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Latest LG G2 leaks show battery capacity, removable backplate


One of the leakier devices in recent history, the LG G2 is starring in another today. The highlight of this leak is the battery capacity. As you can see by the exposed battery, it’s of the 2,610mAh variety, which is plenty of juice to keep the phone running throughout the day. We can also clearly see that the back is user-removable. That’s a nice touch a lot of people enjoy.

LG G2 Leak (2)

And that’s about it for new stuff. The rest of this leak basically confirms what we already know. We can see the rear volume rocker, as well as the large display up front. We should see other high-end specs such as a Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB RAM and a 13MP camera.

Are you guys excited for the G2?

LG G2 Leak (3)

Via: Pocketnow

Source: Daum

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  • surethom

    Its a compromise too far to give only 2,610mAh to Really care about the users experience ALL high end phones should have a Minimum of 3,000mAh even if that means 1mm extra thick (still very thin phones)

  • triangle

    It certainly looks like an interesting device. They are definitely bringing some interesting features with the fingerprint sensor and the removal of capacitive buttons. I wonder if they will still have an LED notification light.

    They’ll need to generate a strong track record of updates before a lot of people will consider LG for their next device, but the new hardware looks promising.

    • dom

      Agreed. If I’m not wowwed by the Moto X, I want this to be my next phone, but I’m scarred to ventue into the unknown land of LG. That and the notification bar looks like the turd on the Optimus G Pro which is one of the reasons I hesitate to get it now.

      The ring around the fingerprint scanner/power button/nail trimmer or WHATEVER it is is the LED by the looks of it though.

      • MSmith

        Don’t be too scared to venture into LG land. They make the Nexus 4, which I have very few complaints about.

  • redraider133

    Good to see manufacturers are beginning to up the battery capacity in these larger screen devices. Would have liked a 3000mah or higher battery but this shouldn’t be too bad.

  • w9jds

    With only 2610 mah battery I hope they have some good software/processor stuff that helps save way more battery than usual.

  • mrfidgit

    5″+ => 3000mAh! Those 2610mAh would be good to have in a 4,3″…but they still go Design > function…I dont think those mm would matter much

  • Robaire

    I’ll never buy a phone with that type of ugly on-screen buttons. Disappearing capacitive buttons (or at least the option of) first, wave launcher or pie control style as a second choice.

  • MSmith

    Oh man…Just noticed that they chose a menu button instead of the app-switcher button. This device just lost 1/2 it’s appeal for me.

    HEY LG….If you have on screen buttons, don’t waste space with a menu button. If the developer included menu options, 3 unobtrusive dots will automatically appear on the bar. Instead you just wasted a full inch for a button that’s redundant and taken away the awesome app-switcher.

    God I hate manufacturers sometimes.

  • donger

    LG phones have definitely improved.