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LG announces QuickWindow cases for G2 before G2 is launched

LG G2 Quick Window

By now, I think LG couldn’t possibly surprise us. LG is content to announce every single detail possible about the G2 before it is launched, like the name, processor and now even accessories. LG announced the new QuickWindow cases for the LG G2, which will be available at launch.

You’ve heard me complain about LG just revealing all of its secrets. It’s no fun to watch an event and know everything the presenter is talking about, not because of leaks, but because of official information. LG should keep some things secret, so we can be pleasantly surprised at the event. But that’s not the case, so we’ll have to feign excitement.

That’s not to mention the QuickWindow case itself. Tell me, what does it remind you of? I’ll give you a second. Oh, a Samsung S View case? You got it! This case is an absolute ripoff of Samsung’s extremely similar case, having a small window at the top to show important information without having to unflip the flip cover. Sure, this is useful, but how far will LG go to take Samsung’s features? It’s done it many times before.

Fortunately, LG improved upon the S View case a little. The window has a little more functionality, showing timers, music and a fancy clock face. Samsung’s implementation is limited to a battery saving dark screen showing time, notifications, and other small tidbits of info. LG customers will benefit from this product, but I wish LG didn’t blatantly rip off the S View cover. It’s not great for the company’s image. What do you think of this new accessory, announced before the device even has a launch date?

Source: LG

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  • GoldenG2

    I want it…its better than Samsung’S view cover. It more functional and better…

    I will buy G2!
    Very Smart and beautiful phone.

  • Shrink

    Please. Check the IP of GoldenG2. That guy sounds Luke somebody paid by LG.

    I like the G2 though. Although the apps in the small window look very “asian” style and not so clean.

  • kretz

    All right team, here’s the plan. Just wait till Samsung release a product and we’ll copy it.

  • John Patrick

    LG, the red-headed step-child of the Samsung family…

  • NasLAU

    Hey, at least nobody can complain that they’re ripping off the iPhone. That’s an improvement. Lol.

  • masterpfa

    Oh p*** LG what’s the point of having a presentation, just send out the press packs and put us out of our misery (that and the blatant copying (although I do like these cases))

    I like the surprises of keynotes, can ever imagine Jonney Shih and Asus revealing all beforehand and us missing out on the BEST Chief in the industry and his presentations

    Yes I like Jonney Shih and I’m not afraid to admit it – there I said it!!!!!!!

  • Christopher

    Samsung was ripping from Apple a bit when they first started because Apple were the leaders in mobile. Can’t say ish about LG ripping Sammy to be honest.

  • donger

    Better than Samsungs.

  • titan

    So… is the screen of the G2 amoled?
    Is the screen on the case just a cut out? If so and it’s ips like usual for LG then wow that’s stupid. Battery drain anyone?

  • titan

    Having said that, if someone uses a case anyway I guess it’s convienent. I was of the mindset that one may as well just turn the whole screen on if it’s ips.

  • mrfidgit

    Hum, people judging over LG copying Samsung should think about Samsung’s fame being a direct reaction (copy?) of Apples Iphone in the past…
    This is not primary school, where you crib somones elses thoughts to get better grades. This is about the BIG companies playing in the same league to get your cash! LG is big, Samsung is big…they both produce own hardware!!

    Be Sure they know what they do and when to do it. LG is definetly producing awesome handsets. They just decided to go the Samsung-way since there are people like you….just buying Samsung, for it’s brand I guess? LG showed off really nice and unique devices in the past, but people refused to honor them, so this is the new strategy: Direct Attack on Samsung (‘s fanbase).

  • Mikes_phone_and_tab

    I’m a firm believer that good technology should benefit everyone. This does look very Samsung inspired but you can tell it’s different. I would like to add however that LG making a case with a window in it is much more blatant than Samsung making icons that look similar to Apple. I still can never see the resemblance. An S View Case is a much more specific thing than icon shape or the whole square with rounded corners thing. In the end make a great product and if someone makes a better product than you that’s similar to yours, just retaliate by doing the same and I as a customer will benefit.

    • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

      Nail on the head.

  • LG LTE Smart -Pouch!

    LG was the FIRST to introduced similar of this cover for its LG LTE / Spetcrum phone “Smart Pouch”
    before S-view cover…

    SAMSUNG IS THE REAL COPYCAT! http://www.themobileindian.com/news/4891_LG-brings-new-LTE-phone-with-smart-pouch