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Samsung announces record profits in Q2 2013

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Samsung, as always, is making more money than the last quarter. In the second quarter of 2013, the company reported a revenue of 57.46 trillion KRW (51 billion USD) and an operating profit of 9.53 trillion KRW (8.5 billion USD). That isn’t small change by any means, and it’s a record breaker for Samsung. Impressive, right?

Apparently, Wall Street isn’t impressed. The numbers didn’t meet their expectations, causing Samsung stock to further drop. We don’t know why Wall Street is so demanding, where even Apple doesn’t meet expectations, but it can’t be good for the companies. However, Samsung claims that sales and profits will rise in the third quarter and exceed expectations. We hope that’s true.

With impending releases of the next 10-inch Nexus and a new addition to the Galaxy Note line of phones this year, we could see profits rise purely from sales. Hopefully the Note III will be more unique than the Galaxy S 4, because if it is, Samsung may see some new records in profit. How do these profit numbers make you feel?

Via: The Verge

Source: Samsung

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  • David Martinez

    The heck with Wall street. Samsung is rolling in the cash so I’m sure they have a much different view of the situation.

  • John Patrick

    Maybe some Wall Street abalysts are greedy blood-sucking fukks that should have a stake hammered through their undead hearts.That might help the others to take a more realistic view…

  • david jones richrads

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