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Google Keep updated with time, location-based reminders, minor UI update


Google Keep was an interesting addition to Google Drive. Keep lets you sync notes and lists between your devices. It was something I had always wanted from Google, so I was thrilled to get this service. But it was missing one thing compared to the competition: reminders. Not anymore.

Google Keep for Android has been updated with two types of reminders you can use: time-based or location-based. Location-based reminders are extra cool; Keep can open your grocery list when you walk into the store, for example. Notifications will allow you to postpone those reminders or change them altogether.

The small UI change is a new slide-out drawer from the left, just like all Google apps have. It’s a small thing to bring the app in line with all other Google apps, which is nice. It also brings easy account switching. And lastly, Google added the ability to add existing photos to notes. It’s a nice little addition, considering the previous limitation of taking photos was a little ridiculous. Tell us what you think of this update as soon as you get it, which should be soon!


Via: Engadget

Source: Google Drive Blog

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  • Mil

    Yeah, really liking the new changes to Keep. The only thing I wish it had was some kind of labelling or folder structure. There’s a lot of notes that I would like to enter but because they’re effectively a flat list, I’ve refrained from entering them all. I only enter the important notes in Keep and use something else for the less important ones. With folders, this would be a complete application and easily replace two other of my applications.

    • toasterwater

      My current work-around for this is to use lists kind of like folders. It’s not perfect, but it helps keep similar notes together.

  • Adonis K.

    “And lastly, Google added the ability to add existing photos to notes.”
    Imho, this should be the first feature you mention, I was getting frustrated at how ridiculous it was not being able to upload my own images…

  • Albin

    Works fine in the browser without another app: Gingerbread still lives.

  • donger

    This is very useful.

  • Tal

    How about recurring reminders?

  • sean Braden

    I wish you could have both time and location. Like after lunch next time I am at work.