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Samsung Exynos 5 Octa 5420 processor revealed with incredible GPU


In the mobile industry, Samsung has made a name for itself with its line of in-house Exynos processors. But in the past year or so, we haven’t seen many phones with them implemented. After its last chip faced some issues, Samsung has gone back to create a new chip: the newly revealed Exynos 5 Octa 5420. Following in the steps of its predecessor, the 5420 also runs eight cores in a big.LITTLE configuration with four Cortex A7 cores and four Cortex A15 cores. Both sets of cores have received a slight clock speed boost up to 1.3GHz per core for the A7s and 1.8GHz per core for the A15s.

The bug that plagued the previous version of this processor has presumably been fixed, as it simply wouldn’t be logical for Samsung to release another processor with the same bug. But the biggest change with the 5420 comes with the GPU. Samsung has gone back to ARM for the creation of the GPU. The 5420 is the first processor to feature the new six-core Mali T628 GPU. This should be a beast of a GPU, fully capable of taking on all the next-gen games. When it comes to memory, the 5420 carries over the dual-channel LPDDR3 interface and has support for up to 1866MHz memory. With that, we see a peak theoretical memory bandwidth of  14.9Gbps.

While this new Exynos processor is certainly powerful, competition has heated up with Qualcomm’s new processors like the Snapdragon 800. We’ll have to wait and see whether it can compete in both price and performance with Qualcomm’s processors. One last thing to note is that Samsung will begin manufacturing this process in Augustt. IFA 2013 will take place in September, which is usually when we see a new member of the Note family announced. This processor could soon be implemented into a new Samsung phone.

Would you use a phone or tablet with the 5420 processor?

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Source: Samsung

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  • Richard Yarrell

    Definitely looking forward to the new Exynos 5420 Octa chipset in the Galaxy Note 3. Either way Exynos or Snapdragon I will be purchasing the Note 3 day one of launch.

    • squiddy20

      And the weeks leading up to the Note 2 launch, you were saying the exact same thing… only to get it several weeks later. You also stated you’d be getting the S4 “day one”, and yet you haven’t once claimed to actually own it.

  • Slith

    I’ve grown to love my Note II. If this is going in the Note 3, I’ll be in line.

    • SGB101

      I really like the note 2, but won’t be going note3 as I didn’t like touch wiz,and the new Sammy’s have TW on steroids!

      I do love the new chips, but as it stands not for the added power, but for the advantages in saving power.

      • tristan

        you can always flash a custom rom which themes out the ugly TW. Or even flash a theme to get rid of it.

        If you don’t want to go to such drastic lengths, u can just install a third party launcher such as nova.

        The specs will be too good to miss out on !

        • SGB101

          I always run Cm, I run the nightly at the moment.

          My note 2 has issues with the last weeks worth of nightlies (can’t make calls) so I’m currently a week behind.

          Anyhow, as I run cm, I won’t get the added ‘benifits’ of the new TW, I’m happy with battery life on current note2, also with speed, so my only benefit would be the screen res!

          I’m not willing to spend £600+ for a marginally jump in screen. It’s not like the 720p screens are bad. It’s not like 3 years ago when 12months really aged a flagship. I’m as happy with the note2 as the day I got it.

          I’ll wait maybe another 6 months and I’ll start looking but atm if you have a note2 I think you would be daft to get a 3 (same with sgs3 to 4).

          These device now last a 24 month contract cycle, and Samsung seem to of taken the apple approach of a 2 year cycle. Tech term is ‘tick tock’.

  • thymeless

    Lets hope this one works right and gets a wide rollout

  • Matthew

    Wow, so much power :O

  • jonstle

    That is a lot of power!

  • Dalingrin

    Too bad the drivers for it will likely suck as bad as the T604′s found in the Nexus 10.

    I really hope the successor of the Nexus 10 uses something other than a Mali GPU.




  • donger


  • Jorge Eslava

    Better processors are always welcome

  • rex

    Honestly how fast do u wanna go?!?! There is no app or program that uses 1.5ghz.

    • redraider133

      Yes “yet” but remember how everyone said 2gb of ram was overkill? It might not be needed now but what about a year down the road, better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

  • Anonymous

    I hope this exynos 5 has LTE radios like the snapdragon which can support LTE Advance