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Samsung reportedly working on an Android powered flip-phone

Samsung galaxy s 4 design generic

Thought the days of wacky form factors were over? Think again. Samsung isn’t content with having a Galaxy phone available at nearly every size imaginable, they want every form factor available. According to rumors out of the Korean site DDaily, Samsung is working on a flip-phone powered by Android, to be called the Galaxy Folder.

Pegged as having a dual-core Snapdragon S4, LTE and an 800 by 480 display[1], the Galaxy Folder probably isn’t meant for the US market. In certain Asian countries, despite smartphone usage being on the rise, flip-phones are still incredibly popular. NTT DoCoMo, for example, still has a robust lineup for flip-phones ranging in functionality. The Galaxy Folder would fit in quite nicely to bridge the gap between feature phone and smartphone.

Though we doubt the Galaxy Folder will ever land stateside, we can’t help but wonder what it would be like to stuff a low-end Galaxy S4 into a flip-phone. Several Android and Me staff, including myself, would love to give it a shot. Would you?


  1. Ameblo

Via: AndroidBeat

Source: DDaily

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  • tommydaniel
    • one80oneday

      Those do not have specs listed above

      • tommydaniel

        Yes, because they are from 1-2 years ago. My point is that Samsung has been releasing Android powered flip phones for quite some time. It’s not a new thing.

    • Silver

      After checking those links, they’re definitely Android phones. What I don’t get right now though is how come you’re down-voted?

      Anyway hopefully we get some of these phones. Japan have been making many wonderful Android flip phones by Phillips, Casio, and others. Unfortunately they’re not interested in selling those phones internationally so hopefully Samsung now is willing to sell these flip phones.

  • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

    I’m glad Samsung is experimenting with new/different things. Galaxy Note, Flip Phones, etc.

    However, to tell you the truth, I think they are spreading themselves *way* too thin. I think they’re taking their recent levels of success to their heads and they’re going to end up imploding in on themselves. Not that I’m a fan of Apple (mostly because of their patent troll attitudes) but they do understand the 80/20 rule and I think that’s something that Samsung is totally forgetting about and it’s really going to bite them in the ass!

  • tottyrice

    i actually sent an email to them suggesting that they should release an updated Alias 3 running android a few months ago.

    • kazahani

      You should totally take credit for all of this. Don’t be modest.

  • jerrbomb

    Whether they android powered flip phones are new not.. I doubt AAM is trying to d*ck measure hear in terms of having this as fresh news or reporting it as if this is the first time we are hearing of this.. The point is to show that Samsung is trying to bridge the gap for current modern times in terms of specs and former factor to a market that seems to favor flip phones more than we do over here.. I do however I agree with Jaxidian that Samsung could be spreading themselves way to thin.. But on the other hand it is nice to see them catering to different markets.. Even if it does cost them a little bit..

    • jerrbomb

      And I do apologize for the typos.. Lol.. So I’ll take a few down votes for that along with some criticism.. Lol

  • smk

    Oh gods, yes, so much yes.

  • Max.Steel

    Great. Another phone that will never be updated.

    • redraider133

      Samsung is actually pretty good with updating their phones.

      • jerrbomb


  • donger

    Gotta say I missed flip-phones.

  • jonstle

    flip phones! brings back so many memories!