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Watch Motorola reps show off Active Touch, Quick Camera on Droid Ultra

droid ultra camera demo

We’ve seen our fair share of leaks on Motorola’s always on natural language processing, Active Touch and Quick Camera gestures, but this is the real deal, people.

DroidLife has just posted a video of some Motorola reps showing off what the new Droid Ultra has to offer, detailing a handful of the smart features included in the entire new Droid Ultra family… and coming soon to the Moto X.

As you will see in the video below, everything looks to be working really smoothly. If real world performance is going to be anything like the demo provided, Motorola has really hit the nail on the head with this one. As cool as the pulsing screen with Active Touch notifications and Quick Camera gestures are, I think the “OK Google Now, call my Droid” demo takes the cake for most impressive feature. Plus, it’s something cool we haven’t seen before.

Let us know what you think of Motorola’s new voice command features, gestures and Active Touch in the comments below.

Source: DroidLife

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  • nthoendel

    I think… I wish I hadn’t upgraded to the HTC One now. I want to try this phone out.

    • Michael nakoneczny

      That reason is exactly why I have T-Mobile and there new jump program :-)

    • Richard Yarrell

      None ofg these devices will be huge sales for Verizon. The Droid line NEVER SALES…

      • squiddy20

        Tell that to the original Droid -__-

      • guardianali

        yup..never sells..why a profit driven company keeps coming out with more..to not sell them.

      • Jorge Vieira

        Yeah I beg to differ. They sell quite alot of the droid its just on verizon. The Razr M is one of the best selling smartphone verizon ever had.

      • redraider133

        Never sells? Believe it or not the droids sell and sell pretty well. Open your eyes just because you are so far down on Samsung, other companies make phones too that give Samsung a run for their money.

  • Tony S

    Anyone checked if you can customize the voice activation command?

    • alexanderharri3

      Me: OK Google Now, Call Boss
      Friend’s Phone: Calling Boss

      Friend…..in trouble.

      Gotta have some sort of spoken password for this…

  • bob

    1: why are they unveiling new phones in a bathroom?
    2: someone please take his glasses off the back of his head
    3: 48hours talk time?

    • kazahani

      I lol’d when he said 48 hrs “talk time”!

    • Tamim Swaid

      1. and 2. Fully agree. Worst product presentation I saw in the recent years.

  • rr2009

    The new Motorola camera UI looks great. I can’t wait to hear about the Moto X camera features.

  • dhilby09

    These 3 phones are for Verizon. So it has me wondering if the Moto X will be offered in all 3 similar configurations, but with customizations to the body for the GSM phones? Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

  • donger

    That’s cool.

  • Ben

    So they removed the ability to choose focus point? Maybe I use it a lot because I am a photographer but I think that is a huge loss of functionality.

    • Andrei Luswarghi

      Well, I’m no photographer and I use it a lot, too. I hope at least custom ROMs can enable touch to focus again.

      • Max Stoller

        From what i understand where you touch to take the picture is where it focuses

  • Jamrod

    Does anybody know if the 10 MP camera in the Droid Maxx, and Ultra is the same camera and UI as the new clear pixel 10 MP Moto X phone. Trying to decide between Droid Maxx, HTC One, and Moto X.

    • mije

      There the same exact camera’s.. I ordered the ultra employees edition..