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Motorola won’t let Verizon DROID-ify the Moto X


Motorola and Verizon have been very good friends for the last few years. Ever since the first Motorola DROID came out, Verizon used Motorola (and occasionally Samsung and HTC) to create an entire brand image centered on the “DROID.” The brand grew as many different phones entered the fray, and Motorola was at the forefront of this effort.

In the last few years, Motorola has released four standard DROIDs, five different DROID RAZRs and two DROID Xs. We aren’t saying that it’s too many phones, but it really demonstrates how much Motorola helped build the brand that. at one time, categorized all of Android.

With the Moto X coming soon, and most likely coming to all four carriers, we were afraid that Motorola might give in and allow Verizon slap that DROID label on it. However, multiple sources suggest that Motorola will not allow it and that the device will be released under the same name across all four major carriers.

This definitely doesn’t mean that Motorola is done making DROID devices. We’ll most likely see a DROID RAZR Ultra series coming to Verizon. The DROID brand isn’t going anywhere, for better or for worse.

While it isn’t a huge deal, it’s nice to know that the device many of us will probably buy won’t boot up with a loud and obnoxious DROOOOOOOID. We just want the clean Moto X experience (aside from a bit of bloatware, which is to be expected). On the other hand, some consumers may not care so much. What does this mean to you?

Via: Phandroid

Source: The Verge

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  • LukeT32

    Works for me… as long as it still makes it to VZW.

  • Arthur

    This is great news for everyone I think, especially for Motorola moving forward and once again being looked at as a serious player in the handset world. Keeping consistency like Apple has done for years, Samsung for some time now and HTC also moving to the same system of the HTC One being HTC One regardless of carrier versions is the best route to go.

    Buyers know regardless of which carrier they are on, they are getting the same experience short of a few carrier specific apps which is to be expected.

    I am buying mine unlocked directly from Motorola/Google if it is to be offered in the Play Store though :)

  • unwiredmedic

    I don’t think it would change my desire to get my hands on it if it were a DROID. Almost everyone calls them DROID’s anyway.

    • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

      Except the people who call them Galaxies. ;-)

      • kkasnuwjaj

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  • vforvortex

    Dont have verizon, so doesnt affect me personally…Although i am wondering if i need to jump in to the lte market now…been with t-mobile for last decade.

  • jerrbomb

    Maybe it’ll help people understand that every android isn’t a DROID…

    • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

      I don’t know if it’s a good thing or not, but I rarely heard people saying DROID anymore. Just go out and talk to non-tech savvy people, and the only name that comes from their mouth other than the iPhone is, a “Galaxy”. They don’t even say “Samsung”, just “Galaxy”. Not even “Galaxy Phone”.

      A Droid at least reminds you of Android, but a Galaxy?

      • jerrbomb

        True.. Samsung Galaxy line has definitely permeated the Android Environment in some way or another.. And has a techy myself.. It’s kind of annoying..

  • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

    I may be an odd one, but I love the DROOOOOID sound. I keep it with me even on my Galaxy Nexus (I found the notification sounds that comes with it sound too dull.)

    I don’t mind the Droid brand, but Verizon totally destroys the brand’s image by launching way too many phones. It’s a classic example of how to dilute a brand name uselessness. Verizon should be given an award for that, as they does it in just a couple years.

  • dukenilnil

    Can’t say it affects me one way or another. I have owned several Droid devices and liked them all (yes even the Bionic) and I like the Drooooid voice even though I usually keep it silenced to avoid distracting people. To the extent it means Moto is telling VZ, “hands off and no tinkering” than it’s awesome. To the extent its just a name only thing, seems silly.

  • Kimbo

    I still do hear people refer to Android phones as “Droids”. It doesn’t really bother me any more. To me it’s sort of like how people refer to all tissues as Kleenex, even though there’s many brands.

  • MrMrMan

    Carriers are the enemy.

  • redraider133

    Good. More manufacturers need to keep putting their foot down and telling Verizon no. Keep the same phone across carriers, not all these different variants.

  • Brian Campbell

    I am just glad that the phone would be coming to Verizon. As much as I didn’t want to leave T-mobile, I just didn’t get reception where I moved to for work, I WILL not buy a DROID device. The DROID Brand ruined Android for such a long time. And that was the thing I hated about Verizon. That’s why I bought the Galaxy Nexus because I wanted real android so I could root. I might not get another Samsung Device if the Moto X comes out on Verizon.

    • redraider133

      The droid brand is what got android on the main stage and had everyone wanting it. The original droid commercials set things in motion. Lately they have sucked yes but without Verizon and the original droid android probably wouldn’t be where it is at today. So one time I thank you Verizon(don’t get used to it) ha

      • jerrbomb

        That’s kind of crazy how true that really is.. With out the combination of the DROID brand and that commercial android prolly wouldn’t be where it is today..

  • Pravas

    Lets hope for an unlocked version..

  • donger

    Verizon has $.

  • Mark

    What the hell is a Verizon?