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Starbucks, Google team up to offer faster Wi-Fi

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Coffee shops have become the go-to for free Internet access. If you need internet access, you go to a coffee shop. It’s the natural thought process. But unfortunately, some coffee shops offer better Wi-Fi than others. That has long been a problem for Starbucks. Many people regard its Internet as laughable; speeds are about as fast as Sprint’s 3G network on a good day. But Starbucks is getting ready to try and fix that problem with its latest partnership.

Today heralds an announcement from Starbucks and Google that they’re partnering to provide faster internet. Google says that most locations should see 10x faster Internet speeds than currently available. Every single one of the over 7,000 locations will see this increase in speeds, and the rollout should be completed over the next 18 months. And, Starbucks in areas with Google Fiber access will utilize Google Fiber and its gigabit Internet speeds. Yet another reason to move to a city with Google Fiber.

This is great news, especially for those of us who often frequent Starbucks. It also seems that Starbucks and Google are starting to get cozy; this announcement comes after ads for Play Music All Access started greeting Starbucks customers when they connected to the Internet. We’ll have to see where this goes in the future.

Who else is excited for this?

Source: Google Blog

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  • scubabum

    Faster WiFi is always good. I can get more work done before my coffee gets cold.

  • Robert Brown

    It was truly a privilege and exciting for me to have worked on this project when at Google. I’m glad to see it has finally announced and look forward to hearing about all the great things from this new relationship.

    ~ Robert Brown


    • nimmo

      Will european starbucks also receive a speed boost?

  • mark

    As a sad Sprint subscriber I just had to laugh. I hope Softbank spends money wisely.

  • donger

    Everyone loves Starbucks.