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Sony “Honami” system dump shows 20-megapixel camera and more


There are all sorts of rumors swirling around Sony’s next flagship phone, codenamed “Honami.” Now a system dump from a Canadian carrier device with the model number C6906 has popped up, and it’s believed to be either the Honami or another of Sony’s next-gen devices. With either option, you’re still getting an incredible list of specs that bests any smartphone currently on the market. We’re seeing a Snapdragon 800 processor as well as a mind-blowing camera set-up. The camera is set to have a 20-megapixel sensor with Super Resolution algorithm, the ability to record 4K video, a new SteadyShot feature, ISO range up to 12,800, Timeshift mode (similar to burst mode), new effects and a cool new API that’s supposed to allow developers to create add-ons for the camera. That’s some serious camera shiznit right there. An augmented reality app made by Sony is said to be bundled with this phone, and it will take advantage of the beastly camera.

The entire Sony user interface got a bit of a refresh. The launcher has been tweaked, and other elements of the UI have received slight changes to help keep the device up to speed. Also included in the system dump was a look at a redesigned Walkman app that should include one of the most requested features for Sony phones: unlimited music streaming through the Walkman app. One interesting note about the Walkman app, though. The design language almost seems to be a hybrid of Android and Windows Phone. That doesn’t mean much, but it does make for an interesting look. I’ll include a gallery with more pictures below for your viewing pleasure.

Whatever this new phone is, it’s shaping up to knock the socks off the competition. Does the Honami pique anybody’s interest? Let us know!

Source: Xperia Blog

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  • renyo

    Oh this phone better have a memory card slot… That 20 MP beast of a camera needs it…

    • Jayz Williams

      It is going to support up to 64GB of external storage and a 32GB internal memory.

  • Renato S.

    This sensor is said to have 2/3″, which is big even for a compact camera, the usual social media doesn’t use more 1~2MP, why such a large 20MP if they could achieve better sensitivity and DR with less pixels and STILL use a lot of digital zoom or crop ability?

    • vasra

      2/3″ is not BIG for a compact, so called 1″ is big for compact.

      • Renato S.

        no, there is only one compact camera with 1″, which is the Sony RX100, lots of other premium compact uses a 2/3″ or 1/1.7″ sensor and that’s because we are talking about premium compact with BSI sensor, normal compact usually have smaller sensor than that. So I assume we can say that 2/3″ IS big, 1″ is bigger but it’s still an exception.

  • www.phonewbie.com

    20MP sounds good but it better perform well. It better be a top 3 camera. The only phone I know with a crazy big MP count, Nokia Pureview 808, has around 44MP and it has been called the best camera phone so Sony better step up.

    • Renato S.

      The Pureview 808 has 41 megapixel 1/1.2″ f/2.4 so this is a 2/2.4″ sensor while Sony’s is a 2/3″ and has half of the MP count with 20MP and a brither f/1.8 aperture – which should mean better DR and high ISO performance. Counting that Sony is a leader in sensor tech, providing sensors to Apple and even Nikon, I think they have everything to put it all together and have the best camera phone – but a less niche phone than the Nokia one.

  • Eben1277

    Goddamn… Might have to pass up the enormous ultra for the awesome camera…

  • Pravas

    Lets see what sony camera proves to be…

  • donger

    Good stuff if true.

  • techvudu

    Camera is great but not what I’m after. I’ve been wanting to try out a Sony for a while but they just manage to miss the mark with me on a minimal feature that bugs me. Excited to see these specs in a design under a 5″ display. All they need to do now is slim down that bezel a bit, Sony should be all about display and camera, even if it’s different divisions altogether.