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Moto X camera leak shows off gesture heavy UI


The camera app in stock Android is notorious for being rather lackluster. The controls can be wonky and there are very limited options. Compared to the TouchWiz and Sense camera apps, it’s simply not very good. Motorola has taken note of this, and will be using a custom camera app in the Moto X.

Leaked by Android Police, the camera app on the Moto X will maintain a stock Android look, but manages to change things up quite a bit. Nearly everything in the Moto X camera app will be gesture based. To open the menu, which features a slow motion video capture option, you have to swipe in from the left side of the display. Swiping from the right will open the gallery. Swiping up will zoom in, and swiping down will zoom out. To take pictures, you need press once anywhere on the screen. To take multiple pictures, press and hold.

As seen in the Rogers video detailing the Moto X, there is indeed a gesture to open the camera app. Flick your wrist twice, and no matter where you are, even with the display off at the lock screen, the camera app will load. This can be turned on and off in the settings.

We knew Motorola wasn’t going to use a completely stock version of Android on the Moto X, and this further proves it. It’ll be interesting to see what else Motorola saw fit to change. What do you think of the Moto X’s camera app compared to stock Android?

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Source: Android Police

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  • Dirge

    I really like the look of this camera app. I hope it can be ported to the Nexus 4. :)

  • Nathan D.

    Interesting indeed

  • mkstvns

    I’d love a voice-controlled camera. Selfies would be heaps easier if you could just say “snap!” on a two-second delay.

    …not that I take selfies… that shit is for losers yo! *cough*

    • Eli gaffke

      Samsung has had that since the launch of the GS3. You can say ‘smile, shoot, cheese, or capture’ and it will take a pic. I use it all the time, especially when taking selfies with HDR turned on, or when using it for work to get pics of stuff in hard to reach places. People always thing something is wrong cuz I am screaming ‘SHOOT’.

  • DK

    Tap to take a picture is straight from windows phone’s camera UI. I’d rather have tap to focus. I hope there’s a option in the menu to override this

    • Tangent

      I remember tap to take a picture in the Droid Eris I used briefly years ago… I’m not positive, but I think that predates Windows phone doesn’t it?

  • donger

    Nice touch.

  • Tim Nolte

    I would love to find out that the MotoX is actually shipping with Android 4.3 and these improvements will be stock. One can always hope right. :-)

  • Eben1277

    You know what would be pretty innovative? A button you could push that would call up the camera app and that if you push it again it could take pictures. They could even make it so pushing it would start the camera with the screen off and skip the lock screen all together. That might even be easier than shaking your hand twice. It could be called, um, something like ‘dedicated camera button’… maybe not that but somewhere in that ball park. I think that would be pretty sweet.

    • Baleeted


    • NamelessTed

      I don’t know that I would want an actual physical button for a camera. if it could unlock the phone and start taking pictures there could be an increasingly high chance of taking pictures in you pocket by accident. shit, i have managed to do that without a button for it. for the average user i think the gesture controls sound pretty sweet.

      i will say however that i totally understand that there is a market for a higher end camera in a phone. if samsung merged together their android camera with full phone functionality. or something in between that had a bigger lens than most phone cameras and whatnot. it would just be a niche device, not what they are trying to do with the Moto X at all.

      • Eben1277

        I’ve been waiting with baited breath actually for news on the Sony i1 Honami because of the rumored camera features and button. It’s the only thing that makes that phone more appealing to me than the Z Ultra (I’m a big screen freak- they might not be for everyone bug they are appealing to me.) I’m even seriously considering the Nokia 1020 even though I was unhappy with my 521 WP8 experiment and returned it. I loved the camera button on my Droid X when I had it before I left shitbag Verizon. The lack of one is one of the things that most annoys me about my GNex. If Moto X had one it would probably seal the deal for me, as I love Moto build quality (my Droid X took a ton of abuse, and my wife’s og droid still worked flawlessly up until about 6 months ago when we gave it to our 4 year old to play games on and she lost it.) But without it, I think I’ll probably be looking elsewhere.

    • _____________-

  • Matthew

    As long as the touchscreen is gesture heavy I am excited, I had a couple of memories of the gestures Samsung tried to bring to my Note N7000. They were very much a gimmick and were not very intuitive.

    However with the amount of attention Motorola should have given gestures, it should be quite innovative.

  • Dan Rucker

    Could this be the new stock gallery apk? All they would have to do is remove the twisting motion.

  • Dan Rucker

    What if they add in some Lyrco camera stuff where you can change the focus after taking?