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Is the Play Store coming soon to Google Glass?


The latest redesign of the Play Store brought with it a significantly overhauled look and feel for all users, but it also brought with it a hint for Google Glass owners that they might have access to the Play Store someday soon.

As you can see in the image above “Google Glass 1″ now appears in the list of potential devices when installing from the Play Store on the web. It’s greyed out in all instances with the message “You have not opened the Google Play Store app recently on this device. Please open it and try again.”

Currently the process for installing apps to Google Glass involves going to a specific My Glass portal, which is relatively straightforward, but if Glass is going to hit the mainstream it would make sense for users to find their Glassware integrated into the Play Store like the rest of Google’s devices.

Based on my limited testing so far it doesn’t seem that there’s any way to actually do anything with Glass through the Play Store at the moment, but as you are probably aware Google is updating Glass once a month with the last update (XE7) bringing significant improvements to voice commands and also a full web browser. So perhaps among the updates in XE8 or XE9 we will actually see this feature come to fruition.

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    This is something great, I hope that this will be coming out soon.

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    Anyone remember this movie, I can easy see Google glass being converted similar to this

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      I watched the clip and I’m confused. Are you are saying that wearing a gimmicky yet helpful computer will lead to human cloning? If this is where you are going, you should know that human cloning will never happen in the U.S. Democrats, Republicans and several other political groups, you know the ones that make our laws, can’t even agree on what to do with stem cells, how are they going to get together on creating a person that only looks like someone else?

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    Dis nice venture

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    if it come soon in the market google makes a wonder

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    This is AWESOME!