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Motorola’s newest ad highlights the Moto X, designed by you, assembled in the USA


It looks like Motorola has finally gone official with the Moto X! And their announcement is huge. The device will be customizable to some degree, and it will be assembled in the USA. This is absolutely fantastic news. Here’s their new ad, which is set to run in the New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post tomorrow, June 3:


Motorola has received a full re-imagining, with a new colorful logo stating that they are a Google company. It looks like they have also re-imagined their products; a device that will be customizable and built in the US is something we haven’t seen so far. Could this be a game changer in an industry that pumps out monotonous slabs of smartphone?

They’re targeting July 4 for their advertising to push the idea of freedom, hence the ability to design the phone yourself. We can’t wait to find out to what degree you can customize it!

What we are doing which is very different is assembling Moto X smartphones here in the US in our assembly plant in Ft. Worth, Texas. What better time than July 4 to come with a message like that?Brian WallaceMotorola

There are currently no details about the phone or the release date, so it looks like we’ll have to wait. However, Motorola already had a lot of hype surrounding this phone, and it probably grow a significant amount with this ad. They are certainly grabbing people’s attention, and that’s something Motorola hasn’t done in a while. We’re loving where this is going, and we can’t wait to see what comes of it. What do you think of the new Motorola and the Moto X?

Source: AdAge

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  • http://technicquill.com Jess Blanchard

    July 3 is also my birthday!

    • komihinknmk

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  • redraider133

    I am interested to see what moto has up their sleeves. They have the hype machine in a frenzy for this device so will be interesting to see if it lives up to the hype.

  • CTown

    Designed by me? In that case I demand compensation! I must be on on a roll since, you know, “Windows 7 was my idea.”

    It will be nice if Motorola’s ads tell us what the device will be like right away since all we heard was specualtion for the last few months. But the latest rumors say it will have an Adreno 320, so that means OpenGL ES 3.0, correct?

  • sandwich

    I get that the guy in that photo is supposed to be an “X”, but what’s the girl doing? “I”?

    • mattcoz

      This phone goes to 11.

    • Graham

      XI for 11. July 11th? August 11th? 11 color choices? Nobody knows.

    • http://technicquill.com Jess Blanchard

      She’s doing a crappy exclamation point.

    • Hacknet07

      I think the X and I mean 11, as in November?

      • Workaday

        I believe the reference was to ‘This is Spinal Tap’, as in the dial goes to “11″, rather than the norm of “10″. Good Movie, watch it! Enjoy

  • jamal adam

    For me, by me. I like the sound of that

  • mattcoz

    Very intrigued by this phone, can’t wait to find out the details.

  • moslondon

    interesting….. I cant wait to see what they are going to bring…. I hope this device can compete with gs4 htc1 and next iphone

  • Louis91

    I just purchased a nexus 4 last week :(

    • mattcoz

      Why so sad? We’ve known this was coming for a long time.

  • Max.Steel

    If you look at the people diving, the guy forms an X and the girl forms an I.


    In Roman numerals that’s 11. Since the signs have been pointing for a July release, perhaps it will be July 11?

  • donger

    Yes, made in good old USA.

  • Bob.Boulder,Colorado

    this needs to be less than 200 dollars unlocked, else it will be just another phone. Looks like Google didn’t get the memo, smartphone hardware is not that important anymore, it is the software that counts.

  • ayocuz

    Can’t wait this phone has the potential to really be a game changer for Android from what I read this phone is going to be around the same as an n4 that’s right up my alley. If this phone is as good as the rumors I heard I’ll probably only buy moto android from here on out

  • ayocuz

    not to mention you could probably help the American economy by buying American made goods

  • Co1e

    Sooo excited for this. Play store please!

  • roland

    I’m hoping big things from the X and hope it’s a play store unlock phone