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BlackBerry Messenger for Android goes into closed beta, release soon?


BlackBerry announced that it would bring its previously famous messenger app, BBM, to Android sometime in the future. The projected release was intended for this summer, but we haven’t heard any new news aside from a few rumors that proved to be false. But now, it looks like BBM is coming after all, just in a closed beta.

Blackberry says that it has begun internal testing of the BBM app on Android, destined for those that employees have chosen (friends or family). Those people will receive an email allowing them to sign up for BBM and install it on any Android phone running Ice Cream Sandwich or higher. Unfortunately, all the tester slots are full, so there is no way to sign up for it at the moment.

But what does BlackBerry Messenger coming to Android mean? Well BBM used to be the best chat service available. Before Hangouts and iMessage, nothing even came close to BBM. It was extremely fast, allowed sharing of files and was years ahead of other services. It (and its business-related virtues) propelled BlackBerry forward back when smartphones were just starting to be made.

Unfortunately, BBM hasn’t really improved much since then. Now, Google Hangouts and iMessage do the same thing or better (each service has their strengths). But BBM may have a future. It still has a name and a famous brand attached to it. If it could showcase an innovative feature, something neither Google nor Apple has, could BBM come back? I think so, but it would have to be extra special.

With the new management at BlackBerry, something big could possibly happen. They could unveil a feature that would blow our minds and get people downloading BBM en masse. Or, it might land on Android, fizzle and die. We don’t know, but we’re keeping a positive outlook. BlackBerry used to be so huge, and they have the ability to bring it back. So who’s excited for BBM?

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  • R.S

    I wouldn’t say I’m excited about it but I’ll definitely try it out when it gets released.

    I don’t think I’d be willing to pay for it though.

  • Raza

    It’s good… but whatsapp seems to be ruling the messanger category for android at the moment so the question still remains that will the users be willing to pay??

    • BBM

      Its Free and a lot better than whatsapp

  • Gary

    I’m excited. This is what I miss most about my blackberry.

  • dbareis

    I’m interested in it as its cross platform and has read receipts, if they are better than (or at least close to) Kik’s 4 state receipts (Not delivered to server, delivered to server, sent from server to phone, read by user) and similar features then I’m in.

  • Pravas

    I’ve to try this..

    • donger

      Same here.

  • francois

    When is bbm on android

  • Antonio

    I’m not sure if things can come back from the dead. Too late for BBM. We got new zombies on the view.

  • Mcwong

    Hope the hype doesnt get overblown like the Moto X! Blackberry hasn’t overboard with its publicity and don’t expect something super coming from them. It will still be the same BBM with some enhancements (chargeable of course). Expect to use pin instead of phone# and carriers may also impose a blackberry service charge to use it. Will install as a reminder of the good old days.

  • daniel


  • fideliaasha

    Same here.. but when will bbm released for android.??

  • Paccino

    Great can’t wait for it to be released

  • fatima