? seems logical to me….

      • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

        I have no idea why I’m getting down voted. Because I expressed my opinion and not that of others? Guess people don’t like freedom of speech here.

        • Malik Depthside

          dey no like yu profile pitcha! XD

    • TtotheC12

      You didn’t get downvoted PEKO, you’re commentors did. But I agree. First, know that I believe V is the best service and I’m willing to pay more for that, and I’m even willing to wait a few extra months to make sure devices are secure and ready for launch. But this is RIDICULOUS. I’m NOT OK w/ V taking more than 6 mos to release devices after other networks, especially since I tend to believe that it is in part motivated by their desire to get rid of old android inventory. Most importantly, I’m not okay w/ paying more and waiting just to get a device that will be the last to get updated IF updated at all. I’ll pay more for services and devices if they’re top-of-the-line but V takes longer to release them and then lets them become obsolete months later and I don’t want to buy a new phone every 6-12 mos. At best I go mo-to-mo w/ V until the big release season is done bc I’m sick of waiting just to be jerked around again. Soon Tmo and ATT will be decent enough that I can deal w/ the difference in service…

  • andrea reese

    Definitely the HTC One for me! Can’t wait. I think that camera mops the floor with all other smartphone cameras.

    • Jorge Vieira

      I disagree I think the s4 has the better camera especially for video I own both and prefer the s4.

  • Arthur

    I still think the July 4th newspaper ad of the guy and girl jumping in the shape of X and I into the lake is accurate and the fact that Dennis Woodside said this would be released by end of Summer, X I being October 1st makes more sense.

    I just want to purchase the unlocked Google Play edition, hopefully with a T-Mobile LTE capable radio to take advantage of LTE in my area.

  • Tico4674

    The launch date great and all but we have any concrete specs for the moto x?

  • Me

    Too late for HTC1! I won’t consider it anymore! I may wait for MOTO X or get a GS4 before!

  • Me

    … and yes Verizon might gain a little by postponing customers from upgrading, and HTC1 will lose since they device has go head to head vs samsung, apple and motorola devices! I guess verizon will have so many 1′s sitting on stock same as what happened to their DNA! Verzino deserves to lose on the phones due to their awkward market strategies

  • donger

    Moto X!

  • Jorge Vieira

    The Moto x! I’m actually super excited about this phone! And one of my ATT lines will be up I would love to transfer it to Verizon and get that Moto x!

  • fedup

    Can’t wait any longer AT&T hear I come

  • op

    hTc One will mop the floor with Moto X. Too bad the leaked roadmap isn’t accurate. It also said the LG Exalt would release last Wednesday, the 25th. Hasn’t happened. Verizon blew it on the hTc One, and its killing hTc. Verizon only cares about it’s mediocre Droid crap.