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Lack of support from Qualcomm forced HTC to pull One S Android 4.2 update


After the HTC one was unveiled in February, HTC announced that the HTC One S, One X and Butterfly would all receive the same update as HTC’s flagship device. Right as HTC started rolling out Android 4.2 for the international variants of the HTC One, the company announced that the HTC One S would “remain on the current version of Android and HTC Sense.” HTC did not elaborate on the reason for the reversal, but trusted a source familiar with the matter has revealed details which confirm what many have been speculating.

The Android 4.2 update for the HTC One S was dropped because there are two distinct versions of the phone – the HTC One S (powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4) and the HTC One S C2 (powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon S3).  The HTC One S was released in Europe, Middle East and the Americas while the slightly cheaper HTC One S C2 made its way to Asia and select markets in eastern Europe. Fortunately, our source claims that the Android 4.2 update for both variants of the HTC One S was not dropped simply because the two phones were powered by two different processors. HTC chose to drop the update for both devised because “Qualcomm has stopped critical software support for the S3, leaving the obligation to update those gnarly pieces of chipset software on OEMs.” To deliver the update on the S3 powered HTC One S C2,  HTC software engineers would be forced to take on an extremely difficult and expensive task of updating the S3 drivers to work with the new version of Android, something which typically falls on Qualcomm’s shoulders.

Rather than create confusion for consumers and release the update for the S4 powered HTC One S, HTC chose to cancel the update for both the S3 and S4 variants.

Fortunately, there’s some new information regarding the Android 4.2 update for the HTC One S which coincides perfectly with what our source shared. According to @LlabTooFeR, the Snapdragon S4 powered HTC One S will receive the update. The status of the S3 powered HTC One S C2 is not given. We have no way of knowing if @LlabTooFeR’s claims are correct, but if HTC does choose to cave to the will of the people, we are confident that Snapdragon S4 variant of the HTC One S will be the only one to receive the Android 4.2 update.

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  • Vance

    Good info and appreciate the update, but dang, Nick, that was one typo-riddled post! Makes it tough to follow…

    • Max.Steel

      Where did you see all these typos. I only saw one or two which is negligent at best but nothing to get riled over.

  • redraider133

    Makes sense but this is a prime reason to keep the same chip for all versions so one won’t be “left out”

  • ishmael nortey

    Im having problem with my tablet

    • jamal adam

      This has absolutely nothing to do with the article. Perhaps you should try the threads once you sign-up.

      On a more related note, I hope they do offer an update to the S4 version and in the future they should stick to one processor. I think One S owners would be happy (except for those carrying the C2 version) with an update to 4.2.2 I’m currently loving IllusionsRom on my One S and couldn’t more happier but an update to Sense 5 would be a welcome addition too.

  • Datzi

    Oh yea Boy, I love my One S villeC2 soooo much -.-

  • Hom0ncruse

    final nail in the coffin for HTC

  • KC

    Also implies that Qualcomm is not a company that we can trust with support. Just because it’s an older processor doesn’t mean that Qualcomm should stop support. Afterall it’s only about 1.5 year old, not really old and obsolete like Intel 8086 or something.

    Implies that we have to be careful with the processors we are choosing to buy. Think I’ll go with Tegra-4+ now. Qualcomm is too untrustworthy.

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      I wouldn’t say that. The Snapdragon S3 line if chips was announced back in 2009, but they didn’t become commercially available until Q1 of 2011. At this point, the S3 line has been used in phones for 28 months. It’s unreasonable to think Qualcomm will support its old chips indefinitely. Also, Qualcomm provides chips for roughly 90% of all Android devices. If you choose to go with a phone with another chip set, there aren’t really many options out there.

      • thel0nerang3r

        Nick, c’mon… this is the internet… I’m sure some people are upset that their flip RZR is still not being updated.

      • SGB101

        Both need to take the responsibility on this one. Qualcomm should be supporting any chip sold for 2 years after the last flagship device announced, or rather for at least 3 years, to keep the people on the opposite contract happy.

        But HTC should be asking these questions before they sign the contract for the chips eg “we will be selling this device for approx 18 months, with the promise to support it for a further 24,can you promise can you promise driver support throughout.

        Saying all the above the one s, was not a top tier device, but it is seen as one, with its top specs and design for its size.

  • JS_215

    Seems like a lot of companies are shooting themselves in the foot.

    Really losing the consumer’s trust.

  • donger

    C’mon work together.

  • jerrbomb

    Sounds like HTC course to basically say that since it wasn’t fair to the s3 people.. Let’s go ahead and cut out the update for both One S versions… I think they finally realized how crazy and suicidal that decision was.. Lol

  • Andreas Hosemann

    I will never by another htc phone

  • laki989

    Nice, I have htc one s vile c2 and now I will not get an upgrade, too bad,shame for htc.

  • HTCOneSUser

    A update to HTC ONE S (S4) phones: Android 4.2.2 on XDA-Devs! :)

    for S3 users … well … somebody port this ROM fro S3, please? :)