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New Nexus 10 to debut with Android 5.0 in the near future?


Could a new Nexus 10 be on the way this fall? According to Google’s Sundar Pichai, we’ll be seeing one in the near future.

After today’s Android and Chrome event, the Wall Street Journal’s Amir Efrati, who has a good track record with Google news, was able to get some information out of Pichai on the future of the Nexus 10, and Google TV as well. According to tweets from Efrati’s account, Pichai said new Google TV devices are coming soon (they won’t be replaced by Chromecast), and a new Samsung manufactured Nexus 10 will be available in the near future.

This fall, October to be specific, is when we expect to see the next Nexus phone and Key Lime Pie, rumored to launch as Android 5.0. This would be the perfect time to launch a new Nexus 10 and a new version of Android along with it. The last Nexus 10 was released in November of 2012, so an October release would put the tablet on a yearly release cycle.

The Nexus 10 didn’t see quite the success the Nexus 7 did, and with the new Nexus 7 sporting an HD display, the Nexus 10 is going to continue to be a hard sell. With the $35 Chromecast launching today as well, Google TV sales could remain lackluster too. If a new Nexus 10 really is right around the corner, we should know more shortly. In the meantime, what do you think, would you buy a Nexus 10 over a new Nexus 7 now that it has an HD display?

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  • mattcoz

    I’d like to see some enhancements that actually take advantage of the larger screen instead of just using the same UI as phones and smaller tablets.

    • Ryan O’Neill

      Agreed. Tablets are capable of heavier tasks, but they completely lack the apps for it. Take video editing for example. Android has all the capabilities – and more – of a laptop. But you’re better off using a laptop simply because the good editing programs are only compatible with Windows and Mac OS.

    • Nate B.

      Exact reason why I don’t own a tablet. I don’t expect it to be a laptop, because then I would just use a laptop, but there needs to be a line where it’s familiar and comfortable like a phone, but go beyond a phone UI when using it. Something needs to inspire these devs a little more to get their apps tablet ready. I’m not talking about games either. I mean our everyday apps. Some beautiful.

  • ranwanimator

    I personally prefer a bigger screen than 7 inches. More real estate makes doing PC Desktop Remote Control so much easier on the eyes. The Nexus 7 is a hard price point to beat though.

    • Andrew Ensley

      Seriously, what’s the use of a 7 inch tablet? I need something bigger. I’ve been holding out for the new Nexus 10. Hope it doesn’t disappoint.

      • mkstvns

        I like the weight and ‘pocketability’ of my Nexus 7, and I haven’t really found it lacking in terms of screen size. I read comics on it, write articles on it, watch movies on it (albeit only with headphones; the speaker sucks).

        I understand the desire/need for something bigger, but… I have both a 10 and a 7, and the separate use cases are interesting. I tend to use the 7 in bed – I hold it up in front of my face while I’m laying down – whereas I use the 10 at breakfast, resting on the kitchen table.

        …all I’ve established here is that I use my gadgets way too much. Haha.

  • Andre Boilard

    Both tablets have their use. I use my Nexus 7 when commuting, because it is lighter and smaller, but I prefer the Nexus 10 at home for the bigger screen and higher resolution.

  • Insomniac

    As @mattcoz said, Android needs to be better optimized for larger screens to make the Nexus 10 more worthwhile. There needs to be a push to get more developers to create tablet optimised UI’s that make better use of the available screen space and resolution.

    Until then I think a new Nexus 7, plus an iPad4 (jailbroken) will continue to deliver the best tablet experiences at their respective sizes. Not because I particularly like iOS (although it is WAY better when jailbroken and tweaked) but because the 375,000 available iPad apps are all designed specifically for a tablet, and the average quality of those apps far exceeds that of tablet apps on Google Play (particularly when taking games into account)

    • Ben

      I think that’s a very hard issue to fix. Here is why I think there aren’t so many android tablet apps.

      iPad controls something like 70% of the sales market share and has a good 3-4 year head start on reliable common sales.

      iOS users spend something like 6 times more on apps than android. I believe this is because of andoirds strategy… Price. Android has a large market share because they sell a shit ton of crappy cheap phones. It is true that the amount of good android phones and tablets is growing, from the s3, s4, one, 4, etc…

      Combine all this and you get little incentive for developers to bother. Why work extremely hard to make an app that has to e programmed for extreme fragmentation, for a group of people who spend 6 times less than iOS, for a market that is tiny at the moment.

      I think android users will be stuck with a lack of developer support for a while if not indefinitely.

  • redraider133

    If that’s the case it almost doesn’t make sense for google to release 4.3 since manufacturers won’t even have their phones updated by then and would have another (supposedly huge) revision to update their phones/tablets to.

    • Dustin Earley

      4.3 was Google tying up some loose ends. KLP has been in the works for a long time now, you can bet on it.

      • redraider133

        I know it has been in the works but they could have potentially dual shown it off and released the new nexus 7 and new nexus 10 with that around the same time. I’m glad for 4.3 and can’t wait to see what 5.0 brings.

        • Nate B.

          Shown it off for what and not release it until Oct? That would be a fail. This is their yearly business of events. Having custom skins holding them back is their fault. 4.1 to 4.2 wasn’t major either and companies are just now if not already getting on that, and that’s well after it was out. Like HTC launching the One with 4.1 when 4.2 was out long enough for them to come out of the gate with it. S4 did. But that a typical thing of HTC to do. They will launch another device with 4.2.2 before all their current flagships get it. This is nothing new. 4.3 is basically a bug fixer with some other neat features that can go unknown when not reading the changelog. 4.3 is equal to any other minor update that is needed when things aren’t working right with the current version. If 4.2.2 was fine as is, then Google could have simply launched the Game Center like app as an app, and update the rest of the Google apps like they’ve normally done without changing the number of Android. Because nothing major was changed but the entire thing needed fixing so.. like dustin said, “lose ends”. Or they could have saved even that little they had for KLP and just announce the Chromecast and N7.

          • redraider133

            That’s what I was saying about just releasing the n7 and chromecast with KLP and also show off the new nexus 10. I know manufacturers skins slow down updates, that’s not what I was really talking about though. That is never going to change lol

    • w9jds

      Jelly Bean Bluetooth has been extremely broken ever since the 4.0 release. They are coming in and fixing the issues that have been lingering and adding a performance boost.

    • jerrbomb

      Agreed.. I think 4.3 is just making the way for KLP.. whisk isn’t necessarily a bad thing.. Hut for those already waiting for 4.2 hopefully OEMS will make the jump straight to 4.3 like they are doing for the HTC One in Canada.. So that the road to KLP WILL BE easier..


    I actually wanted a better design for Android 5.0. IMO Android is looking quite outdated, it’s not as fluid and smooth as Windows Phone, for instance, the transitions are still a bit raw and as of right now Holo is looking more simplistic than minimalistic.

    I know there are people that still like it a lot but for me, it’s like browsing an old website instead of one those more fluid HTML5/CSS3 ones, you know?

    There was a time that I was ok with all of that because I understood that Google was really focusing on making it more mature, adding feats that existed in apps but it was supposed to be in system and all of that.

    But ever since Google declared that now it was about refiniment and making it a more smooth expirience, I think that although the look that came with Android 3.0 looked refreshed at the time, it’s quite boring now.

    So hopefully they will address this part of the OS as well.

    • http://nickvettesephotography.com Nicholas Vettese

      Outdated? Google has changed the look of Android at least three times over the last 3 years, with Gingerbread, Honeycomb and then ICS. Apple is the one who hasn’t changed their OS since 2007, and that looks outdated.


        I’m shi**ing if Apple is outdated or not, I don’t use iPhone and you don’t HAVE to agree with me.

    • MC_Android

      Well if you have an attention span, of a 10-year old, I suppose I see your point. However, some points in your post seemed to contradict itself:

      “[Android is] not as fluid and smooth as Windows Phone” was a complaint you had but even you acknowledged that “Google declared that now it was about [refinement] and making it a more smooth [experience]“. Since 4.1.X, phones and transitions are smooth, with the implementation of Project Butter. Did you abandon ship as soon as you heard that Google was planning to fix the issues you had with the OS? haha how does that make sense?

      ” I think that although the look that came with Android 3.0 looked refreshed at the time, it’s quite boring now” How much has WP8 changed? Yeah…thought so.

      If you don’t like your OEM’s UI (Touchwiz, Sense…etc), try flashing a stock rom. If you’re tired of stock Android, use one of the many AOSP rom (cyanogen, resurrection remix…etc), and if you’re not comfortable rooting/flashing, use one of the dozens of launchers available in the Play Store. If you want to have your phone look like WP8, there are launchers for that (tons of easy tutorial online).

      Honestly, Android was meant for people with ADHD. If you ever get tired (in the next couple weeks) of those couple of boxes that comprises home screen, too bad – you need to buy a new phone.

      • w9jds

        To add to what MC_Android said. For the Windows Phone being smoother, you can’t really compare the two. Windows Phone is written in native .Net and runs by itself meaning it uses less resources and can be much smoother with much less. The thing about android is that it is written with Java at the base and if I remember correctly its basically a giant vm. Meaning its a HUGE resource hog and refining anything is EXTREMELY hard. To be honest the way android runs is amazing for the way it is created. If anything they should be getting mad props for how well it runs.


        Wow, all of that just because I think Android should be better? If you guys think it’s perfect, good for you, I don’t. You guys should stop being so defensive. Why should I want attention? You assumed a lot of things about me as you had me figured out just because I was criticizing your beloved Android?

        Gimme a break, grow up and get out of your bubble. I like Android and I want it to be better, that’s just it. Nowadays I use Nexus devices – both Phone and Tablet – and I root and flash my phones with custom ROMs ever since my first Android, some years ago. I’ve been following Android ever since the first Android from HTC. So I guess you got it all wrong because you confused me with a hater just because I’m critical about this platform? How cute!

        I also have a Macbook, a Hackintosh and I intend to buy a iPad in the future, because iOS is way better for music-related app – like those from Korg that I really want. And no, I don’t indend to buy an iPhone, it lacks the customization and freedom that I like on Android.

        “Wow! Is it really possible that someone that likes Android and follow it since the beginning to have Apple stuff and even want an iPad?!? Is it?? I’m confused because there is no way someone that uses Android and Apple at the same time exists! How can he be a fanboy and a hater at the same time??? He must be lying! He just wants attention, it must be that!”.

        You see? I prefer Google’s philosophy and I think they are catching up in the design part but that doesn’t take from Apple’s good design. I don’t like how Apple holds feats just so they have new stuff for the next year. But I don’t make that personal, I’m not a 10-years old kid. I buy what I think it’s better, more practical and what suits my needs. News for you, there is no such a thing as THE BEST MOBILE OS! The best is the one that works better for you and your needs. I prefer Android but if someone asks which is better, I say “it depends on what you prefer, how you use it…” I never say Android just because I prefer it, each person is different.

        One thing should be clear. I don’t give a f*** if Windows Phone is not better than the Windows Phone before or if iPhone don’t that this or that, I don’t use WP nor iPhone, why should I care? I don’t. What kind of mentality is that? Guess who think like a 10-year old kid? Since when others doing bad make you anything better? It doesn’t.

        There is no contradiction in my comment. My Nexus phone has it and I watched Google’s keynote when they announced Project Butter, sure it got better, but the transition animation and all of that stuff it’s still the same from before, it’s too harsh and raw, wanting you to acknowledge that or not. Windows Phone got it better, the transition between panels, the animation, they are smoother and more fluid.

        Oh! Did I commit a sin in the Android fanboy world for acknowledging that Windows Phone have some better feats? Well, get over it, Metro UI is pretty good. Windows Phone are lighter to run and has a nice design, they just arrived too late and they are miles behind Android and iOS when it comes to apps. As I said, get out of the bubble. Any serious Android user know that Android is not perfect and that there are points in which Windows Phone or iOS are better, that’s nothing to be mad about or cry about and that’s why Android should try to become better in those aspects.

        All of you should stop this child behaviour of pointing fingers, that doesn’t make Android better. I care about what others OS are doing better so Android can improve, what they are doing badly is for their users to care, why should I care?

        • Renato S.

          you shouldn’t care so much about these guys, fanboys are fanboys no matter which brand, also fanboys are haters and they are all stupid, too blind to acknowledge or notice anything outside their own perfect world.

          funny to notice how Apple’s fanboys usually say how much better Apple is and Android’s ones point fingers to others flaws, interesting behaviour.

        • MC_Android

          Sorry if I came off a bit douchy; finals are a week away so I guess I sounded a bit edgy. I didn’t downvote you, as I find that users on this site tend to pull the trigger on the downvote option as soon as they see a different opinion; I personally enjoy seeing people with other opinions (otherwise conversation is st

          • MC_Android

            ** My bad, accidentally pressed “post comment”.

            …conversation is stale with a group of “yes”-ers).

            My original reply to you was just pointing out the fact that Android has numerous options a user could resort to once he finds the current interface to be boring.

            To be honest, my personal experience with using WP8 is limited to a few hours when testing out a friend’s Nokia. I just never saw a “killer feature” on that OS or device to make me choose it over a flagship Android phone. If phones weren’t so damn expensive, I would definitely want that Nokia Lumia 1020!

            Anyway kudos for standing your ground, so here’s a internet brownie (+1) :P

            PS: I have a MBP and an iPad too, which I don’t hide from the people on this site. Everyone has a good enough justification to part with their money lol

    • jerrbomb

      You need some serious help… Android has become really fluent in the aspect of UI design over the last few years.. As mentioned else where by my fellow AAM peers.. Look at how Windows and iOS compare in terms of design and fluency… Yeah.. Do your research and know how not to be contradictive next time..

  • ImperialTroopsHaveEnteredtheBase

    I prefer 10 inches myself you can do more with it when its bigger. So bring it on!

    • giggles

      That’s what she said.

      • jerrbomb

        Lol.. He definitely deserved that one.. Lol… Glad someone could entertain that for everyone.. Lol

  • http://nickvettesephotography.com Nicholas Vettese

    I love the 10″ form factor, but Google needs to work with a real keyboard dock, ala ASUS Transformer. There are times when I like the keyboard and times when I do not. I think it would take the N10 to a whole new level with sales.

    • Andrew Ensley

      Exactly. 10″ + optional keyboard dock = perfect tablet.

    • Matt

      Yeah, that’s an overall thing I’d like to see improved with this next line of Nexus devices: more homemade accessories. The third party market is obviously flooded with accessories for all of the Nexus devices by now, and maybe that was Google’s intent all along, but it just makes your device seem more legitimate when you offer accessories with it…and good accessories. The case that Google debuted with the new Nexus 7 today looks terrible.

      Anyway, it’s a nitpick, I know. I love my Nexus 10, and will probably buy the next one, as long as it is running 5.0.

    • thel0nerang3r

      There are Bluetooth KB that you could get. I do like the Tranformer docks though, it also gives them longer battery life. I’m hoping for something like Windows does on the surface tablet, the smart cover or whatever it’s called that also becomes a keyboard.

      • http://nickvettesephotography.com Nicholas Vettese

        I had a BT Keyboard for my Galaxy Tab 10, and I hated it. The keyboard dock, like ASUS, is way better in every sense of the word. Between the integration of features and functionality, it makes a huge difference.

  • w9jds

    I personally have a surface pro (10 inch) so I don’t think I really need the nexus 10. So I will be picking up the Nexus 7 on Tuesday! (plus I personally like Asus stuff way more than Samsung)

  • jamal adam

    And so the wait begins. I’m excited to see how they are able to improve upon the user experience for both smarthphones and tablets.

  • Broseph Stalin

    Google needs to implement Multi-Window for tablets, á la Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.
    Imagine having two or three apps running in the phone interface side-by-side on a Nexus 10!

  • Tico4674

    If they can keep the nexus 10 around $300,I’m in!

  • donger

    I want my key lime pie.

  • Suhel Sayyad

    I’ll be first in line to hit the Buy button for sure. While I love my Nexus 7, there is just something to be said for that big 10″ screen. Love me the BBD (Big Beautiful Displays). I really hope that Google/Samsung have the foresight to include a microSD card slot this time. I know it is unlikely since they think the cloud has all the answers, but I travel a lot and GoGo just does not cut it when you want to stream content. Having that microSD allows me to carry a healthy Movie/Music library with me where ever I go. GOOGLE PLEASE ADD!!!! I’ll Pay $5 extra for it. :) (Which is way more than it costs to add)