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Samsung to launch Galaxy Note 3 Sept. 6 at IFA


With the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S4 Google Play edition launches out of the way, we can finally turn our attention to the next big device slated to launch in Samsung’s Note series of devices, the Galaxy Note 3.

It’s starting to look like Samsung will indeed unveil the Galaxy Note 3 at IFA 2013. Multiple rumors point towards the Berlin-based conference as the likely location. In the latest rumor, according to a recent report out of the Korea Herald, Samsung will not be holding a pre-IFA event to release the Galaxy Note 3. Instead, Samsung will announce the device during IFA, which runs from September 6 to 11. Last year, on August 29, Samsung used IFA to debut the Note 2 at an Unpacked event.

Also tied to the report of an IFA release is a rumored screen size of 5.7-inches with a full HD screen resolution. Evleaks tipped the same size several weeks ago, so this is starting to look likely. This size, 5.7-inches, makes perfect sense as the size for the Note 3. It fits right in-between the 5-inch Galaxy S4, and 6.3-inch Galaxy Mega. Besides a 5.7-inch Super AMOLED display, the Note 3 is rumored to launch with a Spandragon 800.

At this point, it looks like we’ve only got two months until the Note 3 is finally announced. With the success of the Note 2 behind it, the Note 3 will undoubtedly be a smash success this fall. If you haven’t considered a Note series device in the past, it may be worth another look this year. Note devices make special use of a Wacom S Pen, and come highly recommended by Android and Me staff. Be on the lookout for more Galaxy Note 3 info as IFA approaches.

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Source: Korea Herald

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  • surg3d

    Yes! Been looking forward to this for a while. This and the HTC One Max.

  • Paul

    The Note 2 is simply the finest, fastest, most reliable and fun Android device I’ve used to date. When the S4 came out and HTC One, I didn’t even bat an eye. But the Note 3 is on my radar for sure.

  • p3nd0

    Oh thats wonderful news!

    • robaire

      I was 99%sure I was going to upgrade from the galaxy S 3 to the note 3 until I heard the speakers on the HTC One. I’ll never buy another phone with rear only speaker again.

  • Daniel Smedegaard Buus

    I’m expecting it to be yet another greatness, yet plasticky and cheap-feeling like all the other products from Samsung these years.

    What I’m more interested in is the rumored HTC phablet based on the One.

    You can take your plastic and shove it. If I’m paying the equivalent of a new laptop for a phone, I want friggin’ metal. OLED or no OLED, I want a proper phablet. Not another My First Phoney plastic thing.

    • piggyoi

      You do know that the metal used by Apple and htc is aluminium -one of the cheaper, softer, weaker metal around? That is why it dents and scuff so easily.

  • Jorge Eslava

    My current daily phone is a Note 2 mainly because of the great battery life and the massive screen. I can’t wait to see what the Note 3 will offer.

  • donger

    Every time it is the next big thing, can’t people at Samsung use something else?

    • piggyoi

      What has gotten you goat? Where in the article said anything about the next big thing. That accusation is better aimed at your ifruity company that overhyped and under delivered in their product

  • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

    And us Verizon users will be left head hanging, waiting, to hear when we will get it.

    Cue sad Charlie Brown from Arrested Development: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oabcM9SOF-E

  • Haroon Janat

    Good mobail bas jaldi se de do

  • Guido

    Looking forward to the release of the Galaxy note 3. I already own the Note 2, but would love to have this new one :)