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Redesigned Google Play Store now live for web users


Back at Google I/O in May, Google showed off a preview of a redesigned Play Store for the web. Today we’re happy to let you know that the redesigned Google Play Store for web has now gone live. Featuring a major design change to the new Holo UI with cards, the new Play Store is nothing short of gorgeous. There are also a few changes outside of the design that we’ll briefly highlight.

First off is the navigation between different sections which now takes place in a navigation bar in the upper left corner. Once you get inside of a section, there are different rows of cards for things like apps, books, and music. These rows vary between things like recommended for you, sales, or author spotlights and such. Aside from that, there’s a major change in the fact that the Play Store is now resizable based on your screen size. Finally, you can now see your wishlists through the web Play Store as well as having a dedicated My Apps section. Pretty snazzy features to finally have in the web version.

Go check out the redesign for yourself and let us know what you think of the change down in the comments.

Source: Play Store

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  • simon

    What you guys in US and UK see is so colorful

    what I see from Hong Kong is like this shit!


  • travon802

    More cosmetic, less functional…

    Can no longer view installed apps by device. And either I’m extremely slow or they’ve removed the ability to remotely uninstall apps with this refresh :-(

    • ConnieH

      I agree, and there is no longer the distinction of which apps are currently installed and which have been uninstalled. I also can’t find the report of when apps were ordered. I used this a lot if things started to go wrong – I could see what was the latest installs and uninstall.

  • 3.14159zza

  • donger

    Alright, about time.

  • Matthew

    I love Google’s recent designs, I really hope they bring the cards and colours to Android. Although TRON is awesome, its a little sickly to see Black & Blue on my phone every day.

  • Kev

    Colourful, but where has the chart gone when viewing it from my PC??
    And with this message coming up on a couple page selections “An unexpected error has occurred. Please try again later”.
    Is it me or does Google release these updates and not 100% test them?

  • Chad

    I actually like the redesign. I’m just glad they finally added the “Add to Wishlist” feature on the online Play Store. Hated having to go back to my app to add apps to my wishlist. With this Play Store update and it being mid-July I think we are due for some big Google news coming soon (hopefully). Whether it pertains to Moto X, new Nexus 7, or Android 4.3..We need something Google!

  • Maghesh

    Not GOOD. The RANK is not shown now. Also we cant sort the reviews (by newest first).
    Google…Please make modifications to incorporate these changes.

  • kashif

    Any 1 know that how manage apps from web …delete the apps via web like before …..

    • Thriller87

      We were not allowed to delete apps from the webpage only from device.

  • Thriller87

    Does the redesign mean you can install from your pc again? I haven’t been able too in over a month and does it have the ability to finally delete from the webpage same as you would your android device?

  • grimmdev

    I love it alot what can I say? it is a little bit slower and more confusing but the design is very aspiring to people and creative.

  • Joe K

    They sacrificed function for glitter. A giant step backwards in my opinion. Can no longer see a separate list of Apps installed on my device. Can no longer sort App reviews by device or by rating. These VERY useful functions are gone! But yes it’s colorful – weee isn’t that great.