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T-Mobile compatible Moto X passes through FCC

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There have been doubts that the Moto X will really make it to all four major US carriers like originally rumored, with news circulating the web that T-Mobile has not signed on to carry the device yet. Well if a recent FCC filing is to be believed, even without official T-Mobile support, a Magenta compatible version of the Moto X does exist.

According to the filing, the Motorola XT1053 has all the necessary bands to work on not only T-Mobile AWS HSPA+ and LTE, but AT&T as well. While this could certainly hit T-Mobile, if we had to guess, we’d say this is the Moto X variant that will be sold unlocked online. Much like the Nexus 4, it would work on any GSM carrier in the US. Also similar to the Nexus 4, it could be cheaper unlocked online than through T-Mobile retail stores if it does end up there, but that’s pure speculation.

Less than a week now until we know all the details. If you do plan on buying a Moto X, which carrier will you be using it on? Let us know in the comments, and while you’re at, let us know if there’s anything else you haven’t heard on the Moto X that you’re hoping to hear August 1 as well.

Source: Engadget

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  • hurracayne

    If the price is as low as the rumors suggest I would buy one. At this point anything is better than this Mytouch 4g I’m carrying around.

    • Dustin Earley

      I’m sorry. I’m.. so sorry.

    • Max.Steel

      LMFAO. I just spit out my drink all over my laptop. MyTouch 4G.

    • haha

      I just started using a mytouch 4g temporarily until I upgrade to a new phone, and I feel your pain. Please let this phone be under $400 unlocked online.

  • fort

    About time! :-) :-)

  • Peter

    Eagerly awaiting it’s release to replace my Note 2. I have that much faith in Moto.

    • SGB101

      I’d never trade my note 2 in for this. Don’t matter how good it is, it just ain’t big enough now.

  • s_rob

    ill be using it on T-Mobile

  • Andre

    I am planning on getting the Moto X… on Sprint.

  • AnthonyRyan

    This is starting to look like my next device, more and more and now that its been passed through the FCC.

  • ihatefanboys

    No thanks, ill keep my HTC ONE, still superior in almost every way. Id never be caught alive with anything named MOTO.

    • zerosix

      Great nickname, man!

    • yankeesusa

      The point here is not a high end phone. from the rumors it is a midrange phone that is affordable. Unless you paid less than $400 without contract for your htc one then no reason for this. The moto x is looking to be an affordable phone off contract not an htc one like phone that costs of $500 off contract. Don’t want it then don’t buy it. Those that want it will buy it.

    • Paximos

      The other day I was walking and noticed a lady calling her dog “Einstein” and I could not stop laughing. If a dog can be called “Einstein”, why not a phone go with the Moto name…Anything goes now a days….I like the phone too.

  • donger

    T-Mobile better carry this.

    • yankeesusa

      Even if they don’t carry it, it will be unlocked gsm so it can be used on tmobile. Plus with tmobile getting better and better i’m sure companies will continue to support it.

  • EmagehtmaI

    I currently have Verizon. Unfortunately, I’m stuck in a 2 year contract, because I (idiotically) renewed my contract a few months back. So I’m looking at the better part of 2 years before I’m free from the Big Red. By then I’m sure the Moto X will be old news. Wish I could buy one, though. I do like my Droid Razr HD.

  • SGB101

    I got my hands on the phone app from the moto X, earlier and u must say they have nailed to UI, the app itself isn’t that good atm, slow shutter and most functions disabled, but dam the UI is good.

    The rumoured CM camera has just had its worked made harder.

  • ayocuz

    They could’ve used a shitty 5″ screen and keep it mid level. I love what Google is doing with the Motorola thing but I can’t go under 4.8″

  • pika

    I have metro PCs , will i be able to use it?